My Sexy Books Corner – Published

Most of my books have sex in them because sex is part of life. I’ve usually tried to censor myself in some way so my books would be more accepted by the general reading public. In 2019, I decided to follow the advice of an author friend and drop the self-censoring. The Trouble With Trouble, Trouble In Cornwall, and Troubled are the results. They follow on from Book 1, The Trouble With Liam, a psychological thriller that can be found on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook editions.

In April 2020, I published The Trouble With Trouble in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. It’s Book 2 of The Trouble series of thrillers. It tells what happens when a police forensic scientist invents a sexual arousal cream called Trouble. DCI Jeremy Cosgrove, who appears in Book 1, finds himself up to his neck in serious trouble when he and three women who work with him at a Sheffield police station are blackmailed into performing unspeakable acts to save their public reputations.

I’ve also written Book 3, Trouble In Cornwall. DCI Cosgrove finds himself in more deep trouble. He and Kate, his highly sexed family liaison officer, are sent to Cornwall to investigate the kidnap of Wayne, Jessie O’Sullivan’s young son.

There is explicit sex in all three books because of their subject matter, even more than in Book 1. There were a couple of chapters in The Trouble With Liam which I almost deleted due to my worries they might be too sexually explicit. I’m glad I didn’t because I had no backlash and mostly 5-star reviews for the book.

Below, I’ve uploaded the first three chapters of The Trouble With Trouble on My Sexy Books Corner – published. There are also three chapters of Trouble In Cornwall, and Troubled on My Sexy Books Corner – yet to be published. 

I’d welcome your comments and suggestions. There’s a comment box at the bottom of my Home page.


Chapter 1. The Car Park

Whenever DCI Jeremy Cosgrove’s stunning new liaison officer sashayed by, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Kate Pendleton had joined his well-respected crime-busting team in Sheffield four months before. It unsettled him how increasingly aroused he was by the alluring brunette’s overtly sexual aura. Jeremy had never strayed from his dull, eighteen-year marriage to Sabrina and was no womaniser. Kate was the only female to tempt him.

Her often inappropriate flirtatious remarks, delivered in her attractive Welsh accent, drove him wild. It was a daily struggle to maintain his professionalism and resist flirting back with the twenty-five-year-old singleton. Jeremy never imagined that perfectly formed Kate would even glance his way, but she was showing interest in him.

Jeremy was no Adonis, just an average-looking, tall, stern-faced, sandy-haired senior detective in his late forties. His clothing consisted solely of beige suits, white shirts, beige ties, and matching shoes. His limited wardrobe choices drove his wife to distraction but he needed simplicity in a busy professional life. Sabrina Cosgrove tried valiantly to convince her husband to buy more adventurous clothes, but he was having none of it.

As Kate’s senior officer, it was Jeremy’s duty to mentor her and to discipline her if necessary. There were so many ways for the Welsh beauty to mess up and she frequently did. Her errors gave Jeremy the excuse to sit behind his desk and watch her blush, twist her long brown hair around her fingers and stare at the floor with her large hazel eyes as he told her how unprofessional she’d been.

Kate flirted outrageously with any male, triggering Jeremy’s jealousy. Her inappropriate behaviour with male colleagues prompted him to summon her to his office for another scolding. The more Jeremy asserted his authority over Kate during their busy working week at the station, the more she seemed to relish it. Jeremy found he was calling her into his office more than was necessary solely to reprimand her. His heart raced with anticipation whenever she arrived late for work or filled in her paperwork incorrectly.

DCI Cosgrove wasn’t daft. He could tell Kate was aroused by his deep voice admonishing her in the privacy of his office. On one such occasion, he thought, Hate to admit it, but I’m turned on too whenever I use my authority over such a stunner. Jeremy relied on his desk to hide his arousal as the sexual tension crackled between them. Although his lust for Kate was almost too strong to bear, his professionalism had so far prevented him from making a move on her, but he often fantasised about doing so.

Sultry dawn was breaking when DCI Cosgrove and Kate began an obscenely early shift at the station. The sun had barely risen yet the heat was stifling. Sheffield was in the middle of a prolonged heatwave. Kate had turned up late yet again after a night of passion with a French chef she’d been flirting with online. She looked immaculate despite her shocking sexual activities with Pierre only hours before.

Three days earlier, there’d been a fatal stabbing of a thirty-two-year-old man called Steven Edgeworth who’d lived on Telford Estate in Sheffield. Jeremy and Kate planned to drive over to the crime scene and meet DS Alan Niles and DS Theresa Smart to carry out further investigations. As the team’s liaison officer, Kate was scheduled to meet the victim’s father, Dr Norman Edgeworth, to offer him support.

Before Jeremy and Kate were due to leave the station to drive over to Telford Estate, he summoned her to his office to ask her the reason for her late arrival. Blushing, she said, ‘I’m sorry, sir. My alarm didn’t go off.’

‘That’s the third time this week, Kate. Maybe you should consider buying a new clock,’ said Jeremy, watching her squirm in front of him with her hands clasped behind her back. She’s doing that on purpose to force her big boobs right in my face, he thought with his penis twitching. In his sternest voice, he said, ‘Your atrocious time-keeping is unprofessional and unacceptable, young lady. This is your final warning.’

 Kate bowed her head, causing her glossy dark hair to hang like a curtain over her high cheekbones. Her large hazel eyes looked up at him appealingly through their unusually long lashes. I reckon she misbehaves on purpose so I’ll summon her to my office for a good telling off. Strange girl. Damn! She’s smirking. I think she’s spotted my semi.

After her reprimand, they took the lift in silence down to the depths of the basement of the police car park, an area designated for only senior officers’ cars. During their descent, Kate looked at the floor and shifted from foot to foot. It was so early, not a soul was in sight. Jeremy’s sleek black car was the only vehicle on the basement level. The lack of cars was due to Jeremy’s senior colleagues either being on leave or attending an important seminar being held in Leeds that morning.

Jeremy’s heart skipped a beat when Kate clambered into the passenger seat of his car. Her floaty skirt had risen dramatically, displaying more of her sheer black stockings and suspenders than was decent. She’s flashing me on purpose, he thought, unsettled by how fast his penis had hardened. She’s not even bothering to pull down her skirt again. Can’t she see she’s giving me palpitations? Not sure I can drive with this hard-on. Come on Jeremy, pull yourself together. You’re on duty.

‘Um… sort your skirt out, Kate.’

