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Doing Nuru’s Bidding

‘Come and look at this stunning young woman’s reflection,’ said Nuru to Bobo and Davu, his crow servants. ‘Her name is Eloise Le Brun. She’s a French model and is currently staying with her fiancé in Cornwall in England.’

Each crow flew onto one of the Congolese witch doctor’s bare, broad shoulders and gazed into the magical all-seeing mirror. Instead of their reflections, they saw an exceptionally attractive woman in her early twenties brushing her long naturally blonde hair in a bathroom.

‘Looks like she’s about to take a shower,’ said Bobo, as they watched her remove her clothes. ‘She’d freak out if she knew we were ogling her from Nuru’s house thousands of miles away from her in Africa.’

‘Eloise is probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,’ said Nuru to his two lascivious familiars.

Hopping about on his only leg on the dirt floor of the witch doctor’s hut, Bobo whispered to the other crow, ‘Didn’t the master say that about Cara and Elke, too, Davu?’

‘Hey! I heard that, Bobo,’ said the witch doctor. ‘Less of your smart remarks or I’ll cut off your other leg like I cut off this one.’ He stroked Bobo’s amputated leg that dangled on a cord around his neck. ‘That’s your final warning. Understand?’

Weary of being singled out for criticism, Bobo nodded his sleek head. ‘I was only seeking clarification, Master.’

‘You have such impeccable taste where women are concerned, Master,’ said Davu. ‘Would you like Bobo and I to visit France and fine-tune her body for your future pleasure?’

Davu felt blessed to be able to walk on both legs, unlike Bobo. Both crows were still desolate over no longer being human after Nuru had transformed them from thirty-year-old men living in the Congo Basin into crows. Davu deeply regretted agreeing to join Bobo in invading the house of a beautiful village woman in whom Nuru was interested. They had brutally raped her for over a day and it was a miracle she’d survived.

Horrified by the men’s heinous crime, Nuru had initially wanted to kill them but decided to use his powers to turn them permanently into crows. Grateful to Nuru for sparing their lives, they’d served him diligently ever since. Both crows still carried their human, lustful natures with them, so agreed the job had considerable perks. They were still aroused by attractive human women despite being unable to have normal sex with them. Over the years, they’d devised unusual ways to gain sexual release.

‘Last Friday, I spied on Eloise while she was at her flat in France,’ said Nuru. ‘I learned of her forthcoming marriage to some bloody millionaire called Spencer Storm. She’s at his home in Cornwall now. I plan to enjoy her body before their wedding, so I want you both to visit Cornwall today and fine-tune her body for me. I’ll fuck her in her fiancé’s bed in Padstow on Friday night as I don’t want to upset Elke by doing it here in our home.’

‘Wouldn’t it be easier to transport the French girl here to your bedroom, Master?’ said Davu.

When he shook his head, Nuru’s headdress wobbled precariously on top of his mass of long, wild, salt-and-pepper hair. ‘I fancy playing away from home for a change. Elke’s so jealous of all my other women. I don’t want to cause an unnecessary argument.’

‘And nobody plays away better than you, Master,’ said Davu. ‘It’ll be my pleasure to serve you in the usual way when you meet Eloise. Nothing pleases me more than sucking up your semen from all your women’s orifices.’

‘Give it a rest, you arse-licker,’ muttered Bobo, referring to the fact that Nuru used his women’s rectums as often as their vaginas to deposit his copious seed.

Nuru glared at the one-legged crow. ‘Why can’t you be more like Davu, Bobo? If you carry on misbehaving, I’ll allow only Davu to pleasure the French girl and clean my seed from her.’

Unable to stand the thought of only Davu pleasuring and cleaning out the beautiful blonde’s orifices, Bobo bowed his head in deference. ‘Many apologies, Master. I’ll do better in future.’

Nuru’s sigh was profound. ‘How often have I heard you say that, you animated feather duster?’

Eloise Le Brun was thrilled when two dozen red roses were delivered to her Parisienne flat. The gift card’s message read, ‘Can’t wait to see you next week, beautiful. Love from your Spencer xxx’

Excitement fizzed inside her at the thought of spending two weeks at her fiancé’s sumptuous family pile in Padstow on the coast of Cornwall. Taking a rest from her many gruelling modelling assignments was a large part of why she wanted to fly over to be with Spencer Storm and wallow in his wealth. Eloise was only twenty-one and extraordinarily beautiful. Spencer was thirty-five and well below average when it came to looks and height.

The couple first met and fell for each other the previous year at a London fashion show. Spencer had been dragged to it by his demanding half-Japanese, half-English model girlfriend, Lulu Tenko. Eloise and Lulu had been booked to strut their stuff on the catwalk.

After the fashion show, Eloise heard Lulu snapping venomously at Spencer during the after-party. When he’d raised his voice to argue back, Lulu had flounced off and returned to their hotel. Eloise fluttered her eyelashes and smiled at Spencer occasionally. Eventually, he approached her near the buffet.

‘It’s Eloise, isn’t it? Lulu’s told me so much about you,’ he said, admiring her pronounced silver-painted nipples jutting through the gossamer-like material of her haute couture dress.

‘All good, I hope,’ she said, tossing her long blonde hair over her bare shoulders, thinking, You’re no oil painting, but Lulu’s told me enough about you to know I could become an extremely rich woman if I play my cards right.

Naturally, Spencer didn’t tell Eloise that his girlfriend had told him earlier, “Eloise is a total slag. She’ll drop her knickers for any man with a pulse.” Having snorted several lines of cocaine in the toilets, Spencer craved sex and it was likely he could get it from the ravishing French model. Emboldened by the drug, he leant forward and whispered, ‘Lulu’s fucked off to the hotel in a sulk.’

