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This is a working title and will probably change. I must also point out that these three chapters are unedited. They will of course be edited before publication.

Nuru’s Duvet Days

Deep in the Congo Basin, a piercing cry rang out. It came from the Moabi tree growing in witch doctor Nuru Malonga’s garden.

‘I’ll turn that sodding bird into a feather duster if it wakes me again,’ mumbled Nuru, who was dozing in bed despite it being mid-afternoon.

‘Are you getting out of bed today, Master?’ said Bobo from the top of the wardrobe. When there was no reply, the one-legged crow turned to Davu who was perching next to him, and whispered, ‘This is the third day he’s stayed steaming in his pit.’

Davu stopped preening his glossy black feathers and whispered, ‘No. It’s the fourth, Bobo. I’m as worried as you are about him. Never seen him so depressed. If bloody Eloise Storm hadn’t broken Omniscient, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The Master hasn’t been himself since she smashed it to smithereens. I know Eloise dropped the mirror accidentally, but even so…’

Bobo nodded. ‘The backlog of women who Nuru’s supposed to be punishing is getting embarrassingly large. Nazebi will give Nuru’s Punisher job to someone else if the master doesn’t stop moping around and punish some of them.’

Davu sighed. ‘Wish we could punish the women ourselves. I feel so horny. I miss perfecting the nipples of gorgeous women and giving them orgasms with my tongue on their clits.’

‘Don’t remind me,’ whispered Bobo. ‘I’ll cry if we don’t go soon to some woman’s bedroom in some country or other  to suck up the Master’s semen from their orifices after he’s fucked them.’

‘Now Omniscient is merely shards of glass in a bin, we can’t even watch the women being punished long distance.’

‘My heart bleeds for you both,’ said a booming voice that the crows knew belonged to Nazebi Malonga, Nuru’s long-dead ancestor who was destined to live under Nuru’s house forever. ‘How are you doing, Nuru? ready to get back to work? I hope so. Got an urgent punishment to put in motion.’

Though he wanted to hide even deeper under the covers, Nuru was aware he should show the spirit of his ancestor respect. He sighed as he sat up in bed, his wild salt-and-pepper hair sticking out even more than usual. ‘How can I do my job properly without Omniscient?’

‘Stop being such a wimp,’ said Nazebi. ‘I agree, it’s not perfect without Omniscient, but you still have most of your powers. You’ve only lost your ability to view past and long-distant present events, so man up. It just means you can’t look in from this house as the women are punished in whichever country the men are punishing them.’

‘I know, I know, I know,’ said Nuru.

‘I think our Master might need a boost to his libido,’ said Bobo. ‘He’s not even wanking.’

Nuru punched his pillow. ‘Silence, Bobo. How bloody dare you!’

‘He’s right, though,’ said Nazebi. ‘I’ll give you a special recipe I gave the last Punisher when he had erectile problems.’

‘Sooner he gets the lead back in his pencil the better,’ said Bobo. ‘We need to get back out there, punishing women.’

‘You will do as soon as Nuru gets his head together,’ said Nazebi. ‘I have an extremely urgent case. There’s a fabulous woman called Sasha Doyle who needs punishing before the end of the month.’

‘Why the urgent deadline?’ said Nuru.

‘It’ll be five hundred years on the first of June since Sasha’s ancestor murdered eleven villagers, including three children. I and the other elders know who committed the atrocities, but he escaped punishment by the law.’

Nuru sighed again. ‘So, it’s my job to level the world’s positive and negative energy again, is it?’

‘Get up, Master,’ said Bobo. ‘Make the potion to make you horny again. Davu and I will be eternally grateful if you do.’

‘Oh, all right,’ said Nuru, throwing back his duvet, revealing a flaccid penis.

Three hours later, Nuru had such a hard erection from the potion he’d concocted, he was forced to visit Sunda, a pretty, young villager. Her relative, Masiala, allowed him to have sex with Sunda for special favours. The last favour Nuru had granted Masiala was to watch him and his crows through a hole in the ceiling of the witch doctor’s bedroom as they punished Eloise Storm in so many ways on Nuru’s bed.

Nuru had even allowed Masiala to have sex with the terrified blonde ex-model before she became the wife of wealthy Spencer Storm. Masiala was keen for Nuru to start having regular sex with Sunda so Nuru would let Masiala rape another woman as punishment for her ancestor’s unpunished crime. The unscrupulous relative hoped to be allowed to have sex with Eloise again, unaware Nuru never wanted to see her face again after she’d broken his precious, irreplaceable all-seeing mirror.

Two days after Nuru had spent the night with Sunda, Nuru clapped his hands to summon his crows, and announced, ‘Right, you two reprobates. I think it’s time we pay this Sasha Doyle woman a visit.’

Bobo squawked with delight. ‘Fantastic! My balls are fit to burst, Master.’

Davu chuckled. ‘They’d make such a tiny explosion, nobody would notice.’

Nuru’s crows’ genitalia were nothing like a normal crow’s mating tools. Knowing how much they valued their genitals, when he transformed them from men into crows, he ensured their tackle consisted of human penises and testicles but miniaturised. They couldn’t copulate with humans or normal crows, not that they wanted to have sex with a crow except if Nuru had turned a woman into one. Cara was just such an unfortunate woman, though she wasn’t a crow for long.

Bobo and Davu’s main sexual release happened when Nuru punished a woman at the behest of Nazebi Malonga, who was doing the bidding of the Ancients who controlled all the Punishers spread throughout the world. Anyone could see from the appalling events and behaviours on earth in the twenty first century that negative energy was taking a stronger hold over people than usual. It was imperative the energy swing back to a more positive vibration.

If the descendants of those who committed unpunished atrocities were punished in place of them, it destroyed some of the negative energy. Which is why Nuru was casting the spell to transport Sasha Doyle to his bedroom so she could be punished. He still wore his loin cloth and tribal headdress. Not having been able to see her in advance because Omniscient was no more, he wondered if he’d fancy having sex with her.