‘What if I don’t want to, sir?’ she whispered, glancing sideways at him with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Confused by her rare act of defiance, Jeremy was struck dumb as he wondered if he’d heard Kate correctly. He stared in disbelief as she slowly inched the thin material higher to above the crotch of her semi-transparent black thong and slightly parted her thighs. He was beyond astonished when she murmured in her soft Welsh accent, ‘You can touch if you want to, sir.’

Looking from the thong’s tantalising contents to her wicked eyes then back to her thong, Jeremy mumbled, ‘Pardon?’

He gasped as she smiled and parted her thighs further. ‘I said you can touch, sir,’ she whispered, provocatively running a red-taloned finger up and down the crotch of her thong. ‘Feel how wet you’ve made me.’

Slowly gyrated her hips in her seat, Kate squirmed as though in the grip of uncontrollable lust. The underground car park was brightly lit, so her boss could take in every detail through the delicate black material. The clear outline of her slightly parted, plump, hairless labia was more inviting to him than a chicken dinner with all the trimmings.

Undoing his seat belt, Jeremy leaned over and tentatively ran his long fingers over her thong’s warm surface. As a red-blooded male, he wanted more. When she pulled her knees wider, he gulped at the sight of her pronounced clitoral hood pressing against the material.

‘Well, nobody can accuse you of being shy, Kate. Are you sure about this? I don’t want to be slapped with a molestation lawsuit,’ he said.

‘I can’t say it any clearer than I’ve said it, unless you want a written invitation. I’ve fantasised about you touching me for weeks. Go ahead. Touch me,’ she said.

Jeremy thought, I’ve not had a sniff of sex in months. Opportunities like this don’t come along every day, not with a stunner like Kate. Checking the coast was still clear, he bent lower and rubbed firmly over the material, forcing it between her succulent labia.

To his surprise and delight, Kate raised her right leg and sandwiched it between his long thighs to improve his view. Gripping the edge of her thong’s crotch, she yanked the flimsy material to one side. With her thumb and middle finger, she parted her labia, exposing her entire wet vulva to Jeremy’s hungry eyes.

Sweating with arousal, Jeremy thought, Wow! That’s the wettest, most scrumptious pussy I’ve ever seen. I should put her on a charge for gross misconduct, but I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone more. Dare I go any further? It’d be wrong on so many levels.

Seeing him waver, Kate pulled back her clitoral hood and proudly displayed her prominent clitoris. ‘Go on. Rub it, sir. I want you to,’ she whispered, smiling up at him impishly.

It all looked so inviting, Jeremy’s resolve to behave snapped. No longer able to resist, he stretched out two fingers and gently rubbed Kate’s slippery, glistening nub.

Her eyes widened and she held her breath as they watched his fingers become a blur, coaxing her towards an orgasm. Gripping the sides of her car seat, she murmured, ‘Rub harder… Yes. Just like that… Oh, my God… It feels amazing. Quick. Slide your fingers inside me.’

All Jeremy’s wet dreams over the past four months were coming true. It’d be rude not to, he thought, pushing two fingers deep into his officer’s tight, wet hole. Kate bucked on his probing digits as they moved like pistons. Jeremy knew he must act quickly to evade being caught. She’s loving it, he thought, beside himself with lust.

She whispered, ‘Rip the crotch of my panties in two.’

‘Just slide them off, Kate,’ said Jeremy. ‘Seems a shame to destroy them.’

‘No. Rip them. It’s more exciting,’ she said.

The material was so delicate, her thong lay in tatters on his car’s mat in a few seconds. Taking a sly sniff as he retrieved it, Jeremy pushed what remained of his liaison officer’s underwear into his jacket pocket. Nobody, especially Sabrina, must find the evidence. It’ll be safer in my pocket until I can hide it at home.

Pushing back her seat, Kate daintily placed her left foot clad in its black patent high-heeled shoe onto the dashboard. Angling her vulva towards him, she said, ‘This’ll make it easier, sir.’

‘Perfect,’ he whispered, simultaneously fingering her and feverishly rubbing her hard nub. He thought, I should tell Kate to call me Jeremy, but it turns me on when she calls me sir in that sexy Welsh accent. Wish we weren’t stuck in this damned car, although Kate’s making great use of the space. She’s so flexible.  

With impressive agility, Kate shifted position so her boss could bury his head between her legs. Gyrating on his tongue, she moaned and gibbered nonsense. Suddenly, she sat upright, her face contorted in agony. Jeremy wiped his wet chin and said, ‘What’s up? Did I hurt you?’

‘No… Got cramp in my bloody calf,’ she said, gasping with pain and rubbing her leg.

To his delight, while he’d been concentrating between her legs, Kate had undone her blouse and pulled her ample, perfect breasts over the top of her exotic bra.

‘My leg’s okay now, sir. Thought I’d pop out these two bad boys to meet you,’ she said, placing her foot back on the dashboard and jiggling her breasts to entice him, not that he needed much enticing.

Jeremy’s mouth was too dry to answer, but his expression showed his approval. Perfect breasts, he thought as he watched her tug her erect nipples. Those are the sexiest, puffiest nipples I’ve ever seen. They put Sabrina’s saggy tits and boring, flat nipples to shame. Must suck them.

Kate licked each one slowly and provocatively. ‘All natural. Nothing fake about me, sir,’ she purred, offering them up to his mouth.

Jeremy licked and sucked each nipple as his fingers worked deep inside her. Fingering her hard and fast, he was amazed at how many orgasms shuddered through her body.

Multiorgasmic, he thought. So different to Sabrina. Mrs Frigid’s never had an orgasm, try as I might to give her one. He grinned as Kate shuddered and came again, this time squirting three small jets of clear liquid from between her legs in an arc. Watching the droplets on the car’s mat, Jeremy thought, Wow! I’ve never made a woman gush before. Must remember to wipe up afterwards. He glowed with pride after witnessing what he interpreted as the visible evidence of Kate’s desire for him.

Jeremy loved how eager she was for his fingers and tongue to roam freely over her body, even her anus. Dirty mare, he thought as his tongue prodded deep inside her rectum. His exploration only ceased when Kate unbuckled his belt and unzipped his beige trousers. Jeremy sat back and fondled her breasts as she stretched out the front of his boxers to admire his manhood.

‘Hello, hello, hello. What do we have down here, sir?’ she said with a wicked grin. ‘I’d hoped you’d be well-endowed and I’m not disappointed. Let me get at it. Pull down your trousers and boxers.’