‘So I saw,’ said Eloise, laying a comforting hand on his arm. ‘She’s so volatile.’

 He nodded. ‘I’m sick and tired of her hissy fits, to be honest. Tell you what, I’m ravenous. Fancy a bite of food with me?’

‘But there’s so much food here,’ she said, pointing at the buffet.

‘But I’d prefer us to be alone, if you catch my drift.’

Rejoicing inside, Eloise pretended to look shocked. ‘Are you flirting with me, Mr Storm?’

‘Of course. I’m not blind, and your fabulous breasts are driving me crazy. You might as well be topless in that dress. I know a wonderful little bistro called La Terrasse Rouge near here. Let’s get out of here.’

Kerching! thought Eloise, thrilled by his interest in her breasts. So glad the designer made me paint my nipples silver. Spencer’s mesmerised by them. ‘That bistro’s opposite my hotel,’ she said. ‘I’d love to dine with you, Spencer, if Lulu won’t object.’

‘I don’t care if she does,’ he muttered, stony-faced. ‘She’s seriously pissed me off.’ His face lit up as he added, ‘So, your hotel’s opposite La Terrasse Rouge, is it? That’s handy.’

Kerching! Kerching! thought Eloise, trying not to look smug. She could have played the part of an innocent ingenue, but the lust in Spencer’s eyes looked at her told her that the multi-millionaire wanted to rip off her flimsy short dress and have wild sex with her. On the walk to the bistro, she tried to let him know she was available and made her interest in him obvious.

The meal was delicious, and their conversation flowed as freely as the wine. Eloise reeled him in by letting him rest his hand on her upper thigh under her short skirt as the waiter cleared away their plates after they’d eaten their Dover soles, broccoli, and Jersey royals. It wasn’t long before Spencer slipped his middle finger inside her thong. She smiled mischievously at him and opened her knees wide, not caring that the waiter was flambéing Crêpes Suzettes at their table at the time.

‘I swear I’ll come in my boxers soon,’ whispered Spencer, fingering so hard, the sound of her juices was audible.

So will I, thought the waiter, who could read lips.

As Spencer’s fat fingers jabbed inside her, she bit her full bottom lip, looking up adoringly at him from under her thick eyelashes, knowing her heavy breathing was driving both men wild with lust. The waiter only returned to the kitchen after he’d witnessed her orgasm.

Eyes wild with excitement, the waiter whispered to his friend, the chef, ‘That blonde babe coming hard was like a scene from When Harry Met Sally but on steroids. Go to their table and ask if they’re enjoying their meal. It’ll be worth it just to see her tits. If you’re lucky, the guy might even be fingering her again.’

‘Thanks for the heads up,’ said the chef, heading out of the kitchen wearing his chef’s whites. ‘Wish me luck.’

Approaching the couple’s table, the chef could tell from the distinctive sound of fingers pounding a wet vagina that Spencer was busy giving the virtually topless blonde another orgasm. They seemed too busy to interrupt, so the chef approached the only other couple in the bistro to ask how their meal was. He made sure he could see the model’s breasts and hear her heavy breathing from his vantage point.

Shortly before Eloise gushed over the carpet, the elderly man grinned and asked the chef to bend over so he could whisper in his ear. ‘The meal’s delicious as always, Michel. I’m particularly enjoying the shenanigans at that table. Glad my wife’s facing the other way.’

Two hours after Eloise first met Spencer Storm, they were naked on her hotel bed and the silver had transferred from her nipples to his lips, fingers, and tongue. Eloise had dated older, wealthy, unattractive men with dirty minds before and knew exactly how to keep such men entertained.

On all fours with her buttocks in the air, Eloise felt Spencer part her buttocks and lick her vagina and anus. Spencer’s not the sort to be interested in bringing virginal women into the Storm empire, she thought. I must go all out to make him want me permanently. From what Lulu’s told me, Spencer loves tarty, dirty-minded women, so I must pretend I love him sticking his dick in my backside like this. Anything to steal him away from Lulu.

Two weeks later, Lulu was history, and Eloise was in Padstow in Cornwall, enjoying a long weekend at Spencer’s impressive house. Unfortunately, the presence of his widowed mother prevented them from having sex in all the many rooms of the sprawling property as they would have done. The newly formed couple enjoyed the thrill of possibly being caught by a stranger during sex, so on their walk along the windswept beach across the road, Eloise deep-throated him inside an echoey cave, then let him sodomise her again, naked on all fours on the dunes where they were picnicking.

As Spencer had enjoyed fingering her so much in a bistro on the day they met, Eloise decided to repeat the experience in a secluded corner of The Golden Oars seafood restaurant in Padstow. There were no customers in the part of the restaurant where they were seated, so Eloise pulled her skirt up to her waist, handed her thong to him, and began to masturbate while he watched. She’d not worn a bra under her low-cut blouse for their night out, knowing how much the sight of her erect nipples turned him on. The weather was chilly, so they looked extra prominent that evening.

At first, they were unaware that a Polish waiter in his twenties called Bolek was enjoying a free view of the blonde’s fingers working on her wet vulva. It was reflected clearly in a mirror opposite them.

‘We have an audience,’ whispered Eloise, jerking her head towards the wide-eyed waiter.

Spencer shrugged and pulled her right breast out of her blouse. He began tugging its nipple to help her to climax. ‘He knows I’m best friends with his boss, so he’ll say nothing if he wants to keep his job. Keep going… You’re nearly there. I love how filthy you are, my love.’

Seeing the couple weren’t intimidated by him watching, Bolek moved out of the shadows as Eloise enjoyed an intense clitoral orgasm. Breasts heaving as she caught her breath, she stared boldly into the waiter’s dark eyes, opened her thighs wider, and slid two fingers into her vagina. Bolek moved closer to better hear the delicious sounds of her fingers beating her juices.