Nuru knew he had the option of leaving Sasha’s sexual degradation to Masiala, Sunda’s randy uncle. Masiala never turned down the chance of sexually terrorising women, especially as he was blessed with a ten-inch penis and a tireless libido. When Omniscient was in one piece, Nuru had often masturbated while snooping on Masiala’s sexual escapades with various village women.

When given the role of Punisher, Nuru had asked Nazebi for the privilege of an upgrade of his eight-inch penis to a ten-incher like Masiala’s.

‘I’d be able to instil more fear into the women you ask me to punish,’ Nuru had said to Nazebi as he’d hovered over his head.

 ‘You know very well that genital enhancements only take place after at least a century of punishing.’

Nuru had sulked. ‘Please, take it up with the Ancients. I could do the job so much better with a bigger phallus.’

‘You’ll just have to swallow your penis envy. Masiala will be long dead by the time you are rewarded with a penis like his.’

Nazebi had argued against the phallic upgrade for a couple of years. After much pleading and emotional blackmail by Nuru, the spirit had gained permission from the Ancients and had shown the overjoyed witch doctor how to cast the spell for the enlargement. They’d given their approval the week Nuru was given the job of punishing Sasha. They knew he’d been feeling low since Omniscient had been broken and thought a penile enlargement might put pep in his step.

‘The spell will also enlarge your testicles, to make you more potent and make it all more aesthetically pleasing. Wank yourself until your hard. Your dick must be at its maximum length for the spell to work.’

Nuru removed his loin cloth and began rubbing his shaft. ‘Goodbye, old friend. We’ve had centuries of fun, but your time has come… If I rub it much more, I might come, so you’d better cast the spell soon. I’ve put all the ingredients in the pot on the fire… Say the words, Nazebi.’

A flash of bright pink light filled the room. Nuru grimaced as a sharp pain enveloped his groin. He was desperate to see what was happening below his waist, but he was still blinded as he stupidly forgot to shut his eyes. As the blindness and pain wore off, he rushed to his full-length mirror.

‘Satisfied?’ said Nazebi said, watching naked,

Beaming from ear to ear, Nuru admired the reflection of his shiny upgraded phallus. ‘I will be soon. I need to test drive my new cock and balls… It’ll be night in Manchester right now. Think I’ll transport Sasha here to give her a little surprise.’

Bobo squawked with laughter as Nuru turned from side to side so his penis slapped loudly against his thighs. ‘More like a massive surprise, Master. If you don’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure, you’ll have to wear a longer loin cloth or wear underpants for obvious reasons.’

Nuru put on his loin cloth and looked in the mirror. Sure enough, the tip was visible. He found a brightly coloured ceremonial loin cloth which was just the right length to cover his new toy.

‘Sasha Doyle won’t know what’s hit her,’ said Davu. ‘I can’t wait to meet her… Any second now.’

In Manchester, Rory Doyle turned over in bed and woke up his wife. Sighing, Sasha glanced at the alarm clock. Three am. She turned over, irritation building as she listened to her husband snore. Sasha loved him, so she tried to forgive him for keeping her awake. Poor thing can’t help having a sinus problem, she thought.

Nuru cast the final handful of ingredients into the cauldron. There was a blinding blue flash and a woman with long auburn hair materialised on his bed, knees akimbo, arms stuck by her sides.

‘Don’t struggle, Sasha,’ he said. ‘It’s pointless. I’ve stolen your voice while you’re here. As you can see, you can only move your mouth, tongue, eyes, and hips. Rock your hips for me.’ He inserted two fingers deep into her vagina as she rocked. ‘Perfect.’

Despite her terrified expression, Sasha’s overtly sexual aura made his new penis twitch. He grew rock hard when he lifted the hem of her nightie to admire and finger her vulva. Aroused as her grip around his fingers tightened, he removed his loin cloth and headdress, causing her even more alarm with the rigidity and impressive, alarming length and girth of his penis.

‘We’ll soon pull off her nightie, Master,’ said Davu.

Nuru shook his head. ‘I’ll do it,’ he whispered, tugging it off her and laying it on a chair.

Unable to move, scream, or speak, Sasha watched Bobo hop level with her breasts and swirl her nipples with his tongue. She stared in disbelief as he made tiny cuts in each nipple then disgorged a vivid green substance over them. Sasha’s eyes widened even more as her nipples tingled and itched like crazy as they enlarged and hardened, jutting out more than they’d ever done. The slightest touch made her clitoris tingle, so when Nuru began agitating it, she came almost immediately.

Nuru grinned. ‘Good… Highly responsive… Davu, fly to Masiala’s house and fetch him. Need to ramp up the punishment. Sasha’s ancestor was a particularly murderous bastard. Raped and killed children too, apparently.’

‘Certainly, Master,’ said Davu.

He was livid at having to miss out on even a second of the woman’s extra special punishment. The last few punishments had all been rather vanilla affairs because the women’s ancestors’ unpunished crimes hadn’t been too extreme.

‘Off you go, then, Davu,’ said Bobo, who’d been vibrating Sasha’s clitoris with his tongue until her juices flowed.

Feeling his penis harden as he watched Sasha come on Bobo’s tongue, Davu said, ‘Why should Bobo get all the fun, Master?’

Nuru glared at him. ‘Stop whingeing. It’ll only take you a few minutes. The sooner you leave, the sooner you can enjoy Sasha. Go!’

Davu knew it was dangerous to anger him. After all, Bobbo was missing a leg after riling the witch doctor. Sighing, Davu flew out the window and barrelled through the air towards Masiala’s rundown shack. As he approached it, he saw Sunda walking along the street. She looked embarrassed when she spotted him, recalling how she had squirted over his head two evenings earlier while he was vibrating her clitoris with his tongue.

Landing on her shoulder, Davu whispered in her ear, ‘Is your uncle home, sexy?’