With lust making him forget where he was, Jeremy stripped naked from the waist down, bunching his trousers and boxers around his ankles. Kate hungrily swallowed him down her throat without any hint of a gag. Cosgrove’s heart swelled with pride as he thought, She called me well-endowed. Must admit, my dick is larger than average, not that Sabrina ever cared. Jeremy’s head tilted back and he closed his eyes, relishing Kate’s oral talents. His fingers teased her clitoris and jabbed inside her after she’d thoughtfully placed her foot back on his dashboard.

Kate’s dark hair bobbed up and down in Jeremy’s lap as he marvelled at how expertly her tongue was swirling around the tip. As she rubbed up and down his shaft before swallowing him again, he thought, Not had a BJ since before I was married. I’ve died and gone to heaven. Her pussy feels so good squeezing my fingers… I’m… So… Close.

Unfortunately for Jeremy, he wasn’t quite close enough. They were so engrossed with each other, they failed to notice the tall, broad-shouldered, shaven-headed man carrying a black holdall bag who was approaching their car at speed from the corridor leading to the car park. The muscle-bound thirty-five-year-old wore a black short-sleeved shirt, black trousers. On his right hand was a blue latex glove.

Chapter 2. Rude Interruption

Loud, authoritative rapping of massive knuckles on the car’s windscreen made Kate disgorge Jeremy’s penis. Squealing with surprise, she jerked back in her seat, still gripping Jeremy’s wet manhood. Frozen rigid, they stared at the grinning stranger holding a phone to his eye.

Kate’s left foot, clad in its stylish black stiletto, was still wedged near the top of the steering wheel, leaving her vulva exposed to the phone’s camera lens. Jeremy was too startled to consider covering his erection, glistening with Kate’s saliva. All he could do was gawp in disbelief at the man as he filmed their serious indiscretion.

The new arrival was a stranger to Kate but Jeremy immediately recognised Grant Trafford, the uncouth guard who worked in the station’s security camera room. There’d been no love lost between the pair since Jeremy had reprimanded Grant for spitting out gum outside the lift in the basement’s corridor.

The ruggedly attractive man crouched close to Kate’s window, his smartphone glued to his dark eye. Licking his full lips, he scanned up and down the brunette’s quivering, naked body, making sure Jeremy’s startled face and penis were also visible.

Paralysed with fear, Kate was in turmoil over being caught naked with her boss but eventually managed to set both feet on the car’s floor and cover her pubic area with her hands. Her mouth hung open and her glossy red lips trembled with fear as she stared at the undeniably good-looking stranger, praying he’d disappear.

Still filming, Grant said, ‘Open your window, Kate, or I’ll make these incriminating videos public. Don’t even think of driving off, Cosgrove. You’ll deeply regret it. If you don’t want the world to see these mucky videos, do everything I say.’

Wondering how the hunk knew her name, Kate shook her head and pleaded with him to leave. When the security guard narrowed his eyes and repeated his order, she reluctantly tapped the switch and lowered the window a couple of inches. Irritated by Kate only opening it a crack, the burly man raised a bushy black eyebrow and said, ‘Don’t be a stupid bitch. Open your window completely so we can talk. Put your foot back up on the dashboard. If you don’t, I’ll release the videos. I already have plenty of open-snatch shots of you and ones of you wanking your boss or with his cock down your throat, but I’m greedy. I want more.’

Terrified he’d show the videos of their indiscretion to the world, Kate pressed the switch. As soon as the window was fully lowered, she squealed as Grant’s head and smartphone darted through it. Kate tentatively placed her foot back on the dashboard. Her exposed vulva was once again a delicious, inviting banquet spread out before her boss, and Grant, unfortunately for Jeremy. Zooming in to film a close-up, Grant said, ‘Knees further apart, Kate… Wider… Oh, hell, yeah! Deliciously wet. You’re a proper Juicy Lucy. Cute butthole, too.’

Jeremy tried to grab the phone, leaving his penis exposed for Grant to film. Enraged his erection was in the same video containing a naked female posing lewdly in the foreground, the detective shielded it with his hands, shouting, ‘Stop filming us, you pervert! Close your legs for Christ’s sake, Kate.’

‘I daren’t, sir,’ she whimpered.

Grant stood back, silently tinkering with his phone. ‘Too late for modesty, Cosgrove. I’ve shot more than enough videos to destroy you both and have emailed them to my email account. Kate’s wise to keep displaying all her goods to me. From now on, you two are mine. Hand me your car keys, Cosgrove. Don’t want you driving off.’

Jeremy tossed the keys onto the car park floor and muttered, ‘Hope you choke on them, you pig.’

‘Yeah. You tell him, sir,’ said Kate.

‘Silence, you two! Don’t piss me off. Put your hands on your heads,’ said Grant, his phone zooming from their genitals to their shocked, blushing faces and back again.  

Although raging inside, Jeremy and Kate placed their hands on their heads in the hope that pleasing the guard might save their reputations. Seeing Kate nervously glancing around the car park, Grant said, ‘Relax, sugar tits. Some of my friends are making sure nobody appears to spoil my fun. We won’t be disturbed until I’m done with you.’

Erect and aching to come, Jeremy’s anxiety levels soared even higher when Grant flung open Kate’s car door. Despite knowing the damage had already been done, she instinctively placed one arm across her breasts, closed her legs and began surreptitiously inching her skirt down to cover her groin.

She’d almost succeeded in covering her nakedness when the muscle-bound Adonis pointed the phone between her legs and snarled, ‘Oh, no you don’t, you silly tart. Pull off your skirt. It’s annoying me… Now, clasp your hands on your head and put your foot back up on the dashboard… Bend your knees out sideways as far as you can. Your boss and I want to see all your goods, including your starfish… Perfect. Cosgrove, take a closer look at both Kate’s holes… Push your head closer… Tickle her clit with your tongue… Don’t argue. Do it now… Good boy. My next video will be of you making this sexy bitch come.’

 ‘You must be bloody kidding. I’m Kate’s boss. I’ll do no such thing,’ said Jeremy.

Kate whispered in her boss’s ear, ‘Do what he says so we can end this nightmare, sir.’

Jeremy ignored her, saying, ‘Fuck off, Trafford, or I’ll arrest you.’

 Grant laughed in his face. ‘Nah, you won’t, and I’ll tell you why. I watched all your performance on one of the screens in my CCTV room. Everything’s recorded. So, stick two fingers in her pussy as you lick her clit or you’ll deeply regret defying me. I fancy shooting close-ups of you making her come. Do it.’

Trying to pretend he wasn’t highly aroused, Cosgrove looked apologetically at Kate and said, ‘Well, if you’re sure you don’t mind, Kate.’ 

