My Sexy Books Corner. Part 1.

Most of my books have sex in them because sex is part of life. I’ve usually tried to censor myself in some way so my books would be more accepted by the general reading public. In 2019, I decided to follow the advice of an author friend and drop the self-censoring. The Trouble With Trouble and The Trouble With Kate are the results.

The Trouble With Trouble is Book 2 of The Trouble series of thrillers. It’s over 92,000 words long and tells what happens when a police forensic scientist invents a sexual arousal cream called Trouble. DCI Jeremy Cosgrove, who appears in Book 1, finds himself up to his neck in serious trouble when he and three women who work at a Sheffield police station are blackmailed into performing unspeakable private acts to save their public reputations.

I’ve also written over 128,000 words of Book 3, The Trouble With Kate. DCI Cosgrove finds himself in more deep trouble. He and Kate, his young family liaison officer are sent to investigate the kidnap of Jessie O’Sullivan’s young son in Cornwall. The second draft is almost written. Book 1, The Trouble With Liam is a psychological thriller and can be found on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and audiobook.

Books 2 and 3 are more porno thrillers than erotic thrillers. There is explicit sex in both books because of their subject matter, even more than in Book 1. There were a couple of chapters in The Trouble With Liam which I almost deleted due to my worries they might be too sexually explicit. I’m glad I didn’t because I had no backlash and mostly 5-star reviews for the book.

I’m unsure whether Amazon will allow these next two books in the series to be published on there, so I’ve decided to release the first 20 chapters of The Trouble With Trouble below. There are 52 chapters in all.

I’ve also uploaded the first 21 chapters of the 53 chapters in The Trouble with Kate on My Sexy Books Corner, part 2. 

I’d welcome your comments and suggestions. There’s a comment box at the bottom of my Home page.


Chapter One. The Car Park

DCI Jeremy Cosgrove had serious misgivings about allocating the role of police family liaison officer to Kate Pendleton in the case of six-year-old Wayne O’Sullivan’s kidnap. Unfortunately, due to understaffing, there’d been nobody else for him to take with him from their police headquarters in Sheffield to Cornwall, where the O’Sullivan family lived. His unusual extra-marital affair with Kate had begun over a year before the disappearance of young Wayne.

Jeremy knew Kate was a beautiful, oversexed, weak-willed young woman with few morals, yet he still wanted her. He’d often witnessed her grab any opportunity to achieve another orgasm. Jeremy was only too pleased to help her achieve it if she could squeeze him into her busy schedule.

Kate’s excuse for her blatant promiscuity was, ‘I’m a sex addict.’ She admitted to being hopelessly addicted to the chemicals produced by her orgasms. Jeremy knew first-hand how exciting sex with Kate could be. He’d been sampling her overactive libido for several riotous months. The problem was, she’d been sharing her talents, sometimes unwillingly, with others. Another fly in the ointment was that Jeremy was married with children.

Jeremy still had explicit photographs and videos to prove to him the sex with Kate hadn’t all been a wonderful dream. His large collection was tucked away on a mobile phone and several flash drives taped to the back of his desk drawer at his marital home. Each image showed how brazen and joyously abandoned she could be. Jeremy wondered what made her that way but didn’t like to pry. Reaping the benefits of her sex addiction was his priority. Since their affair had ended, his favourite moment in the day was when he locked the door to his home office and relived the delicious, stolen hours captured on his phone. Althougharousing, the images also reminded him of the terrifying nightmare their relationship had been only minutes after it had started.

Keeping his collection from the eyes of his wife, Sabrina, added to Jeremy’sthrill. With Sabrina, sex was nothing more than endless missionary positions when he was made to feel dirty for even wanting sex. When viewing his stash of explicit material, it was an opportunity for him to feel like a naughty boy. It acted as an antidote to his stressful, onerous job of upholding the law as a senior detective within a bustling Sheffield police headquarters.

Above all, his entanglement with Kate had restored some of his masculine pride and self-esteem which his bossy, overcritical wife had eroded over the years. From the start, his affair with Kate had also brought him seemingly insurmountable problems.

DCI Cosgrove hadn’t meant to risk destroying his marriage but the temptation had overwhelmed him. He was no Adonis, merely an average-looking, tall,stern-faced, sandy-haired senior detective in his late forties. His clothing consisted solely of beige suits and matching shoes, which drove his wife to distraction. Sabrina Cosgrove tried valiantly to convince her husband to buy more adventurous clothing, but he’d have none of it.

He’d never imagined that petite, perfectly formed and turned-out Kate Pendletonwould even glance his way, let alone delight in bouncing enthusiastically on his manhood, or, sadly, any other manhood which took her fancy.

Their torrid affair began only four months after Kate had joined his team. As she was new to the job, it was his duty as her senior officer tomentor her. He felt increasingly aroused by her alluring, overtly sexual appearance, and her often inappropriate flirtatious remarks, made in her attractive Welsh accent. Whenever she sashayed by him, even her exotic perfume made him drool.

The more he asserted his authority over her during their working week at the station, the more she seemed to like it. Far more than was necessary, he found himself deliberately calling Kate into his office so he could reprimand her. His heart raced with anticipation whenever she turned up late for work or had filled in her paperwork incorrectly. There were so many ways for her to mess up, and she frequently did. It gave him the excuse to sit behind his desk and watch her lower her brown eyes, blush, and look guilty as he told her how unprofessional she’d been. Cosgrove wasn’t daft. He could tell she’d become strangely aroused by his deep voice booming at her in the privacy of his office. He didn’t like to admit it, but using his authority over such a stunning young woman also had a similar stimulating effect on him. Although he lusted after her, he’d never have made the first move.

It was a sultry dawn and DCI Cosgrove and Kate were on an obscenely early shift at the station. Kate turned up late yet again after a night of passion with a French chef she’d been flirting with online. Three days before, there’d been a fatal stabbing of a thirty-two-year-old man called StevenEdgeworth who’d lived on Telford Estate. Jeremy and Kate planned to drive over to the crime scene and meet DS Niles and DS Theresa Smart to carry out further investigations. As Jeremy’s team’s liaison officer, Kate was scheduled to meet the victim’s father, Dr. Norman Edgeworth, to offer him support.

Before Jeremy and Kate were due to leave the station to drive over to TelfordEstate, he summoned her to his office to ask her the reason for her late arrival. She stood meekly in front of his desk with her hands clasped behind her back. She’s doing that on purpose so her boobs are right in my face, he thought as he told her she was on her final warning. Her head was bowed, so her thick, dark hair hung like a curtain over her high cheekbones. Her large, brown eyes looked at him appealingly through their unusually long lashes. I’m starting to believe Kate misbehaves on purpose, just so I’ll summon her in here for a telling off. Strange girl. Hope she can’t see my semi.

After her reprimand, they silently took the lift down to the depths of the basement of the police car park, which had been designated for only senior-ranking officers. Her eyes looked at the floor on the way down. She shifted from foot to foot, occasionally squirming as though there were ants in her pants. It was so early, not a soul was in sight. The sun hadn’t risen, yet the air was stifling hot; Sheffield was in the middle of a seemingly never-ending heatwave. The lack of cars was due to many of Jeremy’s senior colleagues either being on leave or attending an important seminar in Leeds that morning. Jeremy’s sleek, black car was the only vehicle on the basement level.

When she clambered into the passenger seat of his car, his heart skipped a beat. Her skirt had risen up to display more of her sheer black stockings and suspenders than was decent. She did that on purpose, he thought, unsettled by how aroused he’d become. She’s not even bothering to pull her skirt down again. Can’t she see she’s giving me palpitations? Not sure I can drive with this semi. Come on Jeremy, pull yourself together. You’re on duty.

‘Umm … I know I’m stating the obvious, Kate, but your skirt’s risen up. Sort yourself out, please.’

‘What if I don’t want to, Sir?’ she said quietly.

Confused by her rare act of defiance, Jeremy was struck dumb. He stared in disbelief as she slowly inched the thin material higher. His breathing accelerated as his gaze skimmed the crotch of her almost transparent black thong. He was beyond astonished to hear her say in her soft Welsh accent, ‘You can touch me if you want to, Sir.’

Cosgrove looked from the contents of her thong to her eyes then back to her thong. Unsure he’d heard her correctly, he mumbled, ‘Pardon me?’

He gasped in disbelief as the smiling brunette slowly parted her shapely legs and whispered, ‘I said, you can touch me if you like, Sir. I really want you to.’

She was breathing as rapidly as him and slowly gyrating in her seat, squirming as though in the grip of an uncontrollable lust. The underground car park was brightly lit, so he could take in every detail through the delicate black material, including the clear outline of her plump, hairless labia. What nestled inside her thong looked as inviting to Jeremy as a chicken dinner with all the trimmings.

He undid his seat belt, leaned over and tentatively ran his long fingers over the surface of her thong. As a red-blooded male, he wanted more. She said nothing, so he grew bolder.

‘Are you sure about this?’ he said.

‘Of course I’m sure. I’ve wanted you to touch me for weeks,’ she said.

He bent lower. Checking the coast was still clear, he rubbed more firmly over the material, forcing the thong in between her succulent labia. To his surprise and delight, she boldly raised her right leg and placed it in between his. He gulped when she gripped the edge of her thong’s flimsy material and pulled it to one side so he could explore. Kate was soon bucking on his probing fingers as they moved like pistons inside her. Jeremy knew he must act quickly to evade being caught. She’s loving it, he thought, panting with exertion and desire.

Breathlessly, she whispered, ‘I’ve been dreaming of you doing this to me every time I’m in your office, Sir. You can rip out the crotch if you want.’

Her thong was soon lying in tatters on his car’s mat. He took a sly sniff and shoved what remained inside his trouser pocket. I don’t want my wife or any of my nosy colleagues to find this thong. That’d never do. Kate didn’t need to ask me twice to finger her. I’ve not had even a hint of sex in months. Opportunities like this don’t come along every day, not with a stunner like Kate.

Kate pushed her seat back as far as it would go and put one foot on the dashboard. ‘This’ll make it easier for you, Sir.’

‘Perfect,’ he whispered. Making the most of the extra space, he thought, I’ll tell her later to call me Jeremy, but when she calls me, ‘Sir’ in her sexy Welsh accent, it’s such a turn on.

Kate shifted position with impressive agility so he could bury his head between her legs. She was gyrating on his tongue, moaning as loudly as she dared, when she suddenly sat upright.

Concerned, he sat up and wiped his chin. ‘What’s up? Did I hurt you?’

‘No. Cramp in my calf,’ she said, gasping with pain as she rubbed her leg.

To his surprise, her full breasts were now bare; he guessed she’d released them from her white blouse and exotic bra while he’d been busy below.

‘My leg’s better now,’ she said, putting her foot back on the dashboard and jiggling her breasts to entice him. Her perfect white orbs were another thrilling attraction. Entranced, Jeremy thought, ‘Yet more presents for me to enjoy. Kate’s so generous. Her nipples must be delicious judging from the way she’s licking them. Wish we weren’t stuck in this bloody car, although she’s making great use of the space. She’s so flexible.

Jeremy was amazed at how many orgasms were shuddering through her as he fingered her. Multiorgasmic, he thought. So different to Sabrina. Mrs Frigid’s never had an orgasm, try as I might. He grinned with pleasure as the Welsh beauty shuddered and gasped again. Two minutes later, he discovered she was also a gusher when three small jets of clear liquid squirted in an arc and landed on his car’s mat. Jeremy’s eyes were like saucers as he thought, Wow! I’ve never made any woman do that before. I must remember to clean up afterwards. He glowed with pride after witnessing such visible evidence of her desire for him.

He was thrilled by how eager she was for him to roam over her body. His exploration only ceased when Kate unbuckled his belt and unzipped his beige trousers. He sat back and gazed at her abundant, swaying breasts as she exposed his full glory.

‘Hello, hello, hello. What do we have here, then, Sir?’ she said with a wicked grin. ‘I’ve always hoped you’d be this well endowed. Slide your trousers and boxers down … That’s it, right down to your ankles.’

As Kate effortlessly took him down her throat without a hint of a gag, Cosgrove’s heart swelled with pride after she’d called him well endowed. Must admit, I am bigger than average in that department, not that Sabrina ever seemed to care. As he gazed at the back of Kate’s dark hair bobbing up and down in his lap and marvelled at how her tongue was expertly swirling, he thought, Don’t know how she’s managing to keep her foot up there while giving me a blowjob. I haven’t had one since before I was married. I must’ve died and gone to heaven. I’m … so … close.

Unfortunately for DCI Cosgrove, he wasn’t quite close enough. The couple were so engrossed in each other, they failed to notice the tall, broad-shouldered, shaven-headed man carrying a black holdall bag who was fast-approaching their car from the corridor leading to the basement car park.

Jeremy’s head was tilted back, eyes closed, as he relished Kate’s oral talents. His fingers had been teasing her clitoris or exploring her vagina ever since she’d thoughtfully placed her right foot back on his dashboard.

The loud, authoritative rapping of massive knuckles on the car’s windscreen made Kate instinctively disgorge Jeremy’s penis. She squealed with surprise, jerked back in her seat and froze, staring at the stranger. Her right foot, clad in its stylish black stiletto, was still wedged near the top of the steering wheel. Jeremy was too startled to even consider covering his wet erection. All he could do was gawp in disbelief at the new arrival.

Although Kate had never seen the impressive man before, DCI Cosgrove immediately recognised Grant Trafford. The uncouth guard worked in the station’s security camera room. Jeremy had reprimanded him once for spitting out gum outside the lift in the basement’s corridor. The ruggedly attractive, dark-eyed man, who looked to be in his mid-thirties, crouched next to Kate’s window, a smartphone covering his right eye. He licked his full lips and stroked his stubbly chin as he moved about, scanning up and down Kate’s pale, exposed body, black stockings, and lacy suspenders.

Kate’s brain was in turmoil at being caught naked with her legs akimbo, vulva showing,  by such a good-looking stranger. She was utterly paralysed. Her mouth hung open, her glossy, red lips trembling with fear.

After videoing her bare, quivering flesh for what seemed like an eternity, Grant Trafford took the phone from his eye and drew rapid circles in the air to signal for Kate to wind down her window. She shook her head, but he repeated his signal. Her left hand moved a few inches and tapped the switch to slightly lower the window. Irritated by her only opening the window a mere crack, the burly man raised a thick, black eyebrow and said, ‘No, open it all the way down.’

Although it was the last thing she wanted to do, the man’s authoritative manner frightened her into complying, but she managed to put both feet on the floor again which left her lower body slightly less exposed. Thank God for that, she thought. She pressed the switch which lowered the window to its full extent. As quick as a rattlesnake, the security guard inserted his head and smartphone through Kate’s open window and started videoing their startled faces and the exposed parts of their bodies. He looked angry at not being able to see as much of Kate as he wanted.

Jeremy tried and failed to grab the phone, which left his penis exposed for Grant to video. Enraged his erection was being filmed with naked Kate in the foreground, the detective covered it with his hands and shouted, ‘Stop! You can’t film us like this.’

Grant stood back and went silent for a while as he tinkered with his phone. ‘Too late. I’ve just emailed the footage to myself. Caught you both good and proper. You’re both mine now. If you don’t want your wife and your bosses to see these highly incriminating videos, you’d better both do as I say from now on. Hands on your head, Beige Boy. That’s what me and my mates call you,’ said the man, zooming in on Jeremy’s angry face.

Although raging inside, Jeremy slowly placed his hands on his head in an attempt to save his marriage. Displaying two rows of perfect, whitened teeth, Grant grinned at the sight of Jeremy’s throbbing erection and zoomed in for a close-up of it. Being caught in such a vulnerable position had turned Kate’s boss into a statue of acute embarrassment and fear.

Jeremy’s anxiety levels soared when Trafford flung open Kate’s car door. Kate had put one arm across her breasts to hide them and was surreptitiously trying to inch her skirt downwards to cover her embarrassment in front of the physically attractive, but menacing stranger. Unlike her boss, she’d never seen Grant Trafford before.

She’d almost managed to slide the skirt back to where it should have been when the muscle-bound Adonis snarled, ‘Hey, don’t bother lowering your skirt, love. Pull it back up as high as you can and tuck it into your waistband … that’s it. Now, put your foot back on the dashboard. Knee bent out. I need to see everything for my video … perfect. What a view. I see you had toast for breakfast, ha!’

It troubled Kate to realise that the stranger’s phone, which was videoing a close-up between her parted labia, was exciting her more than she’d ever felt before. She even found herself moving her knee further out to give him a better view of one of her best features. She’d often been complemented on her pretty vagina and prominent clitoris.

The blustering yet petrified detective said, ‘You bastard! Stop filming up there. You’re Grant Trafford, aren’t you?’  Jeremy was puzzled why Kate would agree to raising her skirt and exposing her genitalia so thoroughly and willingly. Kate’s actually enjoying him filming up there with his camera, he thought.

‘Yeah, I’m Grant. What of it? As you know, DCI Cosgrove, I work on my tod in the station’s security camera room. I saw your entire performance on one of the screens in my CCTV room. Good work, Mr. Detective, but now you can watch me make a much better job of it with Kate than you did. Look at the boners you’ve given me and your boss, Kate. Naughty girl.’

While he’d been talking, Grant had put his phone on top of the car. His victims were unaware he’d dipped his latex-gloved fingers into an open jar inside his pocket. Before simpering Kate had time to close her legs and lower her foot from the dashboard, Grant’s gloved hand dived between her parted labia.

Kate shrieked as two of his fingers quickly rubbed her clitoris with something cold before swiftly entering deep inside her. ‘What are you doing? You say you know this maniac, Sir, but I’ve never seen him befo—’

Suddenly, she gasped, her eyes wild with puzzlement and fear. ‘Sir, something weird’s happening to me … down there. I can only describe it as … as … Oh, God … I really need to come. What’s going on? What’s this bastard done to me?’

Jeremy was alarmed by her desperate expression. ‘I haven’t a clue, Kate. It all happened so quickly.’

Grant leaned further into the car. He lifted Kate’s left breast to his mouth, gripping her nipple so hard with his teeth, she let out another yelp. When he’d finished working on it, Jeremy could see it was rock hard, wet, and erect. ‘I wanted a suck on one of those beauties before it was too late.’

‘What do you mean, too late? Please make me come one of you, or I’ll have to do it myself,’ said Kate.

To Jeremy’s surprise, she started rubbing herself frantically. Seeing Kate was glancing around the car park nervously as she wriggled and squirmed, Grant ignored her question and said, ‘Nobody’s going to see you, Kate. I’ve placed two lookouts to make sure nobody comes along the corridor or down the ramp. We won’t be disturbed until I’ve finished with you both.’

Grant pressed his face close to Kate’s. ‘Let this be a lesson to you, Kate, you home-wrecker. I’ve seen you strutting around the station in your sexy little suits with your nose in the air. You’re not so prim and proper now. Look at you splayed out naked, masturbating, and begging to come for your boss and me to see and hear. Take your hands away. Let me do it.’

Kate knew she should try to wriggle free of his prying, strong fingers, but she didn’t. Instead of making her come, he continued to smear more of the thick, white cream between her labia, coating her clitoris. The trouble was, the powerful urge to keep her knees open and thrust her hips at him was rapidly increasing. He forced more cream deep inside her vagina, then expertly rubbed it onto her G-spot, which increased her arousal to unbearable levels.

Not before time, Jeremy’s brain unscrambled enough for him to speak up. ‘Get your hands away from her, you filthy bastard. That’s criminal assault.’

Grant grinned. ‘No chance, Cosgrove. Married with kids, aren’t you? Not me. I’m happily single and ready to mingle with this hottie. I told you to keep your hands on your head.’

He winked a brown eye at Kate. Her face reddened as the intense sensation she’d never experienced before intensified. She saw him unbutton and unzip his trousers and pull down his boxers. Kicking off his shoes, he stripped naked from the waist down.

Kate’s fear was now mixed with anticipation and excitement. Her assailant was undeniably more handsome and virile than her boss, more the type of man she’d normally seek out for sex. What he was stroking was definitely larger than anything her boss had to offer. His shoulders were broad, and he obviously worked out in the gym. She gazed appreciatively at the well-defined V-shape from his waist to his groin which triggered more excitement, despite her fear.

Kate couldn’t drag her eyes away from the man’s erection as she continued to writhe in her seat. As she rubbed and fingered deep inside herself, she thought, What the hell’s in that cream he’s rubbed on me? I always feel horny, but this is on a completely different level.

She wildly gyrated her hips to try to alleviate the powerful tingling but her movements only made the sensation more extreme. Jeremy looked puzzled as she provocatively thrust her hips up at Grant, offering her entire body to him.

With a grin, Grant picked up his phone and said, ‘It’s clear you’re desperate for me to make you come on my fingers. Am I right? Nod if you want me to make you come. To cover my back, I need to make sure I have your clear consent for the video.’

Jeremy was aghast when he saw Kate eagerly nodding her head. She pulled her knees wider, thrusting her vulva at Trafford, not caring that he was videoing her doing it. Her large eyes were beseeching the stranger to help relieve her all-encompassing itch. At that moment, Kate wanted nothing more than to come on the controlling man’s fingers, penis, or anything else which would do the job. If the stranger had been ninety-six, thirty stone with halitosis, she’d still have begged them to relieve her unbearable frustration.

Grant smirked. ‘Yes, I thought so. If you know what’s good for you, Cosgrove, I suggest you sit still with your hands on your head and let me assist Kate. I now have videos of you cheating on your wife with this sexy piece. Kate let you do this … and this to her, so why can’t I? I’m also much better looking than your boss, aren’t I, Kate?’

She didn’t deny it, which cut Jeremy to the quick. Grant was leaning so far inside the car, Kate could feel his hot breath brush over her groin. Although her seat was reclined, the security guard pushed it further back to allow him better access. He reached out his blue, gloved hand to inspect her further. When she felt his ungloved finger slide inside her rectum, she tried to sit up and made a feeble attempt to knock his hand away, but he wasn’t buying her false show of modesty.

‘Don’t pretend to play coy with me just because your boss is watching you, Kate. I know you’re aching for me to fuck you now the cream’s working at full force. From what I’ve seen, I reckon you’d want me to fuck you even without the cream.’

‘Stop! Please don’t rub any more of that slimy stuff on me. You must’ve covered everything by now. What on earth’s in that cream? It’s making me tingle like crazy.’

‘Open your legs wider then, so I can help rid you of the itch,’ said Grant.

Jeremy was stunned when Kate obeyed. Her legs were now so wide, her right knee was resting on Jeremy’s thigh, while the left one was pressed hard against the car’s interior wall. As Grant brutally fingered her, he used his phone to video the action in close-up, then panned up Kate’s body to shoot her rapturous expression, and Jeremy’s confused, angry one.

‘Your parts are not so private now, are they, Kate? Not now I’ve captured them on my phone, and on the security cameras pointing into this car. Luckily, the lighting’s bright down here, so everything you two did is recorded in the CCTV room. Your wife would be interested to see my recordings.’

‘You vile monster,’ spluttered Jeremy above the noise of Kate’s moans and pleas to Grant to move his fingers faster.

Grant ignored Jeremy’s insult and complied with the desperate woman’s request. ‘I’ve always had my eyes on you, Kate. Whichever room you’re in at this station, I’m watching you. I’ve fancied you ever since you joined Cosgrove’s team. Never thought I’d have my fingers working deep inside you so soon, but you two numpties have played right into my hands.’

‘Don’t you think you should cover yourself, Kate?’ said Jeremy, who’d never felt more feeble and ineffectual.

Trafford glared at him. ‘Silence, Cosgrove. It’s a bit late for that. She’s mine now. Another word from you and I’ll wipe some cream on your bellend. You’ll be wanking all day.’

Jeremy took note of his threat. The security guard was far stronger than him and could easily have grabbed Jeremy’s penis and smeared cream on its tip if he’d so wished. I’d better stay quiet. I can see the dramatic effect the cream’s having on Kate, so I dread to think what it’d do to me, he thought. I have the Edgeworth murder to investigate today, so can’t afford to spend hours wanking in the toilets.

‘Look at how the cream’s enlarged her clit, Cosgrove. It’s huge. I want you to feel how hard it is while I video you rubbing it. You can easily rub it from there.’

‘You must be bloody kidding. I’m her boss. This is insanity,’ said Jeremy, unable to take his eyes off the transformation.

Kate looked at him, wide-eyed. ‘For God’s sake, Sir, just do what he says so we can end all this.’

Highly aroused, yet trying to pretend he wasn’t, Cosgrove said, ‘Well, if you’re quite sure, Kate. Stop writhing about so I can do what he wants.’

Jeremy saw Grant’s phone point at their faces, then pan down, following the direction of Jeremy’s hands as he tentatively leaned forward and massaged her glistening clitoris with the first two fingers of his right hand. Kate was thrusting her hips up and down in her seat, begging her boss to rub faster.

Grant’s phone was zooming in close, then pulling back as he gave Jeremy detailed directions, which he carried out to the letter.

‘Are you some kind of frustrated, sadistic film director, Trafford?’ snapped Jeremy.

He was hugely turned on and yearned to plunge deep inside her. His fingers were tingling from the transferred cream. Tapping the tip of his hard penis on her jutting right nipple as he videoed Jeremy masturbate Kate, Grant ordered her to talk dirty. 

In her private life, Kate was a dab hand at cybersex, so talking dirty came easily to her. Jeremy gulped as he looked at her tease her erect nipples as she talked filth in her sexiest Welsh accent. Her skills at talking dirty were so honed that, without him even touching himself, Jeremy’s sperm flew out of him and landed on her naked belly. Jeremy apologised to Kate as he wiped her pale skin clean with a tissue from the glove compartment.

Still videoing them, Grant laughed at Jeremy’s embarrassment. ‘Excellent work, Kate. Pump those fingers faster, Cosgrove, she’s so close … here it comes. Smile for the camera, you two.’

Kate suddenly froze and tilted her head back. A fountain of clear liquid hit the car’s dashboard and windscreen, then dripped onto the car’s mat. Kate was shocked and embarrassed about gushing in front of an attractive stranger and her boss. Usually, I’d feel satisfied after an orgasm that huge, but I need to come again. What’s happening to me?

Grant said, ‘Wow! I’ve never seen a squirter shoot as far as that before. This Trouble arousal cream is amazing. The Prof’s a total genius. He’ll be a millionaire when his cream goes on sale. No wonder he’s called his invention “Trouble” cream. Kate’s still in big trouble judging by what she’s doing, yet this isn’t even as strong a formula as the one he’s working on now.’

Grant was familiar with how soon an arousal cream victim would be desperate for another orgasm after experiencing one. The urge to orgasm would remain constant until the Trouble Cream’s dramatic effects wore off many hours after application. With Trouble on their clitoris and inside their vaginas, women who’d never gushed would suddenly become fountains of ejaculate when stimulated. Any anal sex hater would beg to be sodomised after cream had been applied to their nether regions.

‘Look how perfectly I’ve captured everything on my phone, even if I say so myself.’ The security guard held his phone up for his naked victims to view the video. ‘You’ve both turned pale. Are you feeling faint, Cosgrove? Is your face a little too visible for your liking? Well, tough luck. These videos are my insurance policy. Each one I shoot strengthens my hold over you both. They’re the reason you’ll do exactly as I say. Don’t worry, I’m not after your money. I’m rich enough. All I want from you, gorgeous, horny Kate, is sex. All I need from you, Cosgrove is your silence and total cooperation.’

‘I think you have the better part of the deal, Sir,’ said Kate, still masturbating as though her life depended on it.

She’d only said those words to make her boss feel better. Secretly, shewas desperate to having full sexual intercourse with Grant Trafford, hopefully soonerrather than later.

Chapter Two. A Rude Introduction

Grant stepped back from the car. Kate and Jeremy watched him tapping away on his phone. ‘There, I’ve forwarded the twenty-three videos I’ve just shot of you both to my email account. They’re all safe. Kate, it wouldn’t even matter if your boss found some balls and smashed my phone. I can retrieve the videos from anywhere by accessing my email account. Isn’t technology wonderful? I’ll be with you in a minute, but I’m just forwarding a few videos to Logan and some of the boys to enjoy, in case you thought of killing me or something daft like that. If anything happens to me, my gang will distribute the footage where it’ll do you the maximum harm.’

‘What kind of monster are you? Who are Logan and the boys?’ snarled Cosgrove. Wish I’d had the nerve to grab his phone and smash it before he’d forwarded the videos. They couldn’t have been more embarrassing and incriminating. The missus would slaughter me if she ever saw it. I’d lose her and the kids.

Grant said, ‘What kind of monster am I? Good question, Cosgrove. Not sure I’ll ever know the answer to that. Let’s find out together, shall we? Never you mind who Logan and the boys are. You’ll find out soon enough. Step out of the car, Kate.’

Hoping this would be the moment Grant would have full sex with her, Kate turned and placed her left foot onto the car park floor. To her dismay and Jeremy’s horror, the spiked heel of her right shoe caught in the ripped car mat. Her right foot remained trapped inside the car. She’d normally have been able to slide her foot from the shoe. Unfortunately, the pair she’d chosen to wear that morning had a strap around her ankles.

Kate struggled to free her trapped heel from the mat, but it wouldn’t come loose. The senior detective grew agitated the further he saw Grant’s fingers probe Kate’s body. Damn! I knew I should’ve bought a new car mat and thrown out this tatty one, thought Jeremy.

Grant fished inside his holdall. ‘Oh dear, is your heel caught, pretty Kate? What a shame. No, don’t put the other leg back in the car. Stay like that. Your boss is about to use this vibrator on you while you’re stuck like that. DCI Cosgrove, select full power and hold it still against your underling’s clitty as I use this dildo in her … That’s it … hold the vibrator still on there until she gushes again … let’s see if you can hit that traffic cone over there, Kate … Oh, you nearly did. That arc will look awesome on my large-screen telly. Can’t wait to watch all these videos at home on my telly with the lads and a few beers. Smile, Kate, and thank your boss for making you come so hard.’

‘Thank you, Sir,’ said Kate breathlessly, smiling at Jeremy as well as she could manage. Her dark eyes looked wild with unbridled lust.

Grant patted her head. ‘That’s a good girl. Use these vibrators on your nipples … that’s right. No, Cosgrove, stop trying to free her heel from the mat. I want her to stay in this position. What a slut. I’m videoing bad Kate with you in the background, gawping at her. Naughty detective! What’ll your wife say if I showed her this footage?’

