My Sexy Books Corner – Nuru and his Crows Series

Here are the first three chapters of each of the three erotic thrillers in the Nuru and his Crows Series. If you enjoy them, the Kindle and paperback editions of the three books are on Amazon. The Kindles are free with Kindle Unlimited.

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1. Meeting Nuru

Cara O’Grady’s sleeveless top stuck to her back with sweat and rain as she walked with her husband along the muddy path between the exotic trees. Two hot, sticky days had passed since she and Declan had arrived in the Congo Basin. Their hotel was comfortable but nothing like the luxurious hotels they were used to. Wish I was back in Tunbridge Wells, she thought. I never should have agreed to come to Africa with Declan while he’s working on his next blockbuster film.

Her husband needed to sniff out suitable film locations as there’d be no time to do so when shooting began, which is why the couple found themselves trudging through the jungle undergrowth dripping with sweat. He was throwing himself into the task with gusto, but Cara found the trip challenging. The statuesque blonde beauty was used to life’s comforts since marrying the brilliant world-acclaimed film director. Roughing it in the Congo Basin was not her style. She yearned for the comfort and opulence of their multi-million-pound property in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, particularly its large infinity pool.

Trekking through the jungle covered in insect bites wasn’t how she’d planned to celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary. A meal at the Ivy was more her style. She was also irked to be hitting forty the following year. Used to admiration, she’d come to expect men’s eyes to follow her wherever she went. Declan was never jealous when men showed interest in his wife’s body. Far from it. He actively encouraged it, so long as the man concerned let Declan watch him have sex with Cara.

The humidity played havoc with her thick blonde hair and had begun to rot her expensive clothes. She hadn’t packed wisely for the climate. Despite the stifling heat, it had rained every day. Doting Declan told her she still looked beautiful despite the ravages of the climate, but she didn’t believe him.

When the couple met in Milan in 1993, Cara was a famous catwalk model with the world at her feet. Swept away by her beauty, wit, and sexual prowess, Declan had resolved to make her his own. Five years older than Cara, he was used to getting what he wanted. The Irishman was confident, but not arrogant. They were married six months later. Fifteen years on and childless by design, they still doted on each other like soppy teenagers.

‘Oh, look. Here’s the house my PA advised me to visit,’ said Declan, pointing to a ramshackle wooden house set back from the perilous path. ‘Sandy said it might add some extra colour to the film. Nuru, some sort of fortune-teller, lives here, apparently. Always wanted to have my fortune told. It’ll keep us out of this rain for a while. Fancy it?’

‘Fancy it? Fancy it?’ squawked a large one-legged crow tethered to a wooden perch outside the rundown property.

Cara squealed with alarm and hid behind Declan.

‘Quiet, Bobo or I’ll slice off your other leg!’ boomed a deep voice from inside the house.

Irritated that Declan was videoing the bird and seemed intent on dragging her where she didn’t want to go, Cara said, ‘That bloody crow frightened the life out of me. If that was Nuru shouting, I don’t want to meet him. Don’t get so close to that mangy bird. You might pick up some nasty disease.’

Declan chuckled. ‘Honestly. You’re such a hypochondriac. I wonder what breed it is. It’s much larger than a normal crow.’

She backed away from the staring creature as something shot out between its beak. ‘Yuck! Never knew crows had such long tongues. Don’t like how he’s waggling it at me.’

Declan shrugged. ‘Must be some freak of nature, judging by the size of it. I’d love to use it in the film if the owner will let me. Come on. Let’s see if we can go inside.’

Peering through the hole in the wall that served as a window, Cara said, ‘Must we? It looks scary.’

Declan nodded. ‘It’ll add more local colour to the film. I must look inside.’

Cara pulled a face. ‘Is it safe? Looks creepy. Oh, God! There’s some weird-looking, half-naked guy in there with the maddest hair I’ve ever seen.’

Nuru looked about fifty and sat crosslegged on the floor in a revealing loincloth studded in cowrie shells. His long salt-and-pepper corkscrew hair stuck out wildly at all angles, topped with a headdress made from black feathers and cowrie shells. A bird’s leg, complete with talons, hung from a beaded chain around his neck.  

‘Look,’ whispered Declan. ‘A native woman is sitting in front of him.’

Cara strained to see more clearly, thinking, Why are her knees so wide apart? What’s she doing?

The woman threw her head back and began to moan. ‘Sounds like she’s having the mother of all orgasms,’ whispered Declan. ‘Wish she didn’t have her back to us.’

‘I bet you do, you dirty sod,’ said Cara, who was prone to jealousy. Even with her back to them, she could tell the woman was beautiful, with curly, black, waist-length hair and a small waist. ‘Let’s leave them in peace.’

‘I can hear everything you’re saying out there, you know,’ said Nuru in a booming French accent. ‘Please enter. I’ve finished reading Saamiva’s fortune and Davu’s almost completed her treatment.’

The beautiful large-breasted villager looked embarrassed, clearly wishing Cara and Declan would wait outside, but Nuru seemed unconcerned her privacy was being invaded. Pulling her vibrant traditional African skirt over her knees, the woman sat panting on one of several low stools arranged in a semi-circle in front of the fortune teller. Slurping noises were still coming from under her skirts. Cara and Declan silently watched her eyes roll back in her head in ecstasy.

Nuru placed a hand on the gasping woman’s head. ‘Your treatment has ended. Davu, come out and meet our guests.’

To Cara and Declan’s surprise, a crow even larger than the one-legged bird on the perch outside emerged from beneath the woman’s long skirts and flew onto Nuru’s shoulder. It whispered in his ear before flying onto a perch behind him.

Small white vertebrae were scattered across the dirt floor. Her future can’t be looking too rosy judging by how upset she looks, thought Cara. I could’ve sworn the bird said, ‘Saamiva’s as clean as a whistle, master.’ But that makes no sense. Odd. There’s a wet patch in front of where she’s sitting.

Sensing she was being dismissed, Saamiva wiped her tears on her arm, clambered to her feet and staggered from the dwelling. Nuru scooped up the bones and placed them in a drawstring bag which he put inside a box decorated with cowrie shells.

Declan and Cara sat on the low wooden stools feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Dead animals gazed down with unseeing eyes from the grubby walls. Mystical artefacts and jars containing herbs, dried exotic flowers, and pickled animal parts were crowded onto the wooden shelves.

Worried the crow might fly up her short skirt, Cara tried to keep her thighs firmly closed. The bird stared at her as though reading her mind. She squealed when it dropped from its perch onto the floor and high-stepped over to her feet, cawing excitedly. As though Cara’s feet had a mind of their own, they planted themselves wide apart, giving the crow a clear view of her crotch. Declan looked aghast when she didn’t shut her legs to restore her modesty.

Cara tried to move or scream at the bird to leave her alone but it was as though she and Declan had transformed into statues. The crow hopped between her knees, squawking, ‘Pretty lady! Pretty lady.’ Its master sat, arms folded as the crow did the unthinkable and plucked out a few curly strands of Cara’s copious golden pubic hair that curled around the edge of her thong. She yelped with shock and pain, but when she tried to shout obscenities at the man and his abusive crow, the words wouldn’t come out.

Noticing that Declan looked like he wanted to punch the bird in the head, Nuru spoke in a language the couple didn’t understand. Leaving a black feather on the floor next to her, the smug crow flew back onto its perch and placed the pubic hair in a dish attached to the pole.

Cara was relieved to be able to close her legs again. Declan looked as shaken as his wife by what he’d just witnessed. Thanks to his voyeuristic bent, he also felt inexplicably aroused after watching Nuru staring up his wife’s skirt. ‘Are you okay, Cara?’ said Declan, stroking her arm.

She wanted to scream, ‘Of course I’m bloody not,’ but found herself nodding. Whatever had taken over mastery of her legs was still controlling her will. Normally, she’d have stormed out of the building and summoned the police, but something made her smile and bat her eyelids at Nuru, although it was the last thing she wanted to do.

The fortune-teller turned to her. ‘Take Davu’s feather. It’s his special gift to you. He likes you. Keep it safe and it’ll bring you good fortune. Never lose it.’

Cara dared not refuse, too scared to ask why she mustn’t lose the feather. Slipping it into her shoulder bag, she muttered her gratitude, although wanted nothing to do with the gift. She shot Declan a what-have-you-got-me-into look.

There was a curtained-off room behind their host where Cara guessed the charismatic African lived. Delicious cooking aromas filled their nostrils. Hearing the clatter of pans, they assumed his wife must be cooking lunch. Hopefully, we won’t have to stay in this shithole for much longer if this freak’s going to be eating soon, thought Cara.

Nuru glared at her, as though he’d read her mind. She felt her thighs spring open again, giving him another view of her crotch. As he stared at it, she felt a powerful tingling sensation, as though something was rubbing her clitoris hard and fast. Declan’s eyes widened as he noticed Nuru’s middle finger was moving fast as the crotch of his wife’s crimson thong turned maroon from her gathering copious juices. But he’s not even touching her, he thought. Massively aroused, his wife shuddered and climaxed, just as Saamiva had done.

Cara was mesmerised by the fortune teller’s otherworldly aura. His large, dark eyes pierced her soul as though reading her life story without her saying a word. She was desperate to leave but a malevolent force anchored her to the spot.

‘How much do you charge to tell our fortunes?’ said Declan, taking out his wallet.

‘Twenty thousand francs each,’ said the unsmiling man.

‘That’s less than a tenner each,’ Declan whispered to her, taking two notes from his wallet.

Before Declan could hand over the money, to his surprise, the crow swooped down from its perch and snatched the notes. Nuru opened the box and the bird placed the money inside. Cara shot Davu a cautious glance, hoping her thighs wouldn’t part again, but he flew back to his perch without any further humiliating incidents.

Nuru took his drawstring bag containing animal vertebrae out of the box and turned to Declan. ‘I’ll read your fortune first, Mr O’Grady. Give me your hands.’

Odd. I didn’t tell him my name, did I? thought Declan, leaning forwards and placing both hands, palms upwards, into Nuru’s. The strange man closed his dark eyes and tilted his head back, breathing deeply. The clattering in the kitchen ceased, as though whoever was in there sensed Nuru was communing with another world and mustn’t be distracted. Indecipherable words fell from his thick, blood-red lips.

Opening his eyes, he picked up the bag of bones and scattered them across the floor. Staring at them, he stroked his square chin, deep in thought. The tension crackled like electricity in the room. Concerned by his serious expression, the couple looked at each other, wondering when he’d speak.

They jumped when he said in a booming voice, ‘Interesting… The bones tell me that you recently shared your wife with a dark-haired, well-endowed man. Correct?’

Their jaws dropped, horrified that the creepy African somehow knew about the steamy threesome they’d had with Jeff the night before their trip to Africa. Jeff Klein was a thirty-year-old garage mechanic and one of the men Declan enjoyed watching having adventurous sex with Cara. Jeff was heavily into bondage and their sessions took hours.

Nuru chuckled. ‘Your faces tell me I’m right. Good for you. Boundaries are meant to be broken, especially those between worlds. I always speak honestly about what I see in the past, present or future, good or bad. I could say more about your unconventional past, but time’s short. Another woman is visiting me soon. Do you want to hear what I see in your futures? Some folk fear honesty, but lies are for fools.’

Declan looked at Cara for guidance, fearing what they might hear. After witnessing how accurate the man had been about their threesome, they were in complete awe of his special powers. ‘Tell us,’ said the bewitched film director.

‘Right. Your futures,’ said Nuru, staring at the bones. ‘Let’s just say that you should make the most of your time together as a great sadness will befall you before two years have passed.’

The couple looked at each other with a wish-we’d-never-asked expression on their faces. They waited for him to expand on his doom-laden statement but he remained silent.

‘What great sadness? What’s going to happen?’ said Declan, clasping Cara’s tense hand.

Nuru sighed. ‘I can’t give you details. The bones won’t allow me to. Look for signs nearer the time.’

‘Do the bones ever let you disclose details?’ said Cara. ‘Would they allow it if we paid you more? We need to know what you’ve seen in Declan’s future.’

Nuru shook his head. ‘More money will make no difference, but I sense it’ll be a health problem.’

‘This is why I avoid fortune-tellers,’ Cara muttered to Declan, who looked worried.

‘Now. Let’s move on to your wife,’ said Nuru, licking his lips as though she was his favourite snack.

‘Let’s go,’ Cara whispered. ‘This was a terrible idea.’

Before Declan could reply, the fortune teller scooped up the bones and scattered them across the floor. His reaction to their message was different to his response to Declan’s forecast. Nuru crouched lower, pouring over the bones, grunting and muttering with growing excitement.

‘Oh… The bones fell like this only once before, about two months ago when I read them for Elke, a German beauty of about your age. I visit her in her dreams.’ He smiled wistfully, as if remembering his last visit. Snapping out of his reverie, he said to Cara, ‘You look so much like her. I have only one piece of advice to give you for an uncomplicated life.’

‘What is it?’ said Cara, eyes wide. ‘Please, tell me.’

Nuru sighed. ‘I was just about to. Never cut your hair. If you do, you’ll be a magnet for any sexual predators in your vicinity. You’ll be unable to object to becoming their plaything. Elke, the German woman I mentioned, deeply regrets ignoring my advice. She shaved off all her pretty hair and has had more sex with random men in the last two months than in all her thirty-nine years. Elke just can’t say no.’

‘Silly Elke,’ squawked the crow as the pans began to clatter again behind the beaded curtain.

Lucky Elke more like, thought Cara. Copious sex isn’t something I’d avoid. She muttered in Declan’s ear, ‘I’ve heard enough of this bullshit.’ She stood up and raced for the exit.

‘Sorry for my wife’s outburst. What you said has upset her,’ said Declan, intending to follow her.

‘You should both be upset with futures like yours,’ muttered Nuru as the couple disappeared. ‘See you in your dreams, sexy Cara.’

‘Sexy Cara. Sexy Cara,’ squawked the one-legged crow, its beady eyes trained on the couple’s backs as they fled.

Once alone, Nuru tipped the strands of pubic hairs out of Davu’s dish into a jar. ‘I’ll make the spell after lunch,’ he said to the crow, who squawked his approval. ‘Making Cara come has made me horny.’

‘Me, too, master,’ said Davu.

‘Wish I could’ve seen up her skirt, too,’ squawked Bobo from his perch.

‘Your turn will come,’ said Nuru, walking through the beaded curtain into his kitchen area. ‘There’s time for some fun before we eat, Elke, my sexy German strumpet.’

‘Sexy German strumpet. Sexy German strumpet,’ squawked both crows as they flew onto the shelf above an antiquated stove where a naked beauty stood stirring a pot of spicy stew.

Bobo landed on the countertop so he could reach her breasts. ‘Let me work on your nipples, Elke.’ Putting down the spoon, she felt tears well up as she cupped both breasts in her hands and offered them up to the crow. ‘Can’t believe she’ll soon be forty, master. Her breasts are still so pert. She looks at least ten years younger.’

Nuru stroked the buttocks of the shaven-headed nude as he watched Bobo tweak and lick her nipples until they were hard and erect. Elke turned her gorgeous, sad face to the wall as the crow’s tongue did its work.

2. Elke

Elke’s biggest regret was to ignore Nuru’s warning two months earlier to never cut her hair, but she’d had no choice. Her starring role as a cancer victim in a blockbuster film called for her to be bald. She could have opted to hide her hair under a skin-toned cap, but as a method actor, she’d wanted to experience what it felt like to be bald, hoping to enrich her performance.

The second her last golden lock hit the floor, two black feathers floated out of thin air into her lap, surprising her and the chatty hairdresser who’d shaved it off. There was a blinding blue flash of light. When Elke’s vision recovered, she was lying on a bed in a hot, gloomy, unfamiliar room.

‘Hello, Elke,’ said a loud, deep voice. ‘I’m Nuru. I see you recognise me from when you visited my house in the Congo with your film crew. I’m sure you recall how I took a real shine to you.’

She trembled from head to toe, remembering how he’d stared at her that day. ‘I can’t be in Africa, can I? It’s not possible.’

‘Says who?’ said Nuru. ‘You are indeed in Africa. Do you remember me warning you never to cut your hair and what would happen to you if you did?’

‘I thought it was just some nonsense you said to amuse tourists.’

‘You couldn’t be more wrong,’ he said. ‘Get off the bed and remove your clothes.’

She scowled at him. ‘I’ll do no such thing.’

He grinned smugly as if he knew what was about to happen. Aghast, Elke found herself standing by the bed, looking down in horror as her fingers unzipped her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse as though her body had a mind of its own. Too scared and confused to say a word, she used all her strength trying to prevent the inevitable. Soon, she was as naked and trembling in front of him, eyeing his erection poking through his loin cloth as he admired her body. Her attempts to cover her breasts and pubic mound were futile.

‘Bend your knees… Deeper, so I can see your vagina… Very nice,’ he said, his hands roaming between her legs.

 His long wild hair tickled her inner thighs as he bent close to examine her vulva. Her thighs juddered as she strained to close them, but they remained akimbo as he pulled back her labia and agitated her clitoris with his middle finger. ‘Juicy and very responsive, but can be improved. Lie back on the bed, knees wide.’

Standing, he clapped his hands together, making her jump. Two massive crows swooped in through an open window and settled between her splayed thighs, cawing and squawking appreciatively. Elke screamed as their surprisingly long tongues shot out between their dangerous-looking beaks and licked her vulva.