Grant sighed with irritation. ‘For Christ’s sake, man, just follow my orders. No? Okay. I can see you need explicit directions. Suck her nipples… Tug them with your teeth… Good. Lean forward so I can film you checking how wet she is… Hands off your head, Kate. Pop your clit out for him… There it is… What a whopper. Lick it, Cosgrove.’

Embarrassed his leaking penis was showing his acute state of arousal, Jeremy said, ‘Stop this now, Grant. You’ve gone way too far,’ said Jeremy.

‘Silence!’ snarled Grant. ‘Lick her clit or else… And again… Keep licking… Jab two fingers in her pussy… Faster… Oh, yes… Sounds mighty juicy in there.’

‘Please, leave us alone,’ said Kate, cringing with embarrassment as her vaginal sounds grew louder.

Grant said, ‘Shush, Juicy Lucy, so my phone can capture the sound of your boss finger blasting you… Keep those fingers moving as you lick her… Faster… Oh, my! Those sounds are turning me on so much, girl… Let’s listen… Music to my ears… Move your fingers from side to side in her, too. Beat her batter… Perfect… Pancakes, anyone?’

Jeremy raised his head and muttered, ‘You’re a disgusting, evil monster, Trafford.’

Grant chuckled as he toyed with Kate’s breasts with his free hand. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones. Move your fingers faster… Keep licking. She’ll come any second now… Yes! There she blows! Kate’s three squirts on the mat will be a bonus feature for this video… Cosgrove, smile as you show the camera your slippery fingers… Suck them… Good job. Let’s all look at the videos. Your cock looks fit to burst in the background of this one. What would Mrs Cosgrove do to you if she saw you enjoying making this tasty piece of ass come?’

‘You wouldn’t dare show her,’ said Jeremy.

‘That’s where you’re wrong. I’d love to show her every video, so don’t provoke me.’

Tearfully regretting ever seducing her boss, Kate looked up beseechingly at Grant. ‘Please, leave us alone. My family must never see this filth. You don’t know how straight-laced they are. Haven’t you humiliated us enough?’

Grant said, ‘Not by a long chalk. I’m going nowhere, love. A sexpot like you deserves better than him. Sit back, Cosgrove, and watch an expert make this fine filly come. Lean forward, Kate, so your boss can handcuff your wrists behind you.’

Removing a pair of handcuffs from his holdall, Grant passed them to Jeremy who reluctantly bound his liaison officer’s wrists behind her, forcing her uptilting bare breasts to jut out further.

‘Your titties are as awesome as your pussy, Kate,’ said Grant, tweaking and licking her nipples. Despite her fear, Kate was perversely aroused by Grant’s touch and his admiration of her body. When the security guard parted her labia to film her most intimate areas, it troubled her to find she was helpfully angling her vulva so he could film it more easily.

Jeremy glared at her reproachfully, growing more incensed when she ignored his silent plea to act more modestly. He didn’t know his family liaison officer was used to exposing her private parts to strangers.

In her spare time, Kate had grown addicted to the thrill of exposing and pleasuring every part of her naked body online during cybersex with random masturbating men of all ages and nationalities. Kate knew it was wrong and dangerous, but she relished the thrill of making men hard. They egged her on, knowing the wild woman was reckless enough to let them watch her. Her mission was to have multiple orgasms, knowing the men would also come as they watched and listened. In the police station’s car park, Kate’s perfect, naked body had made two men rock solid.

Placing his phone on top of the car’s roof, Grant said, ‘I need two hands for this. Watch and learn, Cosgrove.’

Pulling a length of thin rope from his holdall, Grant opened the door, tied one end around Kate’s left knee, wrapped it around a grab handle on the car’s ceiling and pulled it tight so her knee was held firmly in position up in the air.

Kate moaned and her body tensed as Grant worked on her. He looked up and said, ‘Oh, you really like that, don’t you, sexy? Women say I possess the magic touch.’

His victims didn’t notice Grant secretly dip the latex-gloved index finger of his right hand into an open jar in his pocket. His gloved hand darted through the open window like a striking cobra and forced the cream-coated finger between Kate’s parted labia. With the handcuffs and rope preventing her from protecting herself, Kate shrieked as Grant’s finger smeared her clitoris with a cold, slimy substance, then poked deep inside her vagina.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ wailed Kate. Next second, she froze, holding her breath, her eyes wide with panic and confusion. ‘Something weird’s happening. It’s like… It’s like… Oh, fuck! I must come. What’s he done to my clit? Feels like it’s growing. Check if it is, sir.’

When she began writhing as though in pain, Jeremy gripped her arm to try to calm her, saying, ‘Try to stay still while I look… That’s odd. Your clit’s growing before my eyes. Your vagina’s fluttering, clenching, and gaping. It’s going berserk.’ Turning to Grant, he said, ‘What have you done to her, you bastard?

Grant said, ‘Now Kate’s in the grip of Trouble arousal cream, it’s safe for you to remove her rope and handcuffs.’ As Jeremy began to free her, Grant lifted Kate’s breasts to his mouth and said, ‘I fancy sucking these beauties before it’s too late.’

Kate was too worried about the sensations and changes in her vulva to care about Grant mauling her nipples. When they were rock hard, wet, and erect, he said, ‘Pull her nips with your teeth for the next video, Cosgrove.’

‘Before I do that, what did you mean when you said, “before it’s too late?” What are you planning?’ said Jeremy before faking a smile and tugging Kate’s nipples with his teeth.

Panting and wild-eyed as the powerful tingling between her legs intensified, Kate frantically rubbed between her legs. ‘Never mind my boobs. If someone doesn’t make me come, I’ll do it myself. ‘Make this horrible feeling stop. It’s too powerful.’

Moving his phone closer, Grant said, ‘You’ll feel super-horny like this for several hours, so get used to it. Stop rubbing, Kate so your boss can show my camera your swollen bean…  Your liaison officer is such a dirty girl, Cosgrove. She needs punishing. Spank her clit with two fingers… This is karma, Kate. It’s punishment for being a dirty home-wrecker. I’ve seen you strutting around the station in your sexy little suits with your nose in the air. You’re not so prim and proper now, are you? Look at you splayed out naked while your boss spanks your pussy.’

Kate knew she should protect her modesty, but the powerful urge to force her knees wide and thrust her hips up at her abuser had increased to unbearable levels.

Not before time, Jeremy’s brain unscrambled enough for him to speak up. ‘Stop filming her, you filthy bastard! It’s criminal assault.’

‘Settle down, you jealous old man. Put your hands on your head and watch Kate fucking my fingers… She’s so tight… I’m keeping my fingers still, so you must do all the work, Kate… Keep thrusting those hips until you come, girl.’