Grant’s phone panned slowly down from their faces and back down to between her parted thighs. His fingers probed and prodded between her legs with his gloved hand. Suddenly, his fingers slid into her most intimate area.

Kate gasped and said, ‘Stop! I don’t even know you. I don’t like anal sex.’

‘Oh, yes I can, Kate. I can do whatever I like, remember? I’ve just put a dollop of Trouble Cream in there. In a few seconds, you’ll be begging me for anal sex,’ said Grant with a confident arrogance they both found chilling.

Jeremy bristled with rage at the man’s audacity. Damn! I didn’t dare do that to her, he thought, deeply envious.

Seconds after the cream had transferred from his gloved finger, Kate instantly felt powerful tingling sensations and urges building between her buttocks.

‘You’ll do as I say, and like it, too,’ said Grant.

Kate couldn’t fathom why she was enjoying his fingers and the dildo in her rectum so much. Smiling, as he’d ordered her to do, she came easily. Despite having never let anyone do that to her before, she was hungry for more.

‘Do as I say or else, you two. Think of this as a type of dogging experience. You can’t beat a spot of dirty dogging. I met Logan when I was out dogging a while back. We’ve become great friends. He’s far worse than me. Logan’s only into anal sex with dirty sluts like you, Kate. I’ll soon be introducing you to him. I used to love driving Chloe, one of my women, over to Withershaw Heights for a bit of dogging. We still do it occasionally. She loves it as much as I do. Happy times. That’s right, Kate. Come for your Uncle Grant. I know you need to.’

Kate suddenly whimpered, shuddered, and gushed like a geyser over Grant’s massive gloved hand. As he wiped his fingers on Jeremy’s shirt, Grant said, ‘Wow! Nice one, Kate. I do appreciate a squirter. I can see from your face you’ve never done it before.’

From the corridor leading to the car park, they heard the faint sound of men laughing. Only the CCTV room, a few storage rooms, and the lifts were along there. Grant was the only one of the trio who appeared unconcerned about the muffled laughter.

Sensing other people nearby, Kate felt even more over-exposed and embarrassed by being forced to gush repeatedly in front of two men she scarcely knew. She struggled to lower her skirt in case whoever was laughing might appear.

Grant yanked the material from her hand. ‘Don’t cross me, Kate. Unbutton her skirt, Cosgrove, and pull it off over her head. If it wasn’t for the cream, my head would be between her thighs, but I don’t fancy a tingling tongue. I’ll save that delight for later. Mark my words, Kate, we’ll be getting to know each other a whole lot better.’

‘My left nipple’s tingling like crazy, much more than my right one,’ said Kate, sounding alarmed by yet another new intense sensation.

‘Oh, I must’ve accidentally touched your tit with my glove. The cream’s already working wonders on it. Look, Cosgrove. It’s larger, harder, darker, and more erect than the other one. The Prof’s a genius. Hang on, there’s a more powerful vibrator in my bag. Here you are, Mr. Detective, vibe Kate’s creamed nipple, especially the tip, while I rub cream onto the untreated one … Good work … You’re really driving her crazy. I know you want to, but don’t suck her tits or you’ll get a tingly mouth. Use my phone to video her nipple transforming, then video my fingers ramming both her holes with vibrators. Don’t even think of dropping my phone, or your videos will go viral, plus I’ll make sure your wife and kids see them.’

 Jeremy carefully held Grant’s phone close to Kate’s slowly expanding nipple. He listened to her squeals as they all watched it jut out further the more he ran the vibrator over its growing surface. He’s right. I’d love to suck this beauty, thought Jeremy.

‘Vibe Kate’s right nip now, Cosgrove. Pass me that vibrator, Cosgrove. Point the phone down here. In it goes. How does it feel, Kate, to know your boss is videoing me doing this to you?’

Incensed, Jeremy grabbed Grant’s bare forearm to try to drag the vibrator from between Kate’s buttocks. The security man glared at him. ‘Oh, so you want to do it to her, do you, Cosgrove? No? Well, you’re going to. With all that cream in her, she’s desperate for it, aren’t you, Kate? Thought so. Grab hold of it and let her have it good and hard. I want to see big smiles on your faces … that’s it … in and out … faster … you’re loving that, aren’t you, you sexy bitch?’

Kate’s eyes were closed and she was panting hard and moaning, but her smile looked natural. Jeremy’s arm was aching by the time Grant had shot enough footage to satisfy him and had allowed him to stop. Jeremy was horrified to see through Kate’s open door that Grant’s bare, enviably large penis was pointing directly at her, as though he was threatening Kate with a loaded gun.

This bastard’s intentions can’t be any clearer, thought Jeremy. Christ, I think he’s actually going to rape and sodomise her in front of me, a senior police officer. How can I stop it without losing everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve?

He spluttered, ‘This is blatant blackmail, you perverted bastard. It’s a punishable offence.’

‘Correct, Detective,’ said Grant with pride. ‘I’m blackmailing you. What are you going to do about it? I’ve always despised you, Cosgrove, ever since you bollocked me for spitting out gum in the corridor.’

Grant glared at Kate as she struggled to close her legs and escape from the vibrator buzzing between her buttocks. ‘Lie still. You’d better be really nice to me or you and your boss will lose your jobs, reputations, and God knows what else. You’ll never be able to look anyone in the eye again if I post these videos online. You’ll never know who’s seen them, will you, Kate? That spotty youth in the supermarket, that bloke on the street with a hard-on. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could’ve seen you smiling as your boss vibed every part of you.’’

‘No, I won’t know,’ said Kate forlornly.

‘So, do as I say, or I’ll sing like a canary and ruin your lives.’

Feeling entirely impotent, Jeremy sighed despondently as Kate’s ordeal continued at a furious pace. I reckon Grant now knows Kate far better than her gynaecologist and proctologist do. He has the videos to prove it, too. Wish I could think of a way to stop him, but my brain’s paralysed. I’m fucking useless.

Grant bent down and freed Kate’s heel from the car mat. ‘I know you need to come again, but it’s my turn now. Step out of the car and be quick about it, Kate. If you both want to keep your jobs, relationships, and reputations, you’ll give me an even better blow job than I saw you giving your boss. Sorry I interrupted before you got your happy ending, Cosgrove.’

Noticing Kate was rapidly buttoning her blouse, he snarled, ‘No, leave your boobs swinging free. I want to play with your improved nipples while you suck me dry. It’ll give poor old Cosgrove here something to watch. I can see you drooling over her, you dirty detective. Your cock’s okay, but it can’t compete with mine.’

Jeremy turned his blushing face away, guilty at being caught ogling his colleague as Grant worked on her. He thought, Might as well give up trying to hide my hard-on. Grant’s not shy about showing off his.

Grant laughed. ‘Poor Mr. Detective. You look as sick as a parrot that I’ve come along and spoiled your fun. Hey, feel free to play with any of Kate’s bits and bobs that I’m not using. I’m not a selfish man. You’ll soon find out how true that is, Kate.’

‘What do … you mean? What will … I find  … out later?’ gasped Kate, on the verge of another orgasm.

Jeremy was sorely tempted to play with her bouncing breasts but he didn’t want to give Grant the satisfaction. He stood and pretended not to look, but he was really taking it all in. Kate’s body was a delicious banquet spread out before him … and Grant, unfortunately. 

 Grant said, ‘Oops, there she blows again. What a woman! Can’t wait until the next time you and I meet, Kate.’

‘Over my dead body,’ said Jeremy.

‘That could be arranged, Cosgrove,’ said Grant. ‘I’ll forget you said that. We all know you’re both powerless to stop me doing whatever I want. I live alone, Kate, so you can … no, I meant, so you will come to my house. I’m free tomorrow evening after work. You’ll be there at seven. I live off Rippenden Street. I’ll text you my address once we’ve swapped phone numbers. As your mouth’s full, nod if you agree.’

Kate nodded too eagerly for Jeremy’s liking. He groaned at the notion of Kate meeting Grant again for more sex. He wanted Kate to be his sexual partner, not Grant’s. Watching her in action with the security guard was making him desire her more.

Jeremy’s eyes were on stalks as he watched Kate gag as Grant pounded her throat. Her eyes and mouth were watering, and drool was hanging from her chin, yet Kate still felt compelled to masturbate. The mysterious Trouble Cream had triggered an overpowering urge to climax, far more powerful than she’d ever experienced. It showed no signs of abating.

The detective was deeply envious of Grant. Hmm, she never gagged like that when she was deep-throating me. She wasn’t half as aroused with me as she’s acting with him. Damn the bastard for being bigger and more macho than me. She’s drooling worse than my gran’s bulldog.

Following Grant’s instructions, Cosgrove tweaked and tugged Kate’s nipples as he watched Grant thrusting down her throat. I’m having an out of body experience, thought Jeremy. This can’t be happening to me. I must somehow stop this before he rapes her. Would it be rape, though? I’ve a bad feeling she can’t wait to have full sex with him. Her breasts feel amazing. Need to come but I’m not doing it again in front of Trafford and the security cameras.

He looked on, powerless, as the blackmailer took more daring liberties with Kate’s perfect body than Jeremy had taken. Both men could see she was desperate for Grant’s tireless, inventive, intimate attention. Her moans of pleasure whenever she climaxed were driving Jeremy’s own arousal to new heights. He couldn’t work out exactly what had come over her, but whatever it was had begun as soon as Grant had smeared the mysterious cream onto her intimate areas.

Despite receiving expert oral sex from Kate, Grant somehow managed to say in between grunts of pleasure, ‘You two didn’t seriously believe this fun would be a one-off, did you?’

‘Don’t you think you’ve done enough to her already, Trafford?’ said Jeremy as Grant exploded down Kate’s throat so hard he staggered backwards.

After a few moments of recovery, Grant grinned and said, ‘I’ve hardly begun on her, Cosgrove. If you’re wondering if we’re all still being filmed, well, yes, of course we are. Only I watch the security tapes each day because we’re so understaffed. I locked the camera room’s door before joining you, so nobody can view the screen with us on it. Only I can access the tape with you two on it. I’ll enjoy watching it, then I’ll make copies for my friends. After shooting a few more even more incriminating videos of you and her, I’ll be fucking Kate bandy-legged.’

Jeremy thought, I want nothing more than to fuck Kate bandylegged. Even more incriminating videos? What the devil’s he going to dream up next? Will he video me actually fucking her? Oh, I do hope so. The situation will get even stickier if I don’t come again soon. Kate’s having no problem coming … here she goes again.

He watched Kate throw her head back in ecstasy, moaning with pleasure as the grinning security guard worked on her with a purple rubber dildo from his bag.

‘Your lady friend can’t get enough of this, Cosgrove. God … yes … that was a big one,’ said Grant, rubbing his broad chest dry.

Jeremy tapped Grant’s arm. ‘I insist you let us go. We need to drive to an urgent police appointment. Release her and let us leave this rape scene.’

‘Rape? It’s not rape, detective. Kate’s more than willing. Didn’t you hear her begging me? All recorded. Don’t you dare argue with me. You need to be more compliant, like Kate, here? She loves it, don’t you, pet?’

Jeremy couldn’t believe it when she smiled, nodded, then tugged her nipples like a demented web-cam girl, egging Grant on. I give up, thought the miserable, frustrated detective.

Grant raised his shaved head from between Kate’s legs, which were dangling over his shoulders. Jabbing a wet index finger at Jeremy, he said, ‘Listen, Mr. know-it-all detective, I won’t be damaged if the tapes are ever viewed by someone else and we all get sacked. I don’t need my bloody job at this station. Don’t care if I lose it. Only reason I stay is to have fun in the CCTV room with women, or watching folk. Mind you, with Kate now on tap, my job will be even more interesting. The Prof and I have bigger fish to fry than working here. We were planning to leave anyway to make millions from Trouble Cream. As for you two, that’s another matter. Unlike you, there’s nobody in my life for you to try to blackmail me with. I only have a poxy uncle and that’s it. I don’t give a shit about anyone. So, you’d both better carry on doing as I say. You’re amazing, Kate, by the way. Are you looking forward to coming to my house tomorrow?’

Jeremy thought Kate hesitated too long before shaking her pretty head.

Grant grinned. ‘Tough luck, because you’ll be there, or else. Right, Mr. Detective, put these latex gloves on. For extra evidence, I’m going to take more videos of you and Kate. Not full sex, just fingers and toys. Only I’m allowed to fuck her, but feel free to knock one out. Remember, don’t get any cream on your dick. Your smiling faces, and maybe that distinctive wedding ring you’re wearing must be visible in every shot. Got it?’

To speed up matters so he and Kate could attend the murder scene, Jeremy knew he must comply. Seething with irritation and pent-up lust, he climbed out of the car, pulled up his trousers, and took detailed directions from Grant.

Despite Jeremy’s creeping fear the pornographic images might be released to his family and the world, he never lost his erection. Grant took pity on his frustration. ‘Take off those awful beige trousers, Cosgrove. We don’t want you to mess them. Get naked.’

Jeremy pulled himself up to his full height and said in an authoritative voice, ‘I’m a senior detective. You’re not going to video close-ups of my genitalia like you’re doing to Kate.’

‘You, Kate, and I all know I’ll soon be videoing you getting wanked off by Kate while you use this dildo on her, so shut up and strip. If you don’t, I’ll put cream on your bellend so you’ll be wanking for six hours solid. That’s about how long the effects of this particular cream last. The Prof’s working on a much stronger, longer lasting cream.’

‘You’d better do it, Sir. He’s got us over a barrel. Whatever’s in the cream has made me super horny. I’m usually hornier than most, but I’ve never been as bad as this’ said Kate, her breasts bouncing as Grant used a purple double-ended dildo on her.

‘Sensible lady. Climb up on the car’s bonnet, Kate. Knees wide for a full body shot and close-up of your boss vibrating your clitty … Great … Keep doing that … Smile for the camera … Good girl. Cosgrove, slide your finger into her rear.’

‘No, I bloody well won’t.’ said Jeremy.

Jeremy was surprised to hear Kate say, ‘Just do it, Sir. He’ll release the videos if you don’t. I really want you to do it. The cream he’s put in there is driving me crazy.’

‘Oh, very well,’ said Jeremy in a huff.

He slid his finger slowly inside her and was surprised to hear her gasp with relief.

‘Faster, please, Sir,’ said Kate. She panted hard and moaned as he did as he was told.

‘Smile at me, Cosgrove … Good … Keep smiling. Now, with your free hand, place your dick in Kate’s hand … Good … I’ve captured a great close-up of your senior officer’s pre-cum, Kate. That’s a really good handjob … Swirl the tip with your tongue … Perfect. Looks like he won’t last long. Ignore me moving around you. I need plenty of full body shots and close-ups, so everyone will know without any doubt who’s in these videos.’

On his phone, Grant caught a magnificent shot of the moment Kate flooded Jeremy’s chest. Grant showed Jeremy the video as the detective was recovering his composure. ‘Look at this cracking video, Cosgrove. I’ve captured both your faces as you finger her arse while she rubs one out. Look at your smiles. Here’s the bit where she gushes on you … so funny, ha! This is where you get her back by coming over her boobs. Perfect.’

‘Oh, God,’ muttered Jeremy and Kate in unison.

‘Even God can’t help you now. Do you think Cosgrove’s wife and children, or Superintendent Yarrow would be pleased with either of you if they saw this? What about your neighbours? What about everyone you know on social media? Oh, dear, Mr. Detective. Oh dear, Kate. What have you done? Still feeling horny, are you, pet? Slide this contraption on her clit, Cosgrove. It might do the job.’

Grant delved inside his bag and handed Jeremy a pink, buzzing, egg-shaped, plastic device. ‘That’s it, push her knees down further and slide it onto her clit for the close-up. Stand by to watch the effects. Big smile for the video, Kate … Slide two fingers in her rear end now, Cosgrove. She needs it … Perfect … Tickle her starfish with the tip of your tongue.’

Jeremy glared at him. ‘You’re going way too far, you sadistic bastard.’

Kate sighed. ‘Just do it, Sir. It’s pointless arguing with him.’

‘Wise girl. Does his tongue feel good? Yes, you like that, don’t you? Smile for the camera as your boss rims you.’

Cosgrove looked up from between her buttocks. ‘The cream’s making my tongue tingle. It’s swelling.’

‘Imagine how I feel,’ said Kate as she moaned and gushed into Jeremy’s face.

Trafford laughed as Jeremy wiped his drenched face on his forearm. ‘Let’s all count your orgasms together, Kate, as your boss vibes you … one … two, oh, and another big gush … Lick it off her thigh, Cosgrove … Thanks … three …’

They’d reached a count of eight by the time Kate gasped, ‘I’m knackered. Please make him take this bloody thing off my clit, Sir.’

‘Two more, then we’ll call it quits. Nine … ten, and a huge gush to finish. Take it off her with your mouth, Cosgrove. Splendid. I’ve captured it all on my phone. Look … The boys will love all these videos. I must have at least an hour’s worth of footage, plus the security tapes.’

Cosgrove removed the pink contraption from his mouth and heard Kate say, ‘You keep mentioning the boys. What boys are you referring to?’

‘Here’s one of them,’ said Grant.

He reached over to pick up his holdall and pulled out an iPad. After fiddling around with it, he held the iPad up so they could both see the screen. A hairy male hand was waving at them in front of a bank of moving screens. Kate was horrified to see her naked body was filling most of one of the screens as she lay sprawled on top of the car’s bonnet. She moved her arm. The arm on the screen moved in sync.

‘Who’s that watching us? I demand to know his name,’ said Jeremy, consumed by fear and embarrassment.

‘Who says it’s only one man who’s been watching your entire show?’ said Trafford. ‘There might be a dozen men wanking over Kate right this second in my CCTV room for all you know. Maybe many more.’

When another two hands holding erect penises appeared on screen, there was a thud as the back of Kate’s head hit the windscreen as she fainted.

Chapter 3. Thrown To The Wolves

Jeremy rushed to Kate’s side as she lay unconscious on his car’s bonnet. ‘Are you okay, Kate? Speak to me.’

He wanted to faint himself after the revelation the entire orgy had been viewed by several males. Even now, he sensed strangers’ eyes boring hungrily between motionless Kate’s parted thighs on one of the CCTV screens. He knew it was pointless trying to hide their genitalia from whoever was in the CCTV room; they’d seen it all already. She looks beautiful lying there. Sexy as hell, thought Jeremy, stroking her tousled, dark hair.

She slowly opened her large, brown eyes. Grant passed her a bottle of water from his holdall and she sipped it. ‘Don’t look so worried, Cosgrove. You’re okay, aren’t you, Kate? Let’s all take a little breather.’

‘I’m as okay as anybody could be under these circumstances,’ said Kate, rubbing her sore head.

Satisfied with the scores of photos and videos now safely nestling on his phone, Grant said, ‘Climb back in the car, you naughty detective. Good work.’ He pointed to his own startlingly erect penis. ‘Just look how your performances have made me horny again. Now, it’s my turn with you, Kate.’

‘But you haven’t let me go all the way with her yet. I’ve only had a hand job,’ whined Jeremy.

Grant snarled, ‘Forget it. She’s mine now. Think yourself lucky I even allowed you a hand job. You can wait. You should’ve done it before I arrived. You’ve missed your chance, loser. I’m going to bang her and you can’t stop me. Feel free to watch the performance, though.’

Grant slid on a condom. He didn’t need to drag Kate back onto the bonnet of the car; she flung herself onto it with gay abandon, which infuriated Jeremy. Fully recovered from her fainting fit, the possibility of full, penetrative sex appealed hugely to Kate after such prolonged foreplay. She didn’t even care there were strangers watching her; all she wanted was sexual intercourse and Grant was better endowed than any man she’d ever met. She was desperate to feel him inside her.

Kate was soon splayed out on the bonnet of the car, rubbing her ultra-sensitive clitoris, her eyes flashing. Grant was standing menacingly with her stockinged legs over his shoulders, preparing to thrust inside her, when Jeremy’s phone rang inside his trouser pocket. Grant was too busy entering Kate to notice Jeremy fish the phone from his pocket.

‘DCI Cosgrove here,’ said Jeremy into his phone, trying to ignore the noisy, vigorous activities playing out before his eyes. ‘Oh, hello, DS Niles. Sorry, yes, I know we should’ve been there twenty minutes ago to meet you, but we’ve been … um … unavoidably detained. Kate and I will be with you as soon as we can get away. Bye.’

He turned to Grant and said as pleasantly as he could manage, ‘Grant … um … I’m sorry to disturb you, but Kate and I really should be going. We have a suspicious death to investigate on Telford Estate. Our colleagues are waiting for us.’

Grant stopped mid-thrust and sighed loudly with exasperation. ‘You two are going nowhere. Not until I say so. You can’t have been in too much of a hurry if you made the time for foreplay in your car.’

Touché, thought Cosgrove. He watched despondently as Kate’s perfect breasts wobbled and banged together rhythmically in time with each of Grant’s thrusts. He couldn’t abide the fact it was Grant inside her when Jeremy should have been. Worse still, Grant was performing like a stud stallion, showing no signs of stopping. It killed Jeremy to see Kate enjoying the disgusting names Grant was calling her as the minutes ticked by.

After what seemed like an eternity to Jeremy, Grant swore, ripped off his condom and exploded over her breasts. Kate lay panting on the bonnet, her legs dangling limply over Grant’s shoulders. The shaven-headed stud lowered her legs and bent over with his hands on his knees to catch his breath. He pulled out a vape from his shirt pocket and puffed on it, toying casually with her long, dark hair.

Too soon, Grant put the vape away and said to Kate, ‘Jump off the car and turn around. Bend over, hands on the bonnet. Jump to it.’

‘Yes, I was afraid you might have that in mind. If you think you’re taking me up the arse, you’ve got another think coming. I’ve never had anal sex. I’m staying on my back,’ said Kate, suddenly finding a defiant voice.

‘Oh, I love your sexy, Welsh accent. Makes me want to fuck you even harder, you bad girl. If you talk dirty to me again, you can stay on your back a while longer.’

Despite Jeremy’s pleas for him to stop so they could drive to the murder scene, Grant continued to pound into Kate like a demented piledriver. The car was bouncing, but she managed not to slide onto the gritty car park floor. The car’s doors were closed, so Jeremy couldn’t hear much. Her mouth was moving, so he assumed she was carrying out Grant’s request to talk dirty to him. I must remember to ask Kate to talk dirty to me, too, that’s if Grant ever lets me near her ever again. I’ve a feeling today won’t be their last session. The guy’s a complete sex-crazed madman. He might do her irreparable harm if he’s left alone with her. I wonder if he’d agree to me tagging along next time, as a sort of chaperone with benefits. No, that’s a disgusting thought. I should be ashamed of myself.

The minutes ticked by and Jeremy was becoming increasingly agitated. While taking another short breather, Grant opened Jeremy’s door and said, ‘Enjoying the show, Cosgrove? Me and the boys are. Kate’s about to let me take her from behind, now, aren’t you, hun—’

‘No, I’m not, and don’t call me hun! I hate being called that,’ snapped Kate.

Grant pushed his face within inches of Kate’s, twisting her nipples until she shrieked. ‘I’ll call you what I bloody well like, you horny bitch. Remember who’s boss around here from now on. Anyhow, doubt you’ll be doing much talking once I start your punishment for speaking back to me. I have something very special in mind for you. Logan, my best mate, is only into watching or performing anal sex, so climb off the bonnet and bend over. He’s watching you now.’

‘No, I don’t want to,’ wailed Kate.

Oh, God, why didn’t she keep her mouth shut? thought Jeremy.

Grant yanked her off the bonnet by her hair, swung her around and pushed the right side of her face onto the car’s bonnet. He drew back his strong right arm and gave her buttocks three stinging smacks that made her yelp and Jeremy wince. Grant grabbed his pot of Trouble Cream and smeared some of it between her buttocks. Jeremy could hear her whimpering and had to resist the urge to confront Grant for his brutality. I know it’d do no good, he thought.

Grant growled, ‘ Put your hands on the bonnet like I said, you bad girl. I can see the cream’s taken effect from the way you’re gyrating your hips.’

‘Yes, Grant. You’re the boss,’ said the beautiful, but understandably exhausted liaison officer.

She obediently placed both perfectly manicured hands onto the car’s bonnet, parted her legs and bent over, provocatively swaying her buttocks from side to side. He yanked back her long hair to control her. She looked at Jeremy through the windscreen, her doe eyes staring into his as she absorbed Grant’s indefatigable energy full force from behind.

Jeremy gazed at her breasts banging together, the tips of her nipples grazing his car’s bonnet. Look at that tosser, Grant, grinning at me over her shoulder like the cat who’s got the cream. The jammy bastard, thought the detective. He sat, stony-faced, inside the vehicle desperately wishing he was Grant. I’m disgusted with myself at how turned on I am by witnessing a woman being ravished. As he watched Grant collapse gasping for breath onto her back, Jeremy thought, On the plus side, thank God Grant isn’t gay. Rather Kate than me.

Grant picked up his phone and started texting someone. ‘Right, Kate, come with me. I have a surprise in store for you and some of my friends.’

Jeremy opened the car door and said, ‘We really should be going, Trafford. We have important work to do, remember?’

‘She’ll be back in about twenty minutes or so, so quit nagging,’ said Grant.

Grant pulled a blindfold out of his bag. ‘Stay in the car, Cosgrove, or you’ll regret it.’

‘Where are you taking her? This is kidnap, rape, and God knows what other crime,’ said Jeremy.

‘Don’t worry, she won’t come to any physical harm. You can see by the way she’s rubbing herself that she’s craving sex really badly, and she’s about to get it. She just won’t know who with, that’s all.’

‘I’m scared, Sir,’ said Kate.

Grant told her to put on her skirt and button her blouse. ‘I think they’d prefer to unwrap their present themselves. I saw your boss ruin your thong, but it’ll turn my friends on to discover you’re naked under your skirt. I seem to have laddered your stockings, but it makes you look sluttier. They’ll like that, too.’

Once she’d dressed, Grant tied her hands behind her back with a silky scarf. After picking up his black holdall, he led the trembling young woman by the arm out of the car park and along the corridor. From where he sat, Jeremy could see them standing outside the door of the CCTV room. Grant tied the blindfold around Kate’s eyes before knocking on the door. It opened and the couple disappeared from view.

Once the door had closed behind them, Jeremy slid out of the car, dressed, and cautiously walked to the door of the CCTV room. His legs were like jelly as he heard Grant’s voice and two other male voices. What the men were saying alarmed and disturbed him even more.

An excited, youngish male voice said, ‘Wow, Kate, you’re as stunning in the flesh as you looked on screen. Stand still while I pull your tits out of your blouse. Let’s have a look under your skirt … Legs wider, Kate … Let’s make you gush in my mouth. Squat over my face, Kate, so I can bang you with my fingers … that’s it … what a view … shoot another close-up, Grant … she’s close … Woah! Nectar of the gods. She almost choked me.’

Jeremy could hear Kate’s loud moans of pleasure above the buzz of at least two vibrators. He was ashamed to admit, listening to the men’s running commentary was keeping him erect.

Another voice, which sounded robotic as though it had been fed through some sort of voice distorting contraption, said, ‘Be quick about it. I’m rock solid here, and that’s after me coming watching you bang her backside. Pull off her skirt and lift her onto the bench  … Hold her knees apart so I can video my fingers in her arse. Yes … you’re loving that vibe on you, aren’t you, Kate? What a naughty girl you are. Prof, your Trouble Cream’s turned her into a raving nymphomaniac.’

‘Turning females into raving nymphomaniacs is the whole point,’ said Grant. ‘All the more fun for us red-blooded males.’

The Dalek-like voice said, ‘Untie her wrists and pull off her blouse … That’s it … Christ, I could hang my hat on her nipples, but we know we can make them even larger. Plug in the suction tube, Grant. I’ll rub more cream on her, if I can stop her rubbing herself.’

Jeremy heard a loud whirring noise. Kate began squealing like a pig. ‘What are you doing to me? My nipple feels like it’ll burst if you don’t stop switch that tube thing off.’

The robot voice said, ‘Suck Prof’s dick. That’ll keep you quiet. Good, that’s shut you up. Now your nipples are done, pull your knees wider so I can use the suction tube on your clitoral hood.’

After much blaspheming and pleas for them to stop from Kate, Jeremy heard her say, ‘What the fuck? That’s the worst sensation I’ve ever felt. Oh, God … it feels huge. What have you done to it? It’s tingling even more than before.’

Grant said, ‘The increased size will only last a day or two, so don’t panic, Kate. It looks and feels awesome, doesn’t it lads? Prof, make her gush again on your fingers while I video you both.’

Even through the door, Jeremy could hear the distinctive sounds of a vigorous fingering. Looking at his watch, he wondered what DS Niles must be thinking of their no-show.

Jeremy heard robot man say, ‘Naughty girl, you’ve wet Prof’s glasses. Bend her over the bench. What an amazing sight her clit is from behind. Use close-up mode, Grant. I want to shoot a few videos of me using this anal speculum on her.’

I’ve no clue what that is but it sounds scary, thought Kate as she lay face down over Grant’s bench.

Jeremy’s anxiety levels shot sky high. He had a fair idea what was about to be done to her. He’d seen videos of rectal and vaginal examinations on porn sites and had found the images disturbing. What kind of sicko enjoys pretending to be a gynaecologist or proctologist? he thought. The fact it was about to be done to Kate filled him with terror and disgust. He wanted to bang on the door and demand they stop the procedure but he daren’t, not with so many life-ruining videos in Grant’s possession.

He could hear Kate panting hard as robot man said, ‘Part her buttocks, Prof, so I can slide this speculum into her. Sorry if it’s a bit cold, Kate. That looks perfect. When I turn these screws, you’ll feel the bills expanding. Hold her still and move the spotlight closer. Pass me a few swabs, Prof. Stop swearing, girl, it’s almost over. You’ll feel less stretched in a few seconds when I turn the screws again. There, all done. Now, suck me, Kate.’

Jeremy heard gagging sounds, then the robotic voice said,  ‘Throw me a condom, Grant. Brace yourself, you bad girl… Seems she loves receiving anal sex as much as I love dishing it out. Feels so good. Keep pinching her nipples, Prof.’

Jeremy was relieved the speculum nightmare was over. He could hear the slap of skin on skin as Kate moaned and gibbered. ‘It’s the … first time … I’ve ever … had anal sex with a robot. The cream is … making me do this … not you bastards … Faster … faster.’