Spencer Storm was far too valuable a customer for Bolek to criticise or eject the couple for such outrageous behaviour. All he could do was gulp as his penis grew increasingly hard as he watched her bodily fluids trickle from between her splayed labia onto the burgundy leather seat.

The waiter had to take a short break to masturbate in the staff toilet over what he’d just witnessed. The Pole was glad he hadn’t challenged the outrageous couple when Spencer rewarded him with a fifty-pound tip and a knowing wink.

Eloise saw the wink and smiled, delighted she’d been so bold. She wouldn’t have been so happy if she’d known the wink was because Spencer had paid Bolek – who he affectionately called Bollock – two hundred pounds three weeks earlier so Spencer could debag, deep throat, and finger the waiter’s rectum in the restaurant’s staff toilets.

Tony Heddon, the restaurant’s wealthy owner, had told his good friend, Spencer, that Bolek had regularly allowed Tony to molest him for cash. Knowing this fact, Spencer had felt certain the handsome young Pole would let him do the same. This was despite Bolek preferred having sex with women and even had a gorgeous fiancée, called Kalina, waiting for him in Warsaw. Weddings are expensive things and Mr Heddon pays me a pittance unless he’s having sex with me. Mr Storm’s two hundred pounds will come in handy, he’d thought, as Spencer pulled the waiter’s boxers to his ankles and fondled his testicles.

‘See you on Porthcothan beach next Thursday after you finish work for more of the same,’ said Spencer, zipping up his trousers after Bolek had deep-throated him. ‘The weather forecast says it won’t rain.’

‘For another two hundred pounds? Fifty pounds extra to use a dildo in me.’

‘Of course,’ said Spencer. ‘It’d be five hundred if you’d let me come in your sexy butt, too, Bollock. Shame you wouldn’t let me fuck it today.’

‘Maybe on Thursday,’ said Bolek, although he knew he’d agree to be sodomised by the wealthy hotelier as the bills for the imminent wedding were already bleeding him dry.               

Spencer’s fat wallet was more attractive than his fat belly, but Eloise could tolerate his unappealing appearance and his aggravating sense of self-entitlement for the millions and luxury lifestyle he offered her.

‘The sex could be a lot worse,’ said Eloise to her friend, Chantelle Gaudin, a quirky-looking French model with spiky auburn hair. ‘Spencer’s gifted in the trouser department, and his sexual imagination is as fertile as mine. Our role play is off the scale as he has the money to throw at it.’

‘Can’t beat a bit of role-playing,’ said Chantelle, trying to hide her jealousy.

‘He flew me to Chicago last week so I could pretend to be a prostitute. Spencer played the part of one of my clients. I spent a fortune on slutty clothes, and he bought a cheap second-hand, ill-fitting suit, and scuffed up a pair of his shoes so he looked like a down and out. Dressed like a prostitute, I had to walk the streets famous for them until Spencer showed up and propositioned me. He took ages to show up and I began to panic when all types of men began approaching me for sex.’

‘Oh, God. You two must be out of your minds.’

‘I know. It did go too far, to be honest, especially when I got molested at knifepoint by a couple of gangster-looking men on the kerb because I refused to have sex with them in their car.’

‘Jesus, Eloise! What did they do?’

Eloise shrugged. ‘Fingered me and sucked my tits on the pavement. Didn’t bother them that it was in public. I couldn’t prevent it and I was lucky it was only that. It would have been worse if the men hadn’t been scared off by a cruising police car. I didn’t tell Spencer about it. He’d have felt so guilty for putting me in such danger.’

‘And so he should.’

‘Well, eventually, I saw him walking towards me as if he didn’t know me. We negotiated a price for full sex and then found a rundown hotel. The room was gross, but he fucked me bandy-legged without speaking a word, threw the money on the bed, and walked out. We each made our way separately to the luxury hotel we’d previously booked into.’

‘Sounds thrilling, but too scary for me.’

‘Indeed, it was. My heart pounded with fear until I saw him smiling at me in the lobby of the hotel. I was still dressed as a hooker, so I got a snooty look from the receptionist, but she was less hostile once I’d changed into my usual clothes, and she’d realised I was a wealthy man’s partner, not a hooker. Spencer was pretty hot playing the part of a downbeat American john.’

‘Oh, was he, now?’ said Chantelle. ‘I’d be up for a threesome role-play with you both. Remember the threesome we had with that off-duty airline pilot at his house last winter?’

‘Course, I do,’ said Eloise. ‘Not sure it was a proper threesome, though. You and I didn’t have sex with each other, only with the guy.’

‘The pilot was gutted we weren’t interested in going down on each other, but he could whistle if he thought I’d do that.’

Eloise smiled, recalling lying in bed with the middle-aged pilot fingering her as Chantelle slept on the other side of him after he’d had sex with them. ‘Wish we could get rid of her so I could be alone with you, Eloise,’ he’d whispered. ‘You’re far more my type of woman than your friend.’

‘Shush! She might hear,’ Eloise had whispered.

Without opening her eyes, Chantelle had mumbled, ‘She did.’

 After that awkward experience, Eloise thought, It would be too risky to have a threesome with Chantelle and Spencer. He might end up fancying her more than me. I could end up being dumped like Lulu. I’m surprised Chantelle is even up for another threesome after our last one. Turning to Chantelle, Eloise said, ‘I’m not sure a threesome would be something Spencer would appreciate, but thanks for your kind offer.’

Chantelle lifted a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. ‘He’s a man, isn’t he? Of course, he’d fancy a threesome. Well, it’s up to you. Let me know if you change your mind, but I’m still not going down on you.’