‘Quiet!’ bellowed Nuru. ‘Nobody wants to hear your caterwauling. My crows will each give you a clitoral orgasm with their tongues… I see you’ve never felt anything like it… It feels good, yes? … Good work, Bobo… Your turn, Davu… Yes! You squirted a little, Elke.’

‘Once we’ve fine-tuned her, she’ll gush like a leaky drain, master,’ said Bobo.

By the time the crows’ beaks had finished tweaking them, Elke’s nipples had never been so hard and erect. After sucking each one, Nuru said. ‘Boys, check I don’t get sloppy seconds when I lick her pussy.’

When Bobo’s beak slid inside her and stretched her vagina wide, Elke tried to scream but nothing came out. Davu hopped closer, slid his sleek head into her vagina, and peered inside. She felt the strangest sensation as his turbo-charged tongue flicked around inside her, accompanied by an occasional suction sound.

Davu slid his head out of the trembling film star. ‘There was a small amount of semen in there, master, but she’s clean now. I’ve primed her pussy to perfection for you.’

Though having sex with Nuru was terrifying and against her will, Elke had to admit it was the best she’d ever had, despite his penis being the longest and chunkiest she’d ever encountered. Through his magic, it fitted her vagina exactly. As he rode her, or she rode him, she realised the crows had done something to her insides as well as improving her nipples. They stayed erect and had never felt more sensitive.

Once their master was satisfied and had released his semen inside her, the crows repeated the cleaning process.

‘Put on your clothes,’ said Nuru, tying his loin cloth around himself. Once she’d dressed, he added, ‘Farewell until next time, Elke.’

There was a flash of blinding blue light and she found herself back in the hair salon. The girl who’d shaved off Elke’s hair hadn’t even noticed her client had disappeared, although she wondered why the woman was drenched in sweat. ‘Wow! Did you see that? Are you okay?’

Thinking it wiser not to mention what she’d just endured, the shaven-headed actress forced a smile and tried to calm down. ‘Yeah. It was weird. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.’ She paid the hairdresser for shaving her head and ruining her life then hurried out of the salon.

Nuru stole part of her soul that day, claiming her as his sex slave for as long as she held his interest. Elke wondered if she’d ever again be able to say no to anybody who wanted sex with her. As a strong willed woman who enjoyed all the perks of being a famous actress, she’d always called the shots when it came to sex.

Now she was back in Germany, it became increasingly difficult to continue with her acting career. Every so often, there’d be a flash of light and she’d find herself on Nuru’s bed where she’d receive the usual invasive treatment from the crows before their master ravished her. It was bad enough cooking and cleaning for him, but having sex with him in Africa and random sex fiends in Germany, was rapidly destroying her mind. Whenever Nuru was done with her, the crows sucked his semen out of her and she’d be whisked back to Germany in a flash. At home, more men would usually be waiting to sexually abuse her. Nuru distorted time, so they were barely aware she’d even disappeared.

Since losing her hair, random men of all ages and varying levels of attractiveness kept cropping up in her life expecting to have sex with her.

The day of Cara and Declan’s visit had been the sixth time Elke had found herself in Africa. She’d been Nuru and his crows’ plaything for three days. When Nuru summoned her, she’d been in her bath, so was wet and naked when she’d found herself on his bed. They’d had sex for most of the three days, yet he’d still demanded more. His libido was inexhaustible, making her suspect his sexual energy also came from supernatural sources.

‘Stop cooking our food,’ said Nuru. ‘Satisfy me instead.’

Sex with the man who controlled her life was the last thing the bald film star wanted but she felt her lips move and heard her voice say, ‘Yes, master,’ as always happened.

He pulled off his loincloth with pride. ‘Look how hard the blonde British woman has made me. Rid me of it before we eat. Wrap your mouth around it as an appetiser.’

Glancing down at his prodigious erection, Elke sighed and obediently turned off the heat under the saucepan and knelt on the dirt floor. She opened her mouth wide, gagging as he pushed his stiff shaft down her throat.

Just when she thought she’d suffocate, he tapped her on the top of her bald head. ‘Stop sucking. I want to save my seed for this,’ he said, sliding two fingers into her vagina. He jabbed it hard and fast until she came, then licked his digits clean. ‘Wait in the bedroom. I’ll join you shortly. I need to cast an urgent spell for someone first.’

‘Yes, master,’ she said, in the depths of despair.

When Nuru had done with her, she knew he’d be returning her to Germany where she was due to meet her landlord in her bedroom that evening for their usual Thursday sexual encounter. Lying on Nuru’s large ricketty bed, she shuddered to imagine what her vile landlord would put her through, but first, there was sex with scary Nuru to contend with. She heard him chanting in the main room and smelled something acrid burning as he performed his magic.

His stifling hot, basic bedroom was a gloomy symphony of browns. The only colour was the stuffed head of a snarling tiger on top of an ancient cupboard. Its glass eyes stared down at Elke in such a knowing way, she wondered if it had something to do with Nuru’s power because he always muttered in its ear before having sex with her.

There was a flutter of wings and the two crows flew either side of her. They nibbled and shaped her large nipples with their beaks and tongues until they were erect, ultrasensitive pinnacles.

‘Assume the position so we can check there’s no semen inside you,’ squawked Bobo, hopping between her spread legs with his companion.

Elke cringed with embarrassment whenever the crows made her pull her knees level with her ears so they could examine her. I’ll never find this process normal, she thought. They’re more like humans than birds. Bobo’s beak opened wide inside her vagina, stretching it so Davu could insert his head and check its interior walls.

These evil birds love to control me, she thought, wincing as Davu’s tongue licked around inside her. When they were men, I bet they were sexual sadists. Nuru gets a perverted kick from watching them do this to me and his other women.

She recalled the second time Nuru had transported her at lightning speed to Africa. ‘Please, let me stretch myself this time so you can check, master,’ she’d said as she’d laid naked and spreadeagled on his bed. ‘I have a phobia of birds.’

Indignant, Bobo had gripped her labia so hard with his beak that she’d shrieked to be released. ‘Stop crying,’ said Davu. ‘We do this to all our master’s women before he enjoys them. Get used to it.’

Nuru entered the room, naked and erect, and whispered into the stuffed tiger’s ear before sitting on the bed next to her. Elke was two months into her Nuru experience and her terror was almost as acute as her first time on his bed. She had a love-hate relationship with the crows’ tongues. Never having seen one before, she’d been surprised and repulsed by their length and how cold and tickly they’d felt on her most sensitive parts. Nuru’s dark powers constantly amazed and terrified her. His magic could transform his crows’ tongues into mechanisms that gave intense pleasure, suck out unwanted bodily fluids, then perfect the look and sensitivity of a woman’s sexual parts.

‘You know the drill,’ said Bobo. ‘It’s orgasm time, so pop your clitty out for us. And stop looking so miserable.’ Using her fingers, Elke spread her labia to expose her clitoris, bracing herself for a guaranteed orgasm. The intense sensation of his tongue vibrating at supersonic speed on her most sensitive part was both frightening and breathtakingly wonderful. A type of heavenly hell.

When Bobo accidentally nipped her vulva with his thick beak, she cried out and instinctively slammed her thighs together, making both crows fly into the air.

‘We’ll bite off your nipples if you don’t open your legs again,’ said Davu after they’d settled at the end of the bed.

Nuru glared at her, slowly masturbating as he sat naked on the edge of the bed. ‘Bobo and Davu will sulk if they don’t each give you an orgasm before I fuck you. You should be grateful for their skills. Watching them wank you makes me hard. Show them your clit at once.’

Dying inside a little more, Elke pulled back her knees and exposed her clitoris with her fingers. The creepy birds took turns licking her glistening nub. Their tongues’ exquisite vibrations were more effective than any vibrator she’d ever used. That day was no exception.

Recovering from another string of earth-shattering orgasms, Elke passed her hand over her shaved head where long, wavy blonde hair had once grown. Now that she was Nuru’s plaything for part of her life, he insisted on shaving her head and pubic area so she’d continue to be controlled by him, the two crows, and all the predatory males who now crawled out of the woodwork in Germany. Despite Nuru living on another continent, he’d somehow ensured there was a constant flow of predators. His dark magic knew no bounds.

Nuru handed Elke a golden vibrator. ‘Bobo stole this from a hotel bedroom this morning. Make yourself come while my crows rest… Press it hard… Good… Harder… Come for me, Elke.’

‘And for us,’ said the crows in unison.

Those two bastards act more like humans than birds, she thought as her climax built. They behaved so lustfully towards her, she guessed they must once have been extremely rampant men who Nuru had transformed into crows for reasons she didn’t know. Her orgasm was almost as explosive as those the crows’ tongues produced. Bobo took the vibrator from her as his master crawled between her legs.

Elke avoided Nuru’s dark eyes as he rubbed the end of his supersized penis against her tumescent clitoris. When he pushed deep inside her, she gasped as her vagina magically expanded until he fitted her perfectly. It usually took at least two hours and a myriad of positions for him to be satisfied.

Collapsing onto her full breasts, Nuru found enough breath to say, ‘That was a strong eight. One day, you’ll learn to smile and will be a ten. Fully apply the skills I’m teaching you and don’t hold back. You may now return to your life in Frankfurt with my blessing. I’ll transport you back here in a week or two, so look out for my black feather signal. Don’t let the men you fuck in Germany mark or disfigure you. You’d be no use to me. A woman’s beauty is my greatest aphrodisiac. As part of my spell, I’ve ensured your sexual energy will be boundless for every sexual encounter. The men won’t ever be able to tire you out so much that you’d be useless to me.’

‘Yes, master,’ she muttered. Those weren’t the most politically correct words I’ve ever heard, she thought. Nothing in my life is politically correct nowadays. The misogyny I endure is sickening. How will I pay the bills now I’m being ravished almost every day and night? There’s hardly time to sleep, let alone carry on with my acting career.

The room lit up with a burst of blinding blue light, as always happened whenever Nuru sent her to and from his African home. The next second, Elke found herself naked in her bath in Frankfurt. The water was still hot, proving to her that time had stood still while she’d been with Nuru in Africa.

With her mind in turmoil, she lay in the soothing water, trying to compose her dark, scattered thoughts. It wouldn’t be long before her seedy landlord would be ringing her doorbell, gagging for sex. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought a black feather fluttered to the ground but realised it was just another hallucination. Her dread of seeing black feathers summoning her back to Africa and Nuru’s control, tormented her even while she slept.

Her life unravelled more as time went on and more predatory males appeared, just as the fortune teller had predicted. Elke now knew Nuru hadn’t foretold her fate but was making it all happen after he put his cruel curse on her.

Washing Nuru’s smell from her skin, she sobbed before dragging herself out of the water. Once dry, she squeezed into the black satin crotchless peephole corset Everitt Schulze, her landlord, had given her on his previous visit. Three weeks previously, the short, obese, balding forty-eight-year-old computer nerd had agreed to let her live in the luxury apartment rent-free, so long as she entertained him in her bedroom every Thursday evening.

At the time, it seemed like a feasible idea because she was desperate for money. She’d been living well beyond her means after her cocaine addiction had spiralled out of control. Drugs had been freely available in the social whirl she lived in as an actress because of Julian, a man she’d been having an affair with for almost two years. The married, good-looking eccentric organised transport for several different studios, as well as feeding Elke’s growing cocaine habit. Their sexual liaisons were always fuelled by cocaine which he supplied. The drug turned her into a snarling beast in bed who felt no pain.

When Julian was fired six months before after his drug consumption grew uncontrollable, badly affecting his work, Elke was stuck with an addiction to drugs and a limited supply. She no longer saw Julian, so paid a small fortune each week just to feel vaguely normal and had little money left to pay her high rent. To make matters worse, her last two films had bombed, leaving her finances in a mess.

Everitt Schulze, her landlord, was an unattractive and demanding bore. Elke wanted to end their “little arrangement,” as he called it, after their first traumatic meeting in her bedroom. Every time she’d tried to say no to his sexual demands during that first ghastly Thursday evening, or broach the subject of him leaving her alone then and in the future, the words stuck in her throat. They refused to be said, as if Nuru had inserted an invisible mute button inside her.

She’d even tried texting Everitt while he was there to order him out of her flat and stay away, but no words appeared on the screen. Writing on paper with a biro, then a pencil, had the same bizarre result. Everitt had stared at her as though she was mad as she’d battled to communicate her wishes.

It wasn’t only her words that were being stolen. Her body rebelled against her, too. When she tried to close her legs or lash out at the brute to block his advances, nothing happened. Nuru was in her head, magically blocking all her negative responses to any sexual advance. Her body had become a sex machine controlled by Nuru in Africa and various men in Germany. She was powerless to revert to her former self and life when she’d had control of her life and body.

Women usually rejected Everitt, so he was ecstatic Elke let him do whatever he wanted with her body. He was perplexed by her scowling expression as he ran through his perverted sexual repertoire. On their first hook-up, he’d rubbed his podgy hands with glee when she’d allowed him to video each outrageous act, which was another first for him. It had become standard practice and he’d never asked her permission to film her from then on.

Everitt once even insisted on taking her to a local dogging site where he’d sodomised her on the bonnet of his car as a group of shady men watched, groping her in the worst ways. They were eager to film the action on their phones once they’d recognised Elke from her films. She returned home, exhausted and humiliated beyond endurance. Some men filmed themselves using beer bottles inside her before gang-raping her. But was I raped? she thought as her tears fell. I never said no. Not once. I couldn’t, but I can’t let them all get away with it.

After a fitful night’s sleep, Elke drove to the police station to report Everitt and the men at the dogging site. Sitting in the interview room trying to give her statement, she went crazy with frustration and embarrassment when her words wouldn’t come out. The policeman trying to record her statement looked at the bald actress as if she was insane as she sat on the other side of the table making guttural noises.

Fearing she’d be charged with wasting police time, Elke fled in tears. When she returned home, she was horrified to find Everitt had let himself in. He was with a tall, painfully thin, grey-haired stranger with a death mask face. Both were drunk and had tied tethers to her bed ready for her return.

‘But it’s not Thursday,’ she wailed, stripping naked as they’d asked.

As he and the stranger pulled off their clothes, Everitt shrugged. ‘So? I showed my drinking buddy, Jakob, your videos and, as you can see by his cock, he’s desperate to fuck you.’

‘Especially your gorgeous arse,’ said the man, pulling her closer and swivelling her around.

Knowing from experience that his glamorous lodger never refused his requests, although clueless what made her comply, Everitt added, ‘Bend over and touch your toes, sexy. Let my mate finger your pussy and arse.’

Jakob whispered in his ear, ‘She’ll never agree to that.’

Everitt tapped the side of his nose. ‘Want to bet?’

Elke choked trying in vain to scream, yet she bent over. The creepy stranger inserted his index finger deep into her rectum, his middle finger into her vagina and wiggled them. ‘There are a few things I want to do before I fuck your arse, though. I saw you gush in some of your videos. I’ve always wanted to make a woman do that.’

While buzzing a vibrator on her nipples, Everitt filmed Jakob fingering the film star’s vagina so hard, it wasn’t long before she groaned and showered her ejaculate up her rapturous abuser’s arm. ‘Lie down and roll backwards. We’re going to tie your ankles to the top of the bed so Jakob can fuck your arse.’

It was while weird Jakob jabbed his tongue deep into her rectum that Elke felt almost relieved to see a black feather land on her pillow. A flash of blue light illuminated the room and she found herself naked on Nuru’s bed in Africa, her ankles behind her ears, just as they’d been in her bedroom. He and the crows made good use of her being in that position before returning her to Germany, where Jakob continued to tongue her rectum after his eyes had recovered from the blinding blue light. It was another long night for Elke.

Much to Elke’s horror, Jakob, the Nosferatu lookalike, had accompanied Everitt to her apartment ever since their first meeting three weeks before. She poured herself a triple vodka, hoping it would loosen her up enough not to be too repulsed by them.

While staring at her perfect reflection in her mirror to apply the tarty makeup they insisted she wore, Elke expected to see her long blonde hair. It still came as a shock to see her bald scalp. Reaching for the blonde wig Everitt had given her, she attached it securely to her scalp as he’d demanded.

He and Jakob had been angry with her during their liaison on the previous Thursday when it had fallen off while the two friends had pounded her rectum on her bedroom carpet. Her punishment had been to be spanked as she lay whimpering across their knees. Whoever hadn’t been spanking her at the time had filmed her humiliation. Each man had hundreds of videos of their time with her. She feared the explicit material, and the videos from the dogging experience, would be uploaded onto the internet; it would ruin her life as well as her film career even more if that was possible. She believed both were already as good as over.

Though Everitt was clueless why his beautiful tenant couldn’t resist his demands, Elke knew he suspected that she couldn’t prevent him or other men from doing whatever they fancied to her. There’s nothing to stop him or anyone else, male or female, pimping me out, she thought. I couldn’t refuse, thanks to bloody Nuru.

A loud knocking on her front door made her heart race. After putting on her five-inch stilettos and checking her reflection in her full-length mirror to ensure her nipples were erect enough for Everitt and Jakob’s liking, she peered through the spyhole in the door.

Expecting to see her landlord and Jakob, she was shocked to see Everitt with two seedy men in their fifties. The taller bespectacled man carried a bottle of cheap wine and the shorter, scrawnier, hook-nosed Asian gripped a holdall.

She’d seen the two men in her local Biergarten over a year before she’d shaved her hair off. Back then, she’d been at the height of her film career, well before Nuru entered her life. On that evening, she’d been on her third date with her fitness instructor and had been looking forward to spending a passionate night with him.