Sunda nodded, tears welling up in her large brown eyes.

‘What’s up? Has he been fiddling with you again?’

When she nodded again, Davu sighed. He’d always been a little in love with Sunda. ‘You really should go to the police about him, you know. He’s your bloody uncle.’

‘Uncle Masiala promises he’ll never go all the way with me. He just likes to masturbate me and lick my tits as he wanks.’

‘Don’t we all? Tell you what, I’m super horny right now, and I know you always are… Fancy a quickie?’

Her face lit up. ‘Of course.’

Sunda walked up a dark alley off the main road until she reached a red plastic milk crate. The crows had masturbated her on it once before. Pulling up her skirt, she sat on the crate and pulled the crotch of her thong to one side. She closed her eyes as the deliciously intense sensation of the crow’s long, vibrating tongue on her clitoris enveloped her. In less than a minute, she shuddered and covered him in her ejaculate. A few seconds later, Davu sprinkled her inner thigh with his semen.

Standing, she wiped up the tiny trickle of semen with her skirt and straightened her thong. ‘My nipples could do with a good hardening, too,’ she said, pulling down her top to expose her dark brown breasts.

‘I should be somewhere else right now, but I can never resist your titties.’

Davu was disgorging his special green slime over the second nipple when they both heard Nuru’s voice in their heads say, ‘Hurry up, Davu, you randy bastard. I’ll deal with you later, Sunda. How many times must I tell you not to seduce my crows?’

Sunda gasped ‘Sorry, Nuru… You’d better go, Davu.’

‘Always a pleasure,’ said Davu, as he flew off to resume his task. ‘Until we meet again.’

‘Probably when Nuru is punishing me.’

‘You know you like it, really. Toodle-oo.’

Davu was relieved it was only a short flight to Masiala’s wooden shack. Spotting an open window, he flew into the living room. Luckily, the man was at home, lying on the sofa with his jeans around his ankles as he masturbated watching a webcam girl on his laptop as she performed live with a vibrator.

So that the girl wouldn’t be alarmed by a talking crow, Davu whispered in the man’s ear, ‘Turn that off. I have a better offer for you.’

‘But I’ve just paid this bitch for a five-minute wank,’ said Masiala, rubbing his shaft like a demon possessed, his black skin slick with sweat. He groaned when the laptop’s screen went black.

Davu chuckled. ‘Think you pissed her off with your bitch remark.’

‘Bugger… She can squirt, too.’

 ‘Just like your niece squirts, and I know you know that, you dirty bastard. Sunda’s told me all about what you do to her.’

‘But you do it to her, too.’

‘But I’m not her uncle, am I?’

‘No, but you’re a crow. Isn’t that just as weird and unnatural?’

‘Good point, but I was a man once and I’m not related to her. Anyhow, never mind all that. There’s a wilder time ahead for you. Nuru has asked me to invite you to help him punish a beautiful white British woman. She’s flat on her back on his bed with her knees by her ears right now. I know redheads are your favourite. Fancy it?’

‘What do you think? Let’s go,’ said Masiala, putting his penis away and jogging out of his front door. ‘Will I have to watch through the hole in his ceiling or will Nuru allow me in the room?’

‘Don’t know, but I reckon he’ll allow you in the room to make it a more powerful punishment. Nuru’s been fucking your niece more regularly, so he’ll want to reward you.’

‘Yeah. He owes me one,’ said Masiala, approaching Nuru’s front door with Davu perched on his shoulder.

‘Come in, Masiala,’ said Nuru, who’d been sucking Sasha’s enhanced nipples when Masiala entered the bedroom. ‘Bobo’s just sucked my spunk out of her, so she’s all yours once Davu’s checked Bobo’s work.’

‘Thought you’d never asked,’ said Davu.

No sound came out when Sasha opened her mouth to scream as the African stranger stripped naked. She glared at him as he sat on the bed next to her, masturbating as he sucked her nipples. The crow hopped between Sasha’s spread thighs and pushed his sleek head into her vagina to check for stray sperm.

When he pulled his head back into the light, Davu said, ‘I’ve tightened her pussy muscles for you while I was in there.’

‘I can tell,’ said Masiala, fingering Sasha’s vagina as she let out another silent scream of terror. ‘She’s squeezing my fingers so tightly with her pussy. So horny… Got to fuck her.’

‘Go ahead and do it then,’ said Nuru. ‘I’m ready for another go at her.’

Once both men were satisfied, the crows cleaned the semen from Sacha’s vagina and rectum. As they worked on her, Masiala was sent home, and Nuru gave her the speech he gave all women being punished for the sins of their ancestors.

‘Until I say you’re no longer under my spell, you must assume you are. All I ask is this. Never cut a single hair on your body. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, only natural shedding of hairs is allowed. Tell Sasha what’ll happen to her if she disobeys, Davu. I know you get a kick out of it.’

‘My pleasure. If you disobey the master and cut a single hair on your body, Sasha, you’ll become the plaything of every sexual predator who crosses your path. Men who’d normally keep their sexual urges secret will vent their lust on you.’

‘Oh… Nicely put,’ said Bobo, sulking he wasn’t asked to explain. ‘I’ll take it from here, Davu. So, Sasha, if you don’t relish being raped, you must avoid hairdressers, razors, waxing, eyebrow tweezers, and however else a woman removes hair these days.’

Nuru dressed the motionless redhead in her short nightie and threw a handful of magical herbs onto his open fire. There was another flash of blue light and Sasha found herself back in her own bed again, lying in the same position as before she was snatched away. Rory was snoring gently next to her, just as before her rape. She looked at the clock. It can’t still be 3 am. I was at Nuru’s house for more than four hours, she thought, shivering as she relived the worst moments of her abduction. There were so many.

Blast from The Past

The alarm clock woke Sasha from her fitful sleep. It was a miracle she’d slept at all considering what she’d endured during the night. It was a beautiful morning with a cloudless sky, which seemed so incongruous to her. She was in a dark mood, seething with anger to have been so badly abused by Nuru and his crew.