Eloise made many allowances for Spencer’s shortcomings so she could be part of his multi-millionaire lifestyle. She’d had to struggle so hard to work her way to the top of the pile in the modelling world, but Eloise had become bored by the superficiality of it all and was still traumatised after her nightmarish experiences with fashion photographer Pierre Brisbois, three years previously.

Eloise took special care to win Spencer’s mother over so it would be harder for him to end their relationship. Her wooing of Spencer and Olivia Storm was conducted like a military operation. Before he knew it, Spencer had dropped to one knee and pushed a fabulously expensive engagement ring on her ring finger. She pretended to be surprised but had been convinced for weeks a wedding proposal was coming her way.

Eloise never told Spencer or anyone else about a harrowing, otherworldly incident that had happened to her shortly before Spencer’s declaration of undying love. She wasn’t sure if the bizarre horrors had been real or a nightmare. She’d been sleeping naked in bed with Spencer at his family home in Cornwall when he woke her by walking to the toilet. Nothing unusual about that.

As she lay on her back and waited for her fiancé to return so she could go back to sleep, she thought, Wish I hadn’t weakened and signed the prenup agreement that his bloody mother had insisted Spencer draw up. I swear she knows I’m only after his mone—

Something light landed on her face in the dark. She switched on the bedside light to find out what it was. How odd, she thought, looking up at the bedroom ceiling. Where the hell did this black feather come from? All the windows are closed. Makes no sense.

Will She Do, Master?

Terror gripped Eloise as a dazzling blue neon light filled the room. The next moment, the duvet took on a life of its own and slid to the floor. She was so stunned that a mere squeak passed her lips as her knees parted and drew level with her breasts. Holding her breath in terror, she heard the beating of wings. Two large, squawking crows landed on her mattress, one between her splayed legs, the other level with her breasts.

Eager to cover her vulva from their beady eyes, Eloise tried to move her hands over it. She was paralysed. Struggling to quell a panic attack, she tried to shout to Spencer for help, but her voice no longer worked. The second hand on Spencer’s alarm clock remained still. Either time’s stopped, or the battery’s stopped working, she thought.

All thoughts of time vanished when the one-legged crow used his beak to part her labia. His surprisingly long, strong tongue began to move at the speed of light on her clitoris. Even stranger, the tongue stopped vibrating long enough for the bird to say, ‘Hello, Eloise. My name’s Bobo. The crow working on your nipples is called Davu. I’m about to give you the best orgasm of your life, so relax and enjoy it.’

‘You have magnificent breasts, Eloise,’ said the other crow. ‘Your nipples won’t need much modification to make them perfect for our master, Nuru.’

The model’s brain was so scrambled by what had just happened that she couldn’t even ask, ‘Who’s Nuru?’ All she could do was watch Davu tweak, nibble, and scratch her nipples until a little blood appeared. She wrinkled her nose in disgust as the crow regurgitated a vivid green liquid onto the tiny wounds. Before her eyes, her nipples grew larger, more erect, puffier, and darker.

‘Yes. I’m thrilled with my work,’ said Davu. ‘You now have exactly the sort of nipples that drive Nuru wild with lust. They’ve made me hard, but I always was a tit man.’

Having always wanted more pronounced nipples, she would have smiled if Bobo hadn’t resumed vibrating her clitoris. Instead, moans of intense pleasure escaped her as an orgasm built faster and more intensely than any she’d previously experienced. Despite her enforced partial paralysis, she closed her eyes, arched her back, and had the most powerful full-body orgasm imaginable.

Bobo’s tongue stopped whirring so she could recover. ‘Well done, Eloise. Your sexual responses will delight Nuru. Relax while I check your inner workings are up to his high standards and make any necessary modifications.’

‘After he’s done, I’ll check Bobo’s checked you correctly,’ said Davu, winking a beady eye at her.

This must be a dream, thought Eloise. Can’t be real.

The one-legged crow hopped up to the entrance of her vagina and slid his glossy head inside. Eloise screamed in terror, but no sound came out of her mouth. The only noise she could make was sexual. Her eyes widened when she felt the strangest sensations as Bobo’s tongue whirred around her vaginal walls.

Eventually, Bobo’s head emerged. If a crow could ever be said to be grinning, he was. ‘Eloise, you’re as wet as an otter’s pocket in there. Your vagina muscles were already in tip-top condition, but I’ve fine-tuned them. Your fiancé must use condoms as I found no semen to suck up. Check my work, Davu.’

‘My pleasure,’ said his accomplice. ‘It’s such a rush checking out a new plaything for our master, isn’t it?’

‘It’s my favourite activity,’ said Bobo, just before his friend stuck his head into the terrified blonde’s vagina.

Once Davu had whizzed his tongue around her vaginal walls, Eloise hoped they’d finished titivating and masturbating her, but Davu began using his tongue on her clitoris at the speed of a hummingbird’s wings.

‘He’s gauging how quickly you can climax after your first orgasm. It’s one of Nuru’s required tests for us to perform on any woman he’s selected to be his sexual partner.’

‘We’ll be seeing you soon, Eloise,’ said Davu, as she struggled to speak.

‘I can’t wait to renew our acquaintanceship,’ said Bobo, as the same blinding blue light filled the bedroom.

By the time Eloise could see again, the birds had vanished. To her relief, she could move again. In a panic, she shouted for Spencer’s assistance.

‘What’s wrong, love?’ said Spencer, scratching his hairy belly as he walked into the bedroom.

‘For the last twenty minutes, I’ve been what I can only describe as raped by two talking crows,’ said Eloise. As soon as the words left her mouth, she thought, I sound completely crazy. Wouldn’t blame him if he ends it with me.

Spencer looked dismissive as he climbed into bed. ‘You’ve been dreaming, love. I was in the loo for only a few minutes.’