There was a loud expletive as robot man came. Jeremy heard Grant say, ‘We’ll run out of condoms at this rate. It’s my turn again. Lie on the bench and put your legs over my shoulders, Kate. When I’m done, you can dress and return to boring Beige Boy.’

Hearing Grant’s insult made Jeremy bristle with rage, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He marched back to his car and waited for Kate to emerge. Ten minutes later, she exited the room alone, looking different to when she’d entered it. They could hear the men laughing in the CCTV room. Even through her blouse, Jeremy could see her nipples were twice as large and far more erect than they’d been before the suction tube had done its work.

Shell-shocked and trembling, Kate climbed into the passenger seat. Having been blindfolded, she had no idea what her newly modified body looked like. She lifted her skirt and shrieked on seeing the length and breadth of her clitoral hood. Jeremy’s eyes were on stalks. He couldn’t resist touching it.

‘Touch but don’t rub, Sir, not unless you want your dashboard soaked again,’ said Kate.

She unbuttoned her blouse and held up her breasts so she could examine her enormous nipples. Snatching them away from Jeremy’s inquisitive fingers, she said, ‘They’re almost as sensitive as my clit. Hopefully, everything will soon shrink. That bastard said it could take a day or so before I’m back to normal. He said they didn’t suction them for as long as they could’ve done. The effects can last for three or four days with longer suctioning, apparently. He said I’ll be feeling horny for several more hours.’

Kate noticed Jeremy’s trousers were bulging, so she buttoned up her blouse and lowered her skirt. She was still unable to stop wriggling in her seat. ‘I can see you’re horny too, Sir, but I need you to drive us out of this car park pronto. They did terrible things to me in that room, things I barely understand.’

‘I know,’ said Jeremy. He lifted her skirt to take another look at her gargantuan clitoris. ‘I was standing outside the door and heard everything. Can’t believe they used a rectal speculum on you. I wanted to break down the door, but I knew you’d understand why I couldn’t.’

‘I hoped you’d be listening,’ said Kate. ‘You being nearby made me feel slightly safer. I reckon there were four men in there, including Grant Trafford and someone who was disguising his voice, probably because we’d know who he is. Makes me feel weird to know so many complete strangers have had sex with me. I’ve had sex with strangers before but at least I knew who they were by the end of it. God, Sir, what are we going to do?’

She didn’t feel any better when her boss shrugged his shoulders. Even with an erection burning a hole in his beige trousers, Jeremy had never felt more aroused, yet so impotent.

Chapter 4. The Spiral Staircase

The drive over to Telford Estate was tense. Neither Kate nor Jeremy were able to look each other in the eye, each silently reliving the torrid events in the car park.

As he crashed through the gears on their mad dash to the murder scene, Jeremy said, ‘You don’t have to go to Grant’s home tomorrow.’

Kate looked indignant. ‘Oh, don’t I, Sir? How can I wriggle out of going without us both losing our jobs, you losing your wife and kids, my parents never speaking to me again, and both of us facing public humiliation on every social platform known to mankind?’

‘Kate, I think you can call me Jeremy after all we’ve just been through.’

‘But, you know I get a kick out of calling you Sir. It’s probably why we’ve ended up in this mess. I’m turned on to look on you as a power figure—’

‘But now you’ve met Grant Trafford, the ultimate controlling megalomaniac. To even the balance of power between him and me, maybe you should carry on calling me Sir,’ said Jeremy, placing a hand on her thigh as he drove.

Kate was feeling vulnerable in every way, including the fact she was being driven to a murder scene after her genitalia had been enlarged massively. To make matters worse, she was wearing no underwear; Grant had kept her bra as a memento, and her destroyed thong was inside her boss’s trouser pocket. Jeremy also knew it was there and the thought was driving him wild. Even after everything she’d been through, the cream Grant had rubbed all over her erogenous zones was still driving her crazy.

Jeremy was still hard and unsatisfied, especially now he’d seen her body’s enhancements. It would be a long drive, so eventually he told her to hitch up her skirt, safe in the knowledge Grant wasn’t there to video them. She eagerly hoisted up her skirt and parted her thighs so he could steel hungry glances down at her as he drove. In a long traffic jam, she placed three fingers of his left hand over her clitoris so he could rub it. The sight of her gushing again drove Jeremy to fever pitch.

Determined to get one over on Grant, Jeremy swung the car down the road leading to his home.

‘This isn’t the quickest way to the estate,’ said Kate, her body aflame with pent-up desire.

‘No, but my house is nearby. My wife’s at work and the kids are at school. All I need is half an hour locked in my bedroom with you without umpteen unknown eyes gawping at us. If I can do that, I’ll die an extremely happy man.’

Kate grinned. ‘I guess half an hour won’t make much difference. We’re horribly late already.’ She leant over, unzipped his beige trousers and released his pulsating manhood. When she took him into her mouth, Jeremy almost crashed the car.

‘You’d better stop that, Kate, or it’ll be game over,’ he said, tapping her on the shoulder. They were both mightily relieved to see his driveway up ahead.

‘I’ve suspected for some time I might be addicted to sex,’ she said, already unbuttoning her blouse.

‘Well, after the way you went for me in the car park before silly bollocks turned up, I can see why you might suspect that,’ said Jeremy, not caring that people in passing cars might see him reach over and tweak her right nipple.

‘Some folks chase rainbows, Sir; I’ve been chasing orgasms ever since I became sexual. Even without the cream on me, I’m sure I’m addicted to all the chemicals released in me when I come.’

He smiled. ‘Well, I’m certainly looking forward to our first full-on fuck, Kate. Prepare for me to be masterful and extremely demanding. I’ll give you all the chemical releases you need.’

As he parked the car, he thought, I hope the missus hasn’t popped back unexpectedly. The house sounds empty, so we should be safe. He watched Kate rip off her skirt as she dashed up the stairs. He steered her into his bedroom, his hand working busily between her thighs, not caring that his fingertips were now tingling from the cream.

‘Have a quick shower in the en suite if you want to, Kate, so no cream accidentally smears onto me. I want to lick you all over, backside and all. I’ve a taste for it after Grant made me do it to you.’

She returned freshly showered from the bathroom, naked and smelling of oranges. The water had not diminished the cream’s effects on her nipples and clitoris. Jeremy couldn’t wait to enjoy all the enhancements. He locked the master bedroom door behind them and opened a packet of condoms.

He was soon deep inside Kate on the double bed he’d shared with his wife the previous night. They skipped foreplay, having had hours of it, and time was short. Scared his wife would question him about any wet patches in their marital bed, he’d had the foresight to place two towels under her perfect buttocks.

He’d worried she might have been too exhausted after her energetic time with Grant, but she amazed Jeremy with her stamina and enthusiasm. He’d never performed better and was more than grateful for his huge climax.

They cuddled on the bed, drawn closer by what they’d experienced in the car park. When he’d recovered his erection, he decided to take a leaf out of Grant’s book and took control of her. ‘On your knees. Doggie style’s my favourite position. I won’t be fobbed off with having sex with you only once, not after Grant fucked you three times.’

‘Whatever Sir wants, Sir gets,’ she said, eagerly positioning herself on all fours and looking coquettishly over her shoulder at him.

They didn’t manage to drive away from his house for over an hour and a half because Jeremy had insisted on equalling Grant’s score with Kate. As they raced through the streets, his left hand between insatiable Kate’s legs, he thought, I feel guilty for using Sabrina’s vibrators on Kate, but at least I washed them afterwards and put the two towels on the radiator to dry. We could really have done with three. Sabrina will never know what I’ve been up to, so long as Kate keeps sodding Grant on side tomorrow, and whenever else he wants to see her. At least I’ve now had more sex with Kate than Grant has had, not that I’m counting. Jeremy was most definitely counting.

Kate and DCI Cosgrove arrived at Telford Estate over three hours later than scheduled. As they approached the house where the murder had taken place, Jeremy could see through the sudden summer downpour that the area was as run-down and dismal as he’d remembered. He ducked under the police tape at the front of the house with Kate sashaying behind him.

‘I think my clit’s going to fall off the amount it’s been rubbed today,’ whispered Kate as they reached the front door. Before knocking on it, Jeremy tenderly stroked her bare buttocks under her skirt.

‘There, there. I’ll kiss your clitty better later,’ he said, just as the door opened.

Despite his superior rank, Jeremy apologised profusely to DS Alan Niles for their late arrival. Seeing the young man’s expression, Jeremy thought, Shit, Alan looks confused. He must’ve heard what I’d said. What must he be thinking? After being immersed in undiluted sex for the past few hours, I forgot where I was for a second. Snap out of it, Cosgrove. There’s work to be done.

DS Alan Niles’ bottom jaw nearly hit the ground when he saw the defined outline of Kate’s gargantuan erect nipples protruding through the material of her tight white blouse. As he and Kate were both part of Cosgrove’s team, along with DS Theresa Smart, Alan saw Kate regularly. He’d been attracted to her ever since they’d met, but his desire for her shot off the scale; large, jutting nipples were his all-time favourite fetish.

He eventually pulled himself together and said, ‘The forensic team have already done all they can on the scene, Sir. Steven Edgeworth’s murder took place in the garden, so there’s no need to suit up. The victim’s disabled father, Dr. Norman Edgeworth, is in bed upstairs. He needs some emotional support from you, Kate, as family liaison officer. I’d also like a word with you boss, about a lead that’s just been phoned into me from an informer. Before I do, what was all that moaning and groaning I heard in the background when I rang you earlier? I thought I heard a Welsh accent. Was Kate ill?’

‘Don’t know what you’re referring to,’ said Cosgrove, who knew precisely what it had been. As he watched Alan Niles undressing Kate with his eyes, he thought, Damn! I think Alan’s onto us.

‘You’d better run along upstairs, Kate. Dr. Edgeworth’s waiting for some of your comforting words,’ said Alan.

Kate stood stock-still. She gazed at the long, open-plan, spiral staircase. ‘Um … okay, Alan. Just going.’

She walked slowly up the steep, winding staircase, tugging down her short, flared skirt as much as she could to hide her sore and extraordinary private parts. Despite her efforts, Alan and Jeremy were still treated to a glorious upskirt view from every angle as she climbed, revealing more skin the higher she ascended.

She sensed two pairs of hungry eyes on her, especially those of young DS Niles, who she’d always secretly fancied. She couldn’t resist pausing mid-stride halfway up the staircase. To tease the men further, she glanced down at them, smiling provocatively. Enjoying their shocked expressions, she ran her hands over her blouse. Her lack of a bra was clearly visible.

DS Niles was mesmerised, his cheeks reddening despite his blood having rushed to his groin. He whispered, ‘Gosh, Sir, can you see all that … um … bare flesh?’

Jeremy nodded, smiled weakly, yet said nothing. He’d also spotted Kate’s hooded clitoris jutting below her plump, hairless labia as she climbed the stairs.

Alan instinctively stretched a hand upwards to touch her, but she was just out of his reach. ‘I could swear she’s deliberately flashing us, not that I’m complaining,’ he whispered to Jeremy.

‘Of course I can see her flesh, as you so quaintly put it. I’m not blind. Good grief, how old are you, DS Niles? Haven’t you ever seen a confident young woman who’s proud of her body and dislikes wearing underwear? I know I have. She’s safely upstairs now, so let’s get on with our job.’

Amazed at how broad-minded his fuddy-duddy boss was being, DS Niles placed his A4 notebook strategically in front of his semi. He couldn’t wait for the sassy Welsh liaison officer to sashay downstairs again. He positioned himself where he’d have the best view, not caring what Cosgrove thought of him. He needed to see more of what she seemed all too eager to display. He hurriedly ripped a piece of paper from his notebook, pulled out a biro, and scribbled his phone number and address on it.

Chapter 5. Dr. Edgeworth’s Recovery

After Kate had expressed her sympathy for Dr. Norman Edgeworth’s great loss, she’d chatted for ten minutes to the distraught man as he lay in bed inside his spacious bedroom. Like DS Niles, Norman was mesmerised by the outline of her larger than normal puffy nipples throughout their conversation.

Kate tried to concentrate as he reminisced about how wonderful a son Steven had been but she couldn’t stop wriggling and squirming in the chair next to Norman’s bed. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, trying to squeeze the tingling sensation out of her so she wouldn’t be tempted to rub herself, sore as she was. The dapper elderly man’s heart raced whenever he was treated to occasional flashes of what lay above her black stocking tops and lacy suspenders.

Norman had flopped back against the pillows to rest after his tearful expression of grief, hoping to gain a better view up the stunning-looking young woman’s short skirt. His ruse paid off. As she perched on the edge of her chair, Kate was unaware how much she was revealing between her crossed thighs when her skirt slid back. Another wave of uncontrollable, cream-induced sexual arousal washed over her body. She started to surreptitiously move her hips back and forwards, hoping he wouldn’t notice. Her gyrations only heightened her desperation and increased his fascination.

‘What’s the matter, dear? You seem to be in some difficulty. Is something causing you physical discomfort? Your breathing’s rather rapid.’

‘Oh, it’s nothing. I’ll be fine. I’m sorry to leave you, but I really should be going,’ she said.

Kate was desperate to leave the room so she could sneak off to the bathroom to rub the tingling fleshy monster which Grant had coated in the mysterious cream.

Seeing the growing panic in her eyes, Norman said, ‘Well, I am a doctor, you know, a retired one at least. Tell me if you need my professional opinion on any problem you have before you leave.’

‘That’s kind of you, but I’m sure I can sort it out myself,’ she said, standing up to leave the room.

In a feeble voice, he said, ‘Before you go, be a dear and help me sit up higher on my pillows. I feel so weak.’

From the way he was looking at her body, Kate knew what he really wanted. He’s quite handsome, really. Let’s give him a treat. She sauntered over to his bed, her skirt swaying. I feel desperately sorry for him. He seems so lonely now his son’s been killed. I’ll be a good Samaritan and lift his spirits the best way I know. Norman needs something to brighten his day … and I really need to come, too.

When she bent low over his bed to pull him higher up the pillows, she took her time straightening his bedding so he could enjoy the sight of her naked breasts down her cleavage. He was transfixed. She could hear his breathing quicken even more than her own. She’d only wanted to give him a flash of them, but, to their surprise, the weight of her breasts, plus the force of gravity, made one burst through the gap in her blouse and flop forward onto his bare chest. This is going much better than I’d intended. I’ll act innocent and pretend I haven’t noticed, just go with the flow. It could be fun, and the way his chest hair is tickling my nipple is making me feel even hornier. Let’s face it, I’m seducing him.

Norman was breathing so fast, she feared he’d have a seizure. Despite this, Kate carried on making a meal of tucking him in. She pretended not to notice him gawping at her bare breast and edging one trembling hand up her inner thigh. She heard a sharp intake of breath when he felt no underwear under her skirt, and something extraordinary he’d never encountered before.

Wanting more, he surreptitiously kicked his food tray off the end of his bed. One of the two bowls smashed on the wood laminate and the other bowl had overturned. Grapes and salted peanuts scattered across the floor.

‘Oops-a-daisy. Don’t worry, I’ll soon clear up all this mess,’ she said. This is where I blow his tiny mind, she thought.

She turned her back on him, but instead of crouching, she bent over from the waist down, purposely making her skirt ride up. She pretended not to notice him pick up his walking stick from beside his bed and raise the back of her skirt with the end of it. Norman gazed in wonder at her naked buttocks and vulva as she bent over.

He said in a wavery voice, ‘Sorry for being so clumsy, dear. Please, take your time. Wish you could stay up here with me all day, to be honest. It’s lonely stuck in bed every day. There’s a grape over here, look, right next to me.’

Kate heard him gasp when she opened her legs to stretch across to retrieve the grape. He’s obviously as stunned by the size of my clit as he was by my nipples, she thought. When she straightened up again and placed the tray of grapes and peanuts on his table, neither of them commented on what had just happened. It was a delicious standoff they were both revelling in.

‘Actually, Dr. Edgeworth,  there is something you could look at that’s really bothering me. As you’re a medical man, I’d like your professional opinion. It’s a bit embarrassing, but—’

‘Don’t be shy. I’ve seen it all before, dear. I’m a doctor, don’t forget. Show me the problem,’ he said, putting on his glasses.

Norman pulled his duvet back and sat facing Kate on the side of the bed, hoping his erection beneath his pyjamas didn’t alarm her. She moved the chair closer to him and placed one high-heeled shoe daintily onto the seat, hitched up her skirt above her waist, and turned her raised knee outwards.

Trying not to look as excited as he was, Norman stared at by far the biggest clitoral hood and clitoris he’d ever seen. He moved closer to inspect the wondrous sight.

‘Well, dear, your clitoral hood is obviously extremely enlarged. May I examine it thoroughly? Better be safe than sorry. I think it’d be wise.’

‘Feeling your breath on it is making me need to rub it. I think you’d better give me the once over.’

Norman gulped and said, ‘I agree. Remove your skirt and pass me that ointment on top of my nest of drawers. Your entire vulva looks sore, so I’ll rub some in for you. The clitoris itself feels unusually hard to my touch. You seem to have excessive moisture at the vaginal entrance as I’m circling your clitoris. Look how wet my finger is. That’s not right. I’ll stand up so you can lie on the bed … that’s it, dear.’

‘Can you please rub it first, while my foot’s on the chair… I really need to stop this tingling before it drives me insane. You can give me a thorough examination afterwards, okay?’

‘Of course, dear. In my professional opinion, you’re in a state of acute sexual arousal. To make it better for you, I’ll need to insert my fingers into your vagina to bring you to a climax.’

‘Yes, yes, yes. Please, stop talking about it and just do it, I don’t care how.’

‘I might need more than fingers. Please fetch my electric toothbrush from the en suite. There’s plenty of charge left in it.’

Kate rushed to retrieve the toothbrush and put it in his trembling hand. She put her foot back on the chair again, but he said, ‘No, lie on my bed. I have shocking arthritis, so it’ll be easier for me to solve your severe problem with you lying down.’

‘I’ve also developed a severe gushing problem, Doctor. It might be wise to put a towel or two under me.’

‘Don’t worry. I have something to catch any ejaculate. Remove your blouse, so I can give you a thorough breast exam … I see your nipples are unusually enlarged. They’re extremely warm to my touch and unusually erect, which is something for me to check on.’

‘Shall I take off my shoes, stockings, and suspenders as well, Doctor?’

‘No, that won’t be necessary.’

Once she was lying naked from head to thigh, he knelt between her splayed legs and removed his glasses. ‘Put on my cooling gel eye mask to help calm you down. It’ll help stop you wriggling about so much. Now, pull your knees up and as wide as you can … That’s it, dear. I’ll soon have you feeling so much better.’

Now she was rendered blind by the eye mask, the doctor of philosophy, who’d never done anything vaguely medical in his life, felt safe to start lapping her with his long tongue. Kate smiled and moaned as his fingers thrust vigorously inside her. For variety, he rubbed the hard nub of her clitoris with his fingertips and the buzzing electric toothbrush. He slid the thick handle of the toothbrush inside her and went to work with it. Norman caught almost every drop when she squirted into his greedy mouth.

‘Does that feel better, dear? Let me check your heart rate with my stethoscope. It’ll feel cold.’ He laid the base of his empty drinking glass over her heart. ‘Yes, your heart rate is too high, indicating you’re still in a state of high arousal. Your nipples also look sore, so lie there while I rub this ointment onto them.’

‘I think you’re right, Dr. Edgeworth. The arousal is building rapidly, even after that orgasm. Your ointment feels soothing, but by rubbing it on, my urge to come is greater.’

‘First, I need to give you a digital rectal examination, dear, if that’s alright. There might be something pressing where it shouldn’t be pressing. Hold your knees higher … that’s it. Breath in as I insert my fingers.’

He pulled an ancient packet of condoms from his bedside table drawer and slipped one onto his hard penis. ‘Pull your knees even higher and we’ll see if a second orgasm helps solve your problem.’ I know a first orgasm will definitely solve mine, he thought as he watched her pull her knees behind her ears. Before she could say anything, he nudged his penis slowly inside her rectum. 

‘Dr. Edgeworth, are you sure that’s a finger inside me?’ she said.

‘Of course, dear. Keep pulling your knees back. I just need to move it about vigorously while I explore. You’re breathing hard again. Do my fingers make the arousal more intense when I slide them in and out quickly like this?’

‘Yes, it does, especially when you rub my clitoris like that. The sensation’s building. Better get the bowl ready to catch it … Oh, God … Oh, God.’

The second spurt landed mostly on his pyjama top rather than in his mouth, but he caught some in there. She heard him smacking his lips. Her moans, and the sight of her arched back and bouncing breasts, made him tremble and come into the condom. He quickly withdrew his penis from her and threw the used condom under his bed before swiftly pulling up his pyjama bottoms.

Kate pulled off her eye mask. ‘That wasn’t your finger, was it, Dr.Edgeworth? Where’s the bowl of liquid, and why’s your top wet? Oh, and where’s your stethoscope? You’re not a real doctor, are you, Sir?’

He looked shamefaced. ‘Yes, I am. I’m a doctor of philosophy.’

To his amazement, the beautiful young woman laughed. ‘You silly man. I’d have had sex with you anyway. You should’ve just been upfront about it. I’m still really horny, by the way, so go for it.’

He smiled broadly and said, ‘It’ll take me ten minutes or so to go hard again, but I’d love to suck your nipples, if I may.’

She offered up her spectacular breasts to his mouth. ‘Of course. Suck away.’

‘I wanted to do this the second I saw them,’ he said.

He grabbed her right breast in both hands and swirled the impressive nipple with his tongue, then rolled the wet skin in his fingers and tugged it between his front teeth. After giving her left breast the same treatment, he slid down the bed and buried his face between her thighs.

After only a short amount of foreplay, they were both more than ready for intercourse. To her surprise, as he was supposed to be disabled, he led her from the bed and stood her against the door. He slid on another condom and pulled her right knee up and out, then pushed inside her.

Downstairs, Jeremy and Alan could hear dull, rhythmic thuds coming from upstairs. Jeremy raised an eyebrow and sighed. I can guess what’s going on up there. The cream’s obviously still having a powerful effect on Kate. God help us all.

‘What’s all that banging and moaning?’ said Alan. ‘I don’t know what’s got into Kate today.’

Jeremy merely shrugged. One hand was in his trouser pocket stroking her shredded thong as he thought, By the sound of it, it’s Dr. Edgeworth who’s got into her, plus several other men earlier today, including me. The fact we don’t know who the two mystery men were when Trafford took her into the CCTV room is deeply disturbing. That damned cream made Kate behave like a total harlot on the staircase. Alan and I saw too much. The Trouble Cream’s sent her crazy. She’s experiencing some kind of orgasm frenzy. Why else would she be so desperate to flash at any man who’ll look? Kate Pendleton, sex addict extraordinaire, I swear you’ll be the death of me, but at least I’ll die happy.

Upstairs, Norman picked up his smartphone, searched for the video app, and tried to point it between Kate’s legs. ‘It’s something for me to remember you by. The videos will keep me entertained when you’re not here.’

After what had happened only a couple of hours earlier with Grant Trafford in the car park, Kate was understandably reluctant to be filmed. She closed her stockinged legs and placed her hands over her bare breasts.

He pleaded so eloquently with her, she eventually said, ‘Well, okay. But, promise me you won’t show them to anyone. These videos are for your eyes only.’

‘What do you take me for?’ he said, full of indignation. ‘I wouldn’t dream of letting anyone see something so personal. Don’t be a spoilsport. Show me your breasts and open your legs again … That’s it, dear … smile for the camera as I make you come on my fingers again.’

The bedroom’s varnished floorboards were soon awash. Norman’s phone now held over a dozen videos and scores of photographs even Grant Trafford would have envied.

As she dressed, Kate turned to Norman and said, ‘I really should go downstairs, but it’s been lovely meeting you.’

‘Thanks, Kate. You’re amazing. Hey, your blouse is still undone, not that I’m complaining,’ he said with a chuckle.

She squeezed her breasts together, then jiggled them up and down, making him giggle. ‘I know it’s undone. You undid the last two buttons, remember? Just before you made me do that, you naughty man.’ She pointed to the puddle on the floorboards by the door. ‘Hey, I can’t promise anything, but maybe I’ll pop back upstairs and see you’re okay before I go.’

‘Oh, yes, please do. That’d be wonderful. I’ll never clean this floor again, Kate. We really must lock the door next time. We could’ve been caught,’ he said.

Norman lay back on his pillows to admire her bare breasts as she stood framed in the open doorway. He smiled as he remembered how amazing they’d felt and tasted.

‘I’m confident neither of my colleagues would’ve objected if they’d caught us. They said you needed comforting and I’ve accomplished that.’

‘Oh, yes, you certainly have, Kate. In spades,’ he said with a mischievous laugh.

‘Just so long as you don’t regard what I did as sexual harassment,’ she said, her beautiful brown eyes twinkling with amusement.

‘You can sexually harass me anytime you like, dear. I recover quickly, so if you fancy an orgasm or two before you leave, I’ll be happy to sort out your problem. Reckon I might have caught the same affliction from you. May I have just one more suck on your boobs?’

She laughed and jokingly wagged a scolding finger at him. She rushed back to the bed, bent over him and offered up her breasts to his hungry mouth. Eventually, she said, ‘Okay … that feels wonderful but I really must go. I’ll try to return later, Norman. Now, let go of my boobs and close your eyes and grab forty winks so you’ll be ready for me.’

Kate closed the door behind her and sashayed across the landing to the top of the staircase. Norman fell into a contented slumber, filled with wonderful dreams of cherry-topped, pink marshmallows falling onto his naked body as he lay listening to magical rain splashing onto the ground around him.

Kate’s eventual slow descent of the spiral staircase was an even more spectacular performance than either man could have wished for.Alan Niles noticed her breasts were not only fully exposed, but were also wet. Her nipples were hard and extra perky. He glanced at Jeremy, waiting for him to reprimand their cavorting colleague, but his boss just shrugged and smiled sweetly at him. Cosgrove’s acting as though Kate’s shocking display is the most normal thing in the world, thought Alan.

Jeremy despaired as he looked up at her opening and closing her legs like lift doors. God knows why her breasts are sopping wet. Dread to think. I’m guessing Dr. Edgeworth is now a happy man, knowing Kate. By the look of Alan, she’s also killing this horny git standing next to me. Wish she’d hurry up and come downstairs before he grabs her. This situation’s getting extremely messy. Alan has a bad reputation with the ladies at the best of times. Kate’s gone way too far.

A loud knock on the front door ended Kate’s performance. As Jeremy opened the front door, Kate scurried as fast as her high heels allowed down the remaining stairs. She turned her back on the new arrival and buttoned up her blouse.

The visitor was DS Theresa Smart, carrying a large wad of neatly stapled A4 paper. On her walk from her car, the wind had blown some strands of her greying hair free from the large bun on top of her head. Her glasses were splattered with rain; as usual, she hadn’t bothered wearing her contact lenses because she didn’t care about her glasses not suiting her. Vanity about her appearance wasn’t part of her nature.

Theresa said, ‘You need to see these documents urgently, Sir. They’re concerning this murder case.’

Cosgrove looked despondently at the sheaf of papers being handed over to him by the straight-laced woman. ‘Much appreciated, Theresa.’

Reading dull words was the last thing he fancied after the riotous morning he’d had with Kate. Dowdily attired DS Smart had killed off Jeremy’s erection as effectively as a bucket of cold water. She was the opposite of Kate in every way. Theresa’s crisp, starched, white blouse was buttoned up to the neck as usual, and her unfashionable tweedy skirt was well below her knees. Her shoes were flat and dull. She was a bosomy single woman in her mid-forties, tall, of average weight and average appearance. She liked everything to be done by the book. Theresa’s large breasts, and everything else, were always kept well under wraps. She’d have been horrified to have witnessed Kate’s antics on the staircase.

Theresa said, ‘If you can spare me for a while, I need to phone forensics about another job, Sir.’

Cosgrove nodded. ‘Go ahead, DS Smart. I must read these notes in more depth before we can crack on with this case.’

Not wanting another drenching outside, Theresa walked briskly to the far end of the living room. She turned her back on her three colleagues to concentrate on her phone call.

Hot and bothered after Kate’s staircase revelations, Alan Niles grabbed the opportunity to sidle up close to Kate. He pulled her into the shadows, far away from where Theresa was busy on her phone.

Sadly, there was nothing to shield the couple from Jeremy, but Alan was too overexcited to care. The boss obviously thinks Kate can do no wrong, he thought. What she did on those stairs was a sackable offence. Cosgrove must be having sex with her behind his wife’s back. That’s the only reason I can think of for him turning a blind eye to her flashing us so brazenly. They must be in an open relationship, because he didn’t seem to mind me ogling her body when we were standing elbow to elbow beneath her.

Jeremy decided to take a short break from digesting the essential information on the Edgeworth case. He looked up from the documents in time to see Alan whispering in Kate’s ear. Jeremy watched him sit on a chair next to where she stood, and slide a scrap of paper into the palm of her dainty hand. Pushy young bastard! I bet Alan’s giving her his phone number or address so they can hook up later, probably tonight. She’ll be up for it with all that bloody cream in her system. Like me, he’s been struck down by the Kate Pendleton effect. Can’t stop thinking about her. Bugger it, I can hear the sod twanging her suspenders.

Jeremy hadn’t seen Alan’s other hand for a while, which concerned him. He prayed Kate would move away from Alan but she was glued to the spot, gyrating her slim hips, a willing recipient of whatever Alan was doing to her.

 Judging by Kate’s huge smile and how she’s squirming I know his grubby little fingers are busy up the back of her skirt. He can easily finger her from where he’s sitting. I know that wicked smile of hers all too well. Kate knows damned well I’m looking at them and I’ll do nothing to stop them. Alan probably thinks I have no idea what’s going on, just because I can’t see his hand. Oh, no, she’s gripping the table to steady herself, panting like a dog shut in a car in a heatwave. What did she whisper? Sounded like, ‘Faster … faster.’ If Theresa notices what that jammy swine’s doing to my Kate, she’d be appalled. She’s still busy on her phone with her back to them, so Alan might just get away with his grubby fumblings.  