Moving her hips up and down frantically, Kate’s eyes looked crazed as she stared at Jeremy. ‘Sorry, boss. I can’t help it. The cream’s making me do it.’

Grant said, ‘Don’t bother about him, Kate. Concentrate on me. You’re married with kids, aren’t you, Cosgrove? Not me. I’m happily single and ready to mingle with this hottie, who’ll be coming any second.’

He winked at Kate as she came on his fingers. Blushing, she watched Grant undress until he stood before them proudly naked from the waist down.

‘What’s going on? The urge to come is as strong as ever,’ wailed Kate, rubbing herself.

Baffled by her urgent need to come so soon after her last orgasm, Kate was transfixed by Grant’s naked body. Her fear was mixed with anticipation and extreme arousal. Grant was more handsome and virile than her boss, more the type of macho male she’d normally seek out for sex.

Kate gazed lustfully at the well-defined V-shape travelling down from Grant’s waist to his ramrod-straight erection which was even meatier than what her boss had to offer her. By the look of him, Grant works out, she thought, ‘His cock curves upwards. Perfect for hitting my G-spot. She gyrated her hips, hoping to alleviate the powerful tingling. It only made the sensation more extreme. Jeremy looked livid as she provocatively thrust her vulva up at Grant, offering it to him.

Grinning, Grant picked up his phone and said, ‘It’s clear you’re desperate to come again. To cover my back, I need to video you giving me your clear consent. Tell the camera how much you want me to give you another orgasm.’

Jeremy was aghast to hear Kate say, ‘Yes. Yes, I consent. Make me come for fuck’s sake.’

She thrust her vulva closer to Grant, not caring he was videoing it. Her large eyes beseeched him to relieve her all-encompassing vaginal ache. At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to come on the controlling man’s fingers, penis, or anything else which could do the job. If Grant had been ninety-six, thirty stone with halitosis, she’d still have begged him to end her unbearable frustration.

Grant smirked. ‘As I now have Kate’s clear consent, as well as videos of your adultery, Cosgrove, keep your hands on your head while I help this fair maiden in distress.’

Kate felt his hot breath ripple across her groin. When his fingers slid back inside her, she made a feeble attempt to knock his hand away.

Grant wasn’t buying her rejection. ‘Don’t play coy with me just because your boss is watching you, Kate. I know you’re aching for me to fuck you now the cream’s working at full force. Judging by the way you’re looking at me, you’d gladly fuck me even without the cream. Look, Cosgrove. I’m right. She’s blushing. Spread your legs wider, girl.’

Jeremy was stunned when Kate spread her legs so wide, her right knee was resting across Jeremy’s thighs, while the left one was pressed hard against the car’s interior wall. As Grant brutally fingered her, his phone panned up Kate’s body to shoot her rapturous expression. Grant chuckled as he videoed Jeremy’s confused, angry face.

‘Your private parts are not quite so private now, are they, Kate? The lighting’s bright down here, so everything you two did before I showed up has been recorded in the CCTV room. My mates will love watching these videos with me. Your wife would also be interested to see my recordings, Cosgrove. Bet your cock’s never been so hard, has it? Keep your hands on your head. I want a close-up of your precum.’

‘You vile monster,’ spluttered Jeremy above the noise of Kate’s moans and pleas for sexual satisfaction. He groaned with embarrassed dismay as two drops of pre-cum dribbled down his shaft and dripped onto his seat.

Ignoring Jeremy’s insult, Grant continued working on the desperate woman’s request. ‘I’ve always had my eyes on you, Kate. I’ve been watching you as you work and fancied you ever since you joined Cosgrove’s team. Never thought I’d have my fingers deep inside you so soon, but you two numpties played right into my hands. Won’t be long until I’m balls deep in your liaison officer, Cosgrove.’

‘Hope you like prison food, Trafford,’ said Jeremy despite never feeling more feeble and ineffectual.

Grant glared at him. ‘Silence, Cosgrove. One more peep from you and I’ll wipe some Trouble on your bellend. You’ll be wanking all day. Kate, slowly lick that pre-cum off the tip of his dick for the camera… Nice and slow. Suck the tip but not too much. Don’t want him shooting his load. Your wife would skin you alive if she saw Kate doing that to you, Cosgrove.’

Struggling not to moan with pleasure as Kate sucked him, Jeremy thought, Grant’s stronger than me. He could easily grab my todger and smear cream on it. I’d better stay quiet. The cream’s having a dramatic effect on Kate, so I dread to think what it’d do to me. With the Edgeworth murder to investigate today, I can’t afford to spend hours wanking in the toilet. God… Her mouth feels superb.

‘Oi!’ said Grant. ‘Stop trying to push it down her throat. I said suck only the tip. Stop sucking the greedy pig, Kate, and show us how large your clit’s grown… It’s bloody enormous. Cosgrove, feel how hard it is while I video you rubbing it. You can easily rub it from where you’re sitting.’

Jeremy saw Grant’s phone point at their faces, then pan down, following the direction of Jeremy’s hands as he tentatively leaned forward and massaged her supersized, glistening clitoris with two fingers of his right hand while Kate begged him to rub it faster.

With two fingers pumping inside Kate as he rubbed her expanding clitoris, Jeremy muttered, ‘Are you some kind of frustrated, sadistic film director, Trafford?’

His fingers tingled badly from moving about in the cream, yet the detective was hugely turned on, yearning to plunge his penis deep inside her.

Grant said, ‘She’s so close… Here it comes. Keep smiling for the camera, you two.’

Kate tensed. Her head tilted back and her mouth gaped open, more a grimace than a smile. The men watched in awe as a deluge of clear liquid shot from between her legs, hit the car’s dashboard then dripped onto the mat. Kate groaned with embarrassment about gushing in front of the attractive, dominant stranger and her boss.

As soon as she’d come, Kate was overcome with the urge to come again. It panicked her. What the bloody hell’s happening to me? she thought, rubbing her clitoris frantically.

‘Wow! I’ve never seen a female shoot their load as far as that before,’ said Grant. ‘This new batch of Trouble arousal cream is fucking awesome. The Prof’s a genius. He’ll earn millions when Trouble cream goes on sale. No wonder he’s called it Trouble. Kate’s in all kinds of trouble judging by how fast she’s rubbing. The batch of cream I used on her isn’t even as strong as the formula The Prof’s working on now.’

‘Who’s the Prof?’ said Jeremy.