‘Rubbish! Look at this crow’s feather,’ she said, shoving it in his face. ‘It landed on my face just before a weird blue light filled the room.’

Spencer chuckled. ‘Christ, El! I told you not to eat cheese and biscuits so soon before bedtime. I warned you that it’d give you nightmares. Snacking in the evening is just you making up for lost time now you’ll be giving up modelling after our wedding.’

Eloise wanted to punch him for not believing her, but she didn’t want to cause an argument so soon before their nuptials. ‘Turn out the bedside light. I want to sleep.’

‘That’s a shame. I fancied fooling around a bit. Your tale of lascivious crows has given me a semi.’

His fiancée was too irritated by his selfish insensitivity to feel receptive when Spencer played with her breasts under the duvet.

‘What the devil? Something feels different under there,’ he said. Pulling back the duvet, he let out a long, low whistle when he saw the size, shape, and dark colour of his fiancée’s nipples. Like a child in a sweet shop, Spencer enjoyed her new enhancements to the max.

Eloise wondered how he’d react when he noticed her clitoris and vaginal muscles had also been fine-tuned. Surely, he’ll believe me about the crows now he’s seen all the improvements they’ve made, she thought, as he rambled on about how he reckoned her “pussy muscles could crack walnuts.” It was clear he was only interested in the enhancements, not how they’d come about. It’s as though a spell has been put on him to stop him from being curious about why my body has changed, thought Eloise.

‘But why don’t you ask yourself how these changes came about?’ said Eloise, as he lay panting on top of her after his second orgasm that night.

‘You know I’m not a great believer in mumbo jumbo and conspiracy theories,’ he said. ‘I’m a straightforward kind of guy. Anyhow, I’m shattered. Nightie night, love. Hope you don’t have any more nightmares.’

Seething over her fiancé’s lack of understanding and too shocked by the crows’ onslaught on her body to sleep, Eloise stared at the ceiling. She tried to work out how a feather could fall from there and wondered who Nuru was. She would have carried on trying to convince her close-minded lover over what had happened that night but knew he wasn’t the kind of man to ever believe in talking crows.

Maybe I’d better shut up about the crows, she thought. Don’t want Spencer to think I’m batshit crazy and call off the wedding. I’m so close to living a life of luxury as Mrs Storm, I’d be silly to risk it.

As planned, Nuru visited Eloise on Friday. It was a day she’d never forget. She lay in bed irritated by Spencer’s snoring when another feather twirled down from the ceiling and landed gently on Spencer’s hair, waking him up. Still half-asleep, he brushed his hand over the feather, knocking it to the carpet without paying it any real attention. Eloise watched her weak-bladdered fiancé toddle off for his usual nightly trip to the bathroom. Unlike Spencer, she’d identified the tumbling object as a crow’s feather and rolled into a foetal position, trembling, as she braced herself for a glaringly bright blue flash of light, as had happened a few days earlier.

Sure enough, an eye-watering blue light soon filled the bedroom and temporarily blinded her. Some supernatural force rolled her onto her back and held her there. Screaming Spencer’s name was impossible. Again, she was mute and paralysed, knees by her ears, and arms spread wide as though welcoming someone into them for a hug. Vulnerable and petrified, she wished her eyesight would return because her overactive imagination made her fear of the unknown unbearable.

Eloise prayed the crows wouldn’t be waiting on her bed again when her eyesight returned, both expecting to examine her intimately. Her panic shot to new heights when she saw not only the crows but an African man in his mid-fifties standing next to the bed, looking down at her naked body. The terrifying muscle-bound stranger wore only a bulging scarlet loincloth and a headdress made from crows’ feathers on top of his mass of salt-and-pepper hair.

‘We meet in the flesh at last, Eloise, though I’ve been admiring you from afar for some time,’ said the extraordinary man, flashing his dazzling teeth at her. ‘I sent my servants, Bobo, and Davu ahead of me to perform a few tasks that you’re aware of. From their reports, you’re a woman I should get to know… intimately.’

Nuru removed his loin cloth and headdress as Eloise screamed for Spencer to rescue her from the fearsome rapist. Though the veins in her neck bulged with the effort, no sound left her mouth. She was even denied tears, though crying pitifully.

‘Calm yourself, Eloise,’ said Davu. ‘The Master won’t hurt you. It is such an honour to be chosen by him.’

Nuru slowly masturbated, transfixed by Eloise’s naked body. ‘Give me more room, you two. Fly onto the chest of drawers.’

‘Would you like us to work her up for you by first tonguing her clitoris, Master?’ said Davu.

Nuru shook his head. ‘Look at her… Eloise is so gorgeous I’ll warm up her engine myself, but I will need you to suck my seed out of her.’

The crows were crestfallen at being denied their favourite activity, stimulating Nuru’s women’s clitorises. They also knew it never ended well if they challenged their magically gifted boss. They settled down to watch their boss in action between the transfixed blonde’s legs.

Nuru’s powers had given the crows’ tongues their speed and efficiency at bringing about intense clitoral orgasms, so it made sense that his tongue would be even more proficient. It was. Despite her intense fear, Eloise had never felt sensations like those the witch doctor’s tongue conjured up in her. Her orgasm was an intense out-of-body experience. It felt incredible but I didn’t ask for it to happen, she thought, gasping for breath.

Eyeing her otherworldly abuser’s eight-inch, meaty erection with mounting trepidation, she knew it would soon be active in one of her three orifices, probably all of them. Her eyes opened wide with anxiety as he rubbed her clitoris with the tip of his oozing penis before sliding it into her vagina. She waited for him to put on a condom, but he never did. Having been silenced and immobilised, Eloise couldn’t attempt to fend him off or tell the mysterious Congolese man he should wear protection.