As the noises of Alan’s fast-moving fingers inside Kate grew louder, Jeremy shot the reckless pair a disapproving glance. It was pointless. Niles was too busy gazing at Kate’s face as his digits urged her towards a climax. Kate saw nothing as her eyes were rolled back in ecstasy. Jeremy knew she’d ignore his glares, anyway. When Kate’s panting increased, signalling her imminent orgasm, Jeremy thought, Should I warn Alan about Kate’s gushing problem? I couldn’t stand the embarrassment of Kate’s Niagara Falls impression, not with straight-laced Theresa Smart in the room. Oh, I’m too late.

Jeremy watched Kate gasp and shudder. With her phone still glued to her ear, Theresa turned around to find out what was wrong with Kate. Four pairs of eyes watched a puddle spread across the living room’s laminate floor. Alan looked down at his wet shoes and socks.

After lowering the back hem of her skirt, Kate smiled gratefully at Alan, then winked conspiratorially at an expressionless Jeremy. She turned and looked Theresa defiantly in the eyes, daring her to say anything. Kate needn’t have worried. Unaware female ejaculation even existed, Theresa thought the deluge was down to Kate’s weak bladder. To save Kate from further embarrassment, Theresa said nothing. Jeremy knew Kate wasn’t in the least embarrassed, devoid of every atom of shame in her acute state of Trouble-induced sexual arousal.

Red-faced, Alan lurched upstairs and disappeared into the bathroom. Jeremy thought, The silly bugger can hardly walk. Must’ve gone for a Tommy Tank. I’ll be having one myself when he comes out of there. I really need one after watching Kate’s staircase performance.

Jeremy watched, enraptured, as Kate scuttled past him into the kitchen to find some kitchen roll. Without a thought of their murder investigation in his head, he was suddenly panting hard, gazing up her skirt as she treated him to another delicious view of her crouching before him with her knees splayed.

Grinning up mischievously, she whispered, ‘Here’s a little treat for you for being so patient with me, Sir.’

He looked down at her, hunger burning in his eyes. Her fingers were a blur, too busy to bother mopping up her previous mess. Luckily, Theresa was making another phone call at the far end of the room. She couldn’t see the growing bulge in Jeremy’s trousers from having just watched Kate masturbate to a productive climax as she crouched on the kitchen lino.

When Alan exited the bathroom, Kate and Jeremy scuttled away in opposite directions. Despite Jeremy’s better judgement and growing jealousy, he decided not to reprimand him for molesting Kate. It would complicate matters, he thought. The look of confusion on the young man’s face was comical when he saw not one but two puddles on the floor. One was in the living room, the other in the kitchen.

Alan quietly quizzed Kate about the second puddle, but she whispered, ‘Best you don’t know, Alan. See you at seven p.m. at your place.’

As Jeremy walked upstairs to the bathroom, he acknowledged he’d have to be content with grabbing scraps of Kate’s time and talents whenever Grant, Alan Niles, and whoever else, weren’t enjoying her. He was unhappy about sharing her, but the thought of never having sex with Kate again sent him into a panic. It had only been hours since she’d seduced him, but Jeremy knew he was addicted to the Welsh liaison officer, just as she was addicted to sex with anyone who’d give her the orgasms she craved. As he locked the bathroom door behind him and let his lower garments fall to the floor, Jeremy had never wanted the sex-crazed woman more.

He heard footsteps walking past the bathroom, then a gentle knock on a door further down the corridor. This was followed by an elderly male voice saying, ‘Come in, pet. I’m more than ready for you.’

Having lost his erection, Jeremy pulled up his trousers and crept along the corridor. I must check if my guess is correct, that there’s now another man wanting a piece of Kate. Jeremy placed his ear to the bedroom door. He could hear whispers, conspiratorial giggles, then what he knew all too well was the sound of the zip of Kate’s skirt being tugged down.

He heard Dr. Edgeworth say, ‘Quick, lock the door and undo those buttons. Look at what a big surprise I have for you.’

Fascinated by the low moans and the sound of creaking bedsprings, Jeremy couldn’t pull away from the door. He recognised the noises; it felt like he’d been listening to them all day. I know exactly what she’s doing. Nothing sounds quite like baby lotion being rubbed vigorously on a cock. I remember the sound from when she did it to me at my house. She’s incorrigible, but I need Kate in my life.

Jeremy heard Dr. Edgeworth whisper, ‘Gosh, pet, I don’t know why men say they can never find it. Yours is massive. Must be all this licking. Oh … another puddle.’

Jeremy shook his head, sighed, and waited for her to finish with Dr. Edgeworth. She eventually exited the elderly man’s bedroom and smiled serenely at her boss.

‘I heard everything, Kate.’

‘I thought it’d take his mind off his grief, Sir. Sorry I took so long, but he’s so lonely.’

Jeremy said, ‘Oddest form of grief counselling I’ve ever heard of, young lady. Well, now he’s given you another orgasm, let’s try and solve this murder.’

‘It was two actually, Sir,’ said Kate with a wicked grin.

Jeremy sighed and said, ‘I’ll pretend I never heard that.’

As he followed her downstairs, conscious of DS Niles closely watching her descent, Jeremy thought, This sexy Welsh philanthropist has me twisted around her little finger. Dare say this won’t be the last time I’ll be waiting around for Miss No Knickers as she’s busy satisfying another man and not me.

The lustlorn detective suddenly remembered Kate’s appointment with Grant Trafford scheduled for the next evening. He felt sick imagining what their burly blackmailer might do to her. Sick with envy.

Chapter 6. Stains And Spillages

Next morning, aware how possessive Jeremy could be, Kate decided not to tell him she’d just spent a steamy night of passion at Alan’s home. Thank God the boss didn’t see Alan driving me into the car park this morning, she thought.

After complaining to Alan about not being able to change her previous day’s outfit because of spending a spectacular time at his house, they’d called into her house on the drive to work. After all her recent frenetic sexual activity, it felt wonderful to bathe, fix her makeup, and put on her favourite black suit, black stockings, and sexiest underwear.

Kate knew that Jeremy, Alan, Grant, and Norman could all demand her special, intimate attention at some point that day, so she needed to be as fresh and alluring as possible. She’d had to reapply her makeup after Alan crept into her bedroom and become aroused by her stunning appearance. He’d only agreed to stop ravishing her if she agreed not to wear underwear again, and promise to visit his desk in the office they shared before lunch.

‘It would turn me on so much to know you are walking around at work all day with no bra and panties on. If you don’t visit my desk to play, you little minx, I’ll come and find you, wherever you are, then bend you over the nearest desk. I won’t care who sees us,’ he said with a mischievous grin.

‘Doubt you’d bang me over a desk if Superintendent Yarrow was with me. Anyhow, Alan, you know I’ll willingly come to see you, heavy as my workload is.’

Kate threw a ten denier pair of black stocking into her waste bin after Alan had laddered them. Her new, demanding lover sat in his suit on her bed, watching her remove her suit and underwear, before pulling on her silky black suit again.

‘Satisfied now?’ she asked, raising her skirt.

‘I was until you did that. Come closer,’ he said, raising the hem high enough for him to access all areas.

What followed was the reason why Kate and Alan were half an hour late for work. It was also why there was an incriminating white, crusty patch on the front of her skirt.

‘There’s no time to wipe it off. I’ll do it in the bathroom when we’re at work,’ Kate shouted to Alan as they raced down her stairs and out to his car. Unfortunately, she forgot to wipe it off as she was immediately summoned into Cosgrove’s office for another dressing down about arriving late. Alan had a meeting with Forensics as soon as he’d arrived at the station, so Jeremy hadn’t realised he was also late.

To distract her boss from reprimanding her, and emboldened by all they’d been through the previous day, Kate moved closer as he began to scold her. She thought, Nobody can see into his office. It has solid walls and the blind is down over his door’s glazed panel as usual. Perfectly private. Now to make my move.

Kate raised the front of her skirt. ‘Fancy a feel, Sir?’

Jeremy was shocked to see Kate was still naked under her clothes. The black skirt was a few inches above her knees, and flared. From the first time he’d set his hooded, brown eyes on her, Kate had worn similar flared skirts. Now he knew why.

‘Easy access, Sir,’ she said, placing her left foot on the arm of his office chair, teetering in her heels. ‘I know there’s a security camera in here and every other room in this station, but Grant’s seen every part of me already. I’m so horny, and we might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. Hurry, Sir, before I pull a muscle standing here like a flamingo.’

‘Don’t mind if I do,’ he said.

Jeremy unzipped his beige trousers and buried his head between her parted thighs. He tried to block out the thought that he’d heard Dr. Edgeworth doing exactly the same to Kate the previous day. When cramp in her right calf gripped her, he pointed to his desk. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse as she lay on her back across his desk and dangled her legs over his shoulders. They gazed into each others eyes as their hands worked their magic on each other.

Before work, he’d sneaked into the local Anne Summer’s shop, hoping nobody would spot him. Soon after Grant had burst into their lives to blackmail and torment them, Jeremy had bought three new sex toys to use with Kate. He quickly opened his desk drawer and chose a small, purple, bullet-shaped vibrator to hold firmly on her clitoris.

She bucked and writhed in a frenzy, then pulled his hand away. ‘That feels so good, but you’d better save that vibrator for another time, Sir. Someone might hear it buzzing.’

‘Good point. I’ll use this new glass dildo on you instead. Try not to moan too much or we’ll be rumbled.’

The arousing sight and sound of the beautiful glass object as he thrust it in and out made him come before he had the chance to put on a condom.

Sitting up to see what had happened, Kate said, ‘That was lovely, Sir. Shame you did that all over my skirt … and don’t you think you’d better lock the door?’

‘What? I thought you’d done it. Jesus Christ, Kate!’

Jeremy shot out of his chair, his penis bouncing as he raced to the door. He managed to lock it seconds before DS Theresa Smart knocked on it. Kate and Jeremy both froze before hurriedly dressing and hiding the sex toys in his desk drawer.

‘Sorry, Kate. Your skirt has some of my bodily fluids on it. Quick, wipe it off before I unlock the door,’ he whispered. ‘That’s odd … there’s a similar white stain on the opposite side, but it’s dry.’

‘Never mind about that, Sir. You’d better unlock the door,’ whispered Kate, knowing full well how the dried stain had found its way onto her skirt.

Jeremy’s hands were shaking so much, he made a complete hash of unlocking and opening the door. Theresa was at long last able to sweep into the office like a battleship, carrying another daunting heap of documents for his attention. She made no comment about the locked door, which had never happened before as far as she could recall. Seeing the red glow on Cosgrove’s usually pale face, she was deeply suspicious, especially after the signals she’d picked up the day before at Dr. Edgeworth’s home. The damning, creamy, wet patch resembling tapioca pudding she noticed on her colleague’s black skirt, and the faint whiff of sex in Cosgrove’s office strengthened her suspicions. Theresa glared at the shifty-looking pair over her glasses, turned on her sensible, low heels, and exited Jeremy’s office.

Kate’s failure to clean up the results of her two male colleague’s over-excitement was only one reason for Theresa Smart’s suspicions about her three colleagues’ sexual shenanigans. The boss, Alan, and Kate can get up to whatever they like in their spare time, but not in police time, thought Theresa.

From her neat, well-organised desk, Theresa watched confident, beautiful Kate sashaying back into the main office after her visit to Cosgrove’s. The young Welsh liaison officer always seemed aware all the heterosexual men were ogling her.

As she watched Kate tossing her long, luxuriant, black hair, prematurely greying Theresa thought, Kate’s always been a shameless hussy, but she’s acting like a bitch on heat.

Kate was standing sideways to her, sorting sheaves of documents into piles before placing them into a metal filing cabinet on the right of Alan’s desk.

 I can clearly see her nipples through her blouse, same as yesterday. Displaying her wares in a busy workplace is disgusting behaviour. Anyhow,  I’m sure I could look as good as Kate if I made the effort. I might be ten years older than Kate, but if I took the time to improve my appearance, I’d certainly turn a few heads.

Theresa noticed how Kate kept crossing one leg over the other and squirming as though tormented by an itch between her thighs. She leant forward occasionally to calm her rapid breathing as she sorted the documents.

Concerned her colleague might be ill, Theresa called out, ‘Are you okay, Kate? Is something the matter?’

‘No, I’m fine thanks, DS Smart,’ said Kate, obviously lying.

Theresa returned to her work, but couldn’t silence her thoughts. My career is far more important to me to waste time on frivolities such as provocative clothes, makeup, and modern hairstyles. I can’t be bothered with sex and relationships. What’s the point in falling for a man and marrying him, only for a harlot with loose morals like Kate Pendleton to flash her fanny and steal him away. I’m sure that’s what she’s done to DCI Cosgrove. She’s always flirted shamelessly with him but something’s changed recently. I’ve seen the knowing smiles and whispering going on between them. I’ve also noticed today how DS Niles and Kate are acting in the same way. Speak of the devil, he’s just walked in.

Theresa watched Alan Niles make a beeline for Kate who was still placing documents into the shoulder-high, metallic filing cabinet. He whispered something to Kate which seemed to delight and amuse her. They both walked over to Alan’s desk which was directly opposite Theresa’s. Oddly, it was Kate who sat in the swivel chair, not Alan, which piqued Theresa’s interest.

The office was emptier than usual; several officers had been called out to investigate a suspicious death in Plumtree Avenue on the other side of town. Only Theresa, Kate, and Alan were in that section of the office. Alan stood in front of his desk, facing seated Kate, blocking her from their prim colleague’s prying eyes. He unbuttoned his suit jacket to further block Theresa’s view. She knew the swivel chair had moved backwards as she’d heard its rear wheels knock against the wall.

Theresa tried to appear busy, but couldn’t help glancing over at the pair, wondering why he was standing there for so long without speaking. In the end, realising they couldn’t see her looking, Theresa gave up pretending to work and stared at Alan’s rear view.

They’re definitely up to something fishy. I can hear faint whispering.

Theresa thought she caught the word, ‘Blouse,’ and immediately guessed what Kate must be doing. To her delight, she spotted something the couple, who were supposed to be intelligent police officers, had neglected to take into account. Kate’s image was reflected onto the metal filing cabinet’s shiny, mirrored surface.

Theresa’s eyes widened when she saw Kate’s naked breasts were clearly reflected on the side of the filing cabinet. Kate was teasing Alan by tugging her spectacular nipples, then circling her dark areolas with her index fingers. Theresa’s breathing quickened as her heart raced. She was astonished when she saw the reflection of Kate sliding up her floaty, black skirt and opening her thighs. More shocks followed when Kate’s genitalia was exposed, the clitoral hood protruding through her bald labia. Theresa thought of her own mass of pubic hair which hid her more subtle genitalia.

Half of DS Smart wanted to creep up behind Alan to surprise and admonish the brazen couple. The other half was unexpectedly aroused by what she was witnessing in the workplace. Her excitement grew when the fingers of Kate’s left hand became a blur as she rubbed her clitoris while her right hand’s digits furiously worked inside her. Alan’s shoulders were rising and falling. Theresa listened to his quickening breath, keeping pace with Kate’s.

Theresa’s ears were straining so hard she also picked up a sound as though someone was beating a batter. To her surprise, the erotic sights and sounds caused tingling between her own thighs. She heard Kate stifle a moan. Mirrored in the filing cabinet, she saw a fountain shoot out from between Kate’s parted thighs. Alan bent forward slightly over the desk as Kate’s reflected right hand moved towards what Theresa assumed was the detective’s mouth. Thirty seconds later, Alan turned and walked stiffly past Theresa. Avoiding her eyes, he headed for the corridor.

 I can guess where he’s going, and why. He could barely walk, thought Theresa, bristling with self-righteous indignation.

Kate’s appearance was now identical to how she’d looked before DS Niles had stood in front of her at his desk, except for her flushed cheeks. Theresa returned to her paperwork, trying to eradicate a sexual awakening and sexual interest in Kate which troubled the older woman. God, I think I actually fancy the woman. What’s going on? I’ve only been sexual with two men in my life and have never been attracted to any women before. This is crazy.

Ten minutes later, Kate and Alan exited the office. Theresa walked behind Alan’s desk. There was a puddle of clear liquid under Alan’s swivel chair where Kate had been masturbating, which confirmed Theresa hadn’t imagined the entire arousing event. It dawned on her why there’d been similar puddles on the living room and kitchen floors in Dr. Edgeworth’s house on the previous day. It hadn’t been Kate’s weak bladder as she’d thought. Theresa picked up her phone and searched on Google. She soon understood far more about the mysterious workings of the female body, even down to the chemical composition of female ejaculate and what caused it to occasionally shoot out of women so dramatically.

Who’d have thought. I feel so naïve, she thought. Why hasn’t it ever happened to me?

The only two men who she’d ever had sex with, in her twenties at university, had been unimpressed with Theresa’s sexual abilities. Nigel Pinner had been cruel enough to say during their acrimonious break-up, ‘You’re like a cavern down there. Sex with you is like driving through a car wash.’

During the same row at his student lodgings, Nigel, an arrogant, good-looking fellow student, had accused her of being a whore in her past. ‘No woman could have a bucket fanny like yours without bedding legions of men. You’ve obviously not been truthful to me about your sexual history.’

Theresa had naturally been deeply hurt and insulted by his unjust words. She’d only ever had sex with Howard Driscoll a year before her three-month involvement with Nigel. Howard had been too kind to ever comment on her internal workings, but he’d never been enthusiastic about their sex life. He disappeared off the scene with one of Theresa’s female friends in tow, destroying Theresa’s heart and self-esteem. She’d never fully recovered from Howard’s desertion.

Theresa could only assume God had cruelly caused her to be born thatway. Nigel’s devastating comments and Howard’s betrayal had made her shy awayfrom any further involvement with men. She’d thrown herself wholeheartedly intoher career ever since but could never wipe out the pain of Nigel’s cruel words.She wasn’t proud about feeling some satisfaction when she’d heard Nigel hadbeen disfigured in a motorbike accident two years after their relationship hadended. Karma was working perfectly.

Chapter 7. Grant’s Dungeon

Having seen Grant in action with Kate in the basement car park, Jeremy feared Kate was feeling more excited than fearful about meeting the muscle-bound sexual athlete that evening.

Shortly before Jeremy was due to drive her over to Trafford’s house, Kate said, ‘I’m not visiting Grant if he’s hell-bent on ruining my poor backside again, Sir. I’m still sore from yesterday. He’s so well-endowed, I was scared he’d split me in two.’

Jeremy winced at her reference to Grant’s superior manhood. ‘Kate, we both know you’ll have no choice in the matter. If he rubs more cream on your arse, which he probably will, you know you’ll love a spot of anal. It pains me to say it, but it’s time for me to drive you over there. We can’t risk him showing the car park camera footage to all and sundry if we’re late,’ he said, stroking her thigh. ‘To show how caring I am, I’ve put an economy-sized bottle of lube in the glove compartment. Pop it in your bag, just in case.’

She said, ‘We also know Grant’s a sadistic, cunning, sex-mad, controlling monster. He’ll probably refuse to let me use any lube, but I’ll take it anyway. Thanks for being so thoughtful, Sir.’

Four hours after that conversation, Kate was crying pitifully as she emerged, limping badly, from Grant Trafford’s house. She hobbled to Jeremy’s car and eased herself cautiously onto the passenger seat. ‘It was Hell, Sir. Trafford has a sort of makeshift sex dungeon in his basement. It’s not the first time Trafford’s had a woman perform his filthy fantasies in there. He boasted to me about luring a string of women down there.’

Jeremy mopped her face with a tissue. ‘You poor thing. You were in there for hours. I was desperate to rescue you, but he’d have roped me into his twisted games, like he did in the car park.’

‘Grant wanted to come outside and get you to do just that but changed his mind. He said he might involve you next time. Next time! I can’t go through that again, Sir. If I told you what he, or should I say they, did to me, you’d rush in there right now and strangle him.

Jeremy looked ashen. ‘They? Shit, I can’t believe the gall of the man to invite other freaks to his house to abuse you. This has gone way, way, way too far. Who else was there?’

‘At first I wasn’t blindfolded, because I already know Grant. He did his usual thing with me for about half an hour, made filthy videos of us having sex, gynaecological close-ups with me on a table, the sordid things he did to me in the car park and in the CCTV room, only worse.’

‘Oh, I bet he did, the kinky freak,’ said Jeremy, holding himself back from bashing Trafford’s front door down and throttling him.

 Kate said, ‘Grant made me strip and dress in a topless, bottomless, black latex corset and what I can only describe as perspex stripper shoes, so high I could hardly stand. I didn’t need to stand for long, because he blindfolded me and put me into a sex swing contraption that spread my legs so far apart I thought my thigh bones would pop out of their sockets. I was suspended about three feet above the floor and heard a chair being placed in front of me. He told me Gummy Bear was coming to play with me.’

‘Who the hell is Gummy Bear?’ said Jeremy.

‘You may well ask, Sir. Grant told me he’d allowed Gummy Bear fifteen minutes with me while Grant and another man filmed us on a video camera and phone. As Gummy Bear hadn’t proved himself yet, whatever that means, he wasn’t allowed full sex with me. I soon discovered why he was called Gummy Bear.’

‘Toothless?’ said Jeremy.

‘Got it in one, Sir. He sat in the chair and munched me with his gums for ages. It felt so gross. I can still feel him chewing my clit as he rammed me with his fingers. Then he stood up and gummed my nipples as Grant used a Wand massager on me. I couldn’t see anyone, but I could certainly feel and smell Gummy Bear. I heard his horrible wheezy voice and he coughed a lot. I nearly threw up imagining what he looked like and what he might do to me. He sounded well over sixty, and his naked body felt fat when he rubbed himself all over me. He made me suck him, too.

‘Not sure I can listen to any more. It’s just one nightmare after another. Wish I could’ve taken your place to spare you all that misery.’

‘Not sure you’re their type, Sir,’ she said. ‘Gummy Bear did everything he could do to me in fifteen minutes with toys and his fingers, and he did manage to ram his penis into me when Grant was on the phone and wasn’t looking. When Grant realised Gummy Bear was fucking me, he just laughed and let him carry on.’

She burst into tears. Jeremy put his arms around her and comforted her until her sobbing ceased.

In a weak voice that broke his heart, Kate said, ‘You were right about me being unable to keep my backside off the menu. The other man, I use the word man loosely, had been in the CCTV room on the first day we met Grant. I recognised his distorted voice. Grant called him Logan. He kept calling me a naughty girl and sodomised me three times in the sex swing, Sir. Three! I might as well have left the lube in the car as he wanted me to suffer.’

‘I’m so sorry, Kate. We must somehow put a stop to this,’ said Jeremy.

She nodded, ‘But how, Sir? I could hear Gummy Bear coughing and knew he and Grant were filming me on his phone as Logan did whatever he wanted to my rear end. They didn’t use any magic cream on me either, which might’ve made the experience easier. Grant said he wanted my nipples and clit to return to normal size but didn’t say why, which worries me.’

‘Yes, I thought they looked slightly smaller than yesterday, but they’re still much bigger than before the cream was applied,’ said Jeremy.

‘They found other inventive ways to use the lube on me. Look, it’s empty. Trafford told me to bring another bottle of lube next time.’

‘What monsters. How did they use it all up?’ said Jeremy, hoping to glean some tips for future use with Kate.

‘Gummy Bear stripped me and massaged it into me when I was laid on a table. It was hard to work out what was going on because I was blindfolded. Logan hung me from a beam by my wrists. I felt heat on my body and there are still lumps of melted candle wax stuck to bits of me they should never be stuck to. They were all picking it off me when it went hard. Logan told Gummi Bear to put clamps on my nipples, labia and clit. Logan even beat my buttocks with a horsewhip when I was face down over Gummy Bear’s knees. Look. I’m sure he drew blood. Look at my buttocks, Sir.’

She stepped from the car, turned her back on him and lifted her skirt for him to examine her buttocks. Even though it was night time, he could see at least a dozen raised, purplish welts. She winced when he touched one.

‘God, that looks sore. Someone spanked you too, judging by these red handprints on you. That Trafford is despicable for letting whoever that sadistic monster is loose on you with a horsewhip. How did such a pervert like Grant ever get accepted as a security guard at the station in the first place?’

‘God knows. Yes, Logan pushed something into my backside, put me over his knee, spanked and fingered me, calling me terrible names. Then they all took turns putting me over their knees and spanking me. Grant told me several officers at the station have been using his dungeon to abuse women they’ve picked up.’

‘This just gets worse and worse,’ said Jeremy, shaking his head in despair.

‘He also said several of his mates were watching me on Skype as I was being abused in his dungeon. Everything was videoed, as you’d expect. I need another drink. I’m dehydrated from gushing so much.’

‘Here, have some of this bottled water. I listened out for any sounds coming from the house. Couldn’t hear a thing. The dungeon must be soundproofed. Did he give any names of any others who attend the orgies? Not that I expect he’d be that stupid. He’s such a devious bastard.’

‘No, Sir, although he did say one man who visits the dungeon is a high-ranking officer. Makes you think, doesn’t it? What if one of our bosses is there next time I’m summoned?’

Although Jeremy was perversely interested to know every detail of what Grant, Gummy Bear, and Logan had inflicted on her, he said, ‘There won’t be a next time, not if I have anything to do with it. If you promise to see only me, I’ll work out a way to rid us of Grant Trafford. He’s the mastermind, although I might be wrong. By the way, I suspect you saw DS Niles last night because of the stain on your skirt and the gloating smirks he’s been giving me—’

‘Sorry, Sir,’ she said, unable to look him in the eyes.

He adopted the tone he knew aroused her. ‘I’m disappointed in you, Kate. Don’t let it happen again. The same goes for Dr. Edgeworth.’

‘I’ll try not to, Sir.’

‘Trying isn’t good enough, Kate. If I somehow manage to get rid of bloody Grant Trafford, I want you to see me exclusively. I know it’s a big ask, but there’ll be no more flashing at men and sneaking off with them to do God knows what.’

‘I promise, Sir,’ she said.

Kate desperately tried to think of a way to cancel her arranged meeting with Alan in three days time at his house, although knew she wouldn’t really cancel their tryst. She thought, Alan’s so hot and sexy. He’s young and virile and always available for action because he’s single and lives alone, unlike my boss. Sabrina and their children will hamper us meeting regularly. I’ll only remain faithful once he’s killed Grant. Must keep my options open. I’m a sex addict, for God’s sake. Cream or no cream, I’m constantly horny, so I can’t wait around for days until the boss deigns to see me.

Although exhausted and sore from the brutal treatment in the dungeon, Kate slid Jeremy’s hand just above the top of her tattered stockings. He withdrew it and gazed lovingly at her.

‘You’re in no fit state to do what I want to do right now, Kate. I’ll drive you to your house, then I must go home. Sabrina will be wondering where I am.’

‘But I want to, Sir. I know you’ll be extra gentle with me,’ she said, conscious her sex addiction was rearing its head again.

As his hand crept up her thigh, he said, ‘Must admit, just setting eyes on you makes me so hot and bothered that I can’t think straight. I’ll drive somewhere secluded. Sabrina can wait a while longer. The sooner we drive far away from Trafford’s house the better.’

‘You can say that again, Sir.’

Jeremy drove them to a dark, wooded area far off the beaten track and was as gentle with Kate as his desire for her would allow. 

Chapter 8. Summoned

The next day, Kate diligently tried to fend off Alan’s persistent advances while she tried to work. After checking their colleagues were busy, he dared to flick up her flared skirt with his biro as she walked past him on her way to the photocopier. Although Alan liked the underwear she was wearing, he’d been sure he’d find none. She sighed with irritation, but took pity on him when she saw the look of disappointment on his handsome, bearded face.

She noticed he’d taken extra care of his appearance that day, probably to woo her; his thick, black hair and beard were freshly trimmed, and he was wearing her favourite aftershave. When she’d spent the night at his house, she’d commented on how delicious he’d smelled, and had shown him how much it had turned her on. Reckon he bathed from head to foot in it this morning, bless him, she thought. The boss would be livid if he knew what I wanted to do with Alan right now.

As Alan walked past her for the umpteenth time, she whispered, ‘I think we need to talk. Meet me in the conference room in five minutes. It’s not booked until this evening, so we can talk privately.’

He grinned lasciviously. ‘Lose the underwear and I’ll be there with bells on.’

She’d intended to have a serious word with him about cooling down their relationship because she’d agreed to see only Jeremy. Despite her better judgement, she found herself walking like an automaton into the ladies’ toilets. She removed her thong, scrunched it up in her hand and placed it in her bag. She loved the wicked thrill of wearing no underwear in public. Fully aware of where her actions would lead, she walked past Theresa Smart, who eyed Kate with her usual suspicion, and out into the corridor. Alan was already in the conference room by the time his lover arrived.

He gave her a lascivious wink. ‘Quick, lock the door. Nobody will see us behind this bookcase.’

‘I haven’t come in here to have sex with you, Alan. I need to have a serious chat about—’

Her words were cut short. He pushed her against the wall and slid his hand up her skirt. ‘Bullseye!’ he said, unzipping his tight black trousers with his free hand.

All thoughts of Jeremy disappeared as she surrendered to Alan’s passionate lovemaking. Twenty minutes later, they breathlessly exited the conference room, leaving two puddles on its floor.

What the boss doesn’t know won’t hurt him, she thought, smiling sweetly at Theresa, who’d noticed the pair’s absence.

Theresa’s expression seemed to say, ‘I’m watching you two reprobates,’ but Kate didn’t care.

That frumpy old bag couldn’t pull a cracker, let alone a hunk like Alan, thought Kate.

She checked her makeup for smudges and her skirt for more stains. Satisfied she’d managed to get away with her secret tryst, Kate threw herself back into her work. Half an hour later, her mobile phone rang. When she saw the name on its screen, she panicked.

‘Umm … hello, Grant. I’m too busy to talk right now. Are you ringing to cancel our meeting on Tuesday evening? she said hopefully.

‘You should be so lucky,’ he growled. ‘No, I’m actually bringing the meeting forward to now in the CCTV room. I saw you with that lanky, bearded bloke in the conference room. You made me horny, so get your sexy self down here at once. Couldn’t give a monkey’s how busy you are.’

‘Well, as long as it doesn’t take too much time,’ she whispered, sweat breaking out all over at what was in store.

‘It’ll take as long as I say it’ll take. Understand? Don’t bother bringing your pathetic toys. There are plenty of special ones in my desk drawer.’

She knew exactly which special toys he was referring to. His favourite was a specially designed, powerful suction implement from Japan. Her already large nipples had still not entirely returned to their normal size from when he’d used it the first day they’d met in the car park, after he’d blindfolded her and marched her into the CCTV room.