The security guard laughed and said, ‘You don’t honestly think I’d tell you, do you?’ He held up his phone and ordered his victims to view some of the videos. ‘Look how perfectly I’ve captured that gush, even if I say so myself. Feeling faint, Cosgrove? Is your face too visible in each shot? Well, tough luck. It’s meant to be. These videos are my insurance policy. Each one I shoot strengthens my hold over you both.’

‘How much money do you want to keep this quiet, Trafford?’ said Jeremy.

‘I’m not after your money. I’m wealthy enough. All I want is sex with gorgeous, horny Kate whenever I want and with whoever I tell her to fuck. All I demand from you, detective, is your silence and complete cooperation.’

Masturbating as though her life depended on it, despite being filmed, Kate secretly was desperate to feel Grant Trafford’s hard penis inside her, sooner rather than later. As a sex addict, even the idea of sex with strangers appealed to her. It was already part of Kate’s seedy private life away from the station.

Chapter 3. Blackmailed

Grant stepped back from Jeremy’s car. His two traumatised victims watched as he fiddled with his phone. ‘There. I’ve forwarded the next batch of videos to my email account. They’re all safe and untouchable. I can now retrieve the material from anywhere by accessing my email account. Isn’t technology wonderful? In case you’re thinking of killing me or something daft like that, I’m forwarding the material to Logan and some of the other guys to enjoy. If anything happens to me, my friends will distribute the footage to wherever it’ll do you both the maximum harm.’

Wish I’d had the guts to grab his phone and smash it before he’d forwarded such horribly embarrassing and incriminating videos, thought Jeremy. Sabrina would slaughter me if she ever sees them. I wouldn’t mind losing my wife, but I can’t lose my kids and reputation. Jeremy said, ‘Who are Logan and the guys? Nobody should view these videos.’

‘Never you mind,’ said Grant. ‘You’ll find out soon enough. Kate, stop masturbating and get out of the car.’

Hoping this would be the moment Grant would plunge his penis inside her, Kate turned and placed her left foot onto the car park floor. To her dismay and Jeremy’s horror, the spiked heel of her right shoe caught in his ripped car mat. Her foot was trapped inside the car. She’d normally have been able to slide her foot out of the shoe. Unfortunately, the pair she’d chosen to wear that morning had straps around her ankles.

Kate struggled to free her heel from the mat but it wouldn’t come loose. Jeremy grew agitated the more Grant’s fingers probed the trapped brunette. Damn it! he thought. I knew I should’ve bought a new car mat and thrown out this tatty one.

Grant fished inside his holdall. ‘Is your heel caught, pretty Kate? What a shame. No, leave your other leg out of the car. Stay like that. Get out of the car, Cosgrove. No, leave your trousers and boxers around your ankles. What firm buttocks you have, detective. Hobble over here in front of Kate. She’s going to suck your dick while I film it… Perfect… That’s enough. Stop sucking him, Kate. Cosgrove, crouch down and use this vibrator at full power on her clit. Hold it still against her clit while you use this dildo in her… That’s it… Both keep smiling until she gushes again… Let’s see if she can hit you in the face with it… Oh, nearly. Lick it off your arm, detective.’

‘Can’t take much more of this,’ said Kate.

Grant shrugged and said, ‘I’d better hurry up and fuck you then. You seem alarmed by how easily you gush. Trouble cream makes a woman gush like a burst water mains, even if she’s never squirted before. Can’t wait to watch all these videos at home on my large-screen telly with the lads. Keep smiling, Kate. Smile and thank your boss for your orgasm.’

Kate’s dark eyes were wild with unsated lust. Smiling at Jeremy as best she could, she said, ‘Thank you for making me come, sir.’

Grant patted her dark hair. ‘Good girl. Cosgrove, smile as you tweak and tug her nipples while I film you… Roll them between your fingers. Enough. Damn, you’re going soft again. Stand up so Kate can rub it… Not too much, remember.’

Grant’s phone panned slowly up and down their bodies. Jeremy groaned as Kate rubbed his penis. It felt so good, he was struggling not to come on film. He was too occupied to see Grant’s gloved fingers probing and prodding between her buttocks. Before Kate could prevent it, two of his cream-covered fingers slid deep inside her rectum.

Affronted, Kate released Jeremy’s penis and said, ‘Stop poking it! I don’t want anal sex. My problem’s elsewhere.’

With chilling arrogance, Grant said, ‘Your pussy can wait. I can do whatever I like now, love. You’ll be begging me to fuck your arse any second now.’

Jeremy bristled with rage at the man’s audacity but thought, Damn! Wish I was Grant right now.

A powerful tingling sensation was building between Kate’s buttocks. ‘It’s like an army of ants,’ she squealed.

‘Fancy this big black dildo in there?’ said the gloating security guard, tickling her anus with its tip.

‘Yes… Quick… It’s so itchy… Push it in,’ wailed Kate. When he pushed it inside, Kate’s eyes rolled back in her head with ecstasy. ‘Ram it hard… Harder,’ she pleaded.

Seeing Jeremy’s growing agitation, Grant turned to Kate and said, ‘Suck my cock or I’ll stop using the dildo… Oh, yeah… Keep going… Yes, just like that… Stop… I don’t want to come yet. Think of this as a dogging experience. You can’t beat a spot of dirty dogging. I first met my friend Logan when I was out dogging with my girlfriend, Chloe, at Withershaw Heights a while back. It’s such a turn-on watching strangers fuck her. If you think I’m bad, Logan’s worse. He’s only into anal sex with dirty sluts like you.’

‘Kate’s not a dirty slut,’ said Jeremy.

‘I disagree. Suck her tits. That’ll shut you up. Look at the dirty slut with my dildo in her arse, my fingers in her pussy, and your tongue swirling her nipples. Tug her nipples with your teeth… Harder… She loves it. This is all being captured on CCTV. I’m lucky you’re parked under the main high-resolution security camera.’

Sod’s law, thought Jeremy as his mouth moved from breast to breast. I’m aching to come.

Grant said, ‘Soon, I’ll introduce this gorgeous slut to Logan. Come again for me, Kate.’

Kate whimpered and shuddered as she gushed like a geyser over Grant’s massive gloved hand. Wiping his fingers on Jeremy’s shirt, Grant said, ‘I love a squirter. I can see from your face you’ve never gushed like that before, Kate. Get used to it. It’ll happen a lot from now on due to Trouble even after the cream’s worn off.’

From the dark corridor leading to the car park, they heard laughter. In the distance, three shadowy figures were looking their way. Jeremy thought, Only the CCTV room, a few storage rooms and the lifts are along there. Who are those men? If they come this way, we’re sunk.

‘Hide me,’ shrieked Kate.