Slick with sweat, his black skin shone as his hips moved like a well-oiled machine, grinding her into the mattress with the force of his thrusts. Eloise rarely had a vaginal orgasm, but Nuru made them ripple through her in waves, leaving her undecided whether she was having the best sexual experience or the worst.

It was clear to Eloise that Spencer wouldn’t be riding in on a white charger to rescue his fiancée. She’d had the foresight to look at the alarm clock when the feather appeared. Yet again, the hands of the clock hadn’t shifted from that moment, even though Nuru and his crows had been with her for over half an hour. There was no doubt. Nuru had truly stopped time.

Eloise was transfixed by his dark eyes which seemed to be reading her soul as his climax built. When it happened, he groaned so loudly that Eloise expected Spencer and his mother would charge into the room to help her. When they didn’t appear, Eloise knew for sure she’d remain trapped and alone with the crows and their master until Nuru decided to leave her. If the brute’s stopped time, I might be trapped with them forever,’ she thought.

 Nuru’s collapsed on the bed next to her and kissed her breast. ‘You were all I expected and more, Eloise. My crows will see that you won’t get pregnant by removing my semen from you. Before I go, there’s one extremely important matter I must mention. On no account cut your hair and not merely the hair on your head. Don’t ever shave your pubic, leg, or underarm hair, either. You’ll attract all the lowlife sexual deviants in your surrounding area if you do. I must go now before Elke discovers I’m missing.’

‘See you soon, Master,’ said Davu. ‘We’re glad our work on Miss Le Brun pleased you. We’ll clean her out as we do to all your other women.’

In the blink of an eye, Nuru vanished. Unfortunately for Eloise, the birds remained in the room, and she’d been left mute and paralysed in the same degrading position. She wondered what fresh horrors would be inflicted on her, and why, as the crows flew down from the cupboard onto the bed.  

It soon became clear to Eloise why Nuru hadn’t bothered with a condom. As her knees were still level with her breasts and she was unable to defend herself, Bobo had no barrier to stop him from pushing his head inside her vagina. Loud slurping sounds filled Spencer’s bedroom as the crow sucked up his master’s semen. When Bobo’s head re-emerged, Davu did the same to her. Eloise wondered, When will this horror show end? This surely can’t be happening, can it?

After finishing his task, Davu preened his ruffled wet feathers. ‘I was just checking Bobo’s work and making a few minor tweaks to tighten your internal muscles. You’ll be pleased to know there are none of Nuru’s wrigglers in there. Your vagina is now almost perfect, a thing of such wonder that men will write poems about it.’

Bobo hopped up the bed until he was level with her right nipple. ‘I’d say your body is now second only to Elke’s, our master’s main woman who lives with him, and that’s only because we’ve had more opportunity to work on her body. She doesn’t bat an eyelid when we start fiddling with her nipples or pussy. I’ve cleaned her out before while she was cooking his meal.’

‘We’ll be off soon,’ said Davu, flying next to her left one. ‘We just need to do a bit more work on your almost perfect nipples to increase their puffiness and extend the time they stay erect. Won’t take long.’

 Eloise was fascinated by the effects their beaks were having on her nipples and felt slightly less terrified than the first time they’d scratched, nibbled, and regurgitated green slime on them. Wish they’d use their amazing tongues on my clit again, she thought, feeling guilty for wanting another tongue lashing from the extraordinary dark creatures from a mysterious supernatural world.

It was as if they’d read her mind. ‘I can see from your expression you’re having a traumatic time,’ said Bobo. ‘Our parting gifts to you is a mind-blowing orgasm. Hopefully, it’ll go some way to compensate for your distress.’

‘It’s the least we can do,’ said Davu, analysing Bobo’s tongue technique as it whirred at supersonic on her clitoris. While she caught her breath after an intense couple of orgasms, he added, ‘I must confess, as former red-blooded men, we’re enjoying your orgasms almost as much as you are… Oh, dear… Please excuse my irrepressible friend for coming on your leg. He’s enjoyed it a little too much.’

Eloise was surprised not to feel exhausted after the amount of energy she’d spent climaxing, but Davu told her, ‘Nuru has ensured his chosen women never feel fatigued while having sex with him, us, or any other man. You are one of his chosen ones.’

She wanted to ask the crows so many questions, but still couldn’t speak or move, though could freely move her spine and hips, allowing her to enjoy each orgasm to the fullest. Davu proved to be just as ungentlemanly as Bobo after a spurt of his semen landed on her inner thigh. Though unable to speak, Eloise showed him her disapproval with her eyes as the slime trickled between her buttocks and onto the bedsheet.

‘Well, we must be going, Eloise,’ said an embarrassed Davu. ‘Remember what Nuru told you about not cutting your hair. It won’t end well for you if you do. You won’t die, but you’ll probably wish you were dead if you disobey his directive. You’d become the target of every sexual deviant in the area.’

‘Before we go, is there anything you want to ask us?’ said Bobo. ‘It would be too cruel to abandon you without allowing you to do so. We aren’t heartless monsters.’

To her relief, Eloise discovered she could talk when she muttered, ‘You could have fooled me.’

Though she could also now move, there was no point in covering her naked body as the crows had seen far more of her than any man had ever done. Myriads of questions swam around her brain as she tried to decide what to say.

In a shaky voice, she said, ‘Why me? Why have I been singled out for this awful treatment?’

‘Awful? You’ve been given the best orgasms in the world and yet you still complain.’

‘But I’ve been raped.’

Bobo sighed. ‘A man as powerful as Nuru operates by different rules than those you’re used to.’

‘But that’s not fair.’