Kate remembered how two days earlier, Grant had coated each intimate area he intended to suction with the special Trouble Cream concocted by someone called the Prof. He’d told her how being forced inside the tube would make the enlargements last far longer and increase sensitivity. He hadn’t lied. Her already high level of sex addiction had ramped up alarmingly. The enlargements were taking their time to shrink back to normal size and shape. She recalled how much Jeremy had appreciated their freakish size when he’d been ‘comforting’ her the previous evening after her dungeon ordeal. Alan and Dr. Edgeworth had also been beyond enthusiastic when they’d discovered her enhancements.

Kate heard Grant breathing heavily on the other end of her phone. ‘If you’re not down here in the next five minutes, I’ll also summon that git you were with just now and include him in my little blackmail project. DS Alan Niles, isn’t it? I’m sure Superintendent Yarrow and DS Niles’ parents would be interested to view the footage of you two in the conference room.’

His threats sounded serious. Unable to think of a way to wriggle out of visiting the CCTV room, Kate said, ‘No, don’t involve Alan. I’m on my way.’

‘Master, call me Master, like I made you call me in the dungeon, remember?’ he hissed.

So her colleagues couldn’t hear her, she whispered,. ‘I’m on my way … Master.’

‘Hurry. The clock’s ticking,’ he said.

Kate shot out of the office so fast, Theresa wondered where the fire was. Theresa and a young, leather-clad motorbike courier were treated to a flash of Kate’s bare buttocks as her skirt flew up in the breeze formed as she fled.

‘I must come here more often,’ said the courier to Theresa with a laddish laugh.

Theresa wasn’t laughing. She huffed and puffed so much, he wished he’d kept quiet. She dumped the pile of documents she was carrying and exited the room to see where Kate was heading. She hoped to catch her non-conformist colleague up to more shenanigans. By the time Theresa had reached the corridor, Kate had vanished. Theresa watched the lift lights on the overhead panel descending to the basement level, then stop.

She’s taken the lift to the CCTV room, Theresa thought. There’s not much else on the lower ground floor that Kate would be going to, unless she needs the basement car park. There’s no reason for her to visit the CCTV room. The tart’s probably also having sex with that burly security guard who works in there. Wouldn’t put it past her.

Theresa waited for the lift to ascend to the third floor, stepped inside and pressed the button for the basement. I’ll catch her at it if it’s the last thing I do, she thought, becoming strangely aroused by the brief glimpse of Kate’s bare buttocks.

Chapter 9. Tarik And Wang Wei

Kate had grabbed her black jacket and bag before leaving the office, unsure whether Grant might suddenly whisk her off to his dungeon. She clutched them to her for comfort. Her legs were trembling and her jaw was clenched with unbearable tension.

All the way down in the lift, Kate wanted to ring DCI Cosgrove to ask him to rescue her from the ordeal ahead. Deep down, she knew there was nothing her boss could do. He said he’d kill Grant before my next meeting with the bastard, but he can’t very well kill him in the CCTV room, she thought. Nobody will even miss me while I’m with Grant because my shift finishes in fifteen minutes. They’ll assume I’ve gone home because I’ve left nothing behind in the office to suggest I’m still in the building.

The cooler air of the deserted lower ground floor, which led directly to the car park, blew up her skirt, reminding her she had no underwear. That breeze will be useful once Grant’s finished with me, she thought. She quickly sneaked her thong out of her handbag and slid the sheer material up her legs, unrealistically hoping it might protect her from Grant. Taking a deep breath to summon up her courage, she knocked on the door.

A familiar deep voice shouted, ‘Come in, Kate. Lock the door behind you.’

Grant was lounging back in a black, reclining swivel chair. His large feet, clad in black boots, rested on his desk which stretched the length of one wall. He sat directly in front of an array of moving CCTV images, a screen for each room in the building. Kate hardly noticed the screens. Her main focus was on his right hand which was stroking a part of him she was familiar with.

She noticed a long, transparent, plastic tube device lying on his desk plugged into a wall socket. She remembered the fiendish instrument of torture all too well. It had been used on her in the room when Grant and the two strangers had sexually assaulted her. She’d been unable to see the contraption at the time due to the blindfold. She remembered how she’d flinched and scrunched up her face when Grant had switched it on and attached it to her most sensitive parts. She’d never forget the peculiar, powerful sensation which had ripped through her body.

Grant was watching a video on his laptop of their first time in the car park. ‘My mates loved watching these videos of us in the car park. They want to see more of you. Can’t say I blame them.’ He swivelled his chair around to face her. ‘Lift your skirt, Kate. Higher. What? A thong? I’ll soon make that sopping wet. Legs wider, so I can pull it up between your lips and rub your clit with the material. There, you like me doing that, don’t you?’

‘Yes,’ she said truthfully, feeling she’d spent most of the past week with her thighs wide apart as men did whatever they wanted to her.

 ‘Come on, tease me a bit. Pull the crotch over to one side before I rip it off you. Ah … that’s better. I’ve missed this beauty. Hop up onto my desk and put your feet in between my legs. Hey, careful you don’t knacker me with your heels.’

I’d love to knacker you Grant, but you’d release all the videos, she thought as he groped her.

He was shooting videos while she exposed and penetrated herself as he directed her.

‘Looks so sexy with your thong like that. I’ve never seen a clit as big as yours. You must wax to be so smooth. Do you wax, Kate? Remember to call me Master.’

‘Yes, Master. Lots of moisturiser helps.’

‘Surprised you need any. That’s right, rub that big beauty up and down on my thumb. That’s one steamy video. My mate Tarik will enjoy that. He loves huge ones like yours. Talking of Tarik, I’ve promised him a special present today as it’s his birthday. Stay like that while I switch the tube on to full suction so he can watch me enlarge your clitty.’

He picked up his mobile phone and punched in some numbers and turned it onto speakerphone. She heard a foreign voice say, ‘Hi, Grant. Good of you to ring me on my birthday. What’s all that heavy breathing in the background?’

Grant said, ‘Happy birthday, mate. I see you’re lounging around at home in your bathrobe as usual. Switch on Facetime and Skype me on your laptop. That’s it. Lovely to see your fat, ugly face.’

‘Good to see yours too, Grant. Looks like you’ve got company. She doesn’t look too happy to be on your bench with everything showing. Hello, lady. Gorgeous pussy you have there.’

Kate looked at the phone and the laptop and was shocked to see a swarthy foreign-looking man waving enthusiastically at her on both screens. She slammed her legs shut and glared back at Tarik’s image on the laptop’s screen. She’d been forced to pose with her legs akimbo often enough for Grant, but was embarrassed to do it in front of a total stranger.

Grant snarled, ‘What are you playing at? Open those legs so Tarik can see everything!’

Kate slowly complied, mortified to hear Tarik’s flood of crude comments on her exposed body. Grant lowered the phone and held it about a foot away from her open thighs, then went to work on her with his free hand. She heard Tarik’s breathing quicken as he watched her wriggling on Grant’s fingers. Tarik’s gasp was louder than hers when a glittering fountain shot through the air.

‘This is female exploitation, you bastards,’ Kate wailed, struggling to compose herself.

Grant grinned. He picked up two gold vibrators from the desktop. ‘Yes, it is. Well spotted, Kate. And so is this.’

It was as though a large swarm of bees had flown into the room. She sensed a deep anger in Grant and wilted when he said, ‘You can blame all the vocal women libbers for your predicament, Kate. I’m the backlash and the antidote to all their politically correct bullshit.’

Over the buzzing and Kate’s moans, Tarik shouted, ‘Wow, this is amazing. She has a massive clematis. It’s making my mouth water.’

Grant laughed. ‘Tarik, you berk, I know your grasp of English isn’t great and that you work in a garden centre, but the word is clitoris.’

On the laptop and the phone’s screen Grant was holding between her legs, Kate saw Tarik remove his burgundy dressing gown to reveal a naked, hairy torso complete with nipple ring. He was panting hard as he gawped at her. She wanted to die as she felt his eyes devour her.

Grant took a large pair of scissors from his desk tidy. ‘Hey, Tarik, I don’t mind you wanking while you watch Kate, but I don’t want to see you doing it. This thong’s annoying me now. It’s in the way. Hold the phone and keep it pointing down, Kate, where I was holding it. Can you still see everything, Tarik?’

‘Yes, mate. Better than okay. She’s crystal clear on my laptop and phone, even though her hand’s shaking. Hardly surprising, with two vibrators inside her. Aww, why did you pull them out, Grant, you spoilsport?’ said Tarik.

Kate felt sick when she heard Grant say, ‘Because you’ll enjoy what I’m about to do to her even more, Tarik.’

Now his hands were free, Grant hooked his fingers through the flimsy material of her thong’s crotch, pulled it away from her body and snipped through it with the scissors. He pulled the rest of the thong off her and shoved it into her mouth.

‘You’ll be biting on your thong in a second, Kate. Keep watching, Tarik. This will astonish you. Here’s your birthday present. Enjoy. Legs wider, Kate, so I can rub this cream onto Tarik’s favourite part of the female body.’

As the tingling, ultrasensitive, highly pleasurable sensation caused by the cream overtook her clitoris, she could guess what was coming. Grant grasped the clear tube and switched it on to full power. A loud whir filled the room.

Kate looked away from the sight of Tarik and his hairy, brown, rapidly moving right arm. She struggled to keep her legs wide as the strangest sensation she’d ever felt engulfed her. She stared, wide-eyed and open-mouthed as the powerful suction slowly pulled her clitoral hood into the tube. The flesh swelled and elongated monstrously as it travelled along inside it. Her most sensitive part looked near to exploding.

Kate bit down on the ruined thong to stop herself from screaming from the strange sensation and sight. From the corner of her eye, she saw Tarik shudder. His eyes rolled back as he came. Worse still, an oriental young man was gazing back at her over Tarik’s shoulder. Fascinated by what he saw, the new arrival sat next to Tarik, polishing his black-rimmed spectacles in readiness for the show.

Tarik said, ‘Awesome. Keep her clit trapped in the tube while I clean myself in the bathroom. Wang Wei’s popped around to my place from his shift at his grandfather’s Chinese takeaway. He can watch Kate until I return. You’d better have come by then, Wang Wei. This is the best birthday present ever, Grant. Make her play with herself before I go. Yeah, that’s right, lady. Finger yourself good and hard. I can really hear how juicy you are. I’ve fed the sound through my speakers.’

Wang Wei reached for Tarik’s industrial-sized box of tissues. ‘Shh, Tarik, I’m listening to all the noises she’s making. Take your time coming back. Great show she’s putting on for us Grant, mate. Yeh, do it harder, missy. Wish your fingers were my cock, especially now your clit’s the size of Everest.’

He licked his lips suggestively at the screen as he yanked down his tracksuit bottoms. On Grant’s laptop, Kate watched the second stranger strip naked. His right hand was soon hard at work.

Grant said, ‘You’ll be feeling extra horny for hours, Kate. Remember, if you need to come, just text me and pay me a visit at any time. If I’m busy, I’ll tell you.’

I’d rather die, thought Kate. Her eyes were flitting between the transformation going on inside the tube and Wang Wei’s ravenous face as he waggled his long tongue at her. He couldn’t resist lowering his phone to show Kate how hard she’d made him.

‘Please, take this tube off me. It can’t be safe. I really need to come,’ wailed Kate, as the arousal cream worked its magic.

Grant said. ‘No, you’re staying just like that until Tarik returns. He won’t be long. Oi, Wang Wei, lift your phone up more. I don’t want to see that thing, thank you.’

‘But she wants to see my dick, don’t you, sexy lady? Show us your boobs,’ said Wang Wei, teetering on the edge of an orgasm.

Grant said, ‘You heard him. Get your tits out … That’s it, jiggle them about. Lick your Walnut Whips for Wang Wei while I use this on you.’

He didn’t insert the large glass dildo where she’d expected him to. ‘Not there, not again. This is all too much,’ she said.

The cold glass made her buttocks clench each time Grant moved it back and forth inside her. Wang Wei’s climax was dramatic, but not as impressive as what had been forced along the transparent tube. Wang Wei showed no signs of moving as Tarik sat beside him. The duo sat gaping and heckling as Grant tormented Kate with the dildo.

‘Look, Tarik’s back, so please take the suction tube off me, Master,’ she said, although scared of what might happen when he did.

Tarik said ‘I love your sexy Welsh accent, lady. I’ll be ready again in a second if you keep talking and Grant keeps doing that to you.’

‘Talk dirty to us, Kate, and I’ll remove this dildo and the suction tube. Tell us what you’d like us to do to you when we all meet,’ said Grant.

She poured out every filthy, sex-related sentence she could imagine, yet Grant continued to torment her with various toys and implements. The bull clips he’d placed on her nipples were vicious. She eventually stopped talking like an X-rated phone sex worker and said, ‘You said you’d free my clit if I talked dirty.’

‘I lied. Sorry, but it was turning me on too much. My desk’s like the Atlantic ocean, you naughty girl. We loved it when you gushed. Didn’t we, lads?’

‘Hell, yeah! Whoosh, like a fountain. Can I make her gush one day soon, Grant?’ said Wang Wei.

‘Me, too. Don’t forget me. I’m the birthday boy, not Wang Wei,’ said Tarik.

Both men’s right hands were working hard where they sat, not bothered by their close proximity. Thanks to Grant, they’d watched several women together before, through Facetime, Skype, or in the flesh, so there was no hint of embarrassment from masturbating thigh to thigh in unison.

‘You can both come to my house on Tuesday evening at seven. I’ll bring Kate along for us all to enjoy.’ Seeing Kate’s look of panic, Grant added, ‘If you have a prior engagement, Kate, cancel it. Now, look closely, lads. I’m about to complete my magic tube trick. Easy does it. Nice … and … slow.’

Kate watched in horror as the tube slid backwards over the most sensitive part of her body, enlarging it even more. Tarik and Wang Wei whooped and applauded as Grant zoomed in closer with his phone.

‘It’ll crack the tube in a minute. What a sight! That rude noise as it popped out of the tube was hilarious,’ said Tarik. ‘Can we watch you fuck her now? Let’s have a bet on which of us men will come first.’

‘Save it for Tuesday night, guys, said Grant. ‘Right now, I want to have Kate and her clematis all to myself in peace without having to hold this phone. My battery’s almost dead, anyway. To help you lads out, when I’ve recharged my phone, I’ll email you all the videos I shot of her in the dungeon yesterday. There’s some choice ones I know you’ll appreciate, especially the Gummy Bear ones. He’s such a dirty bastard.’

‘Cool. See you on Tuesday, Grant. Fuck you Tuesday, pretty lady,’ said Wang Wei.

His gold front tooth flashed as he leered at her look of dismay. Tarik waggled his tongue at her, then both men disappeared from the screens of the phone and laptop.

Chapter 10. A Shock For Theresa

Relieved the two men had gone, she lay back on the bench and let Grant examine and photograph how the tube had deformed her clitoris. The sensation engulfing it was nothing like she’d ever felt before. It was an intense, itchy pleasure mixed with a dull, aching pain, like being permanently on the cusp of an orgasm seconds before it happened. The closest sensation to it was when Gummy Bear had refused to stop tormenting her G-spot by rubbing it with his finger in the dungeon. Although similar, the effect of the tube and cream combination was a thousand times more intense.

‘Don’t go thinking you’re the first woman in this building who I’ve let Tarik and Wang Wei watch on their various devices. Chloe is another. She’s the pretty, blonde girl who works in the canteen.’

‘Yes, I’ve seen her in there, Master,’ said Kate.

She feared he’d discover Kate was aware that Chloe was DS Theresa Smart’s niece.

‘Chloe’s gorgeous and has a stunning body but she’s a bit dim. She’s always willing to perform for strangers if I ask her to. I don’t have to blackmail her like I’m doing to you. You’re even sexier, though. Unfortunately, the silly tart loves me. I have no use for love, so I dumped her and told her I’d only take her back if she did whatever I asked her to do, sexually. She agreed.’

‘You really are a charmer, aren’t you?’ said Kate, easing herself off the desktop and pulling her skirt back in place.

When she began buttoning her blouse, Grant glowered at her and grabbed her arm. ‘That sarcastic remark doesn’t show me the deference I require from you. Tarik and Wang Wei may have gone but I’m still here. As you know, I’m insatiable. Strip and bend over my desk.’

I thought I was insatiable too, until I met you, you bastard. Wish I’d kept that remark to myself, she thought.

Before she could comply with his order, there was a loud rapping on the door. Kate could see the panic in Grant’s eyes. She was as worried as him. If Grant’s crimes against me and other women come to light, he’s evil enough to release the videos. My life and that of my boss will be ruined.

‘Just a minute,’ shouted Grant.

Grant cleared away the incriminating evidence of what had just occurred. The room soon looked like any other CCTV room, and the occupants now appeared properly dressed. Grant was confident the family liaison officer would remain silent about her ordeal because of the blackmail threat hovering over her like the sword of Damocles. Nevertheless, the knocking was an interruption he could have done without.

Grant gestured for Kate to move into the corner behind the door so she’d be hidden when he opened it. Slowly, he quietly unlocked the door, so whoever was waiting wouldn’t know it had ever been locked, which would have aroused suspicions. Grant lifted a finger to his lips to ensure Kate wouldn’t make a sound, although she was as keen as him for her presence to remain a secret. It could lead to the discovery of her videos by the authorities and cause her final humiliation. There was no reason for her to be in the CCTV room, so she tried to dream up a valid excuse.

Grant walked into the corridor and closed the door behind him. Kate could hear mumbled voices; one was Grant’s deep voice, the other belonged to a female. It sounded familiar. The volume increased when the woman grew angry. Suddenly, the door was flung open and DS Theresa Smart marched into the room, swiftly followed by Grant, spluttering with indignation. Theresa, the bain of Kate’s life, glared at her accusingly as Kate tried her best to look innocent. Kate feared the repercussions of Theresa unearthing the truth of the past hour’s sexual activities as much she feared Grant.

If Theresa threatened to inform their bosses of the family liaison officer’s sex show, Kate was certain Grant would release the footage of her endless humiliation to her family and the rest of the world. She’d want to die if that ever happened. She was exhausted from performing for the men’s pleasure, so grabbed the opportunity to sit in Grant’s chair.

‘I assure you, DS Smart, nothing at all untoward has been going on in this room between Kate and myself, despite your vile accusations,’ said Grant.

Kate died inside when Theresa said, ‘It may interest you to know I’ve been listening outside your door for the past hour, you disgusting pervert. I’m sure your boss will want me to inform him of the abominations I’ve heard. Although I’m not Kate’s biggest fan, it was clear to me she was unwilling to perform on camera for you and your sick friends. I heard you blackmailing her with threats to reveal pornographic images of her and DCI Cosgrove to his wife and their relati—’

Grant had heard enough. ‘Rubbish! You must’ve been hallucinating, you dried-up old biddy. Wishful thinking, more likely. I think you’re letting your sex-starved imagination run away with you. Don’t you agree, Kate?’

Fearful what her master would do to her if she didn’t respond correctly, Kate nodded.

‘See? Kate confirms you’re mistaken. There’s no evidence, so run back to your coven and leave me in peace.’

‘No evidence?’ said Theresa with a sneer.

Before he could stop her, Theresa pulled open a drawer and flung open a cupboard. Inside were a staggering array of sex toys and Grant’s phone. She held up the glass dildo and the tube. ‘They’re still warm and I’m sure they’ll be riddled with Kate’s DNA. I’ve also recorded all the abominable sounds and your voices on my smartphone. I’m guessing your phone won’t have recorded what happened as you and poor Kate were Facetiming and Skyping with those men, but I know there are photographs and videos of Kate, you, and DCI Cosgrove on it. I heard you bragging about them. My audio recording will make crystal clear every indecent act you’ve performed on Kate. You and the two men gave a clearly audible running commentary. I might be an old biddy, but I know how to use modern technology.’

Clutching at straws, Grant said, ‘Your DNA’s now on those sex toys, too, DS Smart. I’ll just say I came in here and caught you red-handed using them on Kate. Looking as you do, you must be a dyke, so I’m sure you’d really enjoy banging Kate with this dildo. Want to play with her, DS Smart? Kate won’t mind. She does everything I tell her to do.’

Panic showed in Kate’s eyes at the thought that Theresa might accept his offer. She’d caught Theresa staring oddly at her on several occasions. Kate began preparing her mind for when Grant ordered her to strip and climb back on the desk before he unleashed Theresa on her.

As though considering the offer, Theresa looked Kate slowly up and down. She secretly admired her body and had imagined her stripped naked, spreadeagled with Theresa’s head between Kate’s legs. Strange tingles crept over parts of Theresa’s body, like when she’d caught Kate playing with herself in the office while DS Niles watched.

The prim and proper detective had always been bi-curious but had never plucked up the courage to act out her desires. Grant’s offering Kate to me on a plate, and she’d have to do everything he and I said. Maybe this is my only opportunity to have sex with a woman… and Kate is so beautiful.

Luckily for Kate, Theresa’s professionalism quashed her urge to ravish the stunning officer. She reluctantly replaced the toy and suction tube in the drawer. ‘Don’t be so ridiculous, man. Keep your ridiculous fantasies to yourself.’

Theresa’s cheeks flushed pink with guilt. She knew how aroused she’d felt listening to all the sexual activity going on inside the CCTV room. She should have interrupted Kate’s humiliation earlier but was enjoying the tingling sensation between her own thighs too much.

Unable to deny he’d been caught red-handed, Grant grabbed Theresa’s arm. ‘Give me your phone, you bitch.’

‘Not a chance. I’ve hidden it somewhere about my person, and I’ve no intention of displaying my body to you, Trafford.’

Grant released his grip on Theresa’s arm and advanced menacingly towards her. Suddenly, he looked like a lightbulb had exploded in his brain. ‘Keep your bloody phone then. See if I care. Trust me, you’ll be telling tales to nobody.’

Oh, God, he’s going to kill her, right here in the CCTV room, thought Kate.

Theresa feared he might, too. ‘You can’t intimidate me, you bully. I’m going to the fourth floor right now to tell Superintendent Yarrow what you’ve been doing.’

As Theresa went to exit the room, Grant blocked her way. He swung her around to face him. When he pushed her back against the wall by her shoulders, she’d never felt more vulnerable.

A strange smile played on his full lips when Grant said, ‘You might regret doing that, DS Smart. Your niece is Chloe Bartholomew, isn’t she?’

His hand was over Theresa’s mouth. She could smell the Kate’s odour on his fingers, further evidence of what had recently happened. Unable to speak or force her way past the brute of a man, Theresa nodded. Grant released her, then pulled her back into the room. He leant casually against the door to make it clear nobody was going anywhere.

He said, ‘Hey, Kate. Remember me telling you about the girl from the canteen who does what you did on camera for the enjoyment of me and my pals?’

Kate nodded. ‘Chloe, wasn’t it?

Grant patted her on the head. ‘Correct, Kate. Spot on. What a good girl you are. Well, Chloe Bartholomew is the slut’s full name. Ring any bells with you, DS Smart?’

It was clear from her shocked expression that the name meant a great deal to Theresa. Her mouth fell open in disbelief.

‘Chloe’s your niece, isn’t she? I can see by your face I’m right. Chloe’s often mentioned you to me. What an extremely talented whore your niece is. She can pull her feet behind her ears almost as easily as Kate can. I have many photos and videos to prove it. Want to see?’

Grant picked up his phone and flicked through an array of obscene photographs and videos on its screen. He advanced towards Theresa, holding the phone in front of her face so she could watch her niece in action. Theresa backed away from him, trying to avert her eyes from the images playing on the screen. Grant grabbed her chin and twisted her head to force her to watch and listen to a chunk of a video of one of Chloe’s stellar performances in the CCTV room. Theresa could hear Tarik, Wang Wei, and another unidentified man talking filth in the background. Unlike Kate, Chloe was keen to perform for her male audience.

‘I’m guessing you haven’t seen her naked, spread-eagled and being fucked in the arse on my desk. Her face is clearly visible in most of the shots, always smiling. I’ve been seeing your niece for well over three years, so you can imagine how many hundreds of porn videos and stills I have.’

He slapped Theresa’s hand away when she tried to grab the phone from him. ‘Naughty, naughty. If you’re thinking you can grab my phone and destroy it, I’ve obviously downloaded all the material onto several hard drives. My many grateful male friends also own copies of all the material.’

‘You … you … evil bastard!’ wailed Theresa.

She leant against the desk, close to fainting. Her face turned deathly pale.

‘Give DS Smart your chair, Kate. She’s about to keel over.’

Kate leapt up from the chair and helped Theresa to sit down. The detective looked disorientated and shocked to the core.

After Theresa’s threat to squeal on him, Grant took no pity on the woman in her distress. Jabbing his finger in her face, he said, ‘If you ever dare whisper even one word of what happened in here today, I’ll make damned sure your niece’s reputation and future job prospects are ruined forever. Do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes,’ said Theresa weakly, her eyes staring blankly at the floor. She couldn’t rid her mind of the explicit video she’d just been forced to watch. ‘I think I’m going to be sick.’

Grant grabbed his waste bin and held it in front of Theresa as she struggled not to vomit. She saw a black lacy thong in the bin as she gazed into it and knew it was Kate’s. She managed to contain the bile rising in her throat. She eagerly drank from the bottle of lemonade Grant offered her, despite knowing where the bottle had just been, having heard everything he’d been doing to Kate. Wang Wei had been particularly enthusiastic when Grant had introduced the bottle into her humiliation.

Grant said, ‘Once you’re feeling better, DS Smart, we’ll go to our respective homes. Maybe you’d prefer to accompany Kate to her home with a few of these sex toys. She’d love it. Kate’s a sex addict like me. The cream I’ve put on her is making her even hornier than usual. Am I right, Kate?’

‘Yes,’ said Kate, wriggling in her chair.

‘Yes, what?’

‘Yes, Master.’

‘Bad girl for not calling me Master. As punishment, Kate, take off your skirt and blouse, jump up on my desk and show DS Smart what I’ve done to your clit,’ said Grant.

Theresa was transfixed as she watched Kate strip, then try to cover her nakedness. When Kate didn’t get onto the desk, Grant picked up the petite brunette and laid her on the empty surface. ‘Open your legs so she can take a good look. Stand in front of her, DS Smart.’

‘No. I don’t want to see it. I just want to go home alone,’ said Theresa, turning her head away.

‘If you don’t do as I say, I’ll release all your niece’s videos onto social media. Chloe’s told me how her mother’s ill with cancer. How do you think she’ll feel to see the video I showed you, with all those men watching her perform? Why are your legs still closed, Kate? I told you to show DS Smart your pussy, or do you want her to part your thighs for you?’

‘You’re taking this torment way too far, Master,’ said Kate, slowly opening her thighs.

‘That’s right, Theresa, take a good look. I can see you’re fascinated by her how enlarged her nipples and clitoris are. Old dykes seducing beautiful young women is one of my many weaknesses. Go ahead, have a play with her. Make her come, or would you rather watch her make herself come?’

‘Neither. I just want to go home,’ said Theresa.

‘That’s not an option,’ he said sternly.

‘He won’t give in, Theresa. To save you embarrassment, I’ll make myself come. I want to leave here, too, and it won’t take long with this cream on me. Pass me a vibrator and the black dildo.’

As loud buzzing and heavy breathing filled the room, Grant said, ‘Very wise, Kate. I’ve trained you well. Move closer, DS Smart. I want to video you watching her come, and if I see from the footage that you’ve closed your eyes, I won’t be pleased. You won’t like me when I’m angry. Feel free to play with her titties.’

‘I’ll pass,’ said Theresa, although the sight of Kate masturbating a foot away from her was making her tingle.

Kate’s naked breasts rose and fell as her breathing and moaning rapidly increased. Theresa was tempted to reach forward and stroke her mouthwatering nipples. She resisted, not wanting her blackmailer to know she was enjoying the show. Theresa didn’t manage to step back in time to prevent her tweed skirt from receiving a drenching.

Grant laughed at Theresa’s look of disgust. ‘Good work, Kate. I want to take a few photos, not videos this time. There’s only twenty minutes before my replacement starts his shift in here, so photos will be quicker. Easier to print out and post through certain people’s letterboxes, too, if you know what I mean, ladies. I’ve made some wonderful prints of our steamy time in the car park with DCI Cosgrove, Kate. I’m sure his wife and your reverend father would love to see them.’

‘You said we could go home if I watched Kate come. That’s so unfair,’ wailed Theresa.

Grant grinned and changed the mode on his phone from video to photo. ‘Life’s unfair, DS Smart. I make the rules, so obey them. Pull your knees wider, Kate. Good. Look at me, you two, as you tug Kate’s left nipple and circle her clitoris with two fingers of your other hand, DS Smart. Make sure I see your faces. Don’t worry, I don’t have time for you to give her an orgasm. Just need to take some quick photos. The laptop further up the bench has been capturing everything anyhow on video. I’ll edit out the boring bits.’

Kate and Theresa looked at each other, aghast. Kate’s expression told the older woman she’d better do as Grant said. She quickly followed orders as Grant moved around them, snapping off scores of photos on his phone.

‘That was great. Now slide two fingers right inside her and hold this vibrator on her clitoris. Move your fingers or not, it doesn’t matter to me because they’re only photos, but damning ones. You look far too grim, DS Smart. Try to look like you’re enjoying it. Smile. That’s better.’

Familiar buzzing and Kate’s vocal expressions of pleasure filled the room. Theresa had kept her fingers still inside Kate, but was shocked when the overstimulated young woman started thrusting her hips and gyrating on them, gasping for breath.

Grant switched the camera mode back to video. ‘Looks like the cream is still extremely active, Kate. Come quickly if you’re so determined to. Smile, Theresa. We need to be out of here soon.’

After a few more hip thrusts, Kate arched her back and climaxed. ‘Sorry, Theresa. I couldn’t help it.’

‘It’s not your fault. It’s his,’ whispered Theresa, rapidly withdrawing her fingers from Kate and switching off the vibrator.

‘I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Get dressed, Kate. My replacement will be here any minute to work his shift. I’m also expecting Tarik and Wang Wei later tonight to discuss today’s events and plan the party we’re holding in Kate’s dishonour on Tuesday evening at my house.’

Grant cleared out the drawers and cupboards of all the incriminatingevidence of the sexual activity. He loaded it all into two large holdalls and breezedfrom the room, leaving the women looking at each other in stunned silence.