Rory had left for work by the time she’d emerged from the shower, but Sasha feared to confide in him about her ordeal. His one reservation about marrying her had been her admission that her previous partner had dumped her for imagining he’d cheated on her when he’d done nothing of the sort. Rory sometimes ribbed her about her overactive imagination. He was good-humoured about her fanciful remarks, but he was growing tired of them. It was no longer cute.

Rory would have me sectioned if I told him about time stopping and being transported to Africa to be raped by two Africans and two talking crows with vibrating tongues, she thought, absentmindedly reaching for her tweezers to shape her eyebrows, something she always did after a shower.

Patting her aching body dry, she remembered the warning not to cut a single hair, so restrained herself from shaving under her armpits. Rubbing moisturiser into her skin, she gasped as she suddenly recalled having earlier tweezered her eyebrows. She’d only yanked out two or three fine hairs, but Nuru had forbidden her from removing a single hair.

Maybe the sick fucker didn’t see me use my tweezers, she thought, feeling sick with fear.

‘No, I didn’t see it,’ said Nuru from inside her head, making her jump. ‘But my friend, Indigo, saw you do it and told me. Naughty, naughty. I did warn you.’

Though Nuru’s Omniscient mirror was no more, another Punisher had been tasked to keep an eye on Sasha. The female Punisher was a statuesque, beautiful blonde called Indigo Butters. In her flowing, colourful robes, she had the aura of a refugee from a hippie commune in the seventies. She owned a small shop in Cornwall in the south-west of England and sold crystals and incense to tourists. Indigo looked thirty-five, but Nuru knew she was over four centuries old. Though looking like an airy-fairy flower child, Nuru knew what a vicious Punisher she was.

He’d first had sex with her after a messy drinking session at an Ancient’s centennial birthday party in the eighteen hundreds. Despite Indigo’s waspish, dominant manner, she was a looker, so Nuru agreed to her insistent requests to have sex with her every few decades.

Indigo’s punishments of men usually took place with the help of a group of four women aged between sixty and eighty-five who lived nearby. Nuru tended to only use Masiala. Two of Indigo’s familiars enjoyed their roles in the punishments as much as Nuru’s crows did. One familiar was a chimpanzee called Bernice who Indigo had trained to masturbate the men being punished and use dildos and vibrators on them. The other was a German Shepherd called Tonga who was trained to lick a man to climax and sodomise them with her tongue.

At first, Indigo objected when the Ancients ordered her to monitor Sasha’s grooming sessions. She piped down when they told her the urgency of Sasha’s punishment. They said the surveillance wouldn’t last long as no woman had lasted more than a week before cutting or removing some hairs, thereby attracting every deviant in the woman’s neighbourhood.

Nuru was envious that Indigo’s Omniscient mirror was still intact, but he kept his envy hidden so he could stay on her good side. He needed to keep her sweet as she sometimes let him watch her and her helpers punish men for the sins of their ancestors. She’d even allowed him to masturbate a few of the more handsome men to a messy climax as they were tied to Indigo’s bed in Cornwall.

The Congolese witch doctor never pushed his penis into the men but enjoyed watching naked Indigo pulverise their rectums with strap-ons. He was occasionally allowed to help her use various vegetables and household objects in them. Truth be told, Nuru would have loved to slide his penis between the buttocks of some of the sexier men but knew Indigo would think less of him if he ever did.

Indigo preferred her sexual partners to be as close to totally heterosexual as possible. Nuru pretended to be about ninety-five percent heterosexual when seventy percent was closer to the truth. Lucky for Nuru, Indigo couldn’t read his mind when he watched her lubricating some young stud’s anus, for instance, though she did look at him suspiciously when he grew hard. Nuru often had to surreptitiously wipe away his precum as the older women took turns to masturbate their victim to a climax.

The game had almost been up when Nuru came in a tissue when a dark-haired, naked male model they were punishing climaxed after an hour of being tied to Indigo’s bed and edged by the two familiars, watched by the four older women, Indigo, and Nuru.

That wasn’t Nuru’s voice in my head, Sasha told herself. It’s my imagination, or maybe a lack of sleep playing tricks on me. I’ll be fine.

Even as she thought it, she heard Nuru’s booming voice, though she was alone in the bathroom. ‘You’re whistling in the dark, Sasha. I see I must show you I’m not a figment of your imagination.’

 A black feather twirled from the ceiling, landing at her feet. How the hell did that get in here? she thought.

She looked forward to wearing the sexy peephole corset she’d ordered for Rory’s delectation that evening. It was due to arrive that day. Nothing made her happier than turning on her sexy husband. Rory’s flourishing property business provided her with the money to buy the best. His nipple fetish meant all her bras and corsets showcased her spectacular nipples. Sasha suspected he finally decided to ask her to marry him after realising he could never live without access to her large puffy nipples. They were his comforters. Nothing soothed him more than sucking them and playing with them after a stressful day selling houses. She often bared her breasts when they were alone in the house so he could suck them. Jenna and her boyfriend had recently caught him lying on the sofa, sucking Sasha’s nipples when they came home unexpectedly when the concert they were going to was cancelled.

Sasha’s bra or corsets’ matching thongs often came with a crotchless option. She’d buy a crotchless pair to wear to tease Rory, and a more modest version for mundane occasions like trips to the doctors.

Loud knocking on the front door stopped her wondering how the mysterious feather could have twirled down from the ceiling. The girls were at school and Rory was at work, so answering the door was down to her. Sasha could have ignored it, but she was keen to see the lingerie from an online daring, niche lingerie shop, so she scuttled downstairs, clutching her bathrobe around her.

When Sasha struggled to take the security chain off so she could open the front door, her bathrobe gaped. A blast of cold air blew across her breasts, crinkling her nipples, reminding her she was naked beneath her robe. Making sure her body was covered, she unlocked the door and opened it with a friendly smile prepared for the delivery man.