In a blinding flash of blue light, the crows disappeared back to the Congo, leaving her shell-shocked and feeling utterly used and abused. After Spencer’s reaction to her telling him about the crows, Eloise knew there was no point in telling him what the African witch doctor had done to her. Not feeling in the mood to speak, she pretended to be asleep when he slipped back into bed. Her mind was too occupied with trying to make sense of what had happened to talk to anyone.

After a sleepless night, the endless disturbing flashbacks preoccupied her so much that she forgot about Nuru’s warning about not cutting her hair. It was only when Eloise nicked her skin with Spencer’s razor while shaving her legs that she remembered. Merde! What a bloody fool I am, she thought. What was it Nuru said? Wasn’t it something about not cutting my hair or I’d be the target of every sexual deviant in the area? Who in the 1990s puts a curse on someone? Nuru was just trying to scare me.

‘That’s what you think,’ said a familiar voice in her head.

Spencer Storm

‘Oh, what a lovely surprise,’ said Olivia Storm, as her favourite son walked through the front door of the family property. ‘Wonderful to see you, darling.’

Clambering over the piles of cardboard boxes and packages with Amazon stamped on them, Spencer handed his suitcase to Carlos, a young Spaniard whose mother cooked for the Storm family. ‘Take this to my room, please, Carlos, and unpack it for me.’

‘Certainly, sir,’ said the nineteen-year-old, grinning as he did the bidding of the son and heir of the mansion.

‘Sorry for not warning you I was coming home from uni, Mum,’ said Spencer. At only five-foot-six, he didn’t have to bend much to kiss his five-foot mother’s cheek. ‘But I didn’t want you to make any fuss. I know how worked up you get preparing the fatted calf for me.’

‘You know that Manuela does all the cooking,’ said Olivia, leading him into the kitchen. ‘We have an extra body to feed, Manuela.’

‘Glad to see you again, Master Spencer,’ said the plump Spanish cook. ‘Carlos will be so pleased to see you again. He never stops talking about you.’

Olivia laid a hand on her cook’s arm and muttered, ‘Just call him Spencer. He feels weird when you call him Master Spencer.’

‘It makes me feel like I’m back at boarding school,’ said Spencer. ‘Least said about those years the better.’

‘Sorry,’ said Manuela, looking like she might cry. ‘It’s a habit from when you were a young boy.’

Olivia sighed. ‘So, Spencer, how long will you be honouring us with your presence this time? Manuela needs to know what provisions to buy.’

‘I’ll be here a couple of weeks as I’m writing my thesis on my work experience at Dad’s main hotel.’

‘Good idea. You’ll be able to concentrate more here than at your uni digs,’ said Olivia, pouring two glasses of homemade lemonade. ‘If your grades are anything to go by, all you do is party hard at Exeter uni. Your father worries you’ll be unable to run his hotels when he’s gone, you know.’

‘You’re a fine one to nag me, Mum. I see you haven’t got rid of your addiction to buying goods online. I could hardly get through the hallway with all those boxes in there. Dad will have to sell his hotels if you carry on buying so much crap.’

‘It’s not crap, and I buy things with the money Mummy and Daddy left me.’

‘When Amazon delivers their boxes, every day is Christmas morning to you. I’ve seen you tearing open boxes like a thing possessed to see what’s inside. It’s not normal.’

 She smiled at him mischievously like a naughty child. then switched to her usual smothering maternal mode to dodge the spotlight. ‘Try this lemonade Manuela made this morning. It’s so refreshing.’

‘Nicely swerved, Ma, but I’m fine.’

‘Oh, go on.’

‘Stop fussing. Hey, is Dad around? I need to ask him something.’

‘Let me guess. You’re after more money, yes?’

Spencer grinned. ‘Might be. The thing is, I bought Becky a car last term because her old one conked out. It’s left me a bit short until she pays me back.’

‘Honestly, Spencer. Your father’s not made of money.’

‘He kind of is, Mum. What’s the point of having a multi-millionaire hotelier for a parent if you can’t squeeze the old bugger for cash occasionally?’

Olivia threw her head back and laughed. ‘You’re incorrigible, darling. Why didn’t you bring Becky with you? Such a lovely girl. She’s so wholesome.’

That’s the problem, thought Spencer. Becky’s too bloody wholesome for my liking. We’ve been dating for six months and I haven’t even had a blowjob out of her yet. He banished the thought of the previous day’s row with Becky after she refused to give him oral sex. ‘I would’ve brought her, but she’s also writing her dissertation. Becky said she can concentrate better at her home but she’s gutted not to come here. I reckon she loves this place and you two more than me.’

‘Don’t be silly, but Becky did send me a Facebook message the other day saying she thinks of me as a second mother.’

Pass the sick bucket, thought Spencer, eager to retire to his bedroom. Forcing a smile, he said, ‘That’s nice.’

‘Her surfing improved so much after you spent that week in Newquay with her. She’s such a sporty girl.’

His mother’s description of his ponytailed, petite girlfriend set Spencer’s teeth on edge. He’d usually had casual flings with promiscuous, sexually outrageous girls or boys who he’d made sure his parents never found out about. Becky Williamson had shown an interest in him, but he’d kept her at a distance until he realised she’d be a useful smokescreen for his secret sexual interests.

Becky’s parents were almost as wealthy as Spencer’s, so he thought it was unlikely she was after his money like so many others had been. He’d never avoided any girl or boy if he suspected they were after his money. He’d ruthlessly use and abuse them sexually, then ghost them forever. If they fell pregnant, he’d make up a reason to ask his father for money and then give it to the girl for an abortion.

Eating Manuela’s salted caramel ice cream out of the finest crystal dishes at the kitchen table with his mother, Spencer was still annoyed about the row he’d had with his freckle-faced girlfriend over oral sex. Becky’s happy enough to let me lick her pussy yet she turns her nose up at sucking my dick. Hardly fair. At least she gives me decent hand jobs and my dick fits her pussy like a glove. She’ll do for now. At least I know someone who loves giving me excellent blowjobs. 