‘Relax, sugar tits. They’ve gone,’ said Grant, the only one of the trio who seemed unconcerned about the muffled laughter. ‘If it wasn’t for the cream on Kate’s clit I’d lick it, but I don’t fancy getting a tingling tongue. I’ll lick you out later, darling. We’ll soon know each other much better.’

‘My left nipple’s tingling like crazy. It’s much more sensitive than the right one,’ said Kate, alarmed by another new, intense sensation.

Examining the nipple, Grant said, ‘I must’ve accidentally touched it with my glove. Look, Cosgrove. It’s growing larger, harder, and more erect than the other one. It’s darker, too. Fascinating. The Prof’s a genius. Hang on, here’s a more powerful vibrator. Use it on Kate’s transformed tit while I smear Trouble on the other.’

‘Sorry about this, Kate,’ said Jeremy, watching his liaison officer grit her teeth as the vibrations tore through her transforming, ultra-sensitive nipple.

Grant chuckled. ‘You’re driving her crazy. Bet you’d love to suck her tits, but don’t. You’ll get a tingly mouth from the cream. Video the transformation, then shoot my fingers ramming both her holes with these vibrators. Don’t even think of smashing my phone. If you try, your videos will go viral and I’ll make damned sure your wife, kids, colleagues and friends see them all.’

 Jeremy held Grant’s phone close to Kate’s slowly expanding nipple, listening to her squeals as it jutted out further the more he ran the vibrator over its surface. The bastard’s right. I’d love to suck this corker, thought Jeremy.

‘Vibe her other tit, Cosgrove. Pass me that other vibrator and point my phone at her chocolate starfish. In it slides… Up to the hilt. Miss Hoity Toity looks embarrassed. Is it weird watching your boss filming me use this vibrator in your arse.’

Incensed, Jeremy grabbed Grant’s bare forearm to try to drag the vibrator from between Kate’s buttocks. The security man glared at him, saying, ‘Oh, so you want to vibe it, do you, Cosgrove? No? Well, you’re going to. With all that cream in her poop chute, she’s desperate for it, aren’t you, Kate?

‘Yes,’ wailed Kate.

Grant chuckled. ‘Thought so. Smile as you ram it in her good and hard… That’s it… In and out… Faster… Look how much she loves it.’

Kate was panting hard and moaning, but her smile looked natural. Jeremy’s arm ached by the time Grant was satisfied he’d filmed enough material. Grant’s enviably large penis was pointing directly at Kate’s vagina like a loaded gun. As the vibrator buzzed, Jeremy thought, The bastard plans to rape and sodomise Kate in front of me, a senior police officer. How can I stop him without losing everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve? He spluttered and said, ‘This is blatant blackmail, you perverted monster. It’s a serious punishable offence, although the sexual assault is serious enough. You’ll go to jail for years for what you’re doing.’

With pride, Grant said, ‘Yes, I’m blackmailing you. So what? What are you going to do about it? I’ve always despised you, Cosgrove, ever since you bollocked me for spitting out chewing gum in the corridor.’

Kate was struggling to close her legs, convinced that hidden strangers were watching her humiliation. Grant said, ‘Lie still, bitch. Obey me or you’ll both lose your jobs, reputations, and who knows what else? You’ll never be able to look anyone in the eye again if I post these videos online. You’ll never know who’s seen them, will you, Kate? It could be the spotty youth in the supermarket looking at you oddly, or that bloke in the street rubbing his hard-on against your backside. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could’ve seen you smiling as your boss vibes your backside. You don’t want me to release the videos, do you, Kate?’

‘No, of course not,’ said Kate forlornly.

‘Exactly. So, carry on obeying me or I’ll sing like a canary and ruin your lives,’ said Grant, twisting and plunging both vibrators inside her.

Feeling impotent, Jeremy sighed despondently as Kate’s ordeal continued at a furious pace. Kate’s moans of pleasure each time she climaxed drove Jeremy’s arousal to new heights.  Wish I could think of a way to stop him, but my brain feels paralysed. I’m fucking useless.

Grant bent down and freed Kate’s heel from the mat. ‘Step out of the car, Kate. You need to come again, but so do I. If you want to keep your jobs, relationships, and reputations, you’re going to give me an even better blow job than you gave your boss. Sorry for interrupting you before you enjoyed your happy ending, Mr Detective. You look as sick as a parrot that I’ve come along and spoiled all your fun.’

‘You won’t get away with this,’ muttered Jeremy.

 ‘Oh, I think I will. Oops, there she blows again,’ said Grant. ‘What a woman! Can’t wait until the next time you and I meet, Kate.’

‘Over my dead body,’ said Jeremy.

‘That can be arranged,’ said Grant. ‘I’ll forget you said that. We all know you’re powerless to stop me doing what I want. I live alone, Kate, so you will visit my house tomorrow evening after work. Be there at seven. I live off Rippenden Street. I’ll text you my address once we’ve swapped phone numbers. As your mouth’s full, nod if you agree.’

Kate nodded rather too eagerly for Jeremy’s liking. He groaned at the notion of her meeting Grant again. Jeremy wanted Kate to be his sexual partner, not Grant’s. Watching her in action with the security guard made him desire her more.

Jeremy’s eyes were on stalks when Kate gagged as Grant pounded her throat. Her eyes and mouth were watering and drool hung from her chin, yet Kate was still compelled to masturbate. The sensations showed no signs of abating.

Deeply envious of the attention Kate was giving to Grant, Jeremy thought, Hmm, she never gagged like that when she deep-throated me. She wasn’t half as keen with me as she’s acting with him. Damn the bastard for being bigger and more macho than me. She’s drooling worse than my gran’s bulldog.

Following Grant’s instructions, Jeremy tweaked and tugged Kate’s nipples as he watched Grant thrusting down her throat. I’m having an out of body experience, he thought. This can’t be happening to me. How can I stop him from raping her? Would it be rape, though? I’ve got a bad feeling she can’t wait to have his cock inside her. Her breasts feel amazing. Badly need to come but I’m not doing it in front of Trafford and the security cameras.

Despite receiving expert oral sex from Kate, Grant managed to say, ‘You two didn’t seriously believe this would be a one-off, did you?’

‘Don’t you think you’ve done enough to her already, Trafford?’ said Jeremy shortly before Grant exploded down Kate’s throat so hard he staggered backwards.

After a few moments of recovery, Grant grinned and said, ‘I’ve hardly begun on her yet. We’re still being captured on the CCTV cameras down here. Only I view the security tapes each day as we’re so understaffed. I locked the camera room’s door before joining you, so nobody can view the footage except me. I’ll enjoy watching it while making copies for my friends.’