The two starstruck men had approached the couple and asked Elke for an autograph. As they’d looked uncouth, ignorant, and unwashed, she’d turned away and carried on talking to her hunky date. Normally, she wouldn’t have remembered the two men but the Asian had made lewd remarks at her as he and his ugly friend were leaving the Biergarten.

The same unsavoury men were now on her doorstep. Panicking, Elke put on her silky dressing gown over her revealing corset, opened the door a crack, and muttered, ‘What do you want?’

‘What do you think we want, sexy?’ said her landlord. ‘We’re feeling horny, so let us in.’

Heart pounding, she tried to slam the door in their faces, but, instead, she found herself opening it wide for them. Her expression was far from welcoming.

‘Lead the way to where the magic happens, Elke,’ said Everitt. Once they were all inside her spacious bedroom, the two strangers put down what they’d been carrying and looked her up and down appreciatively. ‘Elke, this four-eyed beanpole is Finn and this short-arse is Abdul. Lose the robe. Let’s see the peephole corset I told you to wear.’

Helpless, she watched the trio remove their jackets and sit on her bed. As she feared, her treacherous body began to act on autopilot. Battling against the force within her that was trying to make her remove the robe entirely, she managed to just lower it off her shoulders. Looking down, she groaned to see her nipples poking through her corset. Ever since the crows had worked on them, her chocolate-coloured nipples were permanently erect and ultrasensitive.

‘Mmm,’ said Finn. ‘Ich liebe deine grossen titten. Huge nipples. You must’ve been playing with them for them to be sticking out like this. Lick them for us.’

As Everitt filmed her, he said, ‘I wonder how many wealthy movie moguls have spunked all over these beauties. I bet casting couch shenanigans still goes on, eh, Elke?’

Abdul adjusted his bulging trousers as he watched Everitt grab her right breast with his free hand to suck and nibble her nipple. ‘Mate, I’d do far more than spunk on her tits, famous film star or not.’

Everitt removed his fleshy lips from Elke’s nipple. ‘Hand me your robe. Let’s see the rest of you.’

Her hands released their grip on the material. It slipped to the carpet, leaving her almost naked in front of them. Her hands felt glued to her sides, preventing her from shielding her usually private parts from their gaze. All her attempts to run downstairs, turn away, or bend to hide proved useless. She no longer had the energy to stop struggling.

‘Hottest woman I’ve ever seen,’ said Finn, who’d not had sex for over fifteen years due to his creepy appearance and awkward manner.

‘Never thought I’d have a sexy celebrity’s pussy within licking distance,’ said Abdul.

Turning to Elke’s landlord, Finn whispered, ‘Why not put your theory about her to the test like you said you would?’

‘Okay,’ said Everitt. ‘I can’t promise anything but it’s all going perfectly so far.’

‘Apart from her expression,’ said Finn. ‘If looks could kill, we’d be dead.’

Everitt shrugged. ‘She always looks livid when we hook up, yet she still does anything I ask with no bother at all. She’ll fuck both of you, too, trust me. She even lets Jakob and me fuck her arse, so can’t see her refusing to do whatever you fancy.’

 ‘Let’s do it before my balls burst,’ said Abdul.

Finn was mesmerised. ‘Can’t believe she obeyed you to the letter, despite her expression. Smile, Elke. No? Suit yourself. Why won’t you chat with us? Are we beneath you?’

Abdul sighed loudly. ‘Chat? Blow chatting. I didn’t sneak out of the house behind my wife’s back to bloody chat. Come on, Elke. Show us your clit.’

‘And do it in a really dirty way,’ added Everitt. ‘Do it how you show me.’

‘She’ll never agree to that,’ said Finn. ‘You’ve already fucked her, Everitt, so she’s okay with pleasing you. She doesn’t know me and Finn from Adam. Elke Klaus never even gave us her autograph when we first met her. She’s famous, don’t forget.’ He took out his phone to video her, just in case he was wrong.

‘I’m sure she’ll do it,’ said Everitt, phone poised.

Elke’s mouth was bone dry as her long shapely legs walked the rest of her breathtaking body over to where Abdul sat. She was so close, his breath wafted across her labia. Her limbs were as mutinous as ever. The two other men steadied her as her stiletto-clad foot raised itself onto the bed. Six pairs of hungry eyes watched her wobble as she turned her knee out, battling to gain control of all her fingers resting on her labia.

‘No… Please, don’t make me do it, Nuru,’ she muttered.

‘Who is Nuru?’ said Everitt, pushing his phone closer to her hands.

 Elke despaired as her knees bent and her hips thrust towards the men. She chewed her bottom lip as her fingers pulled back her labia and displayed her clitoris. She felt their hot breath waft across her vulva as her pelvis rocked suggestively back and forth, increasing in speed.

‘She’s begging for it,’ said Finn. ‘Looks like she’s dry-humping a ghost.’  

Abdul leaned forward for a closer look. ‘There’s nothing dry about that humping. Biggest clit I’ve ever seen. Looks like it’s had plenty of rubbing. So swollen… Which of your leading men wanked this beauty in between takes, Fraulein Klaus? Never mind them. I’m dying to wank it, so now it’s my turn.’

Expecting her to knock his hand away, Abdul stretched out two fingers and rubbed her clitoris hard and fast as the other men filmed him. Elke knew all was lost. They now know I’m powerless to stop them from doing whatever they want, she thought shortly before her buttocks clenched and her orgasm erupted.

‘When I woke up today, never thought I’d be making the star of Return from Baden-Baden come,’ said Abdul. ‘Look… She’s even squirted on my trousers. I’ll never clean them again. If I wasn’t married, I’d frame them and hang them on my wall.’

Realising how much power they had over her lit up their imaginations. Abdul took a large electric wand vibrator from his holdall and plugged it into a wall socket while Finn licked and rubbed her clitoris. Everitt flicked the clothes pegs he’d attached to her nipples with one hand as he documented everything on his phone with the other.

‘Mein Gott! What a view,’ said Finn, zooming his phone in for a close-up. ‘Can I fingerbang you? I used to be a bit of an expert at it.’

‘N..N… N… Yes!’ she shrieked, panting from the exertion of battling to refuse their demands.

‘Impressed a famous star like you has such a tight, wet pussy,’ said Finn, giving her vagina the two fingers treatment. Her buttocks and jaw clenched as another climax built. When a jet of her ejaculate arced through the air, Everitt and Abdul cheered as if Germany had scored a goal in the final minute, and Finn groaned as his semen soaked into his boxer shorts.

Elke lost count of how many orgasms the unsavoury trio gave her with their fingers, tongues and the wand before they decided it was their turn for some sexual release. It’s going to be another long, terrible night, she thought, sneering as they removed their scruffy, unfashionable clothes from their underwhelming bodies. They filmed her stripping naked except for her stockings and heels, before she responded to Abdul’s order to bend over so they could take turns to lick and finger her anus.

Twisting his fingers as he jabbed her rectum, Everitt said, ‘With all these videos, even if you stop obeying us for some unknown reason, you’ll still do whatever we want. Your fans would be shocked to see social media posts of you letting me finger your arse like this, and all the other filthy things you’ve done today.’

‘And we’ve only just begun,’ said Abdul. ‘Get on the bed. We’re going to fuck you bandy-legged.’

The rampant trio squabbled over whether to use condoms or not and who’d be first to have what appeared to be consensual sex with the film star. Elke lay spreadeagled on her bed, blonde wig askew, waiting to be devoured by the pack of wolves. Not for the first time, she wanted nothing more than to die. But suicide wasn’t an option. She’d already tried various methods to kill herself in the months since Nuru had taken control of her life. Somehow, he managed to thwart her attempts to escape her endless torment. The previous week, her third attempt to throw herself off the Hindenberg bridge had failed. Every time she’d tried to fling herself off it, her feet had remained rooted to the spot. All she could do was pray her life would pass quickly.

3. Portents Of Doom

‘What a bloody nightmare!’ said Cara, fleeing along the muddy path under the dripping trees.

Declan eventually caught up with her and grabbed her arm to slow her down. ‘Sorry for dragging you into such a weird situation. It wasn’t quite how I’d imagined fortune telling would be. Thought it’d be a bit of lighthearted fun.’

She glared at him. ‘It was anything but. Did you see his stonking hard-on when he was talking about Elke, the German woman?’

‘Couldn’t miss it under that loincloth,’ he said. ‘Impressive for a man of his age. Even bigger than mine, I reckon.’

She started walking faster again, just to put more distance between them and Nuru. ‘What a disgusting creep. He wasn’t that old. In his fifties, I reckon. What was all that crap he spouted about me not cutting my hair?’

‘No idea. The guy was a bit crazy.’

‘A bit? Let’s go back to the hotel. Everything about Nuru and his crows has spooked me out. All that weirdo did was worry us.’

There was a crash of thunder and the rain pelted down harder. Although worried about Nuru’s peculiar predictions, Declan tried to make light of them. He knew that if he didn’t calm his wife down, the rest of the day would be dismal. Cara’s mother was a deeply superstitious woman and it had rubbed off on her daughter. He regretted pandering to his morbid curiosity by visiting the fortune teller and wished he’d stayed well away from him.

He placed a comforting arm around his wife’s shoulder. ‘His predictions were just nonsense to impress the tourists. Forget him.’

‘She shrugged off his arm. ‘It felt like he put a curse on us rather than tell our fortunes.’

Despite having similar concerns, Declan kept quiet, not wanting to add fuel to his wife’s unease. Their love was strong and had rarely been put to the test, but he sensed their relationship would need to be watertight to get through what might lie ahead of them, according to Nuru.

On reaching the hotel, they rushed to the bar and ordered tall glasses of rum and ginger beer. They sipped them slowly, too deep in their private thoughts to talk. The alcohol eased their tension and they enjoyed their evening meal at a local restaurant, despite being unable to identify some ingredients in the dishes.

That night, Cara couldn’t sleep as she lay in bed with Declan’s arm draped around her waist as he slept. It wasn’t only his snores that kept her awake. Her insomnia was mainly because of Nuru’s puzzling words about some unspecified unhappiness coming their way in the next two years. Even odder was his warning that she’d become a man-magnet if she ever cut her hair. I’d better cancel next week’s hair appointment, she thought. Mustn’t tempt fate. I feel unbelievably horny, too. Can’t think why. Felt like this ever since I creamed my thong in Nuru’s house. Odd. Declan didn’t know what hit him when we got into bed, but I’m still horny as fuck. Not wanting to wake her husband, she was forced to masturbate with her fingers until she eventually fell asleep.

Two days later, they were glad to fly back to Gatwick, pick up their Jeep from the long-stay car park, and drive back to the much-missed luxury of their enviable property near The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells.

The car wound its way up the long pathway and pulled up on the gravel courtyard in front of their three-storey house.

Cara stared at the lawn. ‘That’s odd. I’ve never seen so many crows before. Must be a dozens of them. Reminds me of that freak’s gruesome pets, Bilbo and Davros.’

‘Don’t think they were called that,’ said Declan.

Cara shrugged. ‘Who cares? It was something like that. What are we going to do about all those birds? It’s like a scene out of that Hitchcock film.’

‘I’ll soon put paid to them,’ he said, shattering the peace with a long blast of the car horn which launched the crows skyward.

‘Epic fail,’ she said, watching the crows swoop back onto the lawn, defying the couple with their beady eyes. ‘I don’t like it, Dec. They’re creeping me out, especially that big one. It’s waggling its tongue at me.’

Declan chuckled. ‘Your eyesight’s better than mine. I can’t see its tongue but I doubt it’s waggling. Let’s go indoors. You must be overtired after the long flight and all the sex we’ve had in the past couple of days. Not sure what’s got into you but I’m not complaining.’

‘This’ll sound weird, but you don’t think that Nuru guy did something to supercharge my libido, do you?’

Declan heaved the suitcases out of the Jeep. ‘Love you to pieces, but don’t go all doom and gloom on me again.’ Looking up, he realised he’d been talking to himself; his wife had run into the house to avoid the crows.

The next year passed with no great drama and more sex than was usual for the couple due to Cara’s mysterious lust. They became used to the crows strutting around on the lawn as if they owned it, and gave up trying to disperse them because the inky birds always returned to gloat. Being active supporters of two animal charities, they dismissed the urge to kill their unwanted guests. Cara eventually gave up telling her hard-working husband about the birds’ habit of sticking their tongues out at her.

After Nuru’s threat about what would happen to her if she cut her hair, Cara avoided hair salons. She was delighted with the result. Her hair now hung in rippling blonde waves to the middle of her back and earned her many compliments from Declan and the various men they invited into their bedroom. A well-hung black rap artist who they’d met online made good use of her hair when she’d worn it up in bunches. He’d used them like reins, riding her from behind while Declan sat masturbating on the chaise longue next to the bed.

Since their African trip, Cara’s nights were often disturbed by nightmares involving Nuru and the crows. She’d become a light sleeper despite the vigorous sex the couple enjoyed most nights, either as a couple or as a threesome, with Declan sitting close by in his voyeur role. Their sex life had blossomed ever since adopting a swinging lifestyle a few years earlier and was off the scale after the trip to Africa.

Three days before Christmas, Declan coughed up blood in the sink of their ensuite bathroom. Not wanting to keep his wife awake with his relentless coughing and spluttering, he’d spent a sleepless night in one of the guest bedrooms. He kept the worrying incident to himself, partly not to spoil Cara’s festive fun, and partly out of fear. He hoped it was a one-off and nothing to worry about. Like many men, he avoided going to the doctor if he could.

After coughing up blood at least once a day for over two weeks, he couldn’t put off telling Cara. Naturally, she immediately booked him an urgent appointment with their GP. By the time his lung cancer was diagnosed, it was too advanced to cure. The couple experienced so many negative emotions, they were stunned into living a half-existence as medicine did its best to destroy the virulent disease. Although she was angry with him for keeping the signs of his illness to himself, Cara never voiced it because Declan was becoming increasingly frail.

The cancer diagnosis took all the fun out of their raunchy meetings with various men, so they ceased. They’d also stopped attending their favourite sex clubs to focus on Declan’s treatment, which proved ineffective. His decline was so swift and merciless, Cara struggled to keep up with events. Summer had already slid into Autumn when Declan breathed his last. Before she could realise it, she was a widow.

She wanted to punch everyone in the face who looked at her with sympathetic eyes and told her, ‘It’s a blessing he didn’t suffer too long,’ or, even worse, ‘He’s gone to a better place.’

She wanted to scream at them, ‘But I wanted to grow old disgracefully with Declan. These married years were not enough. His place is here, with me, not festering in some poxy grave.’

Cara sleepwalked through the funeral. It was attended by famous people from every section of the film world due to the impact the well-respected director had made on it. Once he was buried, a tsunami of exhaustion hit his widow, so she hid away from the world to try to come to terms with her grief. Though grateful for all the messages of sympathy she received, Cara wished everyone would leave her alone. She ached to still be with Declan, unable to believe he’d gone forever, despite having seen him being planted in the ground. As an only child, she had no siblings for emotional support. Her number of friends had dwindled because she’d rarely been in the country due to accompanying Declan on worldwide trips while he’d worked on films.

Sensing she was heading into a deep depression, Cara planned to spend a month in Donegal with her mother and Sorcha’s new man, Sean Malloy. At sixty-two, the short, barrel-chested, bombastic businessman was five years younger than sweet-natured Sorcha. When Cara had driven up to her mother’s modest bungalow, she was surprised to see Sean was living there with her. Though they’d never met before, he’d made her feel uncomfortable, flinging his arms around her and squeezing her like a long-lost lover.

The grieving widow was surprised how obnoxious her mother’s new man was, yet Sorcha seemed besotted with the balding, overbearing bore, despite his fondness for whisky. When inebriated, Sean couldn’t keep his opinions or his hands to himself, so Cara decided to cut short her visit to Donegal. His inappropriate flirtatious remarks when Sorcha was out of earshot were too much to stomach.

While Sorcha was in the kitchen making drinks, tipsy Sean put his hand on Cara’s thigh. It was a step too far and Cara had her bags packed in an instant. Making up an excuse her mother would believe, Cara headed back to The Pantiles. She’d given Sean a flea in his ear before leaving and had even considered telling her mother what he’d done. Cara gave him the benefit of the doubt as he’d drunk so many whiskies that evening.

Over the following months, as her energy gradually increased, a snarling rage reared up inside her over Declan’s cruel death. A strange and unexpected by-product of her fury was that her anger kickstarted her libido. Her sex drive became stronger and more insistent than ever. With nothing to fill her time now she was alone, and with a reckless, rebellious deathwish springing up from nowhere, Cara decided to use internet dating sites for the sex she craved.

She had no career to throw herself into to try to mask her grief. Declan had wanted her to be with him as much as possible during their marriage, so she’d quit modelling and travelled the world with him while he worked on various film projects. When he wasn’t working, they’d enjoyed life together at home or walking into the upmarket Pantile area of Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Cara’s mother always called it Royal Tunbridge Wells, which is its proper title, revelling in the fact her precious daughter lived in such a grand place. Sorcha hadn’t seen any of the rundown areas of the town but had loved visiting Cara and Declan’s home where they spoiled her with fancy restaurant meals, theatre visits, and trips to London’s landmarks.

When the first wave of grief had diminished enough for Cara to contemplate her future without Declan, she’d toyed with the idea of buying a designer clothes shop to occupy her time, but something more urgent needed her attention; her nagging libido. The best part of their marriage had been their active and adventurous sex life. She knew Declan would want her to continue enjoying sensual pleasures, especially as he liked sharing her with other men. They’d been confident enough in the strength of their marriage for him never to feel jealous when his wife came on another man’s tongue.