Spencer put the empty dish on the counter. ‘That was delicious, Mum. I’m just going upstairs to check Carlos has unpacked properly. He’s such a dickhead, sometimes.’

Olivia’s eyes flashed with anger. ‘Language, Spencer. Manuela might hear you. She wouldn’t like you insulting her son.’

‘Sod off, Mum,’ mouthed Spencer, rushing upstairs.

Tapping on his bedroom door, he whispered, ‘It’s me.’

The door unlocked and opened a crack. Spencer saw a familiar mop of tousled dark hair and a wicked grin, then the door opened fully. to show the naked, tanned, athletic body of Carlos hiding his genitals with his hands. Spencer grinned back, then almost fainted with lust as the seventeen-year-old put his hands on his head to show off his impressive erection.

‘Quick. Get in here before someone sees me,’ whispered Carlos.

Locking the door behind him, Spencer dropped to his knees in front of the masturbating Spaniard. ‘Let me get at your delicious cock and balls, you sexy bugger.’ Grabbing a bottle of baby lotion from the bedside table, Spencer poured dollops of it into his right hand and began rubbing the Spaniard’s shaft. ‘Hard as granite… Your bollocks have grown since we hooked up at my uni digs at Easter. You’re a freak of nature. What seventeen-year-old is over six foot with an eight-inch dick?’

‘Me, apparently. Are you complaining?’

‘Not in the slightest. Let me suck your balls… I’ve missed sucking those so much… It seems like ages since you visited me in my digs.’

‘Shut up,’ said Carlos, watching his precum ooze over Spencer’s hand. ‘Just make me come… Our mothers might wonder where we are and come to find us, so hurry up.’

Spencer stopped swirling his tongue around his secret lover’s glans and glared up at him. ‘Is that any way to talk to your elders, especially your employer’s son?’

‘Are you going to punish me? I hope so, and you’re only five years older than me.’

‘Trust me, I’ll punish you, but not just yet. First, I plan to swallow your spunk… Normally, you’d have come by now… Why’s it taking you so long to come? Mum will soon be wondering where I am… Have you had a crafty five-finger shuffle today?’

Carlos looked at the carpet, remembering how angry Spencer got if Carlos masturbated on a day that they’d planned to have sex. It was as if he believed the Spaniard’s manhood was his property. He hated to lose control of him.

‘Sorry, but I felt so horny that I had to wank twice when I woke up… I didn’t know you were going to visit, did I? Love it when you suck my balls like that.’

As if to punish him, Spencer stopped tonguing the smooth testicles. ‘Glad you’re keeping them hairless as I told you to. Well, while I’m in Cornwall, I’m the only one allowed to touch your tackle. Hands off, understood?’

Carlos nodded, a pained expression on his face as Spencer gripped tighter and increased speed. A few seconds later, Spencer gulped, wiped his mouth, and whispered, ‘Get dressed before my mother suspects what’s going on between us. Mind you, she’s so convinced I’ll make her a grandmother with Becky’s help, I doubt she has a Scooby that you and I are involved.’

‘I have nightmares your parents will find out about us,’ said Carlos. ‘If they do, my life will be over.’

Spencer raised an eyebrow. ‘Don’t be such a drama queen, though I’d hate them to find out that I swing both ways. Their perfect son. Such a disappointment. You know how straightlaced they are. They’d disown me, just like they disinherited my older brother, Jack.’

‘But that was because he’d tried to swindle them, not because he’s gay, which he isn’t.’

‘As far as we know. It’s so sad I can’t be myself. My dad hates gays.’

‘You’re bisexual, remember?’

‘Of course, I do. Dad would disinherit me in a heartbeat, and I quite fancy inheriting his multi-million pounds hotel empire.’

‘On the subject of money,’ said Carlos. ‘Could you slip me a couple more twenties, please? It’s Mum’s birthday and I want to take her out for a meal.’

‘You’re adorable,’ said Spencer, kissing him on the forehead. Taking a wad of twenties out of his wallet, he handed them to Carlos. ‘For services rendered. I’ll be tapping Dad for a few thousand later today, so you’re welcome to the cash. Meet me in the summerhouse in half an hour to suck me off, and again at midnight for your punishment.’

Carlos nodded, ‘And to fuck each other sill—’


They froze as Olivia bellowed her son’s name from the hallway. For such a small woman, she had powerful lungs.

Spencer flapped his hands in a panic. ‘Dress quicker, Carlos… She might come upstairs to see what’s held me up.’

Olivia’s voice echoed around the vast hallway as she shouted up the Stone’s magnificent staircase, ‘I’m just going into town to meet Lydia for coffee, Spencer. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.’

To stop her from coming upstairs, Spencer went onto the landing and shouted, ‘No problem. We can eat together this evening with Dad.’

‘I’d have preferred to have lunch with you, but I can’t cancel her as her bloody mother’s dying. See you later, darling,’ she shouted with a cheery wave.

When Spencer returned to the bedroom, he locked the door and took off his jeans, sweatshirt and boxers. ‘Right. Get naked again, Carlos. We’re taking a shower together because I really need to fuck your gorgeous bum. Try not to slip over when I do it, this time.’

Carlos gave him a lopsided grin and stuck his hand down Spencer’s boxers. ‘Showers with you are my favourite thing in all the world. While the cat’s away…’

‘Jesus!’ said Spencer. ‘You’ve made me rock hard… Can’t wait for the shower.… Where are my sodding condoms?’

 ‘Here they are,’ said Carlos. Scrambling onto all fours on the bed, he pushed his face into the pillows.