The smile soon disappeared when she saw the delivery driver holding her parcel was Neville Braithwaite.  He’d taught her to drive almost twenty years previously. Neville had made her flesh crawl back then and time hadn’t improved his looks and manner. Short and grossly overweight with thinning grey hair, Neville was in his late fifties but looked older. He still leered at her the way he used to when she was seventeen.

‘Fancy seeing you again after all this time, Sasha,’ said Neville, baring his yellowish teeth in what passed for a smile.

All she could say was, ‘Yes. It’s been ages.’

‘Looks like you’ve fared better than me, lass,’ he said. ‘I lost my driving school business, you know.’

‘Oh, that’s a shame,’ she said, not because she meant it but because he looked like he expected her to say it.

‘Nice place you have here. Married, are you?’ He looked at the name on the parcel. ‘I guess you must be. The label says Sasha Doyle and you used to be Sasha Bottomley. Bottomley. Your surname was so apt because you always had such a peachy bum in those tight short skirts you used to wear. I used to love watching it as you walked away from my car. Always been a bum man, me.’

Sasha tried to take a step backwards. Her eyes widened with disbelief as her feet began walking towards the repugnant little man. How bloody dare he? she thought. What gives him the right to speak to me like that?

‘I give him the right,’ said Nuru from inside her head. ‘Show him your backside, Sasha.’

Are you crazy, Nuru? she thought. The neighbours will see.

‘Look around,’ said the witch doctor. ‘I’ve stopped time again. You, Neville, and my crows are the only things moving.’

Sasha looked around and spotted the crows perched in her magnolia tree. True enough, every other bird was motionless, some mid-flight. The clouds had stopped scudding across the sky. The only sound was Neville’s heavy breathing as he stepped in front of her. He seemed so overcome with lust, he didn’t even notice that time had stopped. It was a quiet area and high hedges surrounded the front garden, so it wasn’t immediately obvious.

Sasha’s bottom lip trembled as she heard Nuru repeat for her to bare her buttocks to ghastly Neville. Get him away from me, Nuru. I loathe the guy. He put his hand on my knee when I passed my driving test. Said he wanted to congratulate me, but I had to fight him off. He was trying to finger me.

Nuru sighed. ‘I know he’s molested several girls he’d been teaching to drive. That’s why I selected Neville to be here for your first punishment. By the way, he can’t hear me or see Bobo and Davu.’

Sasha watched the two crows fly down and land on a bench near her. But, Nuru, Neville will rape m—

‘It won’t be rape,’ said the witch doctor, ‘because you will offer yourself to him to do with as he wishes.’

‘Like hell I wi—’

Nuru sighed. ‘I’m sick of your whingeing. I’m putting you on mute for a while. Except for your sex noises.’

‘Glad you’re not muting those, Master,’ said Bobo. ‘Sasha always makes me hard with all her mewling, moaning, and whimpering during sex.’

Sasha wanted to adjust her gaping robe to stop Neville from gawping down her cleavage, but her hands wouldn’t move.

Neville licked his ugly lips, imagining what the gorgeous redhead looked like under her robe. He used to do the same when she was in his car as a schoolgirl.

Recalling the old days made him scowl. ‘Your bloody parents reported me back then, Sasha. They involved the police, and I lost my business. ‘Did you know that?’ When she shook her head, he said, ‘I was bloody lucky to get this delivery job. As compensation for the misery and loss of income your parents caused me, it’s only fair you should let me, er, see your tits. They’re almost out anyhow.’

To Sasha’s horror, she heard herself say, ‘Yes. That seems fair. Okay. Come indoors and take a good look.’

‘Lovely home you have here,’ said Neville, as they stood facing each other in her locked bedroom.

‘Thanks, but I’m here to make amends for you losing your job.’ Her hands drifted to the upper part of her robe and pulled back the material, then jiggled her large breasts in Neville’s overjoyed face. ‘Go ahead and play with them if you like.’

‘Oh. I like,’ he said.

Though cringing and terrified inside, Sasha couldn’t even scowl or look anything but delighted as the deliveryman grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. She heard herself coo and simper encouragingly as he licked and sucked her nipples until they could stick out no further.

‘Your fun-bags are pure filth, Sasha,’ said Neville, rolling the slippery nipples between his fingers. ‘Never seen nipples like them.’

‘That’s thanks to all the work Davu and I did on them,’ said Bobo from the sideboard.

Nuru made her say, ‘Tickle the tip of my nipples with your tongue… Ooh, my pussy’s so wet… My clit’s tingling.’

Neville leered at her. ‘On the subject of your clit, and I know I’m pushing my luck, but as you’re in such a generous mood, and as I’ve not seen a pussy for over a decade, er…’

Sasha was incredulous when out of her mouth came, ‘Spit it out, Neville. Don’t be shy.’

‘Okay… um… May I check if your arse is as lush as it was in the old days, and check if your pussy’s as wet as you say it is?’

Sasha wanted to scream her objections in his face. However, as though in a nightmare, she turned away from him and bent over. Her hands pulled up the back of her bathrobe, exposing her bare buttocks to a delighted Neville. Her breasts tumbled through the front of her robe and dangled by her ankles.

Sasha found herself saying, ‘Get stuck in. I know you want to.’

Neville grinned inanely, struggling to comprehend why such a gorgeous woman was being so provocative. ‘Well, you’ve certainly changed your tune since I taught you how to do a three-point turn.’

Sasha heard Nuru’s voice in her head say, ‘Take off the robe. It’s getting in the way… Bend over more and move your feet apart… Wider. Now, pull your buttocks apart for him.’

Sasha wanted to die but couldn’t disobey.

‘She’s doing a great job of holding her cheeks apart considering how badly her hands are shaking, Master,’ said Bobo. ‘Her vagina looks as inviting as her butthole, Davu, after all our hard work. I bet you one mug of birdseed that Neville makes a move on her butthole first.’