Chapter 11. An Unlikely Alliance

Kate helped traumatised, silently weeping Theresa walk slowly from the CCTV room. When they reached Theresa’s car, the shaken older woman said in a trembling voice, ‘Please, climb into the passenger seat, Kate. We really need to talk.’

‘Yes, we certainly do. I don’t know about you, but I could do with a stiff drink,’ said Kate.

‘Good idea. Just one drink as we’re both driving. Meet me at the Ball and Chain around the corner after that bastard’s left the car park.’

Both women were close to tears after their challenging ordeals. They each sat in their own cars, deep in thought and watching Grant place his crash helmet on his head, mount his powerful, red motorbike and wave goodbye to them. They sighed with relief as the motorbike roared up the car park’s ramp and vanished into the night.

Ten minutes later, the women entered the pub and bought a couple of strong drinks. The pub seemed perfect for a quiet chat as there were enough people drinking in there for the two women not to stand out, but not so many they couldn’t hear themselves talk.

‘Words can’t describe what a poor excuse for a man that Trafford creep is,’ said Theresa.

‘Agreed. He’s been blackmailing DCI Cosgrove and I for the past week. What he’s put us through has been horrific. He holds similar material depicting my boss doing unmentionable things to me in the car park, under Grant’s direction, after he caught us, um … how shall I put it … heavy petting in the station car park.’

‘I knew I was right about you two. I’m surprised at DCI Cosgrove. He’s married with children. Hope he’s ashamed of his behaviour,’ said Theresa.

Thinking how Theresa always sounded like a prim and proper schoolmistress from the 1950s, Kate said, ‘Yes, I know. It was mostly my fault we were caught virtually naked. I egged the boss on and it all progressed so rapidly. I take full responsibility for leading him astray, but he didn’t have to take me up on my offer, did he?’

‘No, he most certainly did not, but I’m sure you made the offer impossible to resist. I take it Grant caught you in the act?’

‘Worse than that, he’d captured everything on the CCTV cameras. He’s keeping all the evidence safe on hard drives as leverage. I should’ve known we might be at risk, but the heat of passion sort of  … took over, if you know what I mean.’

Theresa sniffed. ‘I know exactly what you mean, although I’ve never put myself into such an immoral, compromising situation. I’ve always been in control of my libido.’

Probably because your libido is non-existent, thought Kate.

She’d have been alarmed to know that Theresa’s libido was firing on all cylinders. She was still aroused from making Kate climax less than half an hour before. Kate had also forgotten she was still naked under her flared skirt. When Kate had sat on the pub’s chair and crossed her legs, Theresa had caught a glimpse of what she’d just been vibrating in the CCTV room. Sharon Stone has nothing on Kate, thought Theresa.

Sipping her drink, Kate said, ‘I think we need to address the elephant in the room. You shouldn’t look so embarrassed by what we did in the CCTV room. It would never have happened if Trafford hadn’t forced us to do it. I’ve actually had sex with another woman a couple of years ago, so it didn’t freak me out nearly as much as it seemed to alarm you. Don’t feel bad. I actually enjoyed it.’

‘It wouldn’t have happened at all if I hadn’t been snooping around outside his room hoping I’d catch you out in some nefarious act. Little did I know what you’d got yourself into. Wish I’d kept my stupid nose out of it. I think my life might possibly have been ruined by taking the lift to the basement. With the photos and videos Trafford has of us, I’m now as vulnerable as you, Cosgrove, and Chloe.’

‘The four of us must somehow survive this nightmare intact. The horror show has only just begun and I already feel on the edge of a nervous breakdown. At his point, I think Grant Trafford, his demonic Trouble Cream concoction, and the members of his disgusting gang of deviants all have the upper hand. I think you got off comparatively lightly just now. Trafford is imaginative and could’ve asked you to do much worse to me. He would’ve done if there’d been more time.’

‘I dread to think,’ said Theresa. ‘One of our main objectives is to discover how many men are involved in Trafford’s debauched club. We also need to find out who’s manufacturing this Trouble arousal cream. If the general public get their hands on it, there’s the potential for global mayhem. We can’t give up. There must be some way out of this mess.’

Kate sighed, ‘There has to be. We have to put our heads together and come up with a solution. Easier said than done, methinks. I was a sex addict even before the cream was applied, but my urges are off the scale when it’s on me. Luckily, it dies down hours later, but all he has to do is reapply it, then off I go again like a thing possessed. You can probably see from my inability to sit still that I’m still as horny as hell, even after all the sex I’ve had recently.’

‘You say you’re already a sex addict. I always thought sex addiction was a myth, an excuse dreamed up by famous people who’ve been caught cheating,’ said Theresa.

‘Oh, sexual addiction exists, trust me,’ said Kate. ‘I’ve developed a serious problem over recent years. Now, when Trouble’s applied, my sexual urges are impossible to resist.’

‘Really?’ said Theresa.

She watched Kate cross and uncross her shapely legs as she tried to relieve the severe itching tingle. Theresa was breathing so hard, she worried Kate might rightly suspect she fancied her.

‘Theresa, if anybody tells you sex addiction doesn’t exist, I’m a perfect example of a sex addict. It’s been getting in the way of everything in my life, including work. DCI Cosgrove has been forced to reprimand me on several occasions, which is where my interest in him began. I’m a sucker for men in authority. I’m addicted to orgasms because of the chemicals released. I love flashing, and I gush like a geyser—’

Theresa held up a hand to interrupt her. ‘I don’t need to know all the gory details. It all seems so perverse and foreign to a virtual innocent like me. When you gushed on my skirt I thought I’d faint.’

‘Sorry, I forget not everyone has sex on the brain. Even now, I can’t wait to make myself come again.’

Theresa placed a sympathetic hand on Kate’s arm and squeezed it gently. ‘You poor girl. You should seek treatment, although it seems the damage has been done now that Trafford has his talons into you … and me, it would appear.’

Kate said, ‘You’re right. Therapy would probably be a good idea for me, considering the background I had as a child. I’ve often thought my sex addiction is some sort of twisted result of the abuse I received when I was staying at my uncle and aunt’s house when I was twelve. My parents were going through a rough patch in their marriage at the time, and I was farmed out to my father’s sister’s house.’

‘You poor girl. What kind of abuse?’ said Theresa trying to look Kate in the eyes, not between her stockinged legs. She wondered if Kate was deliberately flashing her, to tempt her into making Kate come again before she reached home.

‘It was sexual abuse, of course. My uncle started molesting me one evening when my aunt was out with her friends. He said he’d help me with my school homework, but instead he helped himself to me.’

‘What a disgusting swine. It must have messed up your mind terribly,’ said Theresa, her heart pounding at the delicious sight on display whenever Kate crossed her shapely legs.

‘It must have done me damage, because look at me now. I’m a total nymphomaniac.’

‘Don’t be so harsh on yourself, dear.’

‘I’m just being honest. I was only a kid, confused that my uncle would do such a thing. I was so naïve back then and he was so manipulative, like Trafford. It’s the usual controlling story of abuse. Uncle Jonas took every opportunity to molest me. My aunt was often out of the house as she worked at a pub. He worked from their home as an author, so there were several hours between me coming home from school and my aunt returning home. He and I got up to all sorts, in his den, mostly. Just foreplay at first. You know, fingers and tongu—’

Theresa held up a hand in protest, ‘Please, no more details. You’re breaking my heart and turning my stomach simultaneously.’ She’s turning me on far too much with the details, thought Theresa.

Kate said, ‘Okay, sorry. I’m so used to speaking about the details of sex because Grant makes me speak dirty to him.’

‘I said that’s enough, Kate. I’m not used to discussing such unsavoury things.’

Kate said, ‘You may have to get used to it if Grant escalates his blackmail of you.’

‘What do you mean? Surely he wouldn’t make me talk dirty to him, too,’ said Theresa.

‘He might do worse. Tarik and Wang Wei might be there to witness if it happened. His cruel perversity knows no bounds. I fear he might try to strengthen his hold over you, like he’s done with DCI Cosgrove, and me in particular. He owns implements of sexual torment even I didn’t know about, let alone you. Who’s to say he won’t want sex with you? All I can suggest is, don’t go into the CCTV room alone with him if you can avoid it. Mind you, I’d be amazed if he doesn’t summon us both sooner than later to his lair to video us having sex with each other. Don’t even think of quitting work, because he said he’d release the videos if I handed in my notice.’

Theresa’s eyes flashed with anger. ‘I’d never allow him to do to me what I heard him doing to you today. I’d kill him or myself first.’

‘That’s the difference between you and me. To me, it’s marginally preferable to be compliant than to kill myself, or kill him and suffer a long jail sentence. I adore sex, which led to the addiction. I’m ashamed to admit I even enjoy parts of what Grant does to me. He’s extremely good looking and knows his way around a woman’s body, but I doubt you’d enjoy his perversions.’

‘I most certainly wouldn’t enjoy his attention. I’m forty-five and have been celibate for years. So when did your uncle stop molesting you?’

‘He hasn’t,’ said Kate. ‘Don’t look so horrified. I’m fine with it.’

‘I hardly ever see him these days, but if I ever catch the bus to their house, he often offers to drive me home.’

‘You have a car, so why do you take the bus?’ asked Theresa, intrigued despite herself.

‘To be honest, it’s because it’s so he can offer me a lift home. He drives us to my house and it happens all over again. He’s still a good-looking man. He’s always said it would kill my parents to know what I’d made him do to me. He said he’d tell them every detail, and I would’ve been too embarrassed for my clergyman father, in particular, to hear. So, I’ve never dared tell his wife or my parents what we’ve been doing since I was twelve.’

Theresa shook her head and rolled her eyes. ‘He did a great job on you. He must be incredibly manipulative, like Grant.’

Kate nodded. ‘He’s always said it was my fault for leading him on, for being so beautiful and provocative. I’ve never known what to do, so I’ve done nothing. He’s a devastatingly handsome man and I was flattered. Film star looks. By the end of my first month’s stay at their home when I was twelve, I was even beginning to look forward to his visits to my bedroom in the middle of the night. Crazy, I know, but he made me feel so special. He still does. I’d never felt that appreciated before by anyone so attractive.’

Theresa looked aghast at Kate’s honest admissions. ‘You must bring this relationship with your uncle to an end, Kate. It’s unnatural and creepy.’

‘He’s not a blood relative. It’s my aunt who’s the blood relative. Uncle Jonas is her second husband,’ said Kate.

It seemed to Theresa that the woman sitting opposite her, sipping a large glass of red wine, was making excuses so she could carry on having sex with him. Lucky man, she thought.

‘Was your Uncle Jonas the distinguished black gentleman with the cravat who took you to lunch recently?’

‘Yes, that was him,’ said Kate. ‘We had lunch at his house. We took full advantage of my aunt being out at work. That’s why I was back at work so late and received another telling off from DCI Cosgrove.’

‘Yes, I remember the occasion. You looked dishevelled as I recall.’

‘Uncle Jonas is extremely demanding when we’re locked in his den, but not as bad as Grant. Like Grant, he has a weakness for taking explicit videos of me if we have time, although he takes care never to capture my face or his.’

Theresa’s eyes were like saucers. ‘Don’t you worry about your aunt finding that filth on his phone?’

‘He keeps all the videos on flash drives inside his safe in his den. He likes to take them out of the safe and watch them on his laptop when my aunt’s out. He must have far more videos of me than Grant owns. At least Jonas doesn’t distribute my videos to his friends, or make me frig myself while strangers watch me on their devices like Grant does.’

Theresa sipped her wine, deep in thought then said, ‘I’m tempted to inform your aunt myself—’

‘Don’t. I’d only deny it all ever happened and say you’re a crazy woman. I can easily handle my affair with Jonas, but Grant is another matter. He’s extremely dangerous.’

Theresa sighed. ‘You can say that again.’

Kate lowered her eyes and looked solemn. ‘You haven’t seen half of what he’s capable of. Hopefully you never will. I have a terrible ordeal ahead of me on Tuesday evening with Tarik, Wang Wei, Grant, and God knows who else at Grant’s house. There’s a well-equipped sex dungeon in his basement, you know. He dragged me there recently. Worst experience of my life. Sex swings, shackles and chains, horse whips, every sex toy you can imagine, plus strangers molesting me. The whole nine yards.’

Theresa looked aghast. ‘Good grief! Do you have to go? Can’t you get out of it?’

Kate laughed. ‘You’ve met Grant Trafford. Do you honestly think he’d allow me to not go? Get real, Theresa. When Grant says, “Jump,” we say, “How high?” Get used to it. Grant and his gang are all sexual sadists, unlike Uncle Jonas. My uncle enjoys kinky sex, but he’s never once humiliated me like Grant and the other men have. I’m pretty sure there are many more men who Grant invites to the dungeon to abuse women. He boasted to me and DCI Cosgrove that several of his gang members are in the police force, even at our own station. Chloe’s one of those girls they’ve all been abusing.’

Theresa raised a limp hand to her forehead. ‘My poor sister. Chloe is Meg’s only child and she dotes on her. We’re all extremely close. I know it would finish Meg off if Grant showed her Chloe’s videos. Goodness knows what she’d think if she saw my videos and photos with you. Meg’s undergoing breast cancer treatment at the moment. Stage three. Last thing she needs right now is more worry and distress. I’ll never scrub those disgusting images of Chloe from my brain, and I’m just her aunt, not her mother. How am I ever going to be able to look my niece in the eye again?’

My videos were a whole lot worse than Chloe’s from what I saw, thought Kate. I doubt Grant would stoop so low as to have sex with Theresa himself, but the guy’s such a pervert, I wouldn’t put it past him. There’s a market for granny porn.

‘Well, Theresa, you’re managing to look me in the eye after seeing me butt naked and making me come everywhere, aren’t you?’

Theresa thought, If only you knew how hard I’m finding it.

Kate knew it was possible the older woman could now be a target for sexual abuse by Grant, Tarik, Wang Wei or anyone else. She shuddered at the thought of a naked Theresa trapped in the CCTV room on Facetime with Tarik and Wang Wei watching her perform. She prayed the idea would never cross Grant’s mind. Theresa and Kate had once been enemies. Grant’s blackmail threats, and Kate coming on Theresa’s fingers had now forged a strange, complex bond between the women.

Chapter 12. The Ladies

Despite both women saying they’d only drink one wine, they each ordered a second glass of red. As they sipped the reviving nectar, Kate announced, ‘After Grant used the tube on me today, parts of me have become much larger, as you saw. Can you do me a favour, please?’

‘What do you want me to do for you, dear?’ said Theresa.

‘I know it’s a lot to ask as we’re only work colleagues, but can I show you again what Grant did to me with the suction tube. I want to know if you reckon I should visit A&E or not. It’d be easier without Grant there tormenting us.’

With a pounding heart, Theresa said, ‘Of course I don’t mind. No time like the present. Let’s pop along to the ladies’ loos and I’ll take a proper look at the problem for you.’

‘If you’re sure it’s not too much trouble. It’d help put my mind at rest,’ said Kate.

Theresa couldn’t believe her luck. ‘No trouble at all. We’re all women together, so it’ll be my pleasure to oblige. We’d better check he hasn’t done you too much damage.’

Looking at Kate’s sexy rear view as she sashayed along the corridor leading to the toilets, Theresa thought. This is going to be the best experience of my life. When they passed an attractive man of about Kate’s age, Theresa looked at him as if to say, ‘I bet you wish you could do to this stunner what I’m about to do to her.’ She wasn’t to know that he was married to a man and wouldn’t have wanted to take Theresa’s place with Kate anyway.

The toilet area was clean and well-lit. Eighties music was being piped in from the bar area. Kate led the way to the largest cubicle, designated for the disabled. ‘I’m kind of disabled from everything Grant did to me, so I don’t feel guilty about using it.’

Theresa was dizzy with delicious anticipation. ‘Quite right, dear. You might as well strip off so I can properly examine the problem.’

They closed the cubicle door behind them. Theresa sat on the closed toilet seat. Is it hot in here, or is it just me? she thought as she watched Kate remove her blouse and hang it on the back of the door.

‘Shall I pop my boobs over the top of my boulder holder to save taking it off?’ whispered Kate innocently, oblivious of the dramatic effect she was having on her work colleague.

Theresa tried to sound more casual than she was feeling. ‘Pop them over the top of your bra. I’ll unhook it for you if that doesn’t suffice.’

‘Okie dokie,’ said Kate. She grabbed each mound of creamy flesh in turn and pulled it out to rest on top of her bra. She giggled. ‘Men have asked if I’ve had a boob job, but they’re all natural. Well, except for the effects of the cream.’

Trying not to gasp with delight at another sight of Kate’s gargantuan nipples, Theresa said, ‘Come closer and let me examine what that brute’s done to you. I’ll be gentle.’

Kate walked forward and placed her arms behind her back to thrust them out for inspection. Theresa cupped Kate’s breasts in her hands and scrutinised each nipple. ‘I hope my hands aren’t too cold. I have poor circulation.’

‘Your fingers are a bit chilly, but it’s soothing. They’ll warm up in a minute from the warmth of my boobs. They feel worryingly hot, just like my clit.’

Theresa’s fingers slowly travelled over Kate’s breasts and nipples, gently pressing each part in turn. ‘They feel rather hot from that awful cream and the punishment they’ve taken. I’ll breathe some cold air on them.’

She lowered her head and put her lips two inches away from the right nipple and blew repeatedly. ‘Oh dear, I’ve made it even harder. My word, they are sensitive aren’t they?’ She blew on the left nipple, which had the same effect.

Kate winced when Theresa pressed around the areolas. ‘They do feel sore, Theresa. They’ve never felt so sensitive. Do you think I need to seek medical attention? I really don’t fancy queuing for hours in A&E.’

‘I’ve got a tube of aloe vera in my bag for my dry hands,’ whispered Theresa. ‘Would you like me to rub some on you?’

‘I’ll do it,’ said Kate.

She reached out her hand to grasp the tube but Theresa pulled it away from her. ‘No, it’s okay, Kate, I’ll do it. I can see where it’s most needed.’

She squeezed a large blob of the delicious-smelling cream onto Kate’s right nipple and slowly massaged it in with her fingertips. ‘Does that feel any better? I’m sure it’ll help take the soreness away.’

‘Mmm, yes, that feels so good. Do the other one, please.’

Try and stop me, thought Theresa, aching to lick, suck, and bite Kate’s nipples, sore or not. Soon the left nipple was as shiny and perky as the right one. Theresa congratulated herself on resisting so much temptation. ‘I’ll unhook your bra because your entire bosom looks sore. Turn around.’

As she caressed and stroked Kate’s breast area with aloe vera cream, Theresa thought, It’s taking much longer than is necessary for me to massage these, but Kate seems to be enjoying it as much as I am. Now for the best bit.

‘Thanks, Theresa, that’s really helped. Makes a change not to be manhandled by brutes like Trafford. Can you take a look at the most worrying part of me? The aloe vera might help on there, too.’

‘Certainly. I’m here to help. Pull up your skirt and put one foot onto the toilet seat.’

‘Won’t be the first time I’ve been told to display my bits today,’ said Kate with bitterness in her voice.

Theresa suppressed a whoop of delight as Kate pushed her vulva six inches from her face. ‘It’s so much bigger than it ought to be and rather inflamed.’

‘Your magic hands and aloe vera cream will help,’ said Kate.

Theresa excitedly squeezed a large worm of soothing cream onto the first two fingers of her right hand. ‘Slip off your skirt. We don’t want this cream to ruin it.’

‘Don’t mention cream to me, Theresa. It wouldn’t be so big if Grant hadn’t slapped his mysterious cream onto it.’

The sight of Kate wearing black stockings and suspenders, black heels and nothing else set Theresa’s heart racing. Kate opened her legs, bent her knees and thrust her hips forward so Theresa could see the problem. ‘I’ve a better idea. If I put one foot up on your lap, you can see better.’

‘This’ll feel cold, but that’s what it needs,’ whispered Theresa, slowly massaging the entire area. Her fingertips returned to what Tarik had called Kate’s clematis and gave it extra attention, circling the hard nub with her forefinger. When Kate started panting and threw her head back, lost in ecstasy, Theresa applied more aloe vera cream and carried on rubbing.

‘Jesus, Theresa, you’ve made me even hornier. Word of advice. Don’t rub me there unless you’re looking for trouble.’

Theresa was astonished when Kate slid two fingers inside herself, forcing them in and out as though desperate to achieve an orgasm. Before Theresa knew what she was doing, she’d knocked Kate’s fingers away and replaced them with her own. When Kate started gyrating on the older woman’s piston-like digits, Theresa grabbed Kate’s breast and pulled it into her mouth. Kate sighed and moaned as Theresa held it there, swirling the nipple with her tongue.

Kate whispered, ‘God, I really need something hard inside me. I know … there’s a dildo in my bag.’

With her free hand, Theresa reached down into Kate’s bag, all the while working her fingers inside the delirious woman. Grasping the large rubber dildo, she sat Kate down where she’d been sitting on the toilet lid. With her head laying back on the cistern, Kate was tugging at her own nipples, legs spreadeagled. Theresa slid the black dildo into Kate, checking all the while if it hurt.

Kate raised her voice, desperate to come. ‘It’s the opposite of hurt. Just use it in me as hard and fast as you can.’

‘Okay, no need to shout,’ whispered Theresa. ‘It’s echoey in here, so someone might hear you. Then we’d be in trouble. I’m going as fast and hard as I can.’

Kate was rubbing her clitoris so quickly, her fingers were a blur. Her buttocks suddenly clenched, her eyes rolled back and she shuddered in the throes of a powerful climax. Theresa looked on with astonishment as Kate continued to jerk about with her head thrown back as multiple orgasms rippled through her naked body. Theresa buried her head between Kate’s legs and drank her fill.

Theresa and Kate were so engrossed, they didn’t hear the main door ofthe toilet block open, nor the footsteps entering the cubicle next to theirs.Neither did they see a person’s head and shoulders appear over the top of thewall dividing the cubicles.

Chapter 13. Him Again

‘Oh, God, no!’ said Kate in terror. She’d just lifted her head after her impressive orgasm only to see the face of Grant Trafford grinning down at them from the adjacent cubicle. Theresa thought Kate was still in raptures, so didn’t immediately stop what she was doing.

When Kate tapped Theresa’s head and said, ‘Stop … it’s him,’ Theresa looked up at her in puzzlement. She turned her head to see what Kate was pointing at. Her heart almost stopped when she saw the phone pressed up to Grant’s right eye. He was videoing their startled faces, gaping mouths. They stared up at him in disbelief and terror.

‘Carry on, ladies. Please, don’t let me stop your fun. I’ve been up here for a few minutes,’ he gloated.

He zoomed in for another close-up of Theresa’s hands. One held the black sex toy which was still inside Kate. In her other hand, Theresa clutched Kate’s red vibrator which was still buzzing on Kate’s clitoris.

When she could eventually speak, Kate said, ‘This isn’t the gents’ toilets. What are you doing in here? Get out. Any woman could come in here and catch you. Leave us alone.’

Grant laughed at her. ‘I’m going nowhere, Kate. Sadly for you, my Uncle Jimmy owns this pub. He’s even visited my basement dungeon when I’ve held sex parties. I’ve just texted him. He says he’ll be along here in a minute.’

‘Oh, God, no,’ murmured Kate and Theresa in unison.

‘Oh, God, yes. I’ve told him to bring an Out of Order sign from behind the bar and stuck it on the door. I intend to have some undisturbed fun, so relax. Kate, DS Smart’s about to give you another orgasm while I carry on videoing you both. It’s a great angle from up here, by the way. Couldn’t be better.’

‘How did you find us? I didn’t see you in the pub when we came in,’ said Kate. Theresa was too stunned to move or speak. Stuck in her incriminating position, she thought, I’m on my knees, pleasuring a naked young female colleague for the second time today. What would people, including all our colleagues, think of my disgusting indiscretion in a public toilet if it ever came to light?

From behind his phone, Grant said, ‘I was drinking a lager in a booth facing away from you when you bad girls came in. Thanks to the mirror on the wall opposite me, I could see you but you didn’t notice me. I saw you sneaking glances up Kate’s skirt when you didn’t think she’d notice, DS Smart. You naughty, naughty detective.’

Theresa’s cheeks burnt with acute embarrassment. She dreaded what might happen next.

Grant took a plastic bottle from the pocket of his black, leather biker’s jacket and tossed it at Theresa. ‘Here, take a swig of this. Keep the bottle down there. You’ll soon be using it on Kate.’

‘I think not,’ said Theresa, bristling with indignation.

‘Just for that defiance, you can use it inside her now, you dyke. That’s it. There, you can see how much Kate appreciates your technique. Terrific work, DS Smart. Keep going. Anyhow, as I was saying, I saw you heading towards the toilets together. At first, I  thought you only wanted a piss. I’d planned to jump out at you for a prank. When I heard the buzz of the vibrator, I was thrilled. What a stroke of luck. So, I sneaked in here. The rest is history.’

‘You vile creature. Aren’t there any depths you won’t sink to?’ said Theresa.

‘I’ve yet to discover a depth I’m not happy to sink to. You’re doing a great job on young Kate here, you dirty dyke. Carry on, you two, while I Facetime Tarik. Wang Wei should be there with him, too. I was due to see them at my gaff in half an hour or so. They’re probably driving there now in Wang Wei’s van. He’s fully kitted the back out for entertaining ladies. It’s not as fancy as the Prof’s converted ambulance, though. That’s a whole different level. Prof has every toy and sexual gizmo you can think of stashed away in his vehicle.’

Both women’s hearts were thumping as they listened to Grant. They carried on doing his bidding because the consequences would be dire if they didn’t. Grant was holding his phone at an angle above his head, so he could line up for a terrific selfie shot of all three of them when Tarik answered his Facetime call. Kate saw a familiar swarthy Turkish face on the screen as the bottle and vibrator in Theresa’s hands edged her towards another climax.

‘Hi, Tarik, mate. What do you think of this, then? Impressive, eh?’ said Grant with immense pride.

‘What the hell’s going on in there, Grant? Hang on, Wang Wei’s just parking us up a quiet road. Nobody’s about, so I’m pulling down my shorts. That’s Kate isn’t it? I’d recognise her huge clematis anywhere. Who’s the other lady using the bottle on her?’

‘That’s DS Smart, a colleague of our favourite plaything. Chloe’s your favourite girl, isn’t she, Tarik?’ said Grant.

Grant showed the women Tarik’s right hand was moving up and down at speed. ‘Chloe’s pretty, Grant, but Kate’s now my favourite. Look at her … her orgasms are incredible. Can’t wait to meet you on Tuesday, Kate.’

‘Me too,’ said Wang Wei from his van’s driving seat. Kate saw their familiar faces leering at her and Theresa, their forearms pumping in unison.

Grant waved at his friends. ‘Oh, good, you’re both there. Fancy meeting up with Kate and Theresa earlier than Tuesday? Shall I take them to the dungeon now?’

‘Hell, yeah,’ said the two men.

Kate said, ‘But, Theresa and I have our cars in the pub’s car park, Master.’

‘No problem. Wang Wei will drop you back here afterwards. They can drive you over to my place in the van while I ride my bike there.’

When they heard loud knocking on the toilet block’s main door, Theresa almost dropped the bottle and vibrator.

Chapter 14. Uncle Jimmy

Kate and Theresa were desperate to run and hide when they heard a male voice say, ‘Open the door, you dimwit. It’s me, your uncle.’

Grant leant further over the barrier and handed the phone to Kate, saying, ‘Shoot some close-ups for Tarik and Wang Wei to enjoy while I let my uncle in. Tell DS Smartypants what you fancy seeing her do to Kate, lads. Back in a tick.’

‘No, please don’t let your uncle in here. I’ll lose my mind if you do,’ said Theresa.

She was in the middle of using another complicated sex toy configuration on Kate, suggested by the two inventive Facetime tormentors. No part of Kate escaped their prurient interest. By implementing the men’s detailed orders, Theresa had given Kate her fourth orgasm since they’d entered the disabled toilet. The two voyeurs in the van were on their second. Theresa was exhausted from carrying out their requests, but felt she had no choice except to comply. All the while, she was trying to concoct a way out of their predicament, but the men kept her too busy to think straight.

Kate had already almost drunk the entire contents of the plastic bottle. ‘Can I have another swig from the bottle, Theresa? I’m gagging with thirst.’

‘I’m not surprised. The floor’s awash,’ said Theresa.

She removed the bottle from Kate and handed it to her so she could quench her thirst. Theresa suddenly felt Kate tense and heard her shriek. She turned and looked up to see what had alarmed Kate, then shrieked even louder.

A bald-headed man, about twenty years older than Grant, with a bushy, greying moustache was looking down at the women from where Grant had been standing.

The new arrival said, ‘Oi, less of the noise, you two. You’ll disturb my punters. Grant, why did you bring me in here to witness this … this … well, I don’t really know how to describe it?’

‘Say hello to my Uncle Jimmy, ladies,’ said Grant from the adjoining cubicle on the other side. Both men were gazing down at the tableau beneath them. Grant was laughing at the women’s shocked expressions and the embarrassment on his uncle’s face.

‘Hello, Uncle Jimmy,’ panted Kate before shuddering to another monumental, productive climax.

Theresa was too terrified to speak. Desperate to hide from the stranger peering down at them, she buried her face between Kate’s legs. She’d seen enough of the moustachioed stranger to wish he’d disappear. For all I know, his uncle might be even worse than Grant, she thought.

‘Come on, put on a better show than that for my uncle,’ said Grant.

Fearing further retribution, Theresa worked on Kate for all she was worth. Her knees hurt from kneeling for so long and her arms ached from carrying out Grant’s, Tarik’s and Wang Wei’s demands. Kate knew better than to disobey Grant’s command to shoot close-ups of Theresa working on her body. Because of all the explicit videos being shot by Grant, the kneeling Detective Sergeant knew her face had been immortalised, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Grant said, ‘Hey, Wang Wei, drive over here now if you want to meet Kate. We can take these two back to mine. Or, we can all party here at yours, Unc, if you’d prefer. It must be closing time by now, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Either way, get over here, lads.’

‘We’ll only be fifteen minutes or so. We’re not too far from the pub. See you soon,’ said Wang Wei.

Kate saw both men on the phone’s screen pull their trousers up and disappear. She’d soon be meeting them face to face for the first time, and it wouldn’t be to chat.

‘Right, DS Smart,’ said Grant. ‘Open the door and let me in. I want time alone with Kate to reacquaint myself with her before those two morons get here. Fifteen minutes should be plenty of time for me to get my rocks off.’