Cara started meeting men solely for sex less than a year after Declan’s death. It had been a terrible strain for her to have lasted that long without unleashing her inner sex fiend. Meeting oversexed young men had always been incredibly easy for her. Her profile was already on numerous internet sex sites from when she and Declan had searched for attractive random men with whom she could have sex. Buff_Destroyer512 will be my fiftieth hook-up this year, she thought, gazing at his handsome face in his profile photo on her laptop.

Several men had told her she must be mad for letting them into her house rather than meet them in a public place. They’d usually add, ‘I could’ve been an axe murderer or something.’

Her stock reply was, ‘So could I.’

She’d often think, Fools. Don’t they realise I have a death wish after losing Declan? I wonder what caused their death wish? Have they lost someone they loved, too? When a man left her house after sex, she’d feel almost as lonely as the day Declan died. She was on a relentless treadmill, replacing one man with another. Some men she saw several times, but because of their age difference, they’d eventually ghost her after finding a woman closer to their age, or because they’d moved on to experiment with another mature woman or man. Cara also had no qualms over telling a man she didn’t want to meet him again.

When it came to Buff_Destroyer512, she wondered, Who’ll ghost who after tonight’s hook-up, him or me?



Chapter 1. Wrong Move

‘Bobo and Davu,’ said Nuru to his crow servants. ‘Come down from the wardrobe and look at this stunning blonde’s reflection in Omniscient.’

‘Stunning is putting it mildly,’ said Bobo, who’d beaten Davu onto the African witch doctor’s broad shoulders despite having only one leg.

Davu flew onto Nuru’s other shoulder and gazed into Omniscient, the witch doctor’s magical all-seeing mirror. Instead of their own reflections, they saw an attractive young woman in her small bathroom brushing her mass of long blonde hair.

‘Her name is Eloise Le Brun. She’s a twenty-one-year-old French model. I’ve been observing her in her Marseilles apartment for weeks.’  

‘Goody-goody. Looks like she’s about to take a shower,’ said Davu, as they watched her remove her trendy clothes and scanty underwear. ‘Eloise would lose her mind if she knew we were ogling her from our master’s house in Africa, thousands of miles away.’

‘Omniscient, zoom in on her breasts,’ said Nuru. ‘They’re as perfect as any I’ve ever seen.’

‘Fabulous boobs,’ said Bobo. ‘Look how large and dark her nipples are. Nice booty, too. She has a little more meat on her than any model I’ve ever seen, though her waist is tiny. I’d have thought she was a glamour model rather than a stick-thin fashion model.’

‘Eloise Le Brun is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,’ said Nuru to his lascivious familiars. ‘It’s our good fortune she’s on the long list of women to be punished… Off comes her thong… Omniscient, zoom in on her pubic area…  Excellent. Thick golden pubes. More chance of her falling into the trap by cutting her hair.’

Hopping about on his only leg on the dirt floor of the witch doctor’s hut, Bobo whispered to Davu, ‘Didn’t the master say Cara and Elke were the most beautiful women he’d ever seen, too?’

‘Hey! I heard that, Bobo,’ said the witch doctor. ‘Less of your smart remarks or I’ll cut off your other leg, just as I cut off this one.’ He stroked Bobo’s shrivelled leg that dangled on a cord around his neck. ‘That’s your final warning. Do you understand?’

Bobo nodded his sleek head and mumbled, ‘Sorry, Master,’ before going back to spying on Eloise as she soaped her breasts.

The two crows were still devastated over no longer being human men, despite their transformation into crows happening years earlier. Their lives changed forever when Nuru sought revenge on them and another man for their unspeakable acts. The crows still had nightmares about the day the powerful witch doctor transformed them from unscrupulous pimps living in a village in the Congo Basin into Nuru’s dutiful crow servants.

Davu regretted getting drunk with Bobo and agreeing to join him in invading the house of a beautiful young black woman, called Yawo, who lived alone in a nearby village. The drunk pimps wouldn’t have gone anywhere near her if they’d known that Nuru, a powerful witch doctor, had selected Yawo to be his good-enough-for-now woman.

Nuru first met Yawo at the market and was instantly attracted to her. An unsavoury drunk was pestering her, and it was clear she didn’t want his hand around her waist. Nuru had stepped in and rescued her from the brute. As she was still shaken up, he took Yawo to a bar where he won her over with his wit and charm, despite his being dressed in only a loin cloth. On his shaved head was a headdress decorated with the bones and skulls of small wild animals of the area. She realised that his odd attire was part of his job as a witch doctor, so didn’t judge him.

Nuru told her, ‘I always dress this way because I earn most of my income from telling people’s fortunes.’

He didn’t tell her that, without the headdress or having it nearby, his powers would be badly compromised. She was flattered that such a powerful witch doctor had taken an interest in her.

Sensing she was attracted to him and seemed comfortable with his occupation, Nuru asked her for a meal at his house. Most women would be too terrified of his appearance to accept, but Yawo was braver than most women.

‘I’d be delighted,’ she said, fluttering her eyelashes at him.

He’d seen to it that the wine flowed during the meal, and they were soon tipsy. It hadn’t taken much persuasion to convince the besotted woman to share his bed that night, plus the following three nights.

On the fourth night, Nuru decided to put his voodoo powers to excellent use. Preceded by a flash of dazzling blue light, he materialised in Yawo’s bedroom as she slept. She woke with a start, but he soon calmed her initial shock and fear before removing his headdress and loin cloth and pulling back her bed covers. The night was literally magical. From then on, Yawo looked forward to the flash of blue light heralding another of Nuru’s spectacular nocturnal visits. She loved how he took sex to another level, and how kind he was to her, despite his scary appearance and reputation.

Some nights, the blue light didn’t materialise and neither did Nuru. He would eventually show up in her bedroom with vague apologies about having been busy. Nuru could have just knocked on her front door, but they enjoyed the thrill of the less conventional entrance. Though she wanted to, Yawo never quizzed him about why he hadn’t shown up because she didn’t want him to end their relationship by nagging him.

As they developed strong feelings for each other, Nuru was delighted that the African woman with the large, uptilting breasts, trim waist, long legs, and luxuriant black hair had agreed to live with him. The enigmatic man had asked countless beautiful women to live with him over the centuries. Only a few beauties had consented. They turned down his offer mainly because the old house they would be living in was far from luxurious.

Nuru would have loved to have moved to a better house but knew he would lose all his powers if he did so. The skeleton of one of the ancients, the font of all Nuru’s magic powers, lay deep beneath the property and had done so for aeons. He kept that knowledge to himself so that his many enemies wouldn’t discover his Achilles’ heel and destroy his power by destroying the property.

Nuru was part of a group of avengers, wise ancients blessed with powers even he didn’t fully understand. They’d been avenging unpunished serious crimes since time began and he waited for his turn to be called on by one of his venerated ancestors to punish someone. 

Yawo was due to move into Nuru’s modest home in a week and the couple counted down the hours. She would have moved in earlier, but he was having his bathroom refurbished to make it more comfortable for her to live there.

Three nights before Yawo was due to move in, Bobo and Davu, two devious lustful pimps, shattered the couple’s dreams. The unscrupulous men had spotted Yawo working on one of the market stalls months earlier when they had visited her village. They were hunting for vulnerable women to use and abuse, and hopefully pressurise into working for them as prostitutes. Taken by Yawo’s beauty, they had targeted her.

By stalking her the next day, they discovered where she lived and were delighted to discover that she lived alone. After drinking whisky all day, they hatched a crazy scheme. They ignored the folly of driving while drunk and drove Bobo’s car to her address where they overpowered, bound, blindfolded, and gagged the petrified woman. After bundling into the back of his car, Bobo drove them all back to his house in the next village.

Blindfolded, Yawo had no idea where they were taking her. As Davu was pouring copious whisky down her throat to subdue her, by the time they reached Bobo’s house, she was drunk. They stripped her naked in his bedroom and raped her before removing her blindfold. She saw the room was a mess, littered with sex toys but what worried her most were what looked like instruments of sexual torture.

Seeing her look of fear, Davu said, ‘We use the electrodes on difficult, disobedient prossies who work for us. A jolt of electricity on their clits or titties does wonders for getting them to behave.’

When they removed her gag so she could suck them hard again, Yawo’s anger, made worse by the alcohol, bubbled over. Swearing at them in the worst way, she cruelly mocked their sexual prowess and appearance.

Furious that everything she’d said about them was accurate, Bobo yelled, ‘Right, bitch. You’ve asked for it.’

‘She doesn’t realise who she’s dealing with, does she? Let’s use the electrodes on her bits.’

As pimps, the two men were used to punishing females and had developed a taste for it. They tied her to the bed and shocked her nipples, then her clitoris with the electrodes. As she wept from the pain, she froze when Bobo picked up a pair of scissors.

‘What are you going to do with that?’ she said, terror in her eyes.

‘Don’t worry. Not going to stab you or cut off your nipples. Just bring you down a few pegs by cutting off your hair. Maybe you won’t be so lippy once you’re bald.’

When he hacked off the first chunk of her beautiful long hair, Yawo sobbed as though her heart was breaking. ‘No!’ she wailed. ‘Please, don’t… Not my hair.’  

‘You should’ve kept your foul mouth shut,’ said Bobo, chopping off another handful. When her hair was less than an inch all over, he used his disposable razor to shave her head. Drunk on alcohol and power, he tugged at her thick pubic hair and whispered in her ear, ‘And that’s not all we’re going to shave. You can kiss your big black bush goodbye, too. Davu, help me retie her so her knees are near her ears.’

‘Haven’t you humiliated me enough?’ she said, hating the sound of the razor as it sliced through her abundant pubic hair.

‘Obviously not or I wouldn’t be doing this… and this,’ he said, parting her plump black labia to shave the hairs running along the inner edges as Davu plucked out stray pubic hairs with tweezers.

Yawo wailed, ‘My lover, Nuru Malonga, won’t let you bastards get away with this.’

With a sharp intake of breath, Davu froze mid-pluck. ‘What? Not the Nuru Malonga.’

Nuru’s reputation as an unusually potent witch doctor was common knowledge in the Congo Basin and beyond. Tales of his miracles were legendary. It was even rumoured that he was centuries old but there was nothing to prove it either way. Davu glanced nervously at his accomplice. Bobo looked as worried as he did.

Bobo dragged Davu into the living room, and whispered, ‘We’ve made a huge mistake. Let’s dump her in the deepest part of the rain forest.’ Remembering how invitingly slippery her vulva was, he added, ‘Though, there’s time for one more quick fuck each. We might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, eh?’

Davu nodded. ‘Let’s double-penetrate her as we did at her house. It’ll be quicker.’

‘Great idea,’ said Bobo. ‘I’ll take her arse, you take her pussy, if it’s okay with you.’

When they’d finally done with the traumatised beauty, the men threatened her with death if she told the police or anyone else about her rape, and poured more alcohol laced with tranquilisers down her throat.

When Yawo was unconscious, they drove and then carried her naked body into the depths of the rainforest. They left her to fend for herself at the side of a small river, knowing she probably wouldn’t survive the night due to all the venomous snakes and whichever hungry animals prowled the area.

The previous year, the pitiful corpse of a four-year-old boy had been found almost whole inside the body of an enormous boa constrictor. Bobo and Davu hoped Yawo might suffer a similar fate. Despite wishing her dead, the men didn’t dare to kill her themselves. Without a backward glance, they drove back to Bobo’s house, though neither slept well that night.

Chapter 2. Another Dirty John

Later that day, John Bancroft, a sexagenarian author from Glasgow in Scotland, photographed a rare clump of wildflowers for his forthcoming book on the flora of the Congo Basin. Returning to his Jeep, he was surprised to find the naked body of a bald-headed, strikingly beautiful African woman lying on her back on the grass, legs akimbo. It’s as though someone has posed her, he thought, kneeling beside her for a better look. Can’t see any wounds on her, not on this side, anyway. Her pussy’s as bald as her head. She stinks of booze… Seems to be in a deep drunken stupor.

He rolled her over and found no injuries on her reverse side either, even between her shapely buttocks, where he looked for some time. While peering between her parted buttocks, he noticed something wedged in her vagina. When he pulled it slowly out of her, he saw it was a golden vibrator. He tested it against his tongue and was delighted when a loud buzz echoed under the canopy of dripping trees. That’ll come in handy, he thought.

The author checked her pulse, which felt strong, and then felt her breasts, which felt squidgy. The woman lay immobile, occasionally muttering incoherently. She scarcely opened her eyes as he behaved in ways that he’d forever regret. Half an hour passed before John tossed his used condom into the bushes and bundled the semi-comatose beauty into his Jeep to drive her to the hospital in the main town.

As the nursing staff wheeled her on a trolley into the emergency department to be checked over, John told a young black nurse, ‘It’s a miracle she survived. Luckily, I found her because the area’s riddled with deadly snakes.’

‘It certainly would have been, Mr Bancroft,’ said the nurse. ‘So sad about that poor child eaten by the boa constrictor last year. He was brought here, you know, not that we could do anything for him.’

‘Awful business,’ said John.

‘So, are you sure you have no idea who she is?’ she said. ‘She had no ID and no belongings when you brought her in. Looks like she’s been drugged. Possibly raped.’

John pretended to be shocked. ‘Really? Who’d ever do such a thing? Some men are animals.’

Naturally, he said nothing about what he’d done to Yawo while she slept. Unbeknownst to the shameful author, the ebony beauty had regained consciousness long enough to feel the author stick his penis into her rectum. Before Yawo regained consciousness and could tell anyone about John Bancroft’s crime, he’d disappeared back into the rainforest to continue his hunt for rare flora.

When she finally regained her faculties and found herself in a hospital bed, Yawo waved at a middle-aged Congolese nurse to gain her attention. When the woman walked over to see what she wanted, Yawo said, ‘Please, I must see my boyfriend, Nuru Malonga. More than anyone else, he might be able to find the men who raped me. I can’t let them get away with what they did to me.’

On learning the name of Yawo’s boyfriend, the nurse looked at her with increased respect. ‘The Nuru Malonga?’ When Yawo nodded, the nurse took down his address. ‘I promise to get him here as soon as possible, my dear. Just you rest.’

The nurse kept her promise. Despite Bobo and Davu’s threats about what they’d do to Yawo if she disclosed what they’d done, she found the courage to tell Nuru she’d been raped by them. Then she told him about John, the man who’d taken her to the hospital like some hero while knowing what he’d done to her.

‘Not only did they rape, sodomise, and torture me, Bobo and Davu tied me down and shaved off all the hair on my head.’ So the other patients wouldn’t hear, she whispered behind her hand, ‘They even shaved off my bush, too. Doubt I’ll ever get over how they tortured and humiliated me.’

‘What?’ bellowed Nuru. ‘Torture, too?’

‘They attached electrodes to my nipples and clit. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt.’

‘Don’t worry,’ he said, stroking her hand. ‘They will suffer for everything they’ve done to you.’ Incandescent with rage over the three men’s heinous crimes, Nuru had initially vowed to kill them. Then, stroking her back to comfort her as she sobbed in his arms, he said, ‘Death’s too easy a punishment for them, Yawo.’ Looking through the hospital window, he saw a murder of crows swooping and soaring over the trees. ‘I have something else in mind. Leave it with me.’

Tenderly kissing Yawo, Nuru promised to visit her the following day and set off home with vengeance in mind. On his arrival, he picked up Omniscient, his all-seeing mirror. ‘Show me what the three men did to Yawo so I can identify them and deal with them.’

Hot tears of anger poured down his face as he forced himself to watch the vile things the three men did to her. I should’ve visited Yawo myself that night, he thought. Those bastards couldn’t have got to her if I’d been there. The reason he felt so guilty was that he’d been too busy having sex with a young Swedish beauty in Stockholm while Yawo was being violated.

Having identified the three men with Omniscient’s help, Nuru sweated for hours creating and casting a complex spell to track down Bobo, Davu, and John Bancroft, and transport them to his house. He might not have managed it without the welcome intervention of the powerful spirit of Nazebi Malonga, Nuru’s ancestor, whose corpse resided under his house.

To Nuru’s immense surprise, Nazebi Malonga spoke to him inside his head, saying, ‘I feel your pain, Nuru Malonga. Try the spell again and I will boost your powers to make it work. It’s time you become a true punisher like I and your other ancestors were. You will join forces with the many active punishers all over the world. Your first task is to punish the men who raped your woman.’

Nuru sobbed with relief. ‘Thank you seems so inadequate, but I’m eternally grateful to you. If you help me to find and take revenge on them, I can die happy.’

‘You won’t die for centuries, Nuru. I also have you in mind for another job, but first, you must avenge Yawo. The police have no clue who did it, so it’s up to you to see that justice is done.’

When Nuru recast the spell, he felt the extra surge of energy as his ancestor’s power flowed through him. Suddenly, the living room filled with blue light as Yawo’s three rapists magically materialised, mute and paralysed in front of him, along with someone else he wasn’t expecting.

There’d been a slight hitch. A naked black prostitute who worked for Bobo had also materialised. The unfortunate woman was bent double and holding her knees with Bobo’s penis plunged deep into her rectum. She was also mute and immobile, so Nuru had to disengage the couple and carry the petrified, distraught woman to one side.

Nuru gazed appreciatively at the prostitute’s full, dangling breasts. ‘Waste not, want not,’ he muttered to the three horrified men, massaging her breasts with scented oil. Sliding his penis between her dark breasts, he squeezed them together. ‘I love a good tit wank,’ he said, moving his hips back and forth. Eventually, he spilt his semen over her breasts, then bent over and whispered in her ear, ‘Thanks for that. Now, bugger off back to where you came from.’