‘No. I bet he goes for her snatch first… Oh. Looks like we’ve both won the bet.’

Bobo chuckled. ‘Or lost, depending on how you look at it. Neville’s really going for it, isn’t he?’

Sasha glared at the crows while Neville rammed her vagina with two straight fingers. Nuru had stolen her voice again, so she couldn’t even swear or object.

Inside Sasha’s head, Nuru said, ‘Lie on your back on your bed… Take the suction clit vibrator out of your bedside drawer… Hand it to Neville… Pull your knees back.’

Bobo hopped closer as Sasha pulled back her clitoral hood to reveal the swollen nub. ‘Ah… Your clitoris looks perfect. May I?’

Bobo poked out his long tongue and vibrated her clitoris. To Neville’s puzzlement, Sasha began panting and hip thrusting, culminating in a squirt of ejaculate on her thighs and the sheet as she climaxed.

‘Amazing,’ said Neville, before licking the clear liquid from her thigh. ‘Never seen a woman squirt without anyone touching her. What’s this contraption for, sexy?’

‘Not seen a vibrator before, eh?’ said Nuru, through Sasha. ‘Switch it on and hold it on my clit and you’ll find out… Oh, yeah… Press it down until I come… God! Feels so good.’

Sasha mewled as her buttocks clenched. Throwing her head back, she groaned. Her orgasm was intense, leaving her lightheaded and quivering. Breasts heaving, she nervously watched Neville pull his lower garments to his ankles.

Davu whispered in her ear, ‘I’d make the most of the foreplay, Sasha. His dick doesn’t look capable of satisfying you… Looks like he’s going for the full fuck… In it goes, all five inches of it. Try not to die of boredom, darling.’

Bobo hopped near her head and said, ‘Don’t worry, Sasha. I know he’s not wearing a condom, but Bobo and I will clean his jizz out of you after.’

Neville lasted less than a minute. ‘Sorry about that pitiful performance, Sasha. You turn me on too much.’ He brought her to orgasm on his fingers a couple of times, then said, ‘That’s odd. My cock’s growing hard again. So soon? What’s going on?’

To Sasha’s horror, she heard herself say, ‘Don’t question it. Use it to fuck my arse, you naughty man.’

She struggled to resist what her body was threatening to do, but it was no longer under her control. The redhead found herself on all fours on the bed, head down on the pillow, and waggling her buttocks in the air.

Neville began spanking each buttock until it stung. ‘Who’d have thought I’d be spanking your delectable arse, Sasha.’

Oh, great, thought Sasha. How am I going to be able to hide the wanker’s handprints from Rory tonight? Her thoughts were interrupted by her saying, ‘And now you can spunk in it, too, Neville. Lube me up.’

She handed him a tube of lube from her drawer. Tears welled up as he worked in the slime with his fingers then eased his penis into her sore rectum. They were tears of pain, embarrassment, anger, fear, hatred, and scores more emotions she couldn’t identify. I’m losing my mind, she thought, listening to the thwack of the front of his thighs against the back of her thighs.

‘At least his cock’s not big enough to hurt you too much, Sasha,’ said Davu.

After fifteen minutes of Neville’s frantic hip thrusts, Bobo said, ‘On the downside, Neville looks like he’s in for the long haul this time. We’ll vibrate your nipples with our tongues to cheer you up.’

 Sasha wished Neville would evaporate so she could luxuriate in the crows’ delicious nipple vibrating. Their magical tongues on her nipples could make her orgasm almost as easily as when they did it to her clitoris.

Taking a short rest while ploughing her rectum, Neville leaned over Sasha’s back and whispered in her ear, ‘You’re coming like a train, sexy lady. You must love receiving anal as much as I love giving it.’ With a loud groan, he emptied his testicles into her and collapsed on her back to recover.

If only you knew how much I hate anal, and you, Neville Braithwaite, she thought, feeling his semen trickle between her buttocks onto the sheet. I must put a wash on before Rory returns.

After a couple of minutes, Neville rolled off her back. ‘Turn over so I can play with your tits… Ah, that’s lovely… Cracking pair of knockers you’ve got, pet.’ He pulled open her bedside drawer and found her electric wand massager. After twenty minutes of using it on her, he said, ‘I’d love to stay here all day but I must be off, love. Don’t want to lose this job, too. We must hook up again soon.’

Sasha heard herself say, ‘I’m married, Neville, don’t forget. This is a one off. I only did this with you because Rory’s away on business. He’s returning this afternoon.’

‘Well, I guess you’ve repaid me handsomely for when your parents lost me my business.’

Sasha screamed inside when Nuru said, through her, ‘You can take some videos of me, if you like.’

‘Do you mean dirty videos, pet?’ Against her will, she nodded. Grabbing his phone from his jacket, he got off the bed and pointed it at her. ‘I’ve set it to record… Make yourself come on your fingers.’

Half an hour later, Neville had scores of lurid videos and photos of her on his phone and had ploughed her rectum again. As he dressed, he smiled and said, ‘You’re such a dirty slut. Well worth losing my job for. I’ll dream up some excuse to tell the boss for why I’ve not finished my deliveries.’

‘Bet Neville’s left plenty of special deliveries inside your backside, though, darling,’ said Bobo, eager to make a start in the cleaning process.

Kalim’s Conversion

Against her will, Sasha waved Neville goodbye as he left her house. She’d have preferred to give him the middle finger, but Nuru made her smile and wave like a Stepford wife. Sasha wanted to scream with rage at the degrading sex acts Nuru had forced her to perform with a man she loathed. She watched Neville drive away, then closed the front door. She walked into the living room and collapsed on the sofa, sobbing.

‘Your body and voice are all yours again, Sasha,’ said Nuru. ‘The crows and I will leave once they’ve cleared you out.’

‘I’m so tired. Please, go so I can sleep.’