Theresa hesitated, but knew she had no option. Her knees creaked as she struggled to her feet. She slid the lock to one side. Next second, Grant strode into the cubicle, followed by his broad-shouldered, reluctant-looking uncle, who hovered in the background. Kate had taken the opportunity of not having Theresa between her thighs to stand up and stretch her legs.

Grant found it odd that his uncle was looking at the older, clothed woman more than the naked younger female. He remembered what had happened the one and only time Jimmy had attended an orgy in Grant’s basement dungeon. He’d turned up unannounced at Grant’s house to deliver his nephew’s Christmas present. Grant had taken a while to answer his front doorbell and Jimmy wondered why Grant was sweating in sub-zero temperatures yet was only wearing a bathrobe. He guessed he must have been about to take a shower.

Grant had thought it would be a huge joke to whisk Jimmy down to his basement without warning him Tarik and Wang Wei were enjoying the delights of a nubile, young redhead called Bernice. Grant had laughed at Jimmy’s shocked, embarrassed face when he’d first seen the two overexcited naked men using Bernice, dressed only in stockings and stilettos, for their pleasure. Although angered by Grant’s prank on him, Jimmy’s arousal took over as he watched.

The three men and Bernice had egged Jimmy on to have sex with her, but, oozing reluctance and self-conscious embarrassment, he’d restricted himself to playing with her abundant, almost blue-white breasts and fingering her to an orgasm.

His nephew scared and intimidated Jimmy. He’d tried to keep out of Grant’s way, unobtrusively masturbating as he’d watched the orgy from the sidelines. He might have joined in more if Bernice had been someone closer to his own age and they’d been alone, but he’d been reluctant to have sex with someone half his age in front of an audience.

Jimmy’s reluctance to have full sex with Bernice had irritated Grant, but he’d still let him watch. It had kept the loveless older man free of his pub for the night. Despite being a pub landlord, Jimmy’s private life had always been devoid of meaningful female attention. Grant could never fathom why his uncle had never married or had a serious girlfriend. He suspected he might be gay, which wasn’t the case.

In the disabled toilet of Jimmy’s pub, Grant said, ‘Don’t be shy, Unc. Kate won’t bite. She knows better than to do that.’

Jimmy shook his head. ‘It’s okay. I’ll just stand here, thank you.’

Toying with Kate’s breasts, Grant said, ‘Lucky for you, Kate, my Uncle Jimmy prefers to watch rather than participate, so we’re about to give him a show to gladden his old heart. By the look of you, DS Smartypants has done a fantastic job warming you up for me. The poor old biddy needs a rest, so she can video us on my phone, if she’s not too busy eyeing up my uncle.’

Grant ran through his usual repertoire with Kate, taking her in all his favourite positions. Her guttural noises, moans, and whimpers told everyone she was enjoying it. After all Theresa’s foreplay, Kate was more than ready to have full sex with the man she simultaneously fancied and despised.

Noticing the bulge in his uncle’s shorts, Grant said, ‘Don’t be shy, Unc. If you don’t fancy joining in, feel free to wank if you want to. It’s not every day you can see a naked beautiful woman. Don’t you even want to finger Kate or lick her tits?’

‘No, I’m okay, thanks. I’d rather leave you all to it, to be honest, Grant,’ said Jimmy.

He looked embarrassed, as though he didn’t want to be there. Irritated by his uncle’s reticence, Grant leant across and yanked his uncle’s elasticated shorts down to his knees. ‘Step out of them … there, that’s better,’ said Grant. ‘You were overdressed compared to me. You weren’t too shy to play with yourself in my basement watching Bernice, so you might as well do it here. Come on, Kate, put on a show for us all with your vibrator and this dildo.’

When Uncle Jimmy’s lower half was forcibly revealed, Theresa expected to see a mere chipolata, as can sometimes happen with some overweight men. What she saw standing erect below his beer belly was far larger than anything she’d previously thought possible for any man to possess, too large to cover with his hands as he was attempting to do. As she gazed at his massive manhood, the room began to sway.

 Kate noticed her colleague was swaying. ‘Watch out! She’s going to faint.’

Jimmy caught the detective just before she hit the floor.

Helping her back to her feet, he said, ‘Are you okay, love? I’ll take you over to the sink so you can splash cold water on your face.’ He gently led her over to a chair in the corner of the room. ‘Sit here and rest while I fetch you a drink.’

As he headed to the door to enter the bar area, Theresa pointed at his erection. ‘You’re stark naked. You can’t go to the bar like that.’

‘It’s okay, love. Roger, my bar manager, has locked up the pub a while back. There’s nobody out there now. Tell you what, why don’t you come out there with me? We can sit in my bar and have a drink and a chat.’

‘Not with you looking like that. I’ll come with you if you put on your shorts. I could do with a stiff drink.’ Trying not to look at his gargantuan erection, she thought, Wish I’d never said the word ‘stiff.’

‘Doubt I’d manage to pull my shorts back on now. To spare your blushes, I’ll slip a bar towel around me when we’re out there. Looking forward to having a drink with you. You look like someone I can talk to. I’ve not talked to any women my own age for a long while.’

Theresa was charmed by the kind tone of his voice after experiencing Grant’s cruel barbarism. He escorted her to the bar, switched on a low light and found a small towel from behind the bar. It barely stretched around his waist, so did little to hide his erection which was showing no signs of collapsing. Jimmy slid behind the bar, the epitome of a jovial host. He tossed her a bag of peanuts, which she eagerly ripped open and guzzled.

‘What’s your tipple, pet? Brandy? Whiskey? Rum?’ he asked.

 ‘Red wine, please,’ she said. ‘Thanks for the nuts. I’m starving.’ Wish I hadn’t said nuts, she thought, looking at his larger than average testicles.

‘Not surprised, after what I saw going on in the cubicle,’ he said with a laugh. He poured them each a large glass of Merlot.

 Theresa said, ‘I’m so ashamed of my actions with Kate in the cubicle. I’ve never done that sort of thing before to any woman. Don’t know what came over me. As you saw, Grant forced me to do disgusting things to her, things I’d never dream of doing.’

Jimmy shook his head and sighed. ‘My nephew can be a shocking, manipulative bully. His imagination is perverted and twisted, so don’t go blaming yourself. I know what it’s like to be controlled by him.’

They drank their red wine as though it was water. Jimmy said, ‘We might have time for a second glass before Grant calls us back in there.’

‘Must we go back? Can’t we just sit out here in the bar and get to know each other?’ said Theresa.

‘I’d prefer to be out here too, but when Grant gets a bee in his bonnet it’s nigh impossible to dissuade him. Changing the subject, you’d have laughed if you’d seen what happened in the pub tonight. Roger, my bar manager, complained to me about being propositioned again by Grayson, one of my regulars. Grayson’s an infamous, ageing gay guy who dyes his hair to match his outfits. He had lavender hair to match his suit today. Grayson and his gay friend, Cedric, absolutely adore Roger, who’s as straight as they come. I know it’s wicked of me, but it cracked me up this evening watching Grayson chase poor Roger around the pub. Macho Roger can’t abide the pair. He’s been threatening to resign if Grayson and Cedric don’t stop trying to bed him.’

 ‘I saw a man with lavender hair when Kate and I were drinking in here earlier. Must’ve been Grayson. He was outrageous and even called out, “Come here and sit on my face, my darling ginger biscuit.” Can’t say I blame Roger for feeling embarrassed and intimidated by them … Oh, this is my favourite song,’ said Theresa as the bar’s music track changed to Gimme Shelter.

Jimmy loved how her clear, blue eyes had lit up her face. Smiling at her sudden change of subject, he said, ‘It’s one of my favourite tracks, too. Better than most of the rubbish pumped out these days.’

He poured them another wine as they discussed their favourite music and discovered they had similar tastes. Theresa suddenly jumped at the sound of loud hammering on the pub’s main door.

Clutching the inadequate towel around his thick waist, Jimmy stood up, swaying from the effects of the wine, and said, ‘It must be Wang Wei and Tarik. I’ll have to let them in or Grant will be livid with me.’

As he stood up, she watched his towel slide sideways. That’s odd. His erection hasn’t faded at all, she thought. I’m still in a dangerous situation with a man I don’t know. She turned in desperation to her dark-eyed, extremely well-endowed drinking companion and said, ‘Oh, no, poor Kate. Do you really have to let them in? They’re such vile creatures.’

Jimmy liked Theresa’s prim, well-educated way of talking. He was more used to hearing northern accents like his own. Her southern parlance made a welcome change. ‘You’ve not seen Grant when he’s really angry. I have. It’s a terrifying sight. I wonder sometimes if he’s actually insane.’

‘I’ve seen enough of him to wonder the same thing, Jimmy,’ said Theresa.

Despite her protests, Jimmy unlocked the pub’s main door. It was flung wide and the couple watched Tarik and Wang Wei barrel through it like wild animals, jabbering excitedly about their plans for Kate.

‘Hi, Jimmy. Lost your shorts I see. Looks like you’re in luck, lady. Nice work on Kate, by the way. Top marks on technique. Came twice, I did. Where’s Kate, Jimmy?’ said Tarik over his shoulder as he and Wang Wei jogged past.

Jimmy sighed with irritation. ‘She’s where she was when you two jerks were watching her just now. In the ladies’ loos.’

Even above the music, the couple in the bar soon heard a raucous din coming from the ladies’ toilets. The new arrivals were squabbling over who’d take Kate first.

‘I told you they were disgusting animals,’ said Theresa, feeling the effects of the glasses of red wine she’d drunk.

‘I’ll pour us another wine, shall I love?’ said Jimmy.

‘That’d be lovely,’ said Theresa. She hoped her time chatting to Jimmy would never end.

Chapter 15. Jimmy’s Woman

After half an hour’s interesting conversation with Jimmy, Theresa was alarmed by the sight of a drunken, naked Grant lurching towards them as they sat deep in conversation on their bar stools. His naked body was dripping with sweat and his penis hung limply, as he’d just had sex with Kate. Oddly, he was wearing one blue, latex glove and nothing else.

Swaying from drinking the bottle of rum he’d taken from the shelves earlier, Grant staggered up to Jimmy and laid a huge hand on his shoulder. ‘Oi, Unc, what are you doing getting cosy out here with this dyke when you should be having fun in there? Don’t you want to watch us sorting out Kate?’

Jimmy shook his head. ‘I’m happy sitting here chatting to Theresa, thanks.’

Grant sneered. ‘Oh, Theresa is it? She’s DS Smart to me.’ Feeling mischievous again, the bully suddenly whipped away his uncle’s towel. ‘Christ, I see chatting to her has given you one hell of a boner, Unc.’

Jimmy snatched back the towel and wrapped it around his non-existent waist. ‘Stop acting the fool, Grant. I need the loo after all these drinks. Stay here, Theresa. I’ll be back in a sec.’

Once his uncle had disappeared, much to Theresa’s discomfort, Grant sat next to her and placed a hand on her thigh. He looked angry when she cringed at his touch and glared at him. ‘Don’t be such a stuck-up cow. Just for that, I reckon you should help my uncle out with that boner, don’t you, DS Smart?’

Theresa was paralysed with terror. She thought about running for the pub’s main door, but Grant guessed her intentions and moved to block her way. He whispered in her ear, ‘You weren’t thinking of running, were you, Smarty Pants? That would never do. Think of how your sister will suffer if I put my videos of Chloe, you, and Kate on social media. Not to mention you on your knees between Kate’s legs.’

Theresa was relieved to see Jimmy heading towards them as he would protect her from his sex-crazed nephew. Grant gave up his seat to Jimmy on his return and placed Theresa’s hand on his uncle’s bare upper thigh.

When she snatched her hand back as though it had been scalded, Grant said, ‘You’re seriously pissing me off, DS Smart. For being so unfriendly, you’re going to give my Uncle Jimmy a special show, and more, as a thank you for keeping you company out here.’

Jimmy said, ‘Grant, lad, stop being an ass. You know I only ever watched you and those numbskulls having sex with Denise. Leave Theresa alone.’

‘Maybe it’s time you did more than just watch, Unc. I’m sick to death of you not joining in with the fun. Remember how many thousands you owe me so you can keep your precious pub from going under. Entertain me, for once. It’s about time that enormous dick of yours was put to good use. If you don’t fuck her, then the lads and I will gladly do her for you. We’re drunk enough to take on an oldie like her.’ He turned towards Theresa and said, ‘You’re the only one wearing all your clothes in this pub. I reckon you should get naked, too, Detective.’

Before they could stop him, Grant grabbed Theresa’s high-necked, flowery blouse and ripped it open, scattering the buttons over the carpet.

‘Stop, Grant. Can’t you see she’s bloody terrified? Behave yourself, for Christ’s sake. You’re blind drunk, so leave her alone,’ shouted Jimmy, who was as drunk as his nephew.

Fearing he’d lose his pub, Jimmy could only watch as Grant yanked Theresa’s large breasts over the top of her sensible white bra. Both men were surprised by the sight of her perfect, creamy breasts. The nipples were large, puffy, and dark, but not freakish like Kate’s cartoon-like nipples after Grant had used the cream on them.

Grant said, ‘Christ, DS Smart. That’s a delicious pair of titties you’ve been hiding. Really fancy them myself, to be honest. Sorry, couldn’t resist a quick tweak. Are my hands cold? Here, have a mouthful, Unc.’

Before Jimmy knew what was happening, Grant had offered up both of Theresa’s breasts towards his uncle’s mouth. Despite his better judgement, inebriated Uncle Jimmy found himself feasting on them. Transfixed with shock at how wonderful his tickly moustache and mouth felt on her skin, Theresa was too drunk to notice Grant stealthily unzipping her plaid skirt. Before she knew it, her skirt hit the floor.

Grant eyed her up and down. ‘Surprisingly sexy legs, too. Step out of your skirt before you topple over. That’s right. Now, kick off those ugly shoes – they do you no favours. Remember, there’s plenty of ice in the ice bucket, Unc. That’s it … rub it on her nipples. Christ, you two really are drunk, aren’t you?’

Jimmy helped Theresa step out of her skirt. Her brain was fuzzy from the alcohol and she was too weak and frightened what Grant might do with the videos to resist. Even the ice on her nipples couldn’t force her back to reality. Keeping her eyes tightly shut, she hoped it was all a nightmare from which she’d soon awaken. Her problems increased as she felt Grant slide her thick, black tights down her legs. When she opened her eyes, Grant was crouching down, his mouth only inches from her white cotton briefs.

‘I knew you’d be wearing huge Bridget Jones pants,’ said Grant, quickly tugging them down to her knees. He sniggered and said, ‘DS Smart, your pubes are going as grey as my uncle’s moustache. You two make a perfect matching pair.’

 Grant suddenly shoved Theresa’s right leg to one side with his ungloved hand. His gloved hand darted between her open thighs and she felt him smear something slimy inside her. It had happened so quickly, and she was so drunk, she was unsure what he’d done. Bizarre tingling sensations fizzed deep inside Theresa’s vagina, similar to the ones she’d just felt after Grant had tweaked her nipple.

The bastard’s creamed me. He must have had some of it on his glove. That’s why it felt so good when Jimmy played with my breasts, she thought, increasingly desperate for sexual release.

Grant watched his uncle gently slide his hand between her thighs. When Jimmy’s fingers started working their magic, she couldn’t resist, swaying and breathing heavily in what sounded like pleasure.

‘Bugger off, Grant. Can’t you see I’m busy?’ said Jimmy as he listened to Theresa’s sighs grow louder and more urgent as she squirmed on his fingers.

‘Okay, this is where I leave you two lovebirds,’ said Grant. ‘You can thank me later, Unc. Enjoy the cream, DS Smart. I’m off to join my mates to sort out that nympho, Kate. Sounds like they’re having as much fun as you two. Hope Wang Wei and Tarik save enough energy for later. Kate’s energy won’t be a problem, though. She’s like me; indefatigable. If she flags, I’ll just rub on more cream.’

When he gained no answer from his preoccupied uncle, Grant lurched, like a drunken sailor in a gale, toward’s Kate’s cubicle. He glanced over his shoulder at the sight of naked DS Smart lying on the pub’s carpet with his uncle’s whiskery face buried between her bare legs as they dangled over his shoulders. It was a sight he’d believed he’d never see. Good for you, Uncle Jimmy, thought Grant with a proud smile.

‘It’s okay, the idiot’s gone now. Sorry about Grant. I want you, but won’t take advantage of a drunk woman. You like it when I do this to you, don’t you … and this?’

Her low moans were all the answer he needed, so he continued. He loved how she arched her back and wrapped her bare legs around him. When she opened her blue eyes and looked up at him, she thought Jimmy looked frightened he might hurt her.

‘Go ahead. I really want you to,’ she said.

Gently, he nudged a little further into her. In her state of cream-induced arousal, she thrust her hips up at him, to try to push him inside her more quickly.

‘I don’t want to do you a mischief, pet,’ he said, inching in too gradually for her liking.

‘I really, really want you to,’ said Theresa, surprised to hear such words coming out of her mouth.

Seconds later, she watched his face light up, wreathed in smiles. He couldn’t believe he’d managed to insert his full length into her, a feat he’d never managed to perform with any other woman. The only sounds she made as his hips moved rhythmically were loud groans of pleasure, not shrieks of pain as he’d feared.

That’s never happened before, he thought. I’ve always been too big for any woman I’ve tried to have sex with before today.

Just before he’d gently entered her, Theresa feared she might have passed out with the pain caused by such a large penis, but as he moved back and forth inside her, her excitement boiled up like milk in a pan, ready to spill over.

They were both thinking, We fit together perfectly. This is meant to be.

Her dark-eyed lover tried to ensure Theresa’s first orgasm, and the first one he’d ever had inside a woman, was stupendous. Neither one was disappointed. Theresa lay recovering from her first orgasm, comforted by the weight of him as he lay on her ample breasts, panting from his exertion. They both wore wide smiles a Cheshire Cat would be proud of.

As he lazily stroked her breasts and gazed into her smiling eyes, Jimmy said. ‘Sex on a pub floor isn’t something a wonderful woman like you should have to endure. Grab your clothes and come with me.’

As they passed by the door to the ladies’ toilets where the three men and Kate were still happily engrossed in their gang bang, Jimmy called out, ‘I’m going upstairs with Theresa. Let yourselves out and lock up when you’re done.’

‘You sly old dog. That’s a first,’ shouted Grant as he videoed Wang Wei and Tarik performing double penetration on an enthusiastic, vocal Kate. ‘Can we all come upstairs, too? We could do with a change of scenery.’

‘No, you bloody well can’t, Grant. Move to the bar area if you’re uncomfortable. Theresa and I want to be alone. Don’t we, pet?’

Theresa smiled up at the increasingly attractive man who’d been such a revelation to her in so many different ways. ‘Yes, we do, Jimmy, but I’ll only go upstairs with you if Kate agrees I can leave her down here. I need to ensure her safety.’

Surprised by what the couple had said, and how happy her colleague sounded, Kate called out breathlessly, ‘I’ll be fine, Theresa. They say they must go soon as it’s late. Grant’s on an early shift tomorrow. I’m exhausted, but holding up pretty well.’ She started moaning in ecstasy, then said, ‘Do it harder, Tarik … faster,’ like Theresa had just said to Jimmy.

Theresa resisted the urge to rub herself, horrified at her own actions as she grabbed Jimmy’s hand and begged him to make her come again. She perched naked on a bar stool, holding her knees wide as Jimmy willingly masturbated her. 

As she recovered from Jimmy’s fingers, she heard Wang Wei yell, ‘Christ, Tarik. Move out the way. Let a real man do the job. I’ll sort you out, Kate. See, Tarik? That’s how you’re supposed to rub a clematis, as Turkish ignoramuses like you call it.’

Theresa whispered in Jimmy’s ear, ‘Sounds like she’s really close to having another one.’

‘Well, if anyone knows the signs, you do, pet,’ he said with a mischievous laugh.

‘I don’t know how she manages having so many orgasms without injuring herself. It doesn’t seem physically possible. The poor girl’s addicted to them, you know.’

Jimmy chuckled. ‘Don’t blame me if you’re addicted to orgasms, too, by the end of the night, love.’ The beaming, broad-shouldered northerner surprised Theresa by giving her a light kiss on the cheek. ‘My cleaner will have plenty to mop up from you as well as Kate after what you just did on the bar stool.’

He pointed to a large puddle on the varnished wooden floor around the bar.

Theresa, still maddeningly aroused, looked mortified as she wriggled on the bar stool. ‘Did I do that? It’s never happened before.’

‘You certainly did, pet. Why are you looking so horrified? I thought it was blooming amazing. Don’t fret, there are plenty of towels upstairs,’ said Jimmy. Giggling like school children, they raced up to his bedroom.

Chapter 16. Another Unlikely Alliance

Theresa felt wonderful when she awoke in Jimmy’s double bed. His warm arm was wrapped around her naked waist as he slept, making her feel safe and protected. For once, a man actually wanted her. Her bliss lasted a mere thirty seconds. After the brief, warm fuzzy feeling, a deluge of worrying thoughts tumbled into her mind like demons, flashbacks of her time in the toilet cubicle being videoed for Grant’s and his friends’ amusement.

Jimmy’s bedside clock told her it was ten a.m. Lucky I have a day’s leave from work today, she thought.

She tried to stay still so as not to wake her unexpected lover. They’d talked and made love for over two hours in his large, comfortable bedroom. Sleep had eventually claimed them because the previous day had taken its toll. She felt as giddy as a teenager in love for the first time, despite having clocked up forty-five years on the planet.

Her long, greying hair was splayed out on the pillow. She knew the tangles would be a devil to get out after all her passionate tumbling around on the bed with Jimmy. There’d been so many sexual first-time experiences for her during the past twenty-four hours, she hardly knew herself anymore.

As she listened to her bedmate gently snore, Theresa fretted over what might have happened to Kate, her new ally in the war against Grant. I’ll ring her when Jimmy wakes up. With a crazy loose cannon like Grant, anything could have happened to her. It’s no good, I can’t lie here worrying. I need to ring her now.

Theresa gently lifted Jimmy’s arm and slid as quietly as she could from the bed. He stirred, but immediately fell back into a contented slumber. Bless him, she thought, as she padded naked into his en suite bathroom and locked the door.

Unable to get an answer from Kate, Theresa sent a text. ‘Hope you’re okay, Kate. Worried about you. Text or phone me to let me know you’re still in one piece.’

She congratulated herself on having the forethought to wash her underwear the previous night. Her sensible white briefs and thick black tights lay ready for her on the radiator as she stepped from the shower. I must buy some sexier underwear, something Jimmy will enjoy seeing me in. A little matching set in purple satin, perhaps. Black, lace-topped stockings and sexy suspenders, too; the kind of clothes Kate wears.

Theresa marvelled at the dramatic change in her thinking in such a short period of time. Before spending the night with Jimmy, she’d have been more likely to ride through town on a camel than think of purchasing sexy purple satin underwear. She towel-dried her long hair, dragged a wide-toothed comb through it, and applied her usual subdued makeup. Must buy a new lipstick, and blusher, although Jimmy makes me blush every time he looks at me. I saw a hair salon near here. Maybe I’ll have my hair coloured back to the dark brown it used to be. Maybe I’ll ask Jimmy if I should dye it. No, nobody likes grey strands. I’ll get it dyed.

 Dressed and ready to greet the day, Theresa quietly let herself back into the bedroom. Jimmy was sitting up in bed sipping tea. ‘I’ve made a mug of tea for you, too, love. I was hoping for more action this morning, but I see you’ve dressed. How disappointing,’ he said with a chuckle.

‘Easily remedied,’ she said, still feeling the effects of the cream.

She was soon naked and riding him like a cowgirl at a rodeo. An hour had passed by the time they lay panting and sweating beside each other.

He kissed her and said, ‘So glad I texted Roger to open the pub and take over from me today. This’ll be the first day off I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I’ll cook us a full English breakfast with all the trimmings. I’m a dab hand in the kitchen, you know.’

‘I’m not too dusty in that department, either. I’ll give you a hand if you want.’

‘You’re my guest, so just relax. Save your energy for later,’ he said with a wink before sliding from the bed to take a shower.

She placed her mug of tea onto the bedside table. ‘I’m really worried about Kate after how we left her last night.’

He noticed her blush and look away from him when she mentioned Kate’s name, remembering the first time Jimmy had met Theresa was when she was ravishing Kate’s naked body. I can’t really blame Jimmy for drooling over Kate. She’s young, beautiful, and was naked and spreadeagled at the time. I was fully dressed. I could see she was turning him on as I worked on her, but she could never sexually satisfy him like I can. From what I felt of her internal workings, Jimmy could never manage full sex with her as he can with me.

The hours of darkness had brought them close, as can happen with darkness. She’d cuddled up and told him tales of her life, how she’d been brought up in Tunbridge Wells by loving parents. Her father was a retired Tory minister whose disapproval of all things unconventional she blamed for her previous lack of raunchiness.

When Jimmy’d said, ‘You’re making up for it now, love,’ they’d both laughed.

Her mother was also still alive. Both in their late eighties and in rude health, her parents still lived in the picturesque country house with rambling gardens she’d grown up in.

As they’d cuddled in bed, Jimmy had learned why Theresa had never wed, and had only been in two relationships. She’d become solemn when relating how both men had eventually disappeared from her life after their sexual incompatibility had become too much of a strain. Sex had been a frustrating business, where neither partner had felt much sensation.

She even told Jimmy how one of the men had cruelly said during their break-up row, ‘Your fanny’s like a bucket. I can’t get any purchase. Are you sure you’ve only slept with one man?’

‘That bastard needs a slap,’ said Jimmy, indignant on her behalf.

‘Actually, I did wallop him, which is another reason why we split up. I hope you don’t think I’m a promiscuous woman. I assure you I’m not. I was born with an unusually large vagina, just as you were born with a baby’s arm for a penis.’

‘Never thought for one minute you’ve been sleeping around, despite discovering you in a toilet cubicle with a naked woman. I might’ve thought differently if it’d been a naked man,’ he’d said with a good-natured giggle.

Theresa hadn’t been amused. ‘Jimmy, it was a one-off and won’t be repeated, I can assure you. It’s not funny.’

Struggling to keep a straight face, he’d patted her arm to reassure her. ‘I’m only teasing, love. You’ll have to get used to my northern humour. I don’t want to ruffle your southern sensibilities.’

 She’d changed the subject by asking him for a potted history of his life. He’d sighed, as if already bored with discussing the subject. ‘Not much to tell really. I was born here in the southern outskirts of Sheffield. Mum’s dead and Dad’s on his way out. Two brothers, Colin and Brian. Brian is Grant’s dad, not that he was much of one. Jan, his wife, is just as useless. Both brothers are silly berks who occasionally operate on the wrong side of the law—’

‘I’m a detective, so maybe you shouldn’t be saying that. Probably wise not to elaborate, although another of your relatives is in the process of blackmailing me and two others. On the subject of Grant, what are we going to do about him?’

‘No bloody idea. We’ll chat about it later. So, let me return to boring you with my life story. I was just getting into my stride.’

‘Sorry. So did you ever marry or have children?’ she’d asked, stifling a yawn; the recent sex was making her eyelids begin to droop.

‘No, never did. I’m as free of baggage as you are, by the sound of it. So glad we met,’ said Jimmy.

Me too, thought Theresa as she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 17. Jimmy’s Little Omission

The previous night, as they’d laid chatting together in bed in a rosy post-coital afterglow, Jimmy didn’t mention he’d visited Grant’s dungeon again. He’d kept quiet about having accepted Grant’s offer of an even more raucous night than the one when Bernice had been the main event.

One excuse for him agreeing to visit a second time had been his boredom with his endless, solitary free time. When he closed his pub each night, all he had to look forward to was watching catch-up television or porn. The main reason for him accepting the invitation had been his decades of raging, pent-up lust. Watching porn on his laptop was only adding fuel to his sexual flame; he feared he was becoming badly addicted to watching an endless stream of  easily accessible porn.

Until meeting Theresa, Jimmy hadn’t been given many chances in his everyday life to lay hands on a real flesh-and-blood naked woman. He’d chatted to several females who’d frequented his pub, but the substantial problem in his underpants prevented him from taking any potential relationship further than friendship. Bernice’s naked body had been the first he’d touched for over fifteen years; the setting hadn’t been ideal due to the presence of three rampant, pushier males who’d cramped his style.

At fifty-two, Jimmy was unfamiliar with internet dating and was too preoccupied with keeping his pub afloat to devote time to seeking out a sexual partner. Women weren’t lining up to date Jimmy Trafford. His record-breaking manhood hadn’t helped matters, either. There seemed little hope of him enjoying the full sexual relationship he’d always yearned for. He’d often think, I may be fifty-two, but that’s not old these days. Fifty-two’s the old forty-two. My sexual desires are as strong as they’ve ever been but there’s nowhere to put them.

After his induction into the riotous goings-on in Grant’s dungeon, Jimmy couldn’t rid his mind of what it had felt like to touch a naked, compliant, beautiful woman, even with him being physically unable to have intercourse with her like the other men at the orgy. Watching, and some tinkering with Bernice had still been more enjoyable than watching sterile porn.

For months after that orgy, Jimmy had lain in bed, aroused by thoughts of how the buxom redhead had felt as his hands roamed over her breasts and between her legs. He’d held back from doing more, preferring to watch the other men enjoy her. He’d been fearful his passion might bubble over and make him try to force himself into her. His fingers had told him she’d be unable to take the full length of his penis inside her, like she’d done with the other three men at the party. Hurting her internally would have been awful, but Bernice had been kind enough to give him a wonderful double-fisted hand-job. As she’d worked stoically on him, she’d warily eyed his gargantuan erection as though it had been a bomb about to explode in her face.

‘Stand back … he’s going to blow,’ Grant had joked. When Jimmy had eventually erupted, Bernice had screamed with shock, making Grant, Wang Wei, and Tarik collapse with laughter.

Eight months after Jimmy’s experience with Bernice, Grant had breezed into the pub as he often did after a day in the CCTV room. It was around the time Grant had begun ruining Kate and Jeremy’s lives. It was another hot August evening. Jimmy was in the middle of pouring glasses of Chablis for Grayson and Cedric, who’d popped into the pub to ogle Roger. Not wanting anyone else to hear him, Grant whispered, ‘Any chance of a word with you in the back, Unc?’