There was another blue flash and the woman disappeared. Finding herself back in Bobo’s bedroom, she promptly and permanently lost her mind. It didn’t help that nobody believed her story about being transported to a witch doctor’s house in another village. She waited for Bobo to turn up to verify her story, but he never did.

Nuru’s dead ancestor’s laughter rang in his head, and then Nazebi’s spirit said, ‘You’re incorrigible, Nuru. You’re supposed to be getting your revenge on these men, yet your priority was to release your seed.’

‘Sorry, wise one. I couldn’t resist such magnificent breasts.’

‘No need to apologise. You’ve just proved you’re well suited to take on the special job I have in mind as it involves sex. You’d be perfect to fill the job vacancy. I’ll tell you more about the job later. Sort these three men out first. I use the word men loosely.’

Nuru berated the three men, calling them every name he could think of. Recalling their abuse of the woman he loved, he punched their heads until they rattled. ‘For your sins against my woman, I’m about to turn you permanently into crows. You will serve me as crows until your death. If I killed you now as you deserve, your suffering would end too soon. I’m taking away your humanity. You will be my familiars, my servants, my slaves.’

 Each rapist felt some relief at not being snuffed out, but at the same time, they felt gut-wrenching terror. Nuru threw a handful of magical herbs into his open fire, mumbled a few words, and the room increased in size for the trio as they shrank from humans to birds. Each man, now crow, knew their lives had vastly changed forever. Inside Nuru’s living room, there was much squawking and flapping of wings, but no amount of wishing would reverse the process.

‘You’re welcome to fly outside and vanish,’ said Nuru, ‘but that would be foolhardy as you wouldn’t last a minute. I recommend you calm down and resolve to serve me. You’ll be safer under my protection than fending for yourselves. You need to learn how to fly properly, for one. I know you’re scared but please, try not to shit everywhere.’ He laid four sheets of newspaper in the corner of the room. ‘Crap on there until you feel readjusted enough to go outdoors.’

Staying in Nuru’s house rather than going it alone made sense to Bobo, Davu, and John. Eventually, they stopped creating havoc and realised they only had themselves to blame for their horrific predicaments. Nuru supplied them with food, water, and protection. It would be madness to leave.

It took only a few days for the three crows to adapt to life as the witch doctor’s slaves. They were grateful to Nuru for sparing their lives. They did their best to serve him diligently, partly because they were petrified of what he’d do to them if they disobeyed him or let him down.

Four months after their transformations, the three crows were relaxing in Nuru’s garden after a busy morning doing his bidding. As they preened their feathers, a cat, who’d been observing them from behind a bush, pounced on John Bancroft. Bobo and Davu tried to fend off the cat with their beaks and talons, but it was too late. As the two crows flapped, squawking around him, the cat dragged John from the garden and disappeared with him into the dense undergrowth.

Hearing the hullabaloo, Nuru rushed from the house to find John’s blood and feathers scattered over the lawn. Bobo and Davu were inconsolable.

At the time of John’s death, Nuru had been indoors working hard on another spell. Though John Bancroft had raped Yawo, Nuru felt extremely guilty for not being able to protect him. He decided to use some of John’s feathers to revamp and titivate his headdress. Yawo will love how my headdress looks now, he thought, admiring himself in a normal mirror, not Omniscient; it was too valuable for such frivolity. He set off to show Yawo his work.

Chapter 3. The Moabi Tree

Unable to find Yawo in the house, Nuru walked into the garden to see if she was there. Catching sight of his Moabi tree, he froze. Yawo dangled from a branch, one of her bright scarves throttling her slender black neck. Rushing to her, Nuru grabbed her around the thighs to lift her to release the pressure on her neck, but he was too late. His lover was dead.

Over the following excruciating days, Nuru worked out that Yawo had taken her own life to block out the nightmarish flashbacks of her ordeal. Finding her pitiful corpse swaying in the wind made something snap in Nuru’s mind. His all-consuming anger exploded, turning his thoughts and behaviour dark and twisted.

Over the centuries since his birth and up until Yawo’s suicide, Nuru had never raped a woman. The copious sex he’d enjoyed had always been consensual, or borderline consensual, though what he’d done to Bobo’s prostitute’s breasts the night he’d turned the three men into crows hadn’t been consensual at all. After Yawo’s suicide, the bereft witch doctor didn’t care at all if his chosen women consented to have sex with him or not. Sick of the world and everyone in it, he decided to do whatever his ravenous libido dictated, regardless of what a woman did or didn’t want.

Because Bobo and Davu had shaved Yawo, Nuru also became obsessed with hair. He stopped shaving or cutting his hair and insisted every woman he selected for sex must never cut or shave theirs.

It was at this point that the spirit of Nazebi Malonga made itself heard inside Nuru’s head. ‘It’s time to offer you the job I mentioned, Nuru. Over the centuries, too many people have got away with murder. Someone else is dealing with punishing the men but I’d like you to handle the women. When they die, their spirits transfer into new-borns, meaning the culprit escapes punishment. As a punisher, I call on you to punish these women. The punisher who used to cover the women has burnt himself out over the centuries and we need new blood.’

‘I’m deeply honoured,’ said Nuru. ‘What do you want me to do?’

‘I will instruct you how to cast the spell required. I and my other punishers will direct you to women who’ve either committed an unpunished crime or who have within them the spirit of an ancestor who’s committed one.’

‘How will I punish them? I’m not keen on inflicting pain on anyone.’

‘Really? I’ve seen how you have sex. Ever since Yawo’s death, it’s getting increasingly brutal. I don’t mean you should beat them or slice them with knives. I’m talking about punishment through sex mixed with fear and humiliation.’

‘Ah, yes. I understand that concept. That’s a relief. I can easily do that.’

‘This is the gist of how the punishment spell works. Tell the woman to be punished, “If you cut or shave a single hair on your body, the most undesirable, immoral, misogynistic, rampant men, whatever their age, will seek you out for sex. They won’t take no for an answer and won’t tire or go flaccid until you’ve been fully punished.” The spell I will give you will make all this happen, Nuru.’

Nuru’s eyes sparkled with excitement, and he could feel himself growing hard as he imagined the possibilities. ‘Sounds great so far.’

‘Good. I know how your mind works,’ said Nazebi, ‘so, I’ve put in a good word for you with the elder punishers. They’ve agreed that the women designated for your type of punishment will always be highly attractive, so you’ll probably want to have sex with her yourself. As the woman would probably find that more of a pleasure than a punishment, I suggest you adapt your crows and use them as part of your sex act.’


‘I have plenty of suggestions. Think how horrified a woman would be if a crow stuck its head into her vagina. Maybe your crows’ tongues could vibrate at supersonic speeds to pleasure clitorises and nipples, for instance.’

‘Sounds brilliant,’ said Nuru. ‘I look forward to punishing my first woman. Send her my way.’

‘I’m relieved to see you’re so keen and have no questions about the ethics of punishing someone for the sins of their ancestor.’

Nuru shrugged. ‘I can see how important it is to balance positive and negative energies. If too many sins go unpunished, the world’s energy will become so negative, it won’t be worth living.’

‘Spoken like a true punisher. Now, let me teach you the necessary spells and advise you on how to carry out this vital job. Are you happy to punish women offenders no matter how they beg you not to?’

‘Of course. Punishing is in my blood. It’s my calling.’

Nuru took to his new role with gusto, first on his own, then with his specially adapted crows, Bobo and Davu. The randy birds became as enthusiastic about their tasks as their master. Nazebi was true to his word and helped Nuru concoct a spell to make the crows talk, and one to give them the ability to suction up Nuru’s semen out of women’s vaginas or rectums with their magical tongues, which also served as powerful vibrators. The two lustful, unscrupulous men became two lustful, unscrupulous crows.

After Yawo’s devastating suicide, Nuru tumbled headlong into a deep, dark pit of depression that lasted well over two years. Unable to watch his descendant suffer any longer, the spirit of Nazebi developed a spell to pull Nuru out of it, and Nuru’s libido returned to full power. His sexual peccadillos became increasingly dark and perverted, making him addicted to witnessing the disgust on a beauty’s face as a beast of a man, or men enjoyed her body in many varied ways. Nazebi and Nuru’s punishment curse only attracted dirty-minded men to the designated woman, men who loved giving copious, imaginative foreplay against the woman’s will because sleazy foreplay was what Nuru enjoyed watching most. There was never anything loving about the sex the woman received. It was based on lust and humiliation.

In a luxurious bedroom in Budapest in Hungary, Nuru yawned as he and his crows watched three ageing vagrants take turns raping a sobbing redheaded beautician. Gizela Balog had ignored Nuru’s warning the week before and had shaved off her pubic hair to please a new lover. Tied to her bed, the buxom beauty was being sexually punished by the three smelly strangers for a murder Gizela wasn’t even aware of, one committed by a distant ancestor four centuries before her birth.

‘Don’t know about you two,’ said Nuru, ‘but my interest wanes once the foreplay ends. Watching people endlessly banging can be a bit of a bore.’ All three watched a pot-bellied, bald vagrant, who couldn’t believe his luck, edge his penis into her well-lubricated rectum as his companions tormented her breasts.

‘The men spoiled us by taking turns to make Gizela squirt,’ said Davu. ‘Her bed is soaked. Men who know how to make a woman squirt with their fingers are heroes in my book.’

Bobo nodded his sleek black head. ‘An arc of female ejaculate flying through the air always livens things up.’

 ‘Agreed,’ said Davu. ‘It was all going great until the first guy stuck his cock in her. Can’t we leave, master?’

‘Unfortunately, not,’ said Nuru. ‘You know Nazebi wants us to watch to ensure Gizela receives the correct amount of punishment.’

‘Well, the fat guy’s just stuck his cock in her arse and come on her buttocks,’ said Davu. ‘I think that’s punishment enough.’

‘True,’ said Nuru. ‘Let’s go.’

Over the centuries leading up to Yawo’s suicide, back in the days when Nuru used to shave his head and was happy, he’d usually been considerate when bedding women from every continent. Back then, he wouldn’t have dreamed of raping or belittling a woman. Following Yawo’s death and once Nazebi Malonga’s spirit had made him an active punisher, not merely in name, Nuru and his two sidekicks would always visit the women designated for punishment. His appearance and behaviour grew increasingly terrifying. Nuru’s black hair had grown long over two years and stuck out in all directions under his headdress. Aided and abetted by his crows, the cold-hearted witch doctor would rape and humiliate the woman, either at her house or his. Only then would he tell the traumatised woman not to cut or shave a single hair on her head or body and then describe what would happen to her if she disobeyed.

When feeling lazy, Nuru used his most precious possession, Omniscient, his sacred magic mirror, to watch the punishment of women who’d ignored his warning. The mirror, handed down to him by his ancestors, was his all-seeing eye on the past and present. Nuru hoped to use it to see into the future at some point but no matter how many spells he created the technique evaded him. He was irritated that Nazebi refused to give him the spell to see into the future.

Nuru’s curse ensured the appalling men who forced themselves on the women always had supercharged libidos, a sex drive they never possessed before Nuru’s intervention. He’d also concocted a scarily powerful potion to keep any man or woman who drank it aroused and multi-orgasmic for hours, sometimes days.

It was as if the bereft witch doctor wanted to punish all of womankind for not being Yawo. His grief drove him increasingly insane, too deranged to realise he should be punishing men not women because Yawo had been raped by men, not women. Maybe he had always had the urge to rape women and Yawo’s suicide gave him an excuse to release his true nature.

The two remaining crows still displayed the same lustful natures they’d shown as men. They were still aroused by attractive female humans despite not being able to have normal sex with them. When they first became crows, they were bog-standard crows, unable to talk or do anything of much use to Nuru. He grew bored with them, so returned their voices to them, plus some invaluable magical powers and tools to use when they had to punish a woman. He started to involve them in the completely immoral process. He’d grown tired early on of being lectured by the women on their human rights in the twenty-first century, so he muted them during his visits.

After receiving Nuru’s generous gifts, Bobo and Davu soon discovered being his servants gave them considerable perks, including miniature male human genitalia hidden in their feathers. Their erections were as powerful as when they were men, only to scale. Their master had also given them the magical power to improve the nipples, clitorises, and vaginal muscles of every woman who Nuru planned to meet.

Nuru had enlarged their tongues and given them the power to vibrate at speeds every vibrator would envy. The birds could pleasure clitorises and nipples with their revamped tongues. Most women would feel the crows’ semen trickle down their bare skin as the birds tweaked their victims’ genitalia. Having experienced the best orgasms due to the crows’ tongues, the women thought the birds’ dribbling semen was a small price to pay.

Over the years, the two birds devised novel ways to gain sexual release when they accompanied Nuru to every continent on his sexual liaisons with beautiful women. The two crows’ appalling behaviour and lack of morals when they were men meant they had no scruples over the sex not being consensual. Like Nuru, so long as both crows were sexually satisfied, they didn’t care how that happened or who suffered.

Nuru was busy working on a new spell in his living room, aided and abetted by Bobo and Davu as they perched on his shoulders. ‘Last Friday,’ he said, ‘I spent an hour spying on that French girl I showed you earlier. She was naked on her bed with a massive vibrator and having phone sex with some man. She has several random men she does that with so she can get sexual relief when her fiancé is unavailable. She was so dirty, I came twice.’

Bobo stopped preening his black feathers to say, ‘Not surprised you came if it was that stunning blonde we watched in the shower. Eloise Le Brun. One of the women on our punishment list, yes?’

‘That’s her,’ said Nuru. ‘She’s getting married soon to a multi-millionaire, a hotelier called Spencer Storm. She’s staying at his house in Cornwall right now. I think we should enjoy her body before their wedding.’

‘Fine by us, master,’ said Bobo.

‘We can give her the warning about not cutting her hair, then, too, which should set her punishment in motion. Eloise will receive a severe punishment for the murders committed by her ancestor, Jacques Le Brun, in the sixteenth century. The killings were abominable and went completely undetected. The elders are anxious her punishment takes place soon to help rebalance the world’s positive and negative energy. Nazebi has been on my back about it.’

‘Do you want to transport us to Cornwall today so we can fine-tune her body for you?’ said Bobo.

When Nuru nodded his head, his headdress wobbled precariously on top of his long mass of wild hair. ‘I plan to fuck her in her fiancé’s bed in Padstow on Friday night. I don’t want to upset Elke by doing it here. She still gets so jealous despite knowing it’s my job as a punisher. I fancy playing away from home this time. I don’t want to cause an unnecessary argument with Elke. My woman is gorgeous, but she can be such a jealous bitch at times.’

‘It’ll be my pleasure to serve you in the usual way when you meet Eloise,’ said Davu. ‘Nothing pleases me more than sucking up your semen from your women’s orifices.’

‘Give it a rest, arse-licker,’ muttered Bobo, referring to the fact that Nuru used women’s rectums as often as their vaginas to deposit his copious seed.

Nuru glared at the one-legged crow. ‘Why can’t you be more like Davu, Bobo? If you carry on misbehaving, I’ll permit only Davu to pleasure the French girl and remove my seed from her.’

Bobo bowed his head in deference. ‘My apologies, master. I’ll do better in future.’

Punishing the Innocent

Book 3 of Nuru and his Crows Series

Chapter 1. Nuru’s Duvet Days

In Nuru Malonga’s garden, deep in the Congo Basin, a loud squawk rang out from the Moabi tree.

‘I’ll turn that sodding crow into a feather duster if it wakes me again,’ mumbled Nuru, who’d been dozing in bed despite it being mid-afternoon.

‘It’s that bloody female crow who’s taken a fancy to me.,’ said Davu. ‘I’ll scare her off.’

From his perch on top of the wardrobe, Bobo watched Davu fly out through the window. ‘Do you feel up to getting out of bed today, Master?’ he said.

There was no reply. The one-legged crow waited for Davu to return and whispered to him, ‘This is the third day Master has stayed steaming in his pit. The room stinks of his stale farts.’

Davu stopped preening his glossy black feathers. ‘I’m as worried about him as you. Never seen him so depressed. If bloody Eloise Storm hadn’t dropped Omniscient and shattered it to smithereens, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Master hasn’t been himself since. I know Eloise didn’t mean to do it, but even so…’

‘The problem is, the backlog of women Nuru’s supposed to be punishing is getting embarrassingly large. Nazebi will give Nuru’s job of Punisher to someone else if he doesn’t stop moping around.’

Davu sighed. ‘Wish we were allowed to punish the women ourselves. I feel so horny. I miss perfecting their nipples and genitals and can’t wait to get back to giving them orgasms with my tongue. What’s the point of Nuru giving us such special tongues and skills when we can’t use them.’

‘Don’t remind me,’ whispered Bobo. ‘My balls will explode if we don’t get to suck up Master’s semen from some gorgeous woman’s orifices after he’s fucked them.’

‘Now Omniscient is mere shards of glass in a bin, we can’t even spy on women like we used to.’

‘Boo-hoo! My heart bleeds for you both,’ said the booming voice of Nazebi Malonga, Nuru’s long-dead ancestor who lived under Nuru’s house. He materialised before them and approached the bed. ‘How are you doing, Nuru? Ready to get back to work yet? I hope so because I have an urgent punishment to put in motion. The Ancients insist it must be done ASAP.’

Though wanting to hide even deeper under the covers, Nuru knew he must show Nazebi some respect. Sighing, he sat up in bed, his wild salt-and-pepper hair sticking out even more than usual. ‘How can I do my job properly without my beloved Omniscient?’