‘You don’t want to spoil their fun, do you? And I’d have thought you wouldn’t want Neville’s spunk slopping around inside you. I’ve seen how much Rory loves licking you out.’

‘Good point,’ said Sasha, getting onto all fours on the sofa and parting her buttocks.

Nuru said from inside her traumatised mind, ‘As a treat for agreeing to let him clean your rectum, Davu will vibrate your clit with his tongue.’

Sasha was too tired and shaken to remember she was naked in the living room without pulling the curtains closed. Assuming Nuru was still halting time, she hadn’t noticed the second hand on the clock was moving again. It had also slipped her mind that it was Friday; window cleaning day.

There was a dull thud as a wet shammy cloth hit the patio doors at the end of the room. On the sofa facing the patio doors, Sasha was too busy mewling, moaning, and bucking as she enjoyed Davu vibrating her clitoris to notice Kalim Hussain, her window cleaner, was staring at her naked body in disbelief. Neither did she see the bearded, skinny twenty-four-year-old take his phone from his grimy jeans and video her as she writhed in ecstasy. Hiding out of her line of sight, he filmed a string of explicit videos.

Nuru and his crows saw the man was hard as he watched Sasha, but they’d warned her what would happen if she cut or removed a single hair, and she’d plucked her eyebrows.

When she arched her back and squirted onto the floor, wide-eyed Kalim groaned and almost filled his boxers with semen, but Sasha was still oblivious he was watching her. His heart pounded when the luscious redhead got on all fours and pulled her buttocks apart. When Bobo stuck his head into her rectum to clean it out, Kalim couldn’t see him, so was puzzled to see the woman’s anus enlarge and gape as the crow busied himself inside her.

Nuru grinned as he watched the man release the drawstring on his black tracksuit bottoms and fish out his sizeable erection. Nuru cast a spell so the latch on the patio doors flicked across. Sasha was too busy being suctioned and tweaked by the crows to see one of the doors slowly and silently slide open.

Thinking the naked woman must have been happy to see him and had opened the door with a remote control so he could join her, Kalim pulled his jogging bottoms over his erection and darted into the lounge and behind the sofa. He wanted to stand and introduce himself, but his nerve suddenly left him, and he crawled his way along the back of the sofa until he crouched, heart pounding, behind her head.

Nuru stage-managed events so that Sasha flipped over onto her back at just the right moment to facilitate Kasim’s safe entry. She spread her knees so the crows could suction Neville’s semen from her vagina. Normally, she would have seen Kalim but he’d managed to creep behind the sofa so he could watch her labia part from behind her head. Luckily, there were no mirrors nearby to reflect his image and alert her that there was a masturbating intruder only a few feet away from her. 

There’s no way a beauty like her would invite a minger like me in here for sex, thought Kalim, admiring her erect nipples, the wetness of her spread labia and neat landing strip of pubic hair. I’m the wrong end of the sofa to look up her vagina but the view is still awesome. Never been so close to a naked woman.

Davu had finished Bobo’s cleaning work inside her vagina and was vibrating her left nipple as Bobo tongued the right one. Despite the horrors of sex with Neville, she closed her eyes and smiled with deep pleasure. At just the right moment, Bobo hopped down to her clitoris and vibrated it, tipping her into another powerful orgasm. She arched her back so much when she squirted, Kasim thought her spine might snap.

Knowing the Ancients would praise him for organising two punishments in such quick succession, Nuru made Sasha say, ‘I know you’re behind the sofa, sexy. Come out, come out, whoever you are.’

What the fuck? thought Sasha. The clock’s stopped. You’ve stopped time again, haven’t you, Nuru? You said you’d go so I can rest.

From inside her head, Nuru said, ‘What’s about to happen between you and the man behind your sofa will go far to put right the wrongs caused by your ancestor, Eustace Bottomley. The sooner the negative energy Eustace created in the universe has been turned to positive energy, the sooner you’ll be free of me.’

So, Nuru, you’re saying the more badly my voyeur treats me, the quicker the positive and negative energy will be rebalanced, are you?

‘Precisely. And don’t worry about anyone except your mystery admirer seeing you like this. I’ve stopped time again for as long as I want. You’re tired, so I’ve cast a little spell to make you feel super horny for a few hours.’

Jesus, Nuru! You’ve overdone it. My clit’s supersensitive, she thought, rubbing it furiously.To her horror, her hips began gyrating and thrusting suggestively. Her voice said, ‘Come out from behind the sofa and fuck me. Don’t be shy, big boy.’

‘Did you see my dick when I was outside your door, Mrs Doyle?’ said an Asian voice from behind the sofa.

Though Sasha felt weak with fear, her voice spoke Nuru’s words with flirtatious confidence. ‘Didn’t see it but I’m hoping it is. I need some serious meat inside me.’

She grimaced, thinking made her sound like some kind of gangster’s moll. Slowly, the window cleaner stood and looked down at her naked body squirming and writhing with pent-up lust on the sofa. His penis was still in his right hand, dribbling with pre-cum.

Sasha had seen the man often enough before when he’d cleaned her windows, but wished she hadn’t seen this side of him. He walked slowly around the sofa and faced her, staring at her wet vulva and heaving breasts.

Nuru made her pat the sofa, and say, ‘Sit next to me so I can rub that delicious-looking cock… What’s your name?’

‘I’m Kalim… Oh… Please don’t rub me like that… I might come everywh—’

Groaning, he released warm semen onto her thigh. Picking up her thong, he wiped the skin clean, muttering, ‘Sorry… Sorry… Sorry.’

‘Never mind, Kalim,’ she said, horrified to find herself stroking his arm, almost lovingly. ‘Now you’ve come, you’ll last longer next time.’

Looking at her with disbelief, he stammered, ‘But… But I’ve never been with a woman.’

Sasha tried to stop her mouth from moving but heard herself say, ‘It’s about time you did. Let’s go to my bedroom.’