‘Sure,’ Jimmy said, eyeing Grayson and Cedric. ‘Just let me wait for Roger to come and cover for me. I reckon he’s hiding from those two.’

‘I reckon he’s having a Tommy Tank. He can’t resist me, you know,’ joked Grayson from a nearby table.

‘I doubt that,’ said his rival, Cedric, straightening his ill-fitting black wig. ‘I sense Roger dreams about me but is scared to admit it. Lost count how many wet dreams I’ve had about him.’

Jimmy said, ‘Lay off the poor man, you two. You’ll make him quit this job if you keep flirting with him so outrageously. I’m all for a joke, but he doesn’t find it funny. Oi, Grant, put that bottle of brandy back where you found it, you cheeky bugger. I’m not made of money, as well you know.’

His nephew laughed in Jimmy’s face and carried the stolen brandy bottle into the back room to wait for his uncle to join him. Jimmy whispered his thanks to Roger for standing in for him behind the bar, knowing he’d be fair game for Grayson and Cedric. Walking into the back room, he thought, Grant reckons he can get away with anything with me. He’s right. Grant’s scary when he thinks he’s losing control or being disrespected, so I’d better not make a fuss about the brandy. Wonder what he wants to chat to me about. Christ, I hope he doesn’t want me to return the fifty thousand pounds I owe him. I’m totally screwed if he does.

Grant was lounging on Jimmy’s favourite chair, a brown leather recliner facing the television. Piles of large cardboard boxes containing bar snacks lined one wall, but it was otherwise a cosy room. He was wearing only a sleeveless black T-shirt and loose black shorts which showed off his bulging muscles and deep tan. In a drunken moment, he’d recently had the image of a naked, spreadeagled girl tattooed on one bicep. He liked to flex and unflex his upper arm so the girl appeared to undulate.

Admiring the new tattoo, Jimmy said, ‘Reminds me of Bernice.’

‘Funny you should mention her, Unc. I’m holding another party tonight at mine but with a different girl. Come along if you fancy it. I guarantee it’ll be better than another dull night on your tod. That’s why I nicked the brandy, for me to drink and to loosen up the girl. Females act filthier if they’re slightly drunk in my experience.’

Jimmy smiled. ‘That Bernice must’ve been really, really drunk then.’

‘She’s tame compared to the blonde lass who’s coming along tonight. Fancy coming? It’ll be a late one. Six guys are coming this time, including you and me.’

Jimmy sighed, looking pensive. ‘I’m not sure, Grant. You know I can’t go all the way with a lass because of my … um … problem, not like you lot.’

Grant laughed. ‘Don’t be a wet flannel, Unc. It’ll be even better than last time. I’ve set up some inventive games, if I say so myself. The worst that could happen is you’ll get a free hand-job and do what you want with a sexy young girl.’

‘Young, you say? How young?’ asked Jimmy, disappointed she wasn’t more his own age.

‘She’s twenty-five and horny as hell. I can vouch for that because I’ve been banging her for a few years. I’ve told her about you and she can’t wait to meet you. If I promise you can have first dibs with her, will you come? I can tell you want to,’ said Grant pointing at Jimmy’s shorts. ‘Bit of a giveaway.’

Jimmy laughed and punched Grant’s bicep on his tattoo. ‘Oops, sorry, Bernice. Well, okay then. What time’s it starting? Hope it’s soon as I might chicken out.’

‘Go upstairs, take a shower and splash on your sexiest aftershave. Maybe you should wear your best sleeveless top and quick-release shorts, like me. It’s so hot tonight and likely to get much hotter once we start on Chloe.’

‘Lovely name,’ said Jimmy.

‘She looks lovely, too, with no inhibitions. We’ll drive over to my place as soon as you’re ready.’

Jimmy was just about to leave the room when Grant said, as though unable to help himself, ‘If you want any further convincing, take a quick shufty at this video I took of Chloe today. She was giving me a solo show on my desk at work at lunchtime. I even asked her to send you a personal message.’

Jimmy looked surprised. ‘She’s in the police, too? Blimey, that’s a turn up for the books. Show us the video.’

‘She works in the canteen, but we’re in the same building, which comes in handy,’ said Grant.

Jimmy pressed play on Grant’s phone. What he saw of Chloe, often in close-up, made him almost too embarrassed to get up from his chair, until he remembered he and Grant had seen each other naked and erect in the dungeon with Bernice.

The eager, young blonde obviously had no inhibitions, and seemed to be double-jointed. He watched naked Chloe jerk and climax twice in various positions by diverse means, aided by Grant.

Jimmy had expected merely a sweet message from a clothed blonde. He watched open-mouthed as her second orgasm shuddered through her. She looked into the lens and said, still breathless from her orgasm, ‘That one was for you, Uncle Jimmy. See you tonight.’

Jimmy couldn’t believe that in less than an hour, he’d be the first one in the dungeon to do what Grant was doing to Chloe in the video. God, I can’t wait. My heart’s pounding. Hope I don’t have one of my funny turns.

While Grant sipped brandy in the back room, Jimmy rushed up to his bathroom to shower as fast as his arousal would allow. Hope this warm water doesn’t push me over the edge. Mind you, it might be better if it did. Don’t want to embarrass myself in front of everyone, especially Chloe. My turn with her will probably only last until I come … mmm … that feels amazing. He let the water and his hand work their magic.

From downstairs, Jimmy heard Grant shout, ‘Hurry up, you dozy old git. Chloe will be at mine soon. Want me to give her a ring to give you a little pre-orgy appetiser on Facetime? You look great in that clobber. She’ll just adore you, but not as much as she adores me of course, ha!’

‘No, best I don’t Facetime her. My legs are still a bit wobbly from her hot video. We’ll be there soon enough. Maybe I can Facetime her another time, though, eh? Or Bernice?’

Grant winked. ‘If you’re good. After the party, you can crash at mine or catch a cab home. Best you don’t drive with that monster in your shorts. Shouldn’t you have sorted yourself out in the shower?’

Jimmy looked shame-faced. ‘I did. Then you mentioned Facetiming Chloe and then this happened. It doesn’t help that I can still see that video in my head.’

Grant said, ‘Bring your smartphone so you can shoot some of your own videos of her while she’s busy with someone else, or with you. I can shoot videos of your time with her if you want.’

Jimmy imagined all his future hours alone in his bedroom when he could enjoy them. ‘Okay. Luckily, my phone’s charged.’

‘Bring your charger. You’re bound to need it. Come on, they’re all due in half an hour. Wagons, roll!’ said Grant, heading towards his car.

Chapter 18. The Party

Jimmy was beyond nervous and breathless with anticipation on the short drive over to Grant’s home. When he followed his nephew downstairs into the basement, he could see what Grant had meant about party games. As well as all the previous structures Jimmy had seen before, like the sex swing, benches laden with every sex toy imaginable, there was now a chrome stripper pole connecting the ceiling to a large, raised plinth in the centre of the room. Six large, white numbers had been painted in a wide circle on the black plinth.

‘What all that malarkey for?’ said Jimmy.

Grant shrugged. ‘Just a little something I dreamt up to spice things up if we start to flag. You’ll find out later. The others should be along any minute. I’ve left the front door on the latch so they can let themselves in.’

On cue, Tarik and Wang Wei entered the room giggling like naughty schoolboys in their shorts and sleeveless tops.

‘Bleeding hot, innit. Switch on the fans, Grant,’ said Wang Wei. He took a swig from a small bottle of water. ‘I’m using this later on Chloe.’

‘Great minds think alike,’ said Tarik, holding up his large litre bottle of water.

Wang Wei said, ‘You always have to go one better, Tarik. I suppose you’re going to water her clematis with it.’

Grant sighed. ‘I despair of you two sometimes. My other guests will be an improvement. Oh, here’s one now. Hi, Roger.’

Jimmy was surprised to see his bar manager rush in, hot and bothered from cycling in the heat.

‘I can see you weren’t expecting to see him, Unc. Roger by name, Roger by nature. He’s been a regular down here in my dungeon for a year or so, haven’t you, mate?’

Roger looked as shocked as Jimmy. ‘Didn’t expect to see you here, boss. I missed the last party. Why didn’t you guys tell me he’d be here tonight?’

‘Grant told us not to say anything to either of you, Roge. He wanted to see the looks on your faces when you saw each other,’ said Tarik.

‘You’re a cruel, twisted bastard, Grant,’ muttered Jimmy.

Grant shrugged. ‘Life can be boring. I get a kick shaking things up for my amusement. Everything I do is for my amusement.’

‘I forgot selfish. You’re a cruel, twisted, selfish bastard, Grant,’ said Jimmy.

Both Roger and Jimmy considered exiting the building to save themselves further embarrassment. Those notions were discarded as soon as they heard the clacking of high heels walking down the basement’s wooden stairs.

All eyes were drawn towards the tall, leggy blonde as she sashayed into the dimly lit room. There was a wicked twinkle in her large green eyes as she smiled at the men. Her blonde locks hung loosely around her lightly tanned shoulders. All she wore was a midnight-blue satin corset, matching thong, and black stockings held up by suspenders attached to her corset. She was carrying a lightweight black coat which she slung on a chair.

‘Hi, everyone. It’s hot tonight, but I had to wear a coat or I’d have had funny looks from the bus passengers. Turn on the spotlights, Grant. I know you like bright lighting to shoot your precious videos.’

Grant flicked four switches and the room was bathed in dazzling light. She walked towards Jimmy, eyeing him up and down appreciatively. ‘Oh, you must be Uncle Jimmy. He’s almost as handsome as you, Grant. I love an older man. Grant’s told me to be extra nice to you.’

She looked him directly in the eyes and slid her right hand down the front of his elasticated shorts. Her face lit up with delight. ‘You said he was massive, Grant, but this is ridiculous.’ Before Jimmy could protest, Chloe pulled down the front of his shorts, knelt down and swirled the tip of his penis with her tongue.

When she rubbed his shaft up and down between both hands, Jimmy panicked. ‘Best you stop, lass, or it’ll all be over before I get started.’

Seeing his uncle struggling not to explode, Grant said, ‘Take off his shorts, Chloe … That’s better. Right, lads, we can’t wait for our last guest. As agreed, my uncle’s having first dibs with you, Chloe. The poor bugger’s more than ready after what you’ve done to him.’

Chloe laughed. ‘Fine by me, Grant. I’ve never seen a more impressive cock. Should be in the Guinness World Records. Right, Jimmy, now it’s your turn. Fancy some of this?’

She stripped off her thong and hung it on Jimmy’s erection. Standing close to Jimmy, she seductively rubbed her bald mons pubis up and down his erection, her buttocks clenching and unclenching as she slid. The wet inner walls of her plump labia and the nub of her large clitoris rubbing up and down his shaft was too much for Jimmy. Forgetting Roger was watching him, he pulled her corset down to below her small waist. Playing with her naked upturned breasts with one hand, he explored what she’d just been sliding on him with his other hand. Like other men before him, Jimmy wished he’d been born with at least one more hand.

The rest of the men stripped naked and surrounded the pair, urging Jimmy on. Masturbating furiously, Wang Wei still managed to video Jimmy sucking and tugging Chloe’s nipples. ‘Great work on her raspberry ripples, Jimmy. They could knock an eye out. Almost as good as when Grant used the cream and suction tube on them.’

Grant pulled Wang Wei up by his black hair from where he was sneakily biting Chloe’s right nipple, copying what Jimmy was doing to her left one. ‘Wait your turn, you greedy bugger.’

‘Let him play with it a while longer, Grant. I love two mouths working on me,’ said Chloe.

‘Fancy three?’ said Tarik, burying his face between her thighs.

Lowering his phone from his eye, Grant said, ‘Right, back off you two. It’s not your turn. Oi, Roger, don’t you start on her as well. Back off.’

‘It’s not fair,’ whined Roger. ‘I’ve not even touched her yet, Grant.’

The party’s burly host said, ‘Your turn will come. I’ve not touched her yet either because I don’t want to spoil my uncle’s thunder. Christ, orgies with you lot is like trying to herd kittens.’

Chloe grinned at the man she considered to be her boyfriend and said in between moans of pleasure, ‘You did more than touch me Tuesday lunchtime, Grant, remember?’

‘How could I forget?’ said Grant giving her a wink.

He was busy ensuring he’d captured his uncle’s face on his phone while Jimmy explored Chloe’s body, in case he needed the visual evidence for blackmailing purposes later.

Sensing the other men were becoming overexcited and restless, Chloe lay face up on the table, parted her knees and beckoned to Jimmy. All Jimmy could hear was the hypnotic, heavy breathing in the room. She stared up at him, her legs splayed out as she teased her breasts. As her breathing reached fever pitch, she extended an arm and grabbed a large electric massager with a bulbous tip which was lying next to her amid an impressive array of sex toys.

‘Use this on me, Jimmy. It’s my favourite,’ she said, switching it to its highest setting.

‘Aww, I wanted to do that,’ said Tarik petulantly.

‘Later,’ said Chloe. ‘Jimmy’s doing a grand job with it. Push it harder against my clit, Jimmy … that’s it … hold it right there.’

Her jaw clenched in concentration as loud buzzing filled the room. She gasped for air, her body tensing as the sensations built to a crescendo.

‘Oh, God … Oh, God,’ she said, then tensed and shuddered. With a head swimming with serotonin, oxytocin and other chemicals, Chloe slowly opened her eyes and whispered, ‘That was awesome, Jimmy.’

Aroused to the point of distraction, he said, ‘My pleasure, love. Glad to help.’

Chloe looked so tempting, Jimmy lifted her legs, dangled them over his shoulders and smothered his face between her thighs. Wriggling on his mouth, she arched her back and pushed his bald head down so hard he could hardly breathe.

At least I’ll die happy if she suffocates me, thought Jimmy.

Risking Grant’s wrath, Roger played with her breasts as Jimmy was in heaven between her legs. As Chloe and his uncle weren’t objecting to Roger’s interference, Grant turned a blind eye.

She tastes delicious. Chloe’s even hotter than Bernice, thought Jimmy as he felt Chloe tense and shudder again.

Grant clapped enthusiastically. ‘Nice work, Unc. You made Chloe come in record time. Now it’s her turn to sort you out.’

‘Won’t take long by the looks of him,’ said Chloe, struggling to place her hands around his girth. ‘I thought no man could make me gag, but I’m not so sure seeing this.’

Her eyes were soon streaming. Saliva dripped from her chin as she knelt before him, hoping her jaw wouldn’t dislocate. She hasn’t even managed to take half into her mouth, but it feels so good. Far more fun than staying home with a Pot Noodle, thought Jimmy.

Struggling not to come but enjoying every second, he said, ‘Don’t spoil your makeup on my account, pet. Use your hands, that’ll do fine … Christ! Too late.’ He suddenly moaned, pulled a pained expression and exploded in her mouth.

‘Nearly took her head off,’ said Grant. The men laughed as Chloe disappeared behind a screen to fix her makeup and compose herself.

‘You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’ said Jimmy, doing a poor Michael Caine impression. He was the only one to get the joke.

Chapter 19. The Masked Stranger

Jimmy was sitting on a chair recovering from Chloe’s magic hands when the basement door was flung open.

‘So sorry I’m late, everyone,’ said a tall, broad-shouldered man. ‘In case we haven’t met, I’m Logan. Have I missed anything?’

He was wearing only black latex shorts which showed off his powerful thighs. A black, ornate, winged mask contraption covered his face and hair. Even though Chloe and Grant knew Logan’s true identity as they used to go dogging with him, Logan wasn’t sure who’d be attending the party, so had come in disguise. He looked around as though he owned the place, and said, ‘Where’s my naughty girl?’

Grant deferentially took him to one side and whispered, ‘Hi, Logan. She’s just freshening up and changing into the little number you sent over for her. As you were late, I let my uncle loose on her first as I’d promised him first dibs. Hope you don’t mind.’

‘Just as well I wore the mask with your uncle being here,’ said the stranger with a sinister laugh. ‘You know I don’t want too many people knowing who I am. Wise of you to give him first go. He mightn’t want her after I’ve finished with her.’

‘Sorry for not warning you my uncle was coming. Promise me you’ll be less full-on with Chloe than you were with Bernice last month,’ said Grant.

Logan smoothed his hands over his shorts, obviously deriving pleasure from the warm, smooth sensation of the latex. ‘I paid her generously for the damage I inflicted on her, didn’t I?’

Grant nodded. ‘I’m also grateful for the three hundred quid you’ve paid Chloe for tonight, but go easy on her. I don’t want to put her off coming back. I’ve had a devil of a job convincing Bernice to return. She’s coming next week, but only if I promise you won’t be there.’

‘Charmed, I’m sure,’ said Logan.

He wandered off to chat to Tarik, Wang Wei, and Roger as they eagerly waited for Chloe to emerge from behind the screen.

‘Who’s that scary freak?’ whispered Jimmy to Grant.

Grant whispered, ‘Only me, Chloe, and a couple of others know his true identity. It must stay that way. Just call him Logan like we do. He’d hate anyone else to know who he is, hence the dodgy mask. Tarik, Wang Wei, and Roger have only met Logan at my parties and know not to pry.’

‘Fine by me,’ whispered Jimmy, thinking, that Logan git must be married or something. Makes sense he’d want to go incognito if he’s got a wife and kids. Maybe he’s horribly disfigured. Looks like some sexual deviant in that kinky getup.

‘Are you ready yet, Chloe? The guys are getting impatient. It’s time for the pole game I told you about,’ shouted Grant.

A voice from behind the screen said, ‘I’m ready. Can you turn a couple of the spotlights off? I know it’s so you can shoot videos for your collection, but they’re so bright it’s like being in a supermarket.’

Grant obliged, but there was still enough illumination to bathe Chloe in light as she emerged wearing a small black latex corset and matching thong. Two holes in the shining top exposed her nipples, displaying the dramatic results of Jimmy and Roger’s work on them. She teetered across the room in her black stilettos and climbed onto the black plinth. She swung and gyrated around the pole, one leg wrapped high around the pole, one foot on the ground, her blonde hair swinging seductively as the men gathered around, gazing up at her with hungry eyes. The men cheered on seeing her thong was crotchless.

Grant applauded. ‘Looks like the pole dancing lessons I bought you are paying off, Chloe. Right, guys. Climb up on the plinth and stand by one of the six numbers painted on it. I’ve had to resort to some kind of organisation after the fiasco last time when Roger tried to hog Bernice.’

Roger said, ‘Well, I’m certainly paying for my indiscretions this time. I’ve only had a go on her tits so far, whereas Jimmy—’

‘Perks of him being my relative, Roge, mate,’ said Grant. He switched on some music and grabbed a bowl containing pieces of torn paper. ‘Right, when I stop the music, whoever Chloe’s closest to picks out a piece of paper and can do whatever it says on it.’

‘Sounds like a bloody kid’s party,’ said Roger with a hangdog expression.

‘Doubt kids would do what’s on the paper,’ said Grant.

As the strains of Clapton’s Cocaine filled the room, Chloe showed off her body and her newly acquired pole dancing skills to the visibly aroused men, all naked except for the masked stranger in the latex shorts. Eventually, even he unbuttoned a flap at the front of his shorts to masturbate as he ogled her.

Grant paused the music. There was a shout of, ‘Thank God! At last it’s my turn,’ from Roger. With nobody disputing Chloe was closest to him, Roger grabbed a piece of paper from the bowl. ‘Yes! It says BJ! Suits me fine.’

Roger sneakily managed to suck one of Chloe’s exposed nipples as he grabbed her between her legs.

She wriggled and squirmed on his fingers until Grant snapped, ‘The paper said BJ. Never satisfied, are you, Roger?’

‘He soon will be,’ said Chloe, kneeling before Roger on a red satin cushion.

Five minutes later, a much happier Roger was back in position on the plinth. The music and dance resumed.

‘I’m beginning to enjoy this game, Grant,’ shouted Roger above the Stones.

The music suddenly stopped. Chloe was closest to Jimmy, but he nobly agreed to forego his turn, feeling it would be greedy when others hadn’t yet been as lucky as him. ‘If I win again, I won’t be so generous,’ he said.

When the music stopped, Tarik and Chloe both had their wishes come true. ‘It says Magic Wand. Just what I wanted,’ said Tarik, holding the piece of paper aloft with pride.

He helped Chloe down from the plinth and everyone gathered around the large table as she lay flat, her knees pulled wide. Tarik skilfully made her gibber in ecstasy as she climaxed from its powerful vibrations on her ‘clematis’. She eventually sat up and looked down at her stockings.

When he saw her scowl, Tarik said, ‘Sorry about that. Couldn’t help myself.’

After she’d wiped her stockings clean with tissues, she climbed back onto the plinth. Cream’s Sunshine of Your Love drifted through the room as she spun, twirled, and hung upside down on the pole.

Grant halted the music. Chloe was positioned in between Wang Wei and Tarik, who glared at each other, daring the other to dip their hand in the bowl. Before a squabble broke out, Grant said, ‘As you’ve already had a go, Tarik, I suggest Wang Wei is the winner.’

Grudgingly, Tarik nodded. When he heard Wang Wei yell, ‘Ride him, cowboy!’ the naked Turk looked murderous, but comforted himself with the thought of the photo opportunities. He walked over to his pile of clothes and fished his phone out of his shorts.

Wang Wei led Chloe over to the mattress on the floor and pulled her onto it next to him. He lowered her corset top to her waist before diving headfirst between her legs. Her gasps and moans filled the sweltering room. As some of the men objected to Wang Wei breaking the rules, he said as innocently as he could manage, ‘I’m only warming her up a bit, guys, and you can see she loves my technique. I’ll only be a few minutes, then Chloe can climb aboard.’

Grant said, ‘Hardly necessary, but go ahead. Five minutes of foreplay max. Happy with that, lads?’

‘No, but at least I can video Chloe, but I’ll be omitting Wang Wei’s ugly face,’ said Tarik.

He zoomed in for a close-up of Wang Wei’s fingers at work. Chloe posed and pouted for the men filming the foreplay. She always liked to look her best in any video, whether on Instagram or ones being taken of her in Grant’s converted basement. When Tarik called time, Chloe eventually rode Wang Wei until they were satisfied.

‘That foreplay took far longer than the final act, you lightweight,’ said Tarik, who had no room to talk.

Chapter 20. An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

‘I’m exhausted. I’ve had enough of this game now,’ said Chloe, pulling up her corset to cover her breasts.

Looking like he meant business, Logan stepped forward and roughly tugged her nipples through the two holes in the latex.

Chloe yelped. ‘Steady on. They’re really sensitive after what they’ve been through tonight.’

Logan carried on yanking and twisting them, smiling strangely at her as she grimaced with pain.

Sensing a dark change in the atmosphere, Jimmy said, ‘Let her go, Logan. You can see she doesn’t like it.’

Logan looked disdainfully at Jimmy and carried on tormenting her. There was an aura of pure menace about him. Not wanting to cause an argument, Jimmy kept quiet. The other men seemed used to watching Logan in action. Nobody else voiced an objection. There was something in the man’s eyes which unnerved him.

Jimmy looked at the man’s strong hands, little fingers raised as he tweaked her. The little finger on his left hand was missing from knuckle to tip. It looked to be an old injury and didn’t hamper Logan’s abuse of the blonde’s breasts.

When Chloe eventually wriggled free from his vice-like grip, Logan said, ‘I suggest we all have refreshments before I take my turn with Chloe. I guarantee nothing I’ll be doing will be on your pieces of paper, Grant. That was all far too vanilla for me, I’m afraid.’ He poured Chloe a large brandy and said, ‘You’ll need this.’

She took it behind the screen to drink while she freshened up. The naked, sweating men stood around drinking cans of lager and chatting about the night’s events. Without Chloe there to titillate them, their erections had dwindled, but they soon perked up when she emerged from behind the screen. She looked wary, knowing what was in store for her. Chloe needed the money Logan had promised her if she agreed to the finale of the party, when she’d be Logan’s plaything as Grant had instructed her. Sadly for Chloe, she loved Grant and did everything he asked of her without question. She knew it was a twisted kind of love, but she was lost in it.

Logan switched another spotlight on and the music off. He led Chloe over to a medieval-looking, sturdy structure at the other end of the basement. He took a black, velvet blindfold from the pile of sex toys on a nearby table and tied it over her eyes. He reached up and unhooked two lengths of thin, black rope hanging from the top corners of the apparatus. Leather cuffs were attached to the ends of the rope which he fastened around her wrists. He pulled the rope until her arms were pulled upwards. Having secured her arms in that position, he cuffed her legs to the ropes at the base of the structure, pulling her ankles wide and tethering her firmly to the structure.

‘If anyone wants to leave, I suggest they do so now,’ said Logan, attaching nipple clamps to Chloe’s already sore nipples. He picked up what looked like a black leather horsewhip. Jimmy could see it had a small, paddle-shaped tip. Logan started to flick her with it all over her body, paying most attention to between her legs. Chloe yelped and groaned as each stinging blow fell on her most sensitive, vulnerable parts.

When Logan discarded the paddle and picked up a bullwhip and started using it on her buttocks, Jimmy turned to Grant and said, ‘I’m off. Not my kind of thing. I’ll catch a cab home as I’m pissed on brandy.’

‘Fair enough, Unc. You’d better get dressed first, though,’ said Grant. ‘We love watching Logan at work, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Shame you’re going. I’ve told Logan about your huge cock and he was planning to ask you to have anal sex with Chloe. He’ll be so disappointed.’

‘Bet Chloe won’t be, though. That guy is turning my stomach with what he’s doing to her. He must really hate women. Is that a cattle prod he’s using on her boobs? I worry about you, Grant, if sadism turns you on. I’m disappointed in Roger, too. He can’t get enough of it by the look of him. Got a good mind to sack him.’

‘Chloe’s a masochist – she’s agreed to do it, for a fee, so don’t feel too bad about what he’s doing to her.’

‘I don’t care. I’m off before he decides to make her ask me to attack her backside with this,’ he said, pointing downward.

Eager to escape the sounds of her screaming as the cattle prod zapped her nipples, Jimmy quickly put on his shorts, top and sandals.

Grant said, ‘Look, Logan’s an extremely wealthy guy. He’d probably pay you a thousand quid to do it to her. The novelty value appeals to him. I’ve had anal sex with her loads of times. She loves it. He’s been looking forward to watching you do her backside for weeks. Heck, I’d chip in a couple of hundred quid just to watch you do it. I know all the boys would also chip in as much as they can afford. The money could go towards you paying me back the fifty grand you owe me. Your repayment history has been poor so far.’

Before Jimmy could stagger drunkenly to the door to leave, Logan had grabbed his arm. ‘Oh, you’re not going, are you? I see Grant’s told you about what I was looking forward to seeing tonight.’

‘Yes, he did, but I’m still leaving. Don’t like you hitting Chloe about like that. Men shouldn’t do that to women.’

‘I’ve told her she’s been a very naughty girl tonight and deserves her punishment. Didn’t you hear me telling her you’re going to teach her not to be a naughty girl?’

‘Don’t care what you told her. Like I said, I’m off.’

‘A grand, cash in hand for you to sodomise her tonight. Grant knows I’m good for it. I’ve upped her money too, even though she says she’s looking forward to it. I can see you’re considering it. I’ll start whipping her again if you don’t.’

Grant looked menacing. ‘Plus, the boys and I can rustle up another grand between us to help keep your pub going. Not to be sniffed at. If you don’t agree, and willingly, I’ll call in that fifty grand.’

‘You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?’ said Jimmy, aghast.

‘You know I would, so get undressed again. Chloe’s sexy ass is yours.’

Jimmy knew he had no option. He reluctantly stripped again, watching Logan set Chloe free from her tethers. As she rubbed all her sore areas, she looked relieved Logan’s sadistic torment had ended. Jimmy winced when he saw the welts on her buttocks from the bullwhip.

Jimmy led her over to the mattress. ‘Wriggle out of that thong, pet, ready for the … umm… you know what. That’s it. We’ll need to warm us both up again if I’m going to be in any fit state to accomplish this.’

Chloe said, ‘I reckon I’m warmed up enough, considering.’

Jimmy whispered in her ear, ‘I’ve gone soft after what my dear nephew said about recalling his loan. You’ll need to turn me on again.’ He pulled her breasts over the top of the latex corset and massaged them. ‘That’s it, play with my dick while I go down on you.’

After ten minutes of inventive foreplay, Jimmy was more than ready, despite his drunken state. Everyone watched closely as Logan led the equally drunk Chloe over to a trestle-type of apparatus. He bent her over it, then tied her hands and ankles to the bottom of the trestle, leaving her naked buttocks vulnerable.

Logan handed Jimmy a bottle of lubricant and watched as Jimmy tentatively used it on himself and Chloe. I daren’t back down. I can’t face losing my pub after so many years of hard work.

‘You’ve been such a bad girl tonight, Chloe, so Uncle Jimmy and I must teach you a lesson. Pull those cheeks wider.’

 Logan handed a reticent Jimmy an oiled, rubber dildo. ‘Use this on her first or you’ll never manage to enter her.’

A few minutes later, Chloe looked over her shoulder at Jimmy and said, ‘I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.’

Jimmy’s penis edged slowly inside her as the men carried on videoing the main event. The tension in the room grew the further Jimmy managed to progress. The only sounds were Chloe’s loud gasps and squeals. Sweat was pouring down Jimmy’s forehead and dripping off the end of his nose. Grant wiped his uncle’s forehead with a tissue, then mopped Chloe’s brow. The couple’s bodies glistened with sweat as Jimmy inched his way in, trying not to hurt Chloe or himself.

‘You’re halfway there. If you manage three quarters, the cash’s yours, Jimmy,’ said Logan. He began to call Chloe names and verbally humiliate her. Logan was building towards his second orgasm since Jimmy had begun his challenge. Jimmy had never seen him climax before then.

As he inched in, millimetre by millimetre, Jimmy thought, Anal must be the only way Logan gets his kicks, I guess. Nothing he saw tonight seemed to do the trick for him like it did for the rest of us. That’s probably why the creep was so keen to pay me

Wang Wei, Roger and Tarik took turns to lie on their backs on the floor and reach up between her trembling thighs to stimulate her clitoris. Tarik’s use of the Magic Wand proved to be so effective, Chloe managed to orgasm and take Jimmy to a depth Logan deemed worthy of paying Jimmy the agreed money. When Jimmy stupidly tried to push slightly further, Chloe gasped, went limp, and fainted over the trestle table.