Joy Mutter’s Blog 2019

The audiobook of The Trouble With Liam will be available soon

This evening, I was thrilled to press the ‘Approved’ button for the completed audiobook of The Trouble With Liam, my psychological thriller. It’ll be my ninth audiobook. Once ACX has checked it, the new audiobook should be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes in 10-14 days. It’ll join my 8 other audiobooks on those sites. Tracey Norman has narrated three of them, Alexander Doddy has narrated four and I voiced the other two. Working with narrators to produce an audiobook is one of my favourite occupations.

Tracey Norman – Actress/Voice Artiste has given a stellar performance as narrator of my latest book. I think it’s my best audiobook to date, although I know some of my books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea because I pull no punches. I write them for those who appreciate them.

Tracey admitted she occasionally struggled not to laugh as she was giving life to my words; those of you who’ve read my books are well acquainted with my dark sense of humour. She’s a top quality narrator and I’m hoping she will be free to narrate The Trouble With Russell in late-summer. It should be ready for her to narrate by then as I’ve already written 28 chapters. I can guarantee she will be struggling to suppress some giggles as she works on The Trouble With Russell. Sorry, Tracey, I couldn’t resist.