‘Really? For sex?’

‘Of course, you silly sausage. I’m not expecting you for a quote to redecorate it, am I?’

Davu whispered to Bobo, ‘This Kalim fellow’s such a disappointment. He’s shyer and more vanilla than I’d hoped. I thought he’d punish her hard because he’s a member of a particularly misogynistic online incel group.’

‘What an incel?’ said Bobo.

Davu sighed. ‘Don’t you know anything? Incel is short for involuntary celibate. Incels are heterosexual men who hate women because the men think they’re too ugly, short, fat, or just generally undesirable for any women to want to have sex with them. The Ancients told us Kalim spends his free time becoming thoroughly brainwashed on the incel site. They’re supposed to be self-pitying and hostile to women because he’s convinced they won’t fuck him. Master should sex up this goon’s behaviour before we all die of boredom.’

‘I agree,’ said Nuru. ‘The guy’s too meek… There… I’ve adjusted the spell so Kalim releases his inner macho beast on Sasha. The harsh punishment he dishes out will help to rebalance the positive to negative energy. Good. He’s stripped naked.’

‘He looks mean,’ said Davu. ‘Kalim means business.’

Bobo nodded his sleek head. ‘And about time, too.’

Kalim stood naked in front of the terrified redhead, hands on hips. ‘Get on your knees and suck my dick, bitch.’

Recoiling in horror inside, she found herself smiling as she knelt before him and swirled her tongue around his glans before taking him down her throat. Her hand took it on itself to caress his testicles while he glowered down at her as if wanting to kill her.

‘Stop that, whore,’ he said, making her yelp as he pulled her upright by her long hair. ‘Get upstairs, or I’ll fuck you right here on your floor.’

Rubbing her sore scalp, Sasha sashayed to the bottom of the staircase and began to climb, feeling his eyes on her buttocks as he followed her. Reaching out, Kalim smacked her hard on the buttocks. ‘Bend over, bitch,’ he said, when they were halfway up.

Sasha felt the witch doctor take control of her body, and her voice had disappeared again. Nuru made her halt and bend over. Despite holding onto a higher step, Sasha almost fell as Kalim pulled her buttocks apart and forced his tongue into her rectum. I want to die… He’s disgusting… Nuru’s behind Kalim’s character change, she thought, recoiling as her abuser’s meaty erection rubbed against her skin.

When a powerful force moved her feet apart, she gasped when Kalim pushed two straight fingers into her vagina from behind, ramming them in and out as she swore silently at him.

‘Gonna finger-blast you until your pussy juice dribbles down your legs,’ said the Pakistani. His digits pummelled her vagina, then he licked it from behind. Whacking on her buttocks, he snarled, ‘Get upstairs.’

Sasha rushed up the remaining stairs, scared witless by the man’s unexpected aggression. In her bedroom, Kalim slapped her face, swearing at her as he pushed her onto the bed. Before she could sit up, he launched himself on top of her and buried his penis inside her. The sheets still felt damp with sweat and bodily fluids from when her driving instructor raped her.

Three hours later, Sasha lay on an even wetter sheet feeling shellshocked as she watched Kalim dress. The burning anger seemed to have left him and she was back in control of her body and voice, though the crows were still in the bedroom and Nuru was still lodged in her head.

Sounding as meek and mild as when he’d cowered behind her sofa, Kalim said, ‘Cheer up, Sasha. Thanks for helping me make up for my life of celibacy. I would have been happy to just watch you through your window while you masturbated, but you had other plans. So glad you did.’

She wanted to say, ‘It wasn’t me who seduced you. It was Nuru. He also turned you into a violent rapist.’

Not having the strength to explain who the witch doctor was, Sasha was far too traumatised by what Kalim and Neville had inflicted on her to do anything except weep.

Nuru saw to it that Kalim forgot how rough he’d been with Sasha while raping her vaginally and anally. He’d forgotten how his victim had screamed when he’d bitten her nipple so hard, she’d feared it would come off in his mouth. He now behaved as if he’d never put her over his knee and beaten her buttocks with her hairbrush until the bristles punctured the skin.

Sasha knew Nuru’s magic would heal the wounds, hide the bite marks so Rory would never find out, and remove the blood stains on the sheets. Though wanting to stay in bed and hide under the covers, she escorted Kalim to the front door, not caring she was naked. Awkwardly, almost apologetically, Kalim exited the house, collected his ladder and continued his window cleaning round.

From inside Sasha’s head, Nuru said, ‘Return to your bedroom, so the crows can suck Kalim’s jizz out of you. I’m impressed by how well you stood up to his onslaught. What he put you through will bring you to almost halfway through your punishment.’

‘Only halfway?’ she said, trudging upstairs and lying on the bed, legs akimbo so the crows could do their work.

‘Sadly, yes,’ said Nuru, watching Davu’s head push inside Sasha’s vagina. ‘Despite the horror you feel as you’re being raped, you enjoy orgasms far too much. Your pleasure reduces the strength of the punishment, generating less energy. There’s nothing you or I can do about it becau—’

‘Because you’re just a horny bitch,’ said Bobo, giggling as he looked up from vibrating her nipples with his tongue. ‘There… You’ve come again and almost drowned Davu.’

‘I’m getting used to a tsunami of ejaculate washing over me as I’m cleaning her out,’ said Davu, shaking the droplets off his feathers.

Bobo ignored the criticism. ‘It’ll just take longer for us to complete your punishment and move onto the next woman. With a body like yours, I’m fine with it taking longer.’

Nuru glared at him. ‘Carry on with your work, Bobo.’

‘You call this work?’ mumbled Bobo. ‘I love every second of it.’

Working on healing the nasty wounds Kalim had inflicted on Sasha, Nuru turned to the crows and said, ‘I have something to discuss with you two. Let’s go. Sasha is now perfectly restored.’

‘Except for my fucking mind,’ she murmured as a flash of blue light heralded the trio’s departure.