‘Nobody must ever view this filth,’ said Jeremy.

Grant’s chuckle infuriated Jeremy. ‘It’s a bit late for that, Cosgrove. I’ve already had texts from my mates saying how hot your videos that I sent them are. Before I fuck Kate bandy-legged, I’m going to shoot some even more incriminating videos of you both.’

Jeremy thought, Even more incriminating videos? What the devil’s he going to dream up next? Will he video me fucking her? Oh, I do hope so. I want nothing more than to fuck Kate bandy-legged. The situation will get even stickier if I don’t come again soon. Kate’s having no problem coming… Here comes another tsunami.

He watched Kate throw her head back in ecstasy, moaning with pleasure as the grinning security guard worked on her with a double-headed rubber dildo from his holdall.

‘Your colleague can’t get enough of me, Cosgrove. God… Yes… That was a huge one,’ said Grant, rubbing dry his tanned six-pack.

Jeremy tapped Grant’s arm. ‘Please stop. We should’ve driven to a crime scene ages ago. Our colleagues will be wondering where we are. Stop raping her and let us go.’

‘Rape? It’s not rape, you thicko. Kate’s more than willing. I’ve recorded her begging me to fuck her. Don’t argue. Be more compliant, like Kate. You love it, don’t you, pet?’

Jeremy couldn’t believe it when she smiled and nodded, tugging her transformed nipples like a demented webcam girl to egg Grant on. I give up, thought the frustrated detective.

Grant jabbed a wet index finger at Jeremy and said, ‘Listen, you bloody know-it-all. I wouldn’t give a shit if we all get the sack. I don’t need my bloody job at this station and don’t care if I lose it. I only stay on to have fun in the CCTV room with various women, or spy on sluts like Kate when they think nobody’s looking. You wouldn’t believe the goings-on I’ve seen in this building. Mind you, with Kate now at my beck and call, my job will become more interesting.’

Tapping Grant’s shoulder, Kate said, ‘Stop talking and make me come again.’

Inserting the dildos back inside her, Grant said, ‘Sorry, sexy. Does that feel better? Good. Now, as I was saying, The Prof and I have bigger fish to fry than working at this poxy police station. We plan to leave soon to concentrate on making millions from Trouble Cream. Unlike you, there’s nobody in my life for you to try to blackmail me with. I only have one uncle and I don’t care what he thinks. I don’t give a shit about anyone, so carry on obeying me. You’re amazing, Kate. Are you looking forward to coming to my house tomorrow?’

Jeremy thought Kate hesitated too long before shaking her pretty head.

Grant grinned. ‘Hard luck, sugar tits. You’ll be at mine at seven, or else. Right, Cosgrove, put on these latex gloves. I want more leverage, more evidence. Sorry, but you’re not sticking your cock in her, just fingers and toys, but feel free to knock one out. Your smiling faces and Cosgrove’s distinctive wedding ring must be visible in every shot. Got it?’

To speed up matters so he and Kate could attend the murder scene, Jeremy knew he must comply. Seething with irritation and pent-up lust, he prepared to take more detailed directions from Grant.

‘Put on this glove. Prof’s working on a much stronger, longer-lasting cream. Think yourselves lucky I didn’t use that one on Kate. Climb on the bonnet, sexy. Knees wide apart. I want a full-body shot and a close-up of your boss pressing this vibrator on your clit… Great… Keep pressing it, Cosgrove… Smile for the camera… Slide a finger into her arse.’

‘No, I bloody refuse. I’m a senior police officer, not a porn star,’ said Jeremy.

Jeremy was surprised to hear Kate say, ‘Do it, sir. He has us over a barrel. The cream’s driving me crazy in there. You’ll be doing me a big favour.’

‘Oh, very well,’ said Jeremy in a huff, pulling on the glove.

He slid his index finger slowly into her rectum and heard her gasp with relief as it sawed back and forth.

‘Faster, sir,’ said Kate in between gasps and moans.

‘Wank your boss, Kate… Smile… Great precum shot. That’s a decent handjob… Swirl the tip with your tongue… Perfect. He won’t last long… There… Told you he wouldn’t. Rub it into her boobs, Cosgrove.’

Grant showed Jeremy the video as the detective recovered his composure. ‘Look at this cracking video, Cosgrove. Great smiles. Here’s where Kate gushes on you… So funny… Here’s you spunking over her boobs… Perfect video.’

‘Oh, God,’ muttered Jeremy and Kate in unison as they watched the phone’s screen.

Grant laughed in their faces. ‘Even God can’t help you now. Do you think Cosgrove’s wife and children or Superintendent Yarrow would be pleased with either of you if they saw these? What about your neighbours? What about everyone you know on social media? Oh, deary me, Mr Detective. Poor Kate. What have you done? Still feeling horny, are you, pet? Slide this contraption over her hood, Cosgrove. It might do the job.’

Grant delved inside his bag and handed Jeremy a pink, buzzing, egg-shaped device. ‘That’s it, slide it onto her clit for the close-up and watch the effects. Big smiles for the video… Tickle Kate’s chocolate starfish with the tip of your tongue.’

Jeremy glared at him. ‘Not in a million years, you sadist.’

Kate sighed. ‘Just do it, sir. You know it’s pointless to argue with him.’

‘Wise girl,’ said Grant. ‘Does his tongue feel good? You like that, don’t you? Smile for the camera as he rims you.’

Jeremy looked up from between Kate’s buttocks. ‘The cream’s making my tongue tingle. It’s swelling.’

‘Imagine how I feel,’ said Kate as she moaned and gushed again into Jeremy’s face.

Grant said, ‘Stop for a minute to look at these cracking videos. The guys will love them.’

Watching the pornographic footage, Jeremy’s nausea and anxiety grew. He said, ‘You keep mentioning the guys. Who are they?’

‘Here’s some of them,’ said Grant, pulling an iPad from his holdall. After fiddling with it, he showed them the screen. A hairy male hand was waving at them from in front of a bank of moving screens. Filling most of the screen, Kate saw her naked body lying sprawled over the car’s bonnet. She moved her arm. The arm on the screen moved in sync.

‘Who’s that man watching us from your CCTV room?’ said Jeremy, consumed with fear and embarrassment.

‘Who says it’s only one man?’ said Grant. ‘For all you know, there might be a dozen men wanking over Kate right now, maybe many more.’

When another two erect penises appeared on the iPad screen, there was a thud as the back of Kate’s head hit the windscreen. She lay in a dead faint on the car bonnet with her breasts pointing at the car park’s ceiling.