‘Don’t be such a wimp,’ said Nazebi. ‘I agree, it’s not perfect without Omniscient, but you still have your other powers. You’ve only lost your ability to view past and present events, so man up. I know you and your crows miss looking in on the women being punished worldwide, but you can’t have everything.’

‘I know, I know, I know,’ said Nuru, collapsing back on the bed and staring up at the ceiling.

‘Our Master needs a massive boost to his libido,’ said Bobo. ‘He’s even stopped wanking.’

Nuru punched his pillow and roared, ‘Silence, Bobo!’

‘He’s right, though,’ said Nazebi. ‘I’ll give you a special spell I passed on to the last Punisher for his erectile problems.’

‘Great,’ said Bobo. ‘The sooner Master gets the lead back in his pencil the better.’

‘I agree,’ said Nazebi. ‘You three need to get back out there, punishing women for the sins of their ancestors.’

‘So, who’s the urgent case, then’ said Nuru, trying to look interested.

Nazebi pulled out a notebook from the pocket of his flowing purple robes. ‘Her name’s Sasha Doyle, a fabulous redhead who lives in Manchester in the U.K. She’s recently married Rory Doyle and is stepmother to Leah, fifteen, and Jenna, twenty-one. Sasha needs punishing by you before the end of this month.’

‘Why the urgency?’ said Nuru.

‘Well, on the first of June, it’ll be five hundred years since Sasha’s ancestor, Hugo Bottomley, murdered seven villagers, including three children. The Ancients know who committed the atrocities because the spirits of the murdered victims told them, but the culprit escaped punishment by the law. He even had the nerve to die peacefully in his sleep in the bed of a girl of fifteen. Hugo was a particularly nasty piece of work, and his vile crimes can no longer go unpunished.’

Nuru sighed more deeply. He knew that if crimes go unpunished for longer than five hundred years, they can never be punished, due to the laws of the Ancients. ‘So, it’s down to me to help to level the world’s positive and negative energy again, is it?’

Nazebi nodded. ‘If you want to keep your job and all its perks. The world’s negative energy is at critical levels, as you know. We can’t lose the opportunity to avenge Hugo’s victims.’

‘Get up and brew the potion to make you horny again, Master,’ said Bobo. ‘Davu and I will be so grateful if you do.’

‘Oh, all right,’ said Nuru, throwing back the duvet to reveal his flaccid penis.

Three hours later, Nuru’s erection was so hard from him drinking the potion he’d concocted, he was forced to visit Sunda, a gorgeous young nineteen-year-old who lived in the same African village. Masiala, her uncle, allowed the mysterious witch doctor to have sex with Sunda for special favours. The last favour Nuru had granted Masiala was to allow him to watch Nuru and his crows through a hole in the bedroom ceiling as they punished Eloise Storm on Nuru’s bed.

Nuru had even allowed Masiala to have sex with the terrified blonde ex-model before she married wealthy Spencer Storm. Manipulative and perverted Masiala was keen for Nuru to start having regular sex with Sunda so Nuru would let Masiala rape other women as punishment for their ancestors’ unpunished crimes. The unscrupulous relative hoped to be allowed to have sex with Eloise again, unaware Nuru never wanted to see her face again after she’d broken Omniscient, his irreplaceable all-seeing mirror.

Two days after Nuru spent the night with Sunda, Nuru clapped his hands to summon his crows and announced, ‘Right, you two reprobates. It’s time we met this Sasha Doyle woman to begin her punishment. I’ll transport her here as punishments are easier in my bedroom.’

Bobo squawked with delight. ‘Fantastic! My balls are ready to burst, Master.’

‘They’d make such a tiny explosion, nobody would notice,’ said Davu, chuckling.

The crows’ genitalia were nothing like a normal crow’s genitalia. Knowing how much they valued their genitals, when he transformed them from men into crows, he ensured they had miniaturised human penises and testicles. They couldn’t copulate with humans or normal crows, not that they wanted to have sex with a crow except when Nuru turned a woman called Cara into one. Though she hadn’t been a crow for long, Bobo and Davu had made the most of Cara’s vagina while she looked like them.

Nuru’s crows’ main sexual release happened when he punished a woman at the behest of Nazebi Malonga, who did the bidding of the Ancients who controlled all the Punishers around the world. Anyone could see from the appalling events and behaviours on earth in the twenty-first century that negative energy was taking an even stronger hold over people than usual. A huge amount of energy needed to be generated by punishments to turn the massive waves of negative energy wafting across the earth into a more positive vibration. The Ancients knew the future of the world depended on it, even if most of the population were oblivious to the problem.

If the descendants of those who committed unpunished atrocities were punished in place of them, it destroyed some of the negative energy sloshing around. Dressed in his loincloth and tribal headdress, Nuru cast the spell to transport Sasha Doyle from Manchester to the Congo so he could begin punishing her. Unable to see her in advance because Omniscient was in the bin, he wondered if he’d fancy having sex with her.

If she’s a minger, I can always leave Sasha’s sexual degradation to Masiala, thought Nuru. He’d fuck anything.

Blessed with a ten-inch penis and a tireless libido, Sunda’s uncle never turned down the chance of sexually terrorising a woman. When Omniscient had been in one piece, Nuru often masturbated while snooping on Masiala’s sexual escapades with village women and tourists.

When he’d been given the role of Punisher, Nuru asked Nazebi for an upgrade of his eight-inch penis to ten-inches like Masiala’s.

As Nazebi hovered over his head, Nuru had said, ‘I’d be able to instil more fear into the women while punishing them.’

‘You know very well that genital enhancements only take place after at least a century of punishing.’

Nuru had sulked. ‘Please, take it up with the Ancients. I could do the job so much better with a larger phallus.’

‘You’ll just have to swallow your penis envy. Masiala will be long dead by the time you’re rewarded with a penis like his.’

Nazebi had argued against the phallic upgrade for a couple of years. After much pleading and emotional blackmail by Nuru, the spirit had gained permission from the Ancients and shown the overjoyed witch doctor how to cast the spell for the enlargement. They’d given their approval the week Nuru was given the job of punishing Sasha. They knew he’d been feeling low since Omniscient had broken and thought a penile enlargement might put the pep back in his step.

‘The spell will also enlarge your testicles, to make you more potent and look more aesthetically pleasing. Wank yourself until you’re hard. Your dick must be at its maximum length for the spell to work.’

Nuru removed his loincloth and began rubbing his shaft. ‘Goodbye, old friend. We’ve had centuries of fun, but your time has come… If I rub it much more, I might come, so you’d better cast the spell soon. I’ve put all the ingredients in the pot on the fire… Say the words, Nazebi.’

A flash of bright pink light filled the room. Nuru grimaced as a sharp pain enveloped his groin. Though desperate to see what was happening below his waist, he was still blinded after stupidly forgetting to shut his eyes. As the blindness and pain wore off, he rushed to look at his reflection in his full-length mirror.

‘Satisfied?’ said Nazebi.

Beaming from ear to ear, Nuru admired his upgraded phallus. ‘I will be soon. I need to test-drive my new cock and balls… It’ll be night-time in Manchester. Think I’ll transport Sasha here and give her a little surprise.’

Bobo squawked with laughter as Nuru turned from side to side so his penis slapped loudly against his thighs. ‘More like a massive surprise, Master. If you don’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure, you’ll have to wear a longer loincloth or put on some underpants.’

Putting on his loincloth, Nuru looked in the mirror. Sure enough, the tip of his penis was visible. Looking through his wardrobe, he found a brightly coloured ceremonial loincloth just the right length to cover his new toy.

‘Sasha Doyle won’t know what’s hit her,’ said Davu. ‘I can’t wait to meet her… Any… Second… Now.’

In Manchester, Rory Doyle turned over in his sleep and woke up his wife. Sighing, Sasha glanced at the alarm clock. It was three a.m.  She turned over, irritation building as she listened to her husband snore. Despite loving him, she struggled to forgive him for keeping her awake. Poor fing can’t ‘elp ‘avin’ dodgy sinuses, she thought.

When Nuru cast the final handful of ingredients of his spell into the fire, the room filled with a blinding blue light. A large-breasted woman with long auburn hair materialised on his bed. Wearing a short black diaphanous negligée, and with her knees akimbo, Sasha’s arms were outstretched as if about to hug her African abductor.

‘Don’t struggle, Sasha,’ he said. ‘It’s pointless. I’ve stolen your voice while you’re here. As you can see, you can only move your mouth, tongue, eyes, and hips. Rock your hips for me.’ He clicked his fingers and she found herself rocking her hips up and down. As she rocked, he said, ‘Perfect. I’m now going to insert two fingers deep into your vagina. Keep rocking.’

Despite her terrified expression, Sasha’s overtly sexual aura made Nuru’s rejuvenated penis twitch. Lifting the hem of her nightie, he pushed two fingers into her. He soon grew rock hard as her grip around his fingers tightened. He licked the digits clean and removed his loincloth and headdress, causing her even more alarm when she saw the rigidity and alarming size of his penis.

‘We’ll soon pull off her nightie for you, Master,’ said Davu.

Nuru shook his head. ‘I’ll do it,’ he whispered, tugging it over her head and laying it on a chair.

Unable to move, scream, or speak, Sasha watched Bobo hop on his one leg up the bed until he was level with her breasts. It shocked her how good it felt when he swirled her nipples with his tongue. She stared in disbelief as he made tiny cuts in each nipple then disgorged a vivid green substance over them. Sasha’s eyes widened even more as her nipples tingled and itched like crazy as they enlarged and hardened, jutting out more than they’d ever done before. The slightest touch of her nipples made her clitoris tingle like it never had before, so when Nuru began agitating it, she came almost immediately.

Nuru grinned. ‘Good. Mrs Doyle is highly responsive… Davu, fly to Masiala’s house and fetch him. I must ramp up the level of punishment as she’s been enjoying it too much so far. Sasha’s ancestor raped and killed children, so she can’t be given a mediocre punishment.’

‘Certainly, Master,’ said Davu.

The crow was livid. He didn’t want to miss out on even a second of the woman’s special punishment. The last few punishments had been rather vanilla affairs because the women’s ancestors’ crimes hadn’t been too extreme.

‘Off you go, then, Davu,’ said Bobo, who’d been vibrating Sasha’s clitoris with his tongue until her juices flowed.

Feeling his penis harden as he watched Sasha come on Bobo’s tongue, Davu said, ‘Why should Bobo get all the fun, Master?’

Nuru glared at him. ‘Stop whingeing. It’ll only take you a few minutes. The sooner you leave, the sooner you’ll be able to return and enjoy Mrs Doyle’s impressive body. Go!’

Davu knew it was dangerous to anger Nuru. After all, Bobo was missing a leg after riling the short-tempered witch doctor. Sighing, Davu flew out the window and barrelled through the air towards Masiala’s rundown shack. As he approached it, he saw Sunda walking along the street. She looked embarrassed when she spotted him, recalling how she had squirted over his head two evenings earlier while he vibrated her clitoris with his tongue.

Landing on her shoulder, Davu whispered in her ear, ‘Is your uncle home, sexy?’

Sunda nodded, tears welling up in her large brown eyes.

‘What’s up? Has he been fiddling with you again?’

When she nodded again, Davu sighed. He’d always been a little in love with Sunda. ‘You should go to the police about him, you know. He’s your bloody uncle.’

‘Uncle Masiala promises he’ll never go all the way with me. He just likes to masturbate me and lick my tits while he wanks.’

‘Don’t we all? Tell you what, I’m super horny right now, and I know you always are… Fancy a quickie?’

Her face lit up. ‘Of course.’

Sunda walked up a dark alley off the main road until she reached a red plastic milk crate. Davu had masturbated her on it once before. Pulling up her skirt, she sat on the crate and pulled the crotch of her thong to one side. She closed her eyes as the deliciously intense sensation of the crow’s long tongue vibrating on her clitoris enveloped her. She soon shuddered and covered Davu in her ejaculate as he sprinkled her inner thigh with his semen.

Standing, she wiped up the tiny trickle of semen with her skirt and straightened her thong. ‘My nipples could do with a good hardening, too,’ she said, pulling down her top to expose her dark-brown breasts.

‘I should be somewhere else right now, but you know I can never resist your tits.’

As Davu disgorged his special green slime over the second nipple, they heard Nuru’s voice in their heads. ‘Hurry up, Davu, you randy bastard! I’ll deal with you later, Sunda, you little slut. How many times must I tell you not to seduce my crows?’

The terrified girl muttered, ‘Sorry, Nuru… You’d better go, Davu.’

‘Always a pleasure,’ said Davu, as he flew off to resume his task. ‘Until we meet again.’

‘Probably it’ll be when Nuru is punishing me.’

‘You know you like it. Toodle-oo.’

Davu was relieved it was only a short flight to Masiala’s wooden shack. Spotting an open window, he flew into the living room. Masiala lay on the sofa with his jeans around his ankles as he masturbated. He was watching the live sex show of a Polish webcam girl on his laptop.

So the girl wouldn’t be alarmed by a talking crow, Davu whispered in Masiala’s ear, ‘Turn that off. I have a far better offer for you.’

‘But I’ve just paid this bitch for a five-minute wank,’ said Masiala, rubbing his shaft like a demon possessed, his ebony skin slick with sweat. He groaned when the laptop’s screen suddenly went black.

Davu chuckled. ‘Oh, dear. I think you pissed her off with your bitch remark.’

‘Bugger it… She can squirt, too. What a waste of money.’

 ‘Just like your niece squirts, and I know you know she does, you dirty old pervert. Sunda’s told me all about what you do to her.’

‘But you do it to her, too.’

‘But I’m not her uncle, am I?’

‘No, but you’re a crow. Isn’t that just as weird and unnatural?’

‘Good point, but I was a man once and I’m not related to her. Anyhow, never mind all that. There’s a wilder time awaiting you. Nuru’s asked me to invite you to help him punish a beautiful white British woman. She’s flat on her back on his bed with her knees by her ears right now. I know redheads with creamy skin are your favourite. Fancy it?’

‘What do you think? Let’s go,’ said Masiala, putting his penis away and jogging out of his front door. ‘Will I have to watch through the hole in his ceiling or will Nuru allow me in the room?’

‘Don’t know for sure, but from what he said, I reckon he’ll allow you in the room, so it’ll be a more powerful punishment. Nuru’s been fucking your niece more regularly recently, so he’ll want to reward you.’

‘Yes. He owes me,’ said Masiala, approaching Nuru’s front door with Davu perched on his shoulder.

‘Come in, Masiala,’ said Nuru, who’d been sucking Sasha’s enhanced nipples when Masiala knocked on the bedroom door. ‘Bobo’s just sucked my spunk out of her, so she’s all yours once Davu’s checked Bobo’s work.’

‘Thought you’d never ask,’ said Davu, hopping between Sasha’s spread thighs and pushing his sleek head into her vagina to check for stray sperm.

No sound came out when Sasha opened her mouth to scream as she watched the second African stranger strip naked. Like Nuru’s phallus, Masiala’s penis struck terror in her. She glared at him as he sat on the bed next to her, masturbating the monster as he sucked her nipples.

When he pulled his head back into the light, Davu said, ‘I tightened her pussy muscles for you while I was in there.’

‘I can tell,’ said Masiala, fingering Sasha’s vagina as she let out another silent scream. ‘Her pussy’s squeezing my fingers so tightly… Can I fuck her?’

‘Go ahead,’ said Nuru. ‘I’m ready for another go at her.’

Once both men were satisfied, the crows cleaned the semen from Sacha’s vagina and rectum. As they worked on her, Masiala was sent home, and Nuru gave their victim the speech he gave all women on his punishment list.

‘Until I say you’re no longer under my spell, you must assume you are. All I demand is this. Never cut a single hair on your body. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, only natural shedding of hairs is allowed. Tell Sasha what’ll happen to her if she disobeys, Davu. I know you get a kick out of laying down the law.’

‘My pleasure, Master. Sasha, if you disobey and cut a single hair on your body, you’ll become the plaything of every sexual predator who crosses your path. Even men who’d normally keep their sexual urges a secret will vent their lust on you. They will act out their sexual imaginings and you won’t be able to stop th—’

‘I’ll take it from here, Davu.’ said Bobo, sulking that Nuru had asked Davu to explain the finer details of the punishment. ‘So, Sasha, if you don’t relish being raped, you must avoid hairdressers, razors, waxing, eyebrow tweezers, and whatever other method a woman uses to remove hair in 2023. Natural hair shedding is permitted.’

Nuru dressed the paralysed redhead in her short nightie and threw a handful of magical herbs onto the open fire. Another flash of blue light stole Sasha’s sight and she found herself back in her own bed again. She lay in the same position as before Nuru snatched her, Rory still snoring by her side. Looking at the clock, she thought, It can’t still be 3 a.m., can it? I was at Nuru’s ‘ouse for bleedin’ ages. Her body trembled as she relived each sickening minute of the abduction, hoping it had been a bad dream but knowing it had been real. She had the enhanced nipples and genitalia to prove it.

Chapter 2. Blast from The Past

The alarm clock woke Sasha from a fitful sleep. It was a miracle she’d slept at all considering what she’d endured during the night. That the weather was glorious with a cloudless sky seemed incongruous to her when she was in such a black, troubled mood. She clenched her fists, seething with anger after the appalling abuse she’d suffered at the hands of Nuru and his crew.

Sasha was relieved Rory had left for work by the time she’d emerged from the shower because she feared to confide in him about her ordeal. His one reservation about marrying her had been her admission that her previous partner had broken off their engagement for imagining he’d cheated on her when he’d been faithful. Rory sometimes made fun of her overactive imagination. Though good-humoured about her fanciful remarks, he no longer found them cute.

Rory would ‘ave me sectioned if I told ‘im about time stoppin’ and me bein’ transported to Africa to be raped by two bleedin’ Africans and two talkin’ crows wiv vibrating tongues, she thought, patting herself dry.

Absentmindedly, she reached for her tweezers and shaped her eyebrows, something she always did after a shower. Heeding Nuru’s warning never to cut a single hair, she didn’t shave under her arms. Rubbing moisturiser into her skin, she gasped, suddenly recalling tweezering her eyebrows. She’d only yanked out two or three fine hairs, but Nuru had forbidden her to remove a single hair.

Maybe the fuckah didn’t see me use me tweezers, she thought, feeling sick with fear.

‘No, I didn’t see it,’ said Nuru from inside her head, making her jump. ‘But my friend, Indigo, saw you do it and told me. Naughty, naughty. I did warn you.’

As Nuru’s Omniscient mirror was broken, another Punisher had been tasked to keep an eye on Sasha. The female Punisher was a statuesque blonde called Indigo Butters. In her flowing, psychedelic robes, she had the aura of a hippie from the seventies. She sold crystals and incense to tourists from her small shop in Cornwall in the south-west of England. Indigo looked thirty-five, but she, like Nuru, was nearly five centuries old. Though she looked like a peace-loving flower child, Nuru had witnessed what a vicious Punisher Indigo could be.

They first had sex in the early eighteen hundreds after a messy drinking session at the six-hundredth birthday party of one of the Ancients. Despite her waspish, dominant manner, Indigo was exceptionally beautiful, so Nuru enjoyed having sex with her every few decades. He wished it would happen more frequently, but she was too busy having sex with all and sundry. From the constant flow of men in and out of her flat above her shop, her next-door neighbours suspected Indigo was a prostitute. Most men visited her house voluntarily to have consensual sex. The men being punished would rather have been anywhere else.

Indigo’s punishments of men usually took place with the help of a group of four women aged between sixty and eighty-five who lived nearby. Two of Indigo’s familiars enjoyed their roles in the punishments as much as Nuru’s crows did. One of her familiars was a permanently grinning chimpanzee called Bernice. Indigo had trained her to masturbate the men on her punishment list and use dildos, vibrators, and various household objects on them.

Indigo’s other familiar was a German Shepherd called Tonga who she trained to lick a man to climax and sodomise them with its tongue as they quaked on all fours. Tonga’s tongue could become as hard as a man’s erection whenever required, to the horror of the men it penetrated. Indigo lent Tonga to Nuru whenever he needed to punish a woman he disliked. He decided to stop using the dog when Maylin Yang, a Chinese woman in her thirties, threw herself under a train after her punishment, unable to forget the sensation of being raped by a dog’s tongue.

At first, Indigo objected when the Ancients ordered her to monitor Sasha’s grooming sessions. She piped down when they told her how urgent Sasha’s punishment was. They said the surveillance wouldn’t last long as no woman had lasted more than a week before cutting or removing some hairs, thereby attracting every deviant for miles around.

Nuru envied Indigo because her Omniscient mirror was still intact. His mirror was in bits, but he kept his envy hidden to remain in her good books. He needed to keep her sweet, so Indigo would continue to let him watch her and her helpers as they punished men for the sins of their ancestors.

He’d longed to masturbate the more handsome men to a messy climax while they’d lain tied to Indigo’s bed. She never thought to offer him the opportunity to do so as she was convinced Nuru was there solely to enjoy her naked body as she pulverised the men’s rectums with her strap-on.

Indigo would be mortified to know the real reason I’m here. She probably believes my hard-on is caused by watching her.

Nuru loved watching spurts of semen shoot from some hunk’s penis as Indigo, some old crone, or the chimpanzee masturbated him. Truth be told, as much as Nuru loved watching naked Indigo, he would also have loved to slide his penis between the buttocks of some of the sexier men. Indigo would think less of me if I ever fucked one of her men. Maybe I could do it on the quiet. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Indigo preferred her sexual partners to be as close to heterosexual as possible. Nuru pretended to be about ninety-five per cent heterosexual when seventy per cent was closer to the truth. Luckily, Indigo couldn’t read his mind as he watched her lubricating some young stud’s anus, for instance, though she looked at Nuru suspiciously whenever he grew hard and his loincloth lifted, which always happened. He often had to surreptitiously wipe away his precum when Indigo’s invited group of older women took turns masturbating their victim to a climax.

Nuru almost gave the game away when he secretly came in a tissue while Farkas Nagy, a dark-haired Hungarian male model underwent his punishment. Poor Farkas had been stripped naked by the oldest woman in the group and tied to Indigo’s bed. The man was in tears by the time they’d allowed him to climax. He’d been mercilessly edged by the two familiars, the four older women, and Indigo, when they’d taken Fargas to the edge of an orgasm, then paused to deny him that release. They could repeat the process for hours. Nuru had wished he could have edged Fargas, too.

Was that Nuru’s voice I ‘eard in me ‘ead? Sasha asked herself. Nah… Must have been me imagination again, or maybe a lack of sleep playin’ tricks on me.

Even as she thought it, she heard Nuru’s booming voice say, ‘You’re whistling in the dark, Sasha. I see I must show you I’m no figment of your imagination.’

Sasha looked forward to wearing the sexy peephole corset she’d ordered for Rory’s delectation that evening. It was due to arrive that day. Nothing made her happier than arousing her sexy husband. His flourishing property business provided her with the money to buy the family the best of everything.

Her husband’s nipple fetish meant all her bras and corsets were peephole to showcase her spectacular nipples. Sasha suspected he finally decided to propose after realising he needed permanent access to her large nipples. They were his comforters. Nothing soothed him more than taking her upstairs away from Jenna and Leah so he could suck and play with his new wife’s nipples after a stressful day selling houses.

Sasha wondered what Rory’s reaction would be when she showed him her crow-enhanced nipples and clitoris. No idea ‘ow I’ll explain to ‘im why they’re so much bigger and sexier than before, she thought. I’ll never tell ‘im the real reason. ‘E’d ‘ave me certified as insane. A black feather twirled from the ceiling, landing at her feet. ‘Ow the ‘ell did that get in ‘ere?

A loud knocking on the front door cut short her attempts to work out how the feather had appeared. Leah was at school and Rory and Jenna were at work, so answering the door was down to her. Sasha could have ignored it, but she was keen to see the lingerie she’d ordered online, so she scuttled downstairs, clutching her bathrobe around her.

When Sasha struggled to take the security chain off so she could open the front door, her bathrobe gaped open. A blast of cold air crinkled her nipples to remind her she was naked beneath her robe. Ensuring her body was covered, she unlocked the door and opened it, smiling in preparation for the delivery man.

Her smile soon disappeared when she recognised the delivery driver. Neville Braithwaite, a short, overweight man with thinning grey hair had taught her to drive almost twenty years previously. He was in his late fifties but looked older. He’d always made her flesh crawl back then and time hadn’t improved his looks and manner. He leered at her just as he had when she was seventeen.

‘Fancy seeing you again after all this time, Sasha,’ said Neville, baring his yellowish teeth in what passed for a smile.

All she could say was, ‘Yeah. It’s been ages.’

‘Looks like you’ve fared better than me, lass,’ he said. ‘I lost my driving school business, you know.’

‘Oh, that’s a shame,’ said Sasha, not because she meant it but because he looked like he expected her to say it.

‘Nice place you have here. Married, are you?’ He looked at the name on the parcel. ‘I guess you must be. The label says Sasha Doyle and you used to be Sasha Bottomley. Bottomley. Your surname was so apt because your bum looked peachy in those tight skirts you used to wear. I loved watching you walk away from my car after your lesson. Always been a bum man, me. Your tits had my eyes on stalks, too, mind.’

Sasha tried to step backwards. Her eyes widened with disbelief as her feet began walking of their own volition towards the repugnant little man. ‘Ow bloody dare ‘e? she thought. What gives ‘im the right to speak to me like that?

‘I’ve given him the right,’ said Nuru, from inside her head. ‘At some point in the near future, you’ll turn around, pull down your panties, bend over, and moon Neville, Sasha.’

Are yer bleedin’ nuts, Nuru? she thought. The neighbours might see me. There’s no way I’m doing that.

‘Look around,’ said the witch doctor. ‘I’ve stopped time again. You, me, Neville, and my two crows are the only things moving.’

Sasha looked around and spotted the two crows perched in her magnolia tree. True enough, all the other birds were motionless, some mid-flight. The clouds had stopped scudding across the sky. The only sound was Neville’s heavy breathing as he stepped in front of her. He seemed so overcome with lust, he hadn’t noticed time had stopped. It was a quiet residential area and high hedges surrounded the front garden, so it wasn’t immediately obvious that something earth-shattering had happened.

Sasha’s bottom lip trembled. Get ‘im away from me, Nuru. I’ve always loathed the creep. ‘E put ‘is ‘and on me knee when I passed me drivin’ test. Said ‘e wanted to congratulate me, but I ‘ad to fight ‘im off when ‘e tried to finger me.

She saw Nuru shrug and heard him say, ‘Neville can’t hear or see me, Bobo and Davu yet, but he will do when the right moment comes. I selected Neville to be here to take part in your first punishment as I know he’s molested several girls while teaching them to drive. You’re going to show him every part of you he longs to see, so get used to the idea.’

Sasha watched the two crows fly down and land on a garden bench near her. But Neville will rape me if I show me bits to—

‘It won’t be rape because you’ll offer yourself to him willingly to do with as he wishes.’

‘Like ‘ell I wi—’

Nuru sighed and clicked his fingers. ‘I’m sick of your whingeing. I’ve put you on mute for a while. You’ll be silent except for sex noises and when I use your voice to talk to Neville.’

Sasha wanted to adjust her gaping robe to stop the delivery man from gawping down her cleavage, but her hands wouldn’t move.

Neville licked his ugly lips, imagining what the gorgeous redhead looked like under her robe. Recalling teaching Sasha to drive made him scowl. ‘Your bloody parents reported me back then. When they involved the police, I lost my business. Did you know that?’ When she shook her head, he said, ‘I was bloody lucky to get this delivery job. As compensation for the misery and loss of income your parents caused me, I reckon it’s only fair you let me see your tits.’

To Sasha’s horror, she heard herself say, ‘Okay. That sounds fair. Come indoors an’ ‘ave a proper look.’

She hurried him upstairs and locked the bedroom door behind them.

‘Lovely home you have here,’ said Neville, as they stood facing each other.

‘Fanks, but quit the small talk. I’m ‘ere to make amends for yer losin’ yer job.’ Her hands drifted to the upper part of her robe and pulled back the material. To her horror, her hands began jiggling her large, bare breasts in Neville’s overjoyed face. His ears turned red as he watched her lick her right nipple, then the left. ‘Play wiv me tits if yer like.’

‘Oh. I like very, very much indeed,’ he said, rolling her slippery nipples between his sweaty fingers.

Though cringing and terrified inside, Sasha could only show her delight as the deliveryman grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. She heard herself coo and simper encouragingly as he licked and sucked her nipples until they could stick out no further.

‘Your fun-bags are pure filth, Sasha,’ said Neville, stretching and pinching her nipples to his heart’s content. ‘Never seen nipples like ‘em.’

‘That’s thanks to all the work Davu and I did on them,’ said Bobo from the top of her wardrobe.

Nuru made her say, ‘Tickle the tip of me nipples wiv this feather… Mmm… It’s makin’ me clit tingle.’

Neville leered at her. ‘On the subject of your clit, and I know I’m pushing my luck, but as you’re in such a generous mood, and as I’ve not seen a pussy for over a decade, er…’

In disbelief, Sasha heard herself say, ‘Spit it out, Neville. Don’t be shy. I’m an open-minded woman.’

‘Apparently so… Okay… um… May I check if your bum is as lush as it was in the old days? And while you’re in the mood, I fancy seeing your pussy.’

Sasha wanted to scream in his face, but, as though in a nightmare, she turned away from him and bent over. Her hands pulled up the back of her bathrobe, exposing her bare buttocks to a delighted Neville. Her breasts tumbled through the front of her robe and dangled tantalisingly.

Sasha found herself wrenching her buttocks apart and saying, ‘Can yer see me pussy, too?’

Neville gulped. ‘Certainly can.’

‘Wet enough for yer, is it?’

‘Oh, God… Both holes look… look… amazing. May I lick? Can’t believe how liberated and dirty minded you’ve become.’

Neither can I, thought Sasha. She wanted to die when her mouth said, ‘Get stuck in, Nev. Make me come on yer tongue and fingers, then stick yer dick wherever you want. I’m up for anyfink yer fancy.’

Neville grinned inanely, struggling to comprehend why such a gorgeous woman wanted him to have sex with her. ‘Well, you’ve certainly changed your tune since I taught you three-point turns.’

Bobo hopped closer for a better view. ‘Davu, I bet you two mugs of birdseed that Neville licks her butthole first.’

Davu shook his head. ‘I bet he goes for her snatch first… Oh. Looks like we’ve both won the bet; tongue in the butt and fingers in the pussy.’

Bobo chuckled. ‘He’s really going for it… Listen to her pussy glugging.’

Sasha glared at the crows. Nuru had stolen her voice again, so she couldn’t even swear or object to their running commentary, let alone Neville’s attentions.

Inside Sasha’s head, Nuru said, ‘Lie face up on your bed… Take the suction clit vibrator out of your bedside drawer… Hand it to Neville… Pull your knees back.’

Bobo hopped closer as Sasha pulled back her clitoral hood to reveal the swollen nub. ‘Irresistible.’

Invisible to Neville, Bobo poked out his long, weird tongue and began vibrating her clitoris. To Neville’s puzzlement, Sasha began panting and hip thrusting, culminating in a squirt of ejaculate on her thighs and the sheet as she climaxed.

‘Amazing,’ said Neville, before licking it from her thigh. ‘Never seen a woman squirt without anyone touching her before. What’s this contraption for, sexy?’

‘’Aven’t yer seen a clit suction vibrator before, mate?’ said Nuru, through Sasha. ‘Switch it on and ‘old it on me clit and yer’ll find out… Oh, yeah… Keep pressing it down… Oh, God! Feels fuckin’ amazin’… Gonna come…’

Sasha mewled as her buttocks clenched. Throwing her head back, she groaned. Her orgasm was intense, leaving her lightheaded and quivering. Breasts heaving, she watched Neville strip off his trousers and stripy boxer shorts.

Davu whispered in her ear, ‘I’d make the most of the foreplay, Sasha. Neville’s dick doesn’t look capable of satisfying you… He’s going for the full fuck… In it goes – all four inches of it. Try not to die of boredom, sweetheart.’

Bobo hopped level with her other ear. ‘Don’t worry about the git not wearing a condom, Sasha. Bobo and I will clean his jizz out of you afterwards.’

Neville lasted less than a minute. ‘Sorry about that pitiful performance, Sasha. You turn me on too much.’ He brought her to orgasm on his fingers a couple of times, then said, ‘That’s odd. My cock’s growing hard again. So soon? What’s going on?’

To Sasha’s horror, she heard herself say, ‘Don’t question it. Fuck me arse wiv it, yer dirty bugger.’

She struggled to resist what her body threatened to do, but it was no longer under her control. The redhead found herself on all fours on the bed, head buried in the pillow. Waggling her buttocks high in the air as her nipples scraped across the sheet, she looked over her shoulder and saw Neville videoing her on his phone.

To be filmed in such a lewd position by such a creep was the last thing she wanted, but Sasha bit her lip provocatively and purred in a babyish voice, ‘I’ve been a naughty, naughty girl. Spank me hard, Teacher.’ Nuru…What’s all this bilge ye’re makin’ me say? thought Sasha, cringing as Neville took a close-up of his index finger thrusting back and forth in her rectum.

‘Okay, darling,’ said Neville, withdrawing his finger. He began spanking her buttocks until they stung. ‘Who’d have thought I’d be spanking your delectable arse, you bad girl.’

‘Ow am I goin’ to hide the wanker’s ‘andprints from Rory tonight? Her thoughts were interrupted by her voice saying, ‘An’ now ye can spunk in it, too. Lube me first, though.’

Handing him a tube of lube from her drawer, she felt tears well up as he worked the slime into her rectum with his fingers. They were tears of pain, embarrassment, anger, fear, hatred, and scores more emotions she couldn’t identify. Sasha held her breath as he pushed his puny penis into her rectum. I’m losin’ my bleedin’ mind, she thought, listening to the thwack of the front of his thighs against the back of her thighs.

‘At least his cock’s not big enough to hurt you, Sasha,’ said Davu.

After fifteen minutes of Neville’s frantic hip thrusts, Bobo said, ‘On the downside, he looks like he’s in for the long haul. We’ll vibrate your nipples with our tongues to cheer you up.’

Wish Neville would fuck off so I can enjoy the crows vibratin’ me tits, she thought. Makes me come like a train. Wish they could vibrate me clit, too.

Taking a short rest while ploughing her rectum, Neville leaned over Sasha’s back and whispered in her ear, ‘You’re coming like a train, sexy lady. You must love receiving anal as much as I love giving it.’ With a loud groan, he emptied his testicles into her and collapsed on her back to recover.

If only you knew ‘ow much I ‘ate anal. Almost as much as I ‘ate you, Neville bleedin’ Braithwaite, she thought. Sasha felt warm semen trickle between her buttocks and her labia, then soak into the sheet. ‘Ope the prick fucks off soon so I can put a wash on before Rory gets ‘ome.

Neville rolled off her back, grabbed his phone, and videoed his semen oozing from her anus. She wanted to vomit when he showed her the videos. ‘Turn over, please, so I can play with your tits… Ah, that’s lovely… Cracking pair of knockers you’ve got, pet.’ He pulled open her bedside drawer and found her electric wand massager and videoed himself using it on her nipples and clitoris. ‘I’d love to stay here all day, but I must be off, love. I’d hate to lose this job, too, because of you. We must hook up again soon for more fun.’

Fun? Yer call this fun? she thought, wanting to sob as he signed his name on her left breast with a black biro he found on the bedside table. Nuru wouldn’t even let her knock his hand away when he wrote, ‘Property of Neville Braithwaite. 8.6.2023’ on her left buttock with two arrows, one pointing at her anus, the other at her vagina.

‘You’re my property, now, Sasha Doyle,’ he said, sounding like a serial killer as he videoed his handiwork.

‘Love yer creativity, Nev,’ said Sasha, as he videoed himself inserting the biro into her rectum, ‘but don’t forget that I’m married. This is a one-off event. I only fucked yer ‘cause Rory’s away on business. ‘E’s comin’ ‘ome this afternoon.’

Neville pulled on his clothes. ‘You’ve repaid me handsomely for when your parents made me lose my business. Never had such a filthy fuck before. Still got tons of deliveries to do, sadly.’

As her rebellious middle finger lazily circled her clitoris Nuru said in Sasha’s voice, ‘Ye’ve worn me out good an’ proper, Tiger.’

‘Looking at you playing with yourself makes me want to fuck you again, but I must go.’

Sasha wanted to scream when Nuru delayed the man’s departure by making her lie back on the pillows, spread her knees, rub her clitoris, and say, ‘Whip yer cock out again an’ spunk over me pussy while I wank meself off.’

‘Dirty mare,’ said Neville, pulling his trousers and boxers down to his ankles. ‘You’ll have to be extra filthy to make me come, though. I’ve come a lot already.’

‘No problem.’

She dreaded what Nuru would make her do because his sexual imagination was so advanced. Rory had never seen her do what she did for the grateful delivery driver, culminating in her squatting over her plastic waste bin and urinating over Neville’s digits as he fingered her. The soundtrack for the videos consisted of them talking dirty to each other, the squelch of her vagina, and the drumming of her urine hitting the bin. Her internal screams were so loud, she was surprised he couldn’t hear them. Sasha’s vulva was soon daubed with globules of Neville’s semen, and he had a few dozen more videos for his porn collection.

‘I scored a hole in one,’ he said, pointing at a large blob of his semen on the edge of her vaginal entrance.

They watched it slide slowly inside her and disappear into the darkness.

Chapter 3. Kalim’s Conversion

Sasha was still naked when Nuru made her accompany Neville downstairs to let him out. She’d have preferred to give him the middle finger, but Nuru made her smile and wave like a dutiful Stepford wife. She and Nuru watched Neville drive away, then she closed the front door, and they walked into the living room.

‘Alexa, play Beck’s Morning Phase album,’ said Sasha, collapsing onto the sofa. She began sobbing as if her heart would break.

‘I’ve returned your body and voice to you, Sasha,’ said Nuru. ‘We’ll leave you once the crows have cleared Neville’s jizz out of you. I’ll rub all that biro off you, too.’ He fetched a damp sponge from the kitchen. ‘Neville wrote on you in some extremely awkward places, didn’t he? Bend over and part your legs… I’ll get rid of the scribblings on your boobs, too… It’s a sod to get off, but nearly done… All done. Your skin’s red but it’ll soon fade.’

‘I’m shattered,’ said Sasha. ‘Please… Go. Need a kip.’

‘Don’t spoil my crows’ fun,’ he said. ‘Surely, you don’t want Neville’s mess slopping around inside you for Rory to taste, do you?’

‘Good point,’ said Sasha, scrabbling onto all fours on the sofa and parting her buttocks.

‘As a treat for behaving during your punishment, Davu will vibrate your clit with his tongue. Don’t be coy and pretend you don’t want him to because all women love a good seeing to by one my crow’s tongues. Want to come on his tongue?’

Sasha nodded. She was so eager to feel the powerful sensation, she forgot to close the curtains because she was naked. She didn’t notice the clock’s second hand was moving again. It had also slipped her mind that it was Friday, the day her windows were cleaned.

There was a dull thud as a wet shammy cloth hit the patio doors at the end of the room. Sasha didn’t hear it or the squeaks of the cloth on the glass as the music drowned it all out. Kalim Hussain stopped washing the windows to spy on the beautiful redhead. Standing at the patio doors, he mistakenly thought she was pulling her labia wide especially for him. In reality, Sasha was doing it so Davu could stimulate her clitoris, and was too busy mewling, moaning, and bucking for her to even notice that her window cleaner stared open-mouthed at her writhing naked flesh.

This is going to plan, thought Nuru, as the man released the drawstring of his black tracksuit bottoms and fished out an erection that would have put Neville to shame. Kalim couldn’t see Nuru and his crows as they were only visible to Sasha.

The bearded, skinny twenty-four-year-old took his phone from his grimy jeans and videoed Sasha chasing an orgasm. ‘Best day of my life. No contest,’ he muttered, running his hand through his exaggerated quiff of black hair. Hiding out of her line of sight, the enterprising Asian filmed a string of explicit videos while rubbing his rigid shaft with his free hand.

Kalim could scarcely breathe with excitement. He’d often seen Sasha while he’d been cleaning her windows, though she’d always been fully dressed then. Just as he did with several of his other female customers, he’d sometimes wondered what she’d look like naked. Now he knew. Mrs Doyle looked far sexier than he’d imagined. He’d never seen larger nipples or clitoris than those she was showing him.

When she arched her back and gushed on the floor, Kalim’s eyes nearly popped out. Nearly came in my boxers, he thought. What’s she doing now?

His heart pounded as the luscious redhead got on all fours and pulled her buttocks apart for the crows to syphon out Neville’s copious semen. When Bobo stuck his head inside her rectum, Kalim couldn’t see the bird, so was puzzled and fascinated to see the woman’s anus enlarge and gape as the crow busied himself inside her. As far as he was concerned, her lewd performance was for his eyes only.

Mrs Doyle has some awesome butt tricks as well as a banging body. Never seen a more fuckable woman in my life. There’s no way a beauty like Mrs Doyle would invite a nobody like me into her home for sex.

Nuru clicked his fingers and the latch on the patio doors flicked across to ‘Open’. Sasha was too busy being suctioned and tweaked by the crows to see one of the doors slowly and silently slide across of its own accord, aided by Nuru’s magic.

Not entirely convinced Sasha would be happy to see him, Kalim held back from marching into her home and announcing his presence. Taking advantage of the door being open, in a now-or-never moment, he pulled his jogging bottoms over his erection, darted into the lounge, and hid behind the sofa. Nuru stage-managed events so that Sasha flipped over onto her back at just the right moment to facilitate Kasim’s safe entry. He was in awe of the size of her erect nipples, the wetness of her spread labia and her neat landing strip of pubic hair.

The window cleaner would have loved to stand and introduce himself to her, but his courage suddenly deserted him. Heart pounding, he slowly crawled behind the sofa until he was crouching behind her head where she was less likely to see him. The Foo Fighter’s latest album drowned out any sound Kalim’s movements and heavy breathing made.

He licked his lips as Sasha spread her knees so the crows could suction semen from her vagina. Luckily for Kalim, there were no mirrors nearby to reflect his image and alert her that there was a masturbating intruder only a few feet away. She caught a whiff of his strong body odour but thought it must be Neville’s stench on her skin. 

This is the closest I’ve ever been to a naked woman, he thought, too busy watching her to notice his precum dripping onto her laminate flooring.

With their cleaning work finished, the crows vibrated Sasha’s nipples. Despite the horrors of her time with Neville, she closed her eyes and smiled as waves of pleasure washed over her. Bobo began vibrating her clitoris, tipping her into another powerful orgasm. When she squirted an arc of ejaculate onto the sofa, Sasha arched her back so violently, Kasim thought her spine might snap.

Knowing the Ancients would praise him for organising two punishments for Sasha in such quick succession, Nuru made her say, ‘I know you’re behind the sofa, sexy. Come out, come out, whoever you are.’

What the fuck? thought Sasha, panicking when she heard her words. What’s Nuru talking about? There’s nobody behind the sofa, is there? Hang on… The clock’s stopped. Yer’ve stopped time again, ‘aven’t yer, Nuru? Yer said yer’d go so I can rest.

From inside her head, she heard Nuru say, ‘What’s about to happen between you and the man behind your sofa will go a long way to putting right the wrongs caused by your ancestor, Eustace Bottomley. The sooner the negative energy Eustace created in the universe has been turned to positive energy, the sooner you’ll be free of me.’

Too petrified to check if there was a man behind her sofa, Sasha thought, So, Nuru, are ye sayin’ that despite me havin’ done nuffink wrong, the worse I’m treated, the sooner the positive an’ negative energy will be rebalanced?

‘Precisely. And don’t worry about anyone barging in and interrupting your punishment. I’ve stopped time again, so there’s no hurry. I know you’re tired, so I’ve cast a spell to make you extra horny for a few hours.’

Yer’ve overdone it… Me clit’s tinglin’ like crazy, she thought, rubbing it furiously.To her horror, she heard herself say, ‘Come out from behind the sofa an’ fuck me. Don’t be shy, big boy.’

‘Are you sure, Mrs Doyle?’ said an Asian-sounding voice from behind the sofa.

Though Sasha trembled with fear, her voice spoke Nuru’s words with flirtatious confidence. ‘I ‘ope ye’re a big boy. Need some serious meat inside me pussy.’

She grimaced. Yet again, Nuru made her sound like some kind of gangster’s moll in a B-movie. Slowly, the window cleaner stood and looked down at her body as it squirmed and writhed with pent-up lust on the sofa. She stared at the precum dripping from the rock-hard penis in his hand.

Sasha had seen the window cleaner often enough before but not this sexual side of him. He walked slowly around the sofa and faced her, mesmerised by her wet vulva and heaving breasts.

Nuru made her pat the sofa and say, ‘Park yer bum ‘ere, darlin’. Let me rub yer delicious-lookin’ cock… What’s yer name?’

‘I’m Kalim… Oh… Please don’t touch it… I might come everywh—’

Groaning, he released blobs of warm semen onto her thigh. Picking up her thong, he quickly wiped the skin clean, muttering, ‘Sorry… Sorry… Didn’t mean to.’

‘Never mind, Kalim,’ she said, horrified to find herself stroking his arm, almost lovingly. ‘Now yer’ve come, yer’ll last longer the next time. Would yer like to fuck me?’

Looking at her in disbelief, he stammered, ‘But… But I’ve never had sex before.’

Sasha tried to stop her mouth from moving but heard herself say, ‘It’s about time yer did. Let’s go up to me bedroom.’

‘For sex?’ said Kalim.

‘Of course, yer daft bugger. Not expectin’ yer to give me a quote to redecorate it, am I?’

Davu whispered to Bobo, ‘This Kalim guy’s a disappointment. Shyer and more vanilla than I’d hoped. I thought he’d punish her hard because he’s a member of a particularly misogynistic online incel group.’

‘What an incel?’ said Bobo.

Davu sighed. ‘Don’t you know anything? Incel is short for involuntary celibate. Incels are heterosexual men who hate women. The men think they’re too ugly, short, fat, or just generally undesirable for any woman to want to have sex with them. The Ancients told us Kalim spends his free time being brainwashed on the incel site. He’s self-pitying and hostile to women because he’s convinced none of them would willingly fuck him. Master should make this goon bolder before we die of boredom.’

‘I agree. Kalim’s far too meek,’ said Nuru. Rolling his eyes up to the heavens, he muttered a few indecipherable words. ‘There… I’ve tweaked the spell. He’ll soon unleash his inner macho beast on Sasha. The harsh punishment he’ll dish out now will help rebalance the positive to negative energy more speedily.’

‘He looks so mean,’ said Davu, as they all watched him throw his clothes on the floor as he stripped naked. ‘Kalim means business now. Is that him growling?’

Bobo nodded his sleek head. ‘And about time, too.’

Kalim stood naked in front of the terrified redhead, hands on his hips. ‘On your knees, bitch, and suck my dick.’

Inside, Sasha recoiled in horror but found herself kneeling before him and swirling her tongue around his glans before taking his shaft down her throat. Her hand took it upon itself to caress his testicles while he glowered down at her, looking as if he wanted to kill her.

She yelped as he pulled her upright by her long auburn hair. When he picked up his phone, she felt sure he’d been videoing her earlier and would continue to do so.

‘Get upstairs, or I’ll fuck you right here.’

Rubbing her sore scalp, Sasha began to climb the stairs, feeling his phone trained on her bare buttocks as he followed her. She jumped when Kalim slapped her right buttock so hard, tears welled up in her eyes.

When they were almost at the top of the stairs, he said, ‘Bend over, bitch.’

Sasha was too scared of him to disobey, so halted and bent over. Despite holding onto a higher step, Sasha almost fell as Kalim pulled her buttocks apart, shot a couple of videos, and then repeatedly jabbed her rectum with his tongue. Wanna die… ‘E’s disgustin’… Nuru’s behind Kalim’s change of character. He was a lamb at first. Now he’s a monster, she thought, recoiling as the wet tip of her abuser’s erection rubbed on the back of her thigh.

‘Move your feet apart, tart,’ said Kalim. ‘Further, so I can have a good look and a grope. Stay like that. Don’t move a muscle while I film you.’

She shook as his hot breath wafted across her buttocks, gasping when Kalim pushed two fingers into her vagina. He rammed them in and out so brutally, she swore silently at him.

‘Never finger-fucked a woman before, but I reckon I did it right judging by how wet you are now,’ said the Pakistani as her juices flowed down her inner thighs. He licked it up, then whacked her buttocks until they were puce. ‘Get upstairs.’

The way he snarled made Sasha rush up the remaining stairs, scared witless by the man’s aggression. In her bedroom, Kalim slapped her face, swearing at her as he pushed her onto the bed. Before she could sit up, he launched himself on top of her, forced her knees up to her ears, and buried his penis inside her. The sheets still felt damp with sweat and bodily fluids from when her driving instructor raped her.

Three hours later, Sasha lay on an even wetter sheet feeling shellshocked as Kalim dressed. He’d ordered her to go down to the living room to fetch his clothes. After he’d had sex with her again on her return, his vicious anger seemed to have left him. Though Nuru and the crows were still in the bedroom, Sasha felt Nuru had returned control of her body and voice to her.

Sounding as meek and mild as when he’d cowered behind her sofa, Kalim said, ‘Cheer up, Sasha. Thank you so much for helping me make up for my life of celibacy. I’d have been happy to just watch you wanking through your window, but you had other plans. Grateful you did.’

She wanted to say, ‘It wasn’t me who seduced ya. It was Nuru. ‘E turned ya into a violent rapist, too.’ She knew Nuru would never allow her to say it, so she bit her tongue. Not having the strength to explain who the witch doctor was, Sasha was far too traumatised by what Kalim and Neville had inflicted on her to do anything except weep.

Kalim seemed to have magically forgotten how rough he’d been with Sasha. The window cleaner didn’t recall how his victim had screamed when he’d bitten her nipple so hard, she’d feared it would rip off and end up in his mouth. He now behaved as if he’d never put her over his knee and beaten her buttocks with her hairbrush until the bristles punctured the skin.

Sasha knew Nuru’s magic had made Kalim forget. One of his spells would also remove the blood stains on the sheets, heal her wounds, and hide Kalim’s bite marks. Rory would never find out the punishment his wife had endured.

 She wanted to just stay in bed and hide under the covers, but escorted Kalim to the front door, not caring that she was naked. Awkwardly, almost apologetically, Kalim exited the house, collected his ladder and walked to the next house on his window cleaning round.

Nuru shouted down the stairs, ‘Come back to your bedroom so the crows can suck Kalim’s jizz out of you. I’m impressed by how well you stood up to his onslaught. What he put you through will bring you to almost halfway through your allotted punishment.’

‘Only ‘alfway?’ she said, lying on the bed, legs akimbo so the crows could do their work.

‘Sadly, yes,’ said Nuru, watching Davu’s head disappear into Sasha’s vagina. ‘Despite the fear you feel as you’re being raped, you enjoy orgasms too much. Your pleasure reduces the strength of the punishment, generating less energy. There’s nothing you or I can do about it becau—’

‘Because you’re hornier than most women,’ said Bobo, giggling as he looked up from vibrating her nipples with his tongue. ‘There she blows! Oops… You’ve almost drowned Davu.’

Davu shook the droplets from his feathers. ‘I’m getting used to getting covered in tsunamis of her ejaculate. Wish you’d be more careful while I’m cleaning women out.’

Bobo ignored the criticism. ‘If I waited, it’d take longer for us to complete her punishment and move on to the next woman. Haven’t you seen how long the list is of women we have to punish, you dick?’

Nuru glared at him. ‘Carry on with your work, Bobo.’

‘Call this work?’ mumbled the one-legged bird before swirling Sasha’s nipple with his tongue.

Having healed the wounds Kalim had inflicted on the redhead, Nuru turned to his crows. ‘I have something to discuss with you two. We’ve restored Sasha’s body to its former glory, so let’s go.’

‘Restored? What about me fuckin’ mind?’ she muttered, as a flash of blue light heralded the trio’